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vDec. 24, 1946.
Filed Aug. 3, 1944
Patented Dec. 24, 1946
Richard C. Luedtke, Glen Burnie, Md.
Application August 3, 1944, Serial No. 547,901
1 Claim.
(Cl. 309—19)
This invention relates to pistons and connect
ing a washer I8 is threaded on the rod and en
ing rods for engines and the primary object of
gages the section I 3 to maintain the section l3
the invention is to permit the piston carrying the
assembled on the section M of the bearing I2.
rings and its wrist pin to be removed from the
engine after the removal of the cylinder head of C1 This construction arranges the nut l1 uppermost
within the piston as clearly shown in Figures 1
the latter, eliminating the necessity of removing
and 2.
the crank case and the disconnecting of the con
The head 8 of the piston 5 is provided in the top
necting rod from the crank shaft, or the connect
thereof with an elongated opening through
ing rod may be removed after the removal of the
crank case without removing the piston from the 10 which the nut I‘! may be reached for the appli
cation and removal thereof from the rod l5.
cylinder and disturbing the rings thereof, conse
Opposite walls of the opening are beveled as
quently providing a large saving in time and labor
shown at l9 and a closure plate 20 having cor
in the servicing or repairing of the engine.
respondingly beveled edges normally closes the
With these and other objects in view as will be
come more apparent as the description proceeds, 15 opening, being secured in place by said screws 2!
threaded into screw threaded sockets 22 provided
the'invention consists of certain novel features
in the piston 5.
of construction, combination and arrangement of
of the
parts as will be hereinafter more fully described
characters heretofore described and shown in the
and claimed.
For a complete understanding of my invention, 20 drawing is employed in an engine, the piston can
be removed from the cylinder of the engine after
reference is to be had to the following description
the cylinder head has been removed without dis
and accompanying drawing, in which:
connecting the connecting rod 6 from the usual
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view illustrating
crank shaft of the engine. This is accomplished
the piston and a fragmentary portion of its con
removing the said screws 2| of the closure
necting rod and constructed in accordance with
20 and removing the nut l 7 from the rod [5.
my invention;
After this has been accomplished, the section l3
Figure 2 is a sectional view similar to Figure 1
and the bearing I2 can be lifted off. The piston
taken at right angles to the showing made in Fig
may then be withdrawn from the cylinder along
ure 1 ;
with the wrist pin II and the rings within the
Figure 3 is a top plan view illustrating the pis
ring grooves 9 so that necessary repairs either
‘ to the wrist pin, or rings can be made and the de
Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral
vice reassembled in the engine within a compara
5 indicates the piston and 6 the connecting rod
tively short period of time. Should it be desired
therefor. The skirt of the piston is indicated by
to remove the connecting rod 6 from the engine
the character 7 and the head by the character 8.
without disturbing the piston within the cylinder,
The skirt of the piston just below the head 8 is
this can be accomplished after the removal of the
provided with the usual ring grooves 9 and just
crank case and the cylinder head of the engine
below the ring grooves the skirt 1 has opposed
and detaching the bearing l2 from the wrist pin.
wrist pin bearing openings It] in which is jour
naled the wrist pin H. The conventional bush 40 When the connecting rod has been removed as
before stated and the piston remaining in the cyl
ings may be arranged between the walls of the
inder of the engine, any possibility of the rings
bearing openings H1 and the wrist pin if desired.
being disturbed is eliminated which is very desir
Internally, the skirt 1 is built up or increased in
able. From the foregoing, it can readily be seen
thickness for the bearing openings in and also
that through the construction of the piston and
for contacting opposite ends of a bearing I 2 of
the connecting rod, many hours can be saved in
the connecting rod 6 to prevent endwise move
servicing an engine.
ment of the wrist pin I I in its bearings.
While I have shown and described the preferred
The hearing I 2 of the connecting rod 6 is of
embodiment of my invention, it will be under
the capped sectional type, the sections being indi
cated by the characters i3 and M. The section 50 stood that minor changes in construction, combi
nation and arrangement of parts may be made
It forms an integral part of the connecting rod
without departing from the spirit and scope of
6 while the section I 3 is held in place by a rod l5
the invention as claimed.
extending through the section l3, wrist pin II
Having thus described my invention, what I
and threaded into a screw threaded socket l6
claim is:
formed in the connecting rod. A nut H includ 55
In a piston and connecting rod construction, a
piston having a head and a skirt integral there
with, said piston having aligned wrist pin open
ings therein intermediate said head and skirt,
a wrist pin seated in said openings, a connecting
rod extending into said skirt of the piston, a 5
bearing on the end of said rod, said bear
ing receiving said wrist pin, said bearing com~~
prising two mating sections, one of said sections
being integral with said connectingrod and the
other of said sections being detachable from the
rod, said detachable section and wrist pin hav
ing aligned openings registering with a screw
socket arranged axially of said connecting rod in
the end of said connecting rod, and a rod screw
threaded at each end and passing through said
openings diametrically of a- cross section of said
wrist pin, and said screw-threaded rod having
one of its ends passing into said screw socket, and
the other end carrying a nut which bears against
.said detachablesectionior holding said section in
‘position against said wrist pin. v
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