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Oct. 29, 1946.
Filed O_G‘l'.. 20, 1944
Patented Oct. 29, 1946-
Fred Prior, Dallas, Tex.
Application October 20, 1944, Serial N0. 559,494
2 Claims.
(C1. 280-5)
This invention relates to automotive fuel tanks
With the foregoing in View, the invention af
and it has particular reference to a mounting
fords a mounting plate in the form of an angle
for reserve fuel tanks for highway trucks, busses
iron bracket I2, one flange of which is provided
and the like.
with a series of aligned holes I3 and adapted to
The principal object of the invention is to pro 5 bear flush against the outer face of the frame I I
vide a tank mounting which is vertically and
of the vehicle. A bolt I4 is passed through the
horizontally adjustable in relation to the frame
uppermost of the holes I3 and has a hook I5
of the vehicle on which it is supported, which fact
formed on its inner end which engages over the
makes it possible to insure adequate road clear
top flange of the frame member II, as clearly
ance, as well as safe spacing between the fuel 10 shown in Figure 2. Extending through another
tank and vehicle frame thereby minimizing lire
of the holes I3 is a common bolt I6, which passes
hazards which present a constant problem in fuel
through an aligned hole in the frame member II.
tank mounting. Moreover, by virtue of the fea
It is obvious that there need be but one hole
ture of adjustability present in the invention the
in the frame member I I to permit of vertical ad
mounting may be moved to displace the tank 15 justment of the bracket I2 to at least three posi
with respect to the load in the case of highway
tions. There is little need for adjusting the tank
trucks and tractors, to avoid frictional contact
mounting longitudinally of the frame II after
and the hazard created thereby.
the practical location in this respect is first de
Another object of the invention is to provide a
fuel tank mounting which is at once easy to in 20
The outstanding ñange of the bracket I2 is'
stall and is of simple and economical construc
arcuately recessed as shown, and to the recessed
tion, yet possesses all ,prerequisites as to strength
edge thereof is Welded at a an arcuate brace or
and durability.
saddle I1, along one of its iianges b.
With the foregoing objects as paramount, the
Embracing the fuel tank I B, of conventional
invention has further reference to certain fea 25 construction, is a circular member I9, preferably
tures of accomplishment which will become ap
a rod, as shown, whose ends are secured to the
parent as the description proceeds, taken in con
ends of the brace or saddle I'I. One end of the
nection with the accompanying drawing Where
member -I9 is thus secured as by Welding at c
(Figure 3) while the opposite and upper end is
Figure 1 is a perspective view, fragmentarily 30 passed through a ferrule 20 and, being threaded,
showing a truck body with the mounting installed
receives a nut 2| on the opposite side of the fer
thereon and illustrating a fuel'tank partly broken
rule, which latter is welded or otherwise secured
between the ñanges b of the brace. In being thus
Figure 2 is a side elevational view of the mount
secured, the members I9 may be adjusted in ac
ing as supported on a vehicle frame channel, the
cordance with variations in the diametrical
latter being in transverse section, and
measurements of the tanks I8.
Figure 3 is a rear view taken on line 3--3 on
The foregoing description defines one of two
Figure 2.
tank mounting devices employed for supporting
Continuing with a more detailed description
a tank in the-manner illustarted in Figure 1, and
of the.` drawing, reference is primarily made to
which are identical except that they are made
Figure 1 whereinrnumeral I0 denotes a truck cab
left and right. Of course, four of such devices
and II, the chassis frame.
are usually made use of to mount tanks on each
Much has been done in the past and efforts are
side of the vehicle frame, generally adjacent the
continued to arrange fuel reserve tanks on trucks, '
cab I0, as Shown.
tractors, busses and other highway equipment 45
Manifestly, the construction as shown and de
scribed is capable of some modification and such
so that they will present the least possible hazard
under abnormal conditions. To do so, the tanks,
Whether of the saddle type or independently sup
ported, must be so disposed in relation to the load
or vehicle body that they will always be out of 50
contiguity with any partof the load or frame.
Moreover, provision must be made against the
possibility that the tank will come in contact
with any road obstruction likely to inflict damage
to the tank to cause leaks or sparks.
modification as may be construed to fall Within
the scope and meaning of the appended claims
is also Considered to be within the spirit and
intent of the invention.
What is claimed is:
l. A fuel tank mounting comprising in combi
nation with the channel frame of a vehicle a
right angle bracket adapted to be mounted on
65 one side of said Vehicle frame, one of its angles
having longitudinally aligned bolt receiving aper
plate secured for vertical adjustment on a vehicle
frame, an outwardly extending, arcuately re
cessed ñange on said plate, an arcuate brace
secured in said recess in a vertical plane and of
substantially U-shape in transverse section, a
tures to effect adjustable retention thereof ver
tically on said frame, the other of its angles be
ing arcuately recessed, an arcuate saddle brace
secured in a vertical plane along one edge to said
arcuate recess at its approximate midsection, a
circular, tank embracing member having its ends
circular tank embracing member having its ends
secured to the ends of said saddle brace and
said member circumferentíally to adapt the same
secured to said brace and means for adjusting
to tanks of different diameters.
means for adjustably holding one end of said
2. A fuel-»tanknmounting including> a bracket
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