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@d- 29, 1946-
M; G. sTAcKHousE .
Filed Feb. 21, 1945
Patented 0a. 29, 1946 '
, 2,410,368
Milroy G. Stackhouse, Homewood, Ala.
Application February 21, 1945, Serial No. 578,988
1 Claim.
This invention relates to a piece of furniture
generally known as baby play pen, and has for
its main objects to provide such a pen that will
on cross pieces with cleats 2| or any other suit
be attractive, durable and highly satisfactory for
the purpose intended. The regular type of baby
out any ?oor when it is used on a lawn with
short soft grass often the case. The corners
and joined and held by hinges l6 and supported
able support; also the :pen may be set up with
play pen now in general use has square corners
are provided with bevel slots ill to accommodate
that are objectionable because sometimes a small
the ?oor boards. Aregular type foot roller I2 is
child is injured by falling into or upon a square
attached to each corner. The non-use shape of
corner. The present invention is provided with
the round corner member is shown by the dotted
a novel type of round corners, and is foldable 10 lines So.
so that it will be in better shape for moving
The pen may be vmade of any material best
around the home or for traveling.
suited for the purpose but I prefer to use Wood
Other advantages and objects will appear from
with the necessary metal attachments or fasten
the description.
ers. Also the pen may be made oblong or square
By referring to the drawing, part of this ap
or entirely round.
plication, it will be observed that Fig. 1 is a plan
While I have shown and described the pre
view of the assembled pen; Fig. 2 is an end eleva
ferred embodiment of my invention, I do not Wish
tional view; Fig. 3 is a side elevational view;
Fig. 4 is a detail view of a top joint on line 4-4
to limit same to the exact and precise details
of Fig. 2; Fig. 5 is a detail view of a joint on 20 of structure, but reserve the right to make all
line 5—5 of Fig. '1; Fig. 6 is an enlarged View
modi?cations and changes so long as I remain
of top rail round ‘corner showing set for use, and
within the spirit and scope of the following
open or straight for folding or packing, on 6-45
of Fig. 3; Fig. 7 is a detail view of bottom rail
Having described my invention I claim:
at corner on line 1-1 of Fig. 1.
A baby play pen comprising a top rail in a
Similar reference numerals refer to similar
plurality of sections with posts and panel slots
parts throughout the several views.
therein, a bottom rail in a plurality of sections
Again referring to the drawing in detail it
with posts and panel slots therein, each corner
will be seen that the top rail is made in four
portion of said sections being substantially shaped
sections l, 2, 3 and ‘3, and the bottom rail is
as a quarter circle and made up of segments held
also made in four sections 5, 6, ‘l and 8. The
together by a piece of ?exible material attached
top and bottom rails are joined to vertical posts
to their outer faces; posts with tongue ends
9 positioned in the four corners by tongue and
adapted to ?t'into said rail slots, panels with
slot means, and also vertical panels M with
tongue ends adapted to ?t into slots in said
tongue ends l9 adapted to ?t into grooves in the
rail-sections, said posts and panels serving as
top and bottom rails. The top and bottom rail
means to hold said top and bottom rail-sections
corners are provided with tongue and groove
in parallel position together; dowel joints and
curved pieces attached to a ?exible member II
hooks adapted to hold the abutting ends of said
that may be leather or any other ?exible ma
rail-sections together; a floor having a plurality
terial suitable for the purpose. The straight 40 of
boards hinged together, said floor supported by
portions have dowel joints 22 with ‘hooks l3
cross members positioned within the bottom as
adapted to hold the joint shoulders 20 together.
. The floor is made in sections or boards I5, I6, I‘!
sembled rail.
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