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Nov. 5, 1946.
2,410,409 ‘'
Filed Sept. 27, 1945 _
5? 1946
Earl Weston Farmer, Wayzata, Minn. .
Application September 27, 1945, Serial No. 618,867
' ments and has, _,
distinctive character, wherein the disk element
ts ;o ect to provide cooperat
aways functions as an essential and distinguishing
ingelements for construction toys which make
‘ feature of saidarticles.
possible a multiplicity of arrangements to produce
a very large number of devices.
Heretofore construction toys have consisted of
It is a further object of my. invention to form
the collar member above de?ned with a central
opening adapted to receive a crankshaft or the
plates, bars, pro-fabricated Wheels and the like,
with perforations suitably distributed therein,
like, and to‘ have a set screw in the collar of said
collar member by which the collar member and
which, in combination with screw bolts or other
the- disk parts carried thereby'may be ?xedly
fastening means, has enabled the owners of the 10 secured to said crankshaft or the like.
toy set-usua11y boys from eight to ?fteen years
It is a further object of my invention to em- '
old-to put together .these elements in many dif
ploy washers which may be placed between pairs
ferent‘ ways to produce recognized and known
of said disks, and thereby a Windlass or reel Ora ,
wide V-belt pulley may be constructed. ,
small replicas of various operative structures
such. as wagons, trucks, towers, windmills and the
It is a further object of my invention to provide,
in combination with said disk elements and the
collar member for‘ securing them together, a
I have discovered that a disk member formed
with a central portion with ?at plane faces and
washer member having a perforation or opening ‘
at one side of the center thereof and to secure
_ an angularly ?aring rim with its edge in a plane
spaced from and parallel with the faces of the 20 it between a pair of said elements in combination
central portion, and having a central opening and
with an arm of slightly less thickness than the
a circumferentially disposed series of other open
eccentrically punched washer, and having an
ings adjacent the juncture of the rim with the
opening adapted to extend around said washer,
central portion can be employed in many rela
whereby an eccentric drive shaft may be .de-'
tions with'other elements of toy construction sets 25
to produce a large number of different and dis
It is a further object of my invention to em
tinctive articles.
vide as an element of a, construction toy set a disk
like member being dished by having a flat central
portion with plane inner and outer surfaces and
provided'with a ?aring rim portion having its
lower edge united with and continuous from the
flat central portion audits outer edge falling in a
plane parallel with thevsurfaces of the central
xploy the openings at the sides of the disk ele
ments 'for the reception of a series of transverse
pins between a pair of disks, whereby an enlarged
It is a principal object of my invention to'pro
30 gear member is produced. >
It is a further object of my invention to usethe
edge perforations for attachment ‘of other. ele
ments, such as plates or bars, whereby a windmill
structure or other forms of rotary structure may
35 be produced.
The full objects and advantages ‘of my inven
It is a further object of my invention to pro
vide such element with a central, preferably cir- ‘
tion will appear in‘ connection with the detailed
description now to be given in the appended speci- '
cular, opening and a series of openings inside the
?cation, and the novel features of my, invention‘
edge of the central portion and the edge of the 40 by which the aforementioned interesting, advan
rim, said edge openings being spaced apart equally
tageous and useful results maybe obtained will be
and being each radially equidistant from the cen
particularly pointed out in the claims.
ter of the element.
In the drawing illustrating an application of my
It‘is a further object of my invention to provide,
invention in some of its forms: means for securing together a multiplicity of said 45 Fig. 1 is a plan view of the disk element viewed ,
dished elements in various ways to produce wheels,
toward the inside of the dished part thereof.
pulleys, gears and the like,- and to secure said
Fig. 2 is an edge view of the disk element shown -
united elements upon a rotary element such as a
shaft, a crank or the like.
It is a further object of my invention to employ
the disk elements having the central and circum ferential row of openings therein'ln combination
in Fig. 1.
Fig. 31s acentral sectional view taken on line Q
v50 3-8
is an
1. end elevation
view of the collar ele~ =
with the different toy construction elements of a,
set and with fastening means such as screw bolts ' '
and the like to make a multiplicity- of articles of >55
ment adapted to ‘be employed in connection with
a plurality 01’ said disk elements.
Fig. 515 a side elevation ‘view of the part shown inFig.4.
P18. 6 is a sectional elevation view similar in po
sition to Fig. 5.
stead of the two shown in Fig. 8, the wheel face
' 21 will be twice as wide.
and 5 and a nut upon the threaded portion of the \
.In Fig. 10 two disks‘ ll are shown with their
?aring rims faced toward each other but sepa
rated by a group of washers 28 of considerable
collar member.
Fig. 8 is a wheel formed-by two disks held by a
Fig. '1 shows a pulley constructed from a pair
of disks of Fig. 1, the collar member of Figs. 4
size, which produces a very good windlass‘or reel
In "Fig. 11 the disk members are similarly held
apart by smaller washers 29 which gives a widerv
outer edges meeting.
Fig. 9 illustrates the combination of a ?ywheel 10 v-belt pulley.
collar member and nut on the same with their
and pulley on a shaft taken as an edge elevation.
Fig. 10 shows‘ a combination of the disks with
washers .of relatively large diameter to make a
windlass or reel.
In Fig. 9 two disk members iii are united to
form the V-groove 25 adjacent ?ywheel or belt
pulley member 30, thus producing an excellent
?ywheel structure on shaft 2 I.
The central portion ll of the disks ii are pro
Fig. 11 similarly shows the use of the disk ele 15
vided with a multiplicity of round edge apertures
ments and smaller washers secured on a shaft to
3!. These apertures may be employed in securing
make a V-belt pulley.
' ‘
to the disk other parts suchas bars or plates
Fig.'l2 illustrates the union of disks to make a
which may thus simulate a windmill construction.
pulley and also disks separated by washers with
In Fig. 12 there are shown secured byv means of
pins extending through the openings in the disks
these openings a series of pins or washers 12
to make ‘a form of gear, all mounted on a crank
whereby a cog gear is produced.
A very excellent example of the utility of the
Fig. 13 shows a top plan view of the use of the
disks to make an eccentric crank.
disk elements inproducing interesting mechanical
Fig. 14 is a sectional view taken on line ll-Il 25 structures is shown in Figs. 13 and 14.
As there shown, two disks III are secured upon
of Fig. 13, showing the mounting of the crank
shaft II in the manner heretofore described,
excepting that a single washer 33 is held between
As shown, a disk' It is provided with a central
them. This washer has a perforation 34 offset
portion H which is formed with ?at parallel sur
faces. From the circular edge ll of the central 30 from the central perforation 35 and the thread
ed section I‘! of the collar piece 18 goes through
portion ii is a daring rim it which has the limits
this offset or eccentric opening in the washer,
of its outer edge I‘ falling in a plane parallel to a
as clearly shown in Fig. 14. In assembling the
said surfaces. Furthermore, the rim I3 is pro
two disks. iii and the intermediate washer 33 a
vided with an outer cylindrical limiting margin
15 which is parallel to the vertical axis passing 35 ?at bar or shaft member 36 is employed, which
is slightly thinner transversely than the thick
through the center of plate III.
ness of washer 33.
At the center of the ?at portion II is a circu
This bar or crank rod has a head 31 having
lar aperture it which is adapted to receive the
a circular opening 38 which just ?ts
threaded portion ll of a collar piece It, Figs. 4, 5
and 6. The collar piece l8, in addition to the 40 about the outer circumferential limits of the
washer 33. The nut 2! for securing the parts
threaded portion H, has a cylindrical collar part
together thus presses the ?at faces of the disks
II, and a cylindrical opening 2. extends central
ll upon the washer 33 between them and leaves
ly through the collar piece It.
the bar 35 or the head 31 therein free from any
The opening III is adapted to receive a shaft
binding action. It follows that when the com
member such as 2! in Figs. 7, 8 and 9, or a crank
is turned by the shaft 2|, the bar It
shaft member such as 22, in Fig. 12.
be given a back and forth reciprocating
The threaded portion H of the collar'member , will
movement corresponding to that of any eccentric
ll may be made of any desired length-and is of
crankshaft or crank bar.
a‘size to just pass through the opening It in the
50 .The'advantages of my invention are thus ap
central portion l l of element i0.
parent. This simple element, in combination
' When two or more of said elements are placed
with the hollow collar piece, entirely separate
over the threaded portion ll, the inner side of one
from it, lends itself to the production of a very
of said elements will come against the shoulder
large number of interesting and useful struc
23 of the ‘collar- portion l9, and a nut 24 is screwed
in the ?eld of construction toys. In this
upon the threaded portion II and firmly secures 55 tures
way it becomes the very heart of a construction
the elements upon the collar member.
toy set adapted for the use of the ingenious boy
A set screw 25 may be forced against the body
in the construction not only of many different
of shaft It or 22. Thus the combinations brought
types of devices, but particularly in the construc
about by the assembly of a multiplicity of disks
tion of unusual devices having an unusual inter
upon the threaded extension I‘! of collar piece 60 est appeal.
ll results in a'rigid ?xed attachment of said disks
to the shaft or crankshaft in that combination.
1. In combination, a toy element consisting of
A very great number of combinations may be ‘ a pair of circular disks of metal, each having a
I claim:
made in this way, 'a few'of which are shown in . \‘ central opening and a plane-faced central por
Figs. 7 to'l4. .Thus, as shown in Fig. 7, the two 65 'tion with an angulariy ?aring rim, a. tubular
disks iii are united to shaft 2! with the daring
‘rims of the disks adjacent, producing a V-groove
It for an effective- pulley construction as in Figs.
' collar member having a central opening adapt
ing it .to be secured to a shaft and having a
threaded part to extend through said openings
inthe disks. a washer on said threaded part hav
In Fig. 8 two disks II are shown fixed to the 70 ing an opening eccentric to the center of the
shaft 21 with the cylindrical margins ii in con
‘washer, a crank blade on said washer of less
tact, thus producing a. wheel with a tire face 21.
thickness than the thickness of the washer, a nut
on the threaded extension clamping the disks
The face 21 may be made larger or wider in trans
verse extent by simply adding more of the disks
upon the eccentric washer to'leave the crank
7 and 9.
IO. thus where four of such disks are used -in-. 76 blade free to move thereon, “a a ‘ban; extend.
portion, a series of circular holes through'said
central portion spaced from the central hole and
ing through the opening in the collar and se
cured thereto.
2. In combination with a multiplicity of toy
construction elements such as perforated plates
and bars, screws, and the like, a toyuconstruc
tion element adapted to be .united to ‘a shaft and
to said multiplicity of toy construction elements,
ing equidistant one from the other and having
their outer limitsat substantially the inner point
of junction of the- ?aring rim and the central
portion of the disk, said last-named element be
said toy construction element consisting of a cir- -
.ing adapted for connection by means of at least
cular disk of metal, plastic. or the like, having a
unitary central portion with its faces in unbroken
planes and having an angularly outwardly ?ar
one of said holes with one or more of the ?rst-'
ing rim joined to the central portion with its
outer edge in a plane spaced from and parallel
with the faces of the central portion, -a. circular
‘ hole formed through the center of said central
lying with their centers in a circle, said holes be- ‘
named toy construction elements in varying re
lations thereto, wherein the said hole or holes
and the ?aring rim are conjointly effective in
producing numerous di?erent types of toy con
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