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Nov, 5, 1946.
Filed DeC. 28, 1945
î 17
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
Joseph S. Fagan, Los Angeles, Calif.
_ Application December 28, 1943, Serial No. 515,931
1 Claim.
My invention relates to a floor furnace and
has for its principal object, to generally im
prove upon and simplify the existing forms of
gas burning floor furnaces and to provide a fur
nace of simple, compact structure that requires
of shell I2 is a grill l5, preferably of cast or
pressed metal, and projecting outwardly from the
edges of said grill, is an integral iiange I6 which
overlies flanges II and I4 and the outer portion
of said flange lIE rests on the floor in which the
furnace is installed.
no screws, bolts, rivets or like fastening devices
Inner shell l2 is provided with an integral
in the manufacture, thus effecting a material
bottom I 'l and resting thereupon are the lower
saving of time, labor and expense in production
edges of the walls of the burner shell or housing
A further object of my invention is to provide 10 I8 closed at the top by an integral plate I9.
The Walls and top of the burner shell or hous
a floor furnace of the character referred to,
ing I8 are spacedv apart from the walls of shell
wherein fresh air drawn from the exterior of the
I2 and from grill I5, thus providing an ample
building or structure in which the furnace is lo
air circulation chamber entirely around and
cated, is heated in a burner chamber located in
above said burner shell, and as above stated, the
the lower portion of an air circulation chamber,
walls of said shell rest upon bottom I'I, without
which heated air passes through a grill forming
being attached thereto, and thus said shell may
the top of the furnace and said air circulation
be bodily removed from and positioned within
chamber being surrounded by an air insulation
the air circulating chamber.
space through which air circulates and becomes
partiallyvheated, before discharging into the up~ 20 Formed in bottom Il are apertures 2Q which
admit fresh air to the burner chamber in shell
per portion of the air circulation chamber and
I3 and apertures 2l formed in said bottom admit
then through the grill.
' fresh air to the lower portion of the air circula
With the foregoing and other objects in'view,
tion chamber shells I8 andIZ.
my invention consists incertain novel features
of construction and arrangement of parts which 25 Formed in the upper and lower portions of the
side and end walls of shell I8_are air'circulation
will be hereinafter more fully described and
apertures 23. Formed in the lower portions of
claimed and illustrated in the accompanying
the side and end walls of shell I2 are fresh air
drawing in which:
-inlet apertures 24 and formed in the upper por
Fig. 1 is a vertical, longitudinal section taken
through the center of my improved floor furnace. 30 tions of said walls arev air circulation apertures
Fig. 2 is a cross section taken on the line 2_2
Located in the lower portion of the chamber
of Fig. l.
with the shell I8 is a conventional gas burner tube
Fig. 3 is a detail sectional view taken through
26 having at its inlet end, the usual rotating
the center of the gas and air inlet end of the
burner tube used in my improved'furnace.
35 damper 2l, provided with a centrally disposed
opening for the reception of the gas nozzle pro
Referring by numerals to the accompanying
jecting from the gaseous fuel control valve 29,
drawing which illustrates a preferred embodi
the latter being actuated by a rod 30 which exé'
ment of my invention, l0 designates the outer
tends upward through grill I5 and having a knob
shell of the furnace, which shell comprises side
and end walls, preferably of sheet metal with a 40 or key‘3I on its upper end.
Formed in the end portions of top I9 of the
continuous flange II projecting outwardly from
burner shell are apertures 32 of suflicient size to
the upper edges of said walls.
admit lighted tapers or the like, introduced
This flange rests directly upon a floor F of the
through grill I5, for the purpose of lighting the
building in which the furnace is located with the
shell I0 extending downward through opening O 45 jets of gas issuing from the burner tube. When
the furnace is in use and burner tube is lighted,
formed in said floor.
the air within shell I 8 will be heated and dis
The side and end walls of a shell I3 which
charge through apertures 23 into the chamber
encloses the air circulating chamber, are disposed
within and spaced apart from the walls of outer
within shell I2, thus inducing a continuous flow
shell I0, thus providing a narrow air circulating 50 of fresh air through apertures 20 into the burner
chamber to be heated therein and ñow therefrom
space I3 between the walls of the shells I0 and
through apertures 23 into the chamber within
A flange IQ projects outwardly from the upper
shell I 2. Thus heated fresh air will flow from the
chamber within shell l2 upward through grill I5
edges of the walls of shell I2 and overlies flange
II. Removably positioned in the upper portion 55 into the room in which the heater is located.
At the same time, a flow of fresh air will be
induced into the open lower end of circulation
Space I3 between shells I0 and I2 and this air
flowing upward through said space will become
ciency of the furnace and conserves fuel require
Thus it will be seen that I have provided a
floor furnace -which is simple in structure, in
heated to a certain degree as a result of contact
with the heated wall of shell I2, and this pre~
expensive of manufacture and very effective in
performing the functions for which it is intended.
« heated fresh air forms an effective air insulation
It will be understood that minor changes in
entirely around shell I2 and finally discharges
the size, form and construction of the various
throughapertures 25, to` unite with the heated
parts of my improved floor furnace may be made
air discharging'through the grill.
10 and substituted for those herein shown and de
A certain amount of fresh air entering the
scribed without departing from the spirit of the
open lower end of shell I6 will flow through aper
invention, the scope of which is set forth in the
tures 24 to unite with air circulating upward
appended claim.
through chamber in shell I2 around burner shell
I claim as my invention:
I8. Shell I8 and burner tube 26 carried thereby
A floor furnace comprising an outer shell open
Iare capable of being bodily positioned within
top and bottom with imperforate side walls, an
and removed from the furnace, and to place
shell disposed within said outer shell, the
said shell and tube in the lower portion of shell
side walls of both shells being spaced apart, the
I2, said parts are, before grill I5 is placed on
top of said inner shell being open, a flange pro
top of the furnace, lowered into `the shell i2 20 jecting outwardly from the upper `edge of said
until `the lower edges of the walls of shell i3
inner shell and resting on the upper edge of the
rest on theY bottom I1 of said shell I2.
outer shell so as to close the upper end of the
The central aperture in damper 2l is now
aligned with the nozzle of valve 29 and shell t8
and burner tube 26 are now moved toward valve
chamber between the walls of the two shells, a
perforated plate closing the bottom of said inner
shell, there being air inlet openings formed in
the upper and lower portion of the walls of the
inner shell, a separately formed, one-piece rec~
within the inlet end of the burner tube as seen
tangular burner housing within said inner shell
in Fig. 3.
A reversal of the movements just described will 30 with the lower edges of the side-and end walls
thereof resting on said perforated bottom plate
d_isengage the end'V of the burner tube from the
so that the latter provides a closure for the bot
nozzle of valve 29 and shell I8 carrying said burn
tom of the chamber within said burner housing,
er tube may now‘ be lifted from shell or hous
the walls and top of said housing being provided
` The particularly advantageous vfeatures _of my 35~ with air outlet openings, a burner tube positioned
in the lower portion of said housing with its ends
improved construction of door furnaces are: the
removably positioned in the end walls thereof so
heating of fresh air drawn from the exterior of
that said burner housing and tube may be posi
the building in which the furnace is located, the
tioned within and removed from the chamber
entire absenceof rivets, screws, bolts and the
like, fastening devices in the manufacture of the 40 within said inner shell as a unit, a grill removably
29, until the nozzle thereof passes through the
aperturein the damper and occupies a position
furnace, the location of the burner housing with
in the» lower portion of the heated air circulation
chamber and the 'provisionof an air insulation
space around said air circulation chamber, which
latter arrangement materially increases the efû 45
positioned in the open upper end of said inner
housing and a flange projecting outwardly from
the edge of said grill and overlying the flange on
the upper edge of said inner shell.
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