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NOV’ 5, 1946.
¢ M.~FLE1scHER ErAI.
2,410,577 V
Filed Oct. 16, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet‘l
MmwAFxF.0. FR mumm?
Nav. 5, 1946.
2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ~
‘D FIG’ 5’
Filed Oct. 16, v1943
d' jC
t ¿GH-'Folio M` MAST,
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
MaxFleischer and Giüord M. Mast, Detroit, Mich.
Application October 16, 1943, Serial No. 506,601
3 Claims. (Cl. 116-114)
This invention relates to improvements in in
high-frequency notes coming from a record to
dicating means adapted to be attached to the
casing of a phonograph or the like and operatively
associated with the sound producing record
thereof to give a striking visible indication of
the appropriate times to actuate a complemental
Picture projecting apparatus so that there will
be concomitant descriptive and portrayal of ob
call for a picture or change of picture, which
mars the continuity of the desired entertainment
or instruction intended to be given by the con
`ioint use of talking and picture machines; the
sound, such as the voice of a commentator, may
be permitted to íiow without interruption from
scene to scene since the indications or’ signals
jects reproduced in the records of the phono
do not form part of the record. This character
graph, a special indicating means being provided 10 istie of the machine also simplifies recording of
for each recording and complemental slide film.
the record since careful calculation of the tim
It has heretofore been attempted to couple-up
ing in advance of recording in order to determine
a phonograph with a picture projecting appa
the exact position at which the voice, music, or
ratus whereby the latter is operated in attempted
sounds must cease in favor of the signa1 record
synchronization with the phonograph but our
ing may be avoided.
improvement relates more particularly to a
Another particular object of the machine is to
phonograph used in connection with a pictorial
provide a timing device Iwhich is extremely simple
or other display machine operated manually and
,to use, requires no extra motive power than ex
Where appropriate indications must be imparted
ists in the phonograph, and can be produced at
by the operation of the ‘record of the phono
very low cost.
graph to guide or tell the operator exactly when
Other features of novelty and details of parts
to actuate the picture projecting apparatus to
and combinations thereof Will be understood from
exhibit the appropriate picture or illustration.
the speciñc description hereinafter contained
An object of the invention is to provide an em
When read in connection with the accompanying
bodiment of the foregoing idea which will be 25 drawings forming part hereof and wherein the
simple in construction and readily applied and
preferred embodiment of the invention is illus
adjusted to the cabinet or other fixture of an or
dinary or preferred type of phonograph and
In the drawings: '
which will Isuspend an indicator and actuating
Figure 1 is a top view of a portion of a phono
means therefor in a plane above the ordinary 30 graph lshowing particularly the motor driven rec
record plane and in operative association with
ord thereon, with our improved indicator super
a part at the axis of the record disc whereby to
posed thereabove in operable association with the
receive an actuation (in this instance a pro
driven centering pin or post of the machine.
gressive circular movement) therefrom.
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same.
Another object of the invention is to provide 35
Fig. 3 is an enlarged view to better show por
the immediate indicating element of the device
tions illustrated in Fig. l.
in the form of a disc having a number of con
Fig. 4 is a vertical sectional View on the line
centrically arranged spots or the like-indicative
of places intended to be illustrated or Where il
lustrations should be changed, cooperatively re
lated to a movable pointer progressively actuat
ed as the phonograph record is rotated, to reg
4-4 of Fig. 3; and
Figs. 5 and 6 are detail views.
Referring more particularly to the drawings,
wherein like reference letters designate corre
sponding parts in all of the views, A represents
ister definitely with the respective spots-pref
a part of the cabinet of an ordinary phonograph
erably aligned through a sight opening-to
or equivalent talking machine or apparatus
strikingly indicate to the operator that an actu 45 within which is the customary motor (not shown)
ation of the picture projecting machine should
for rotating the turntable B for supporting the
take place to coincide with the description, lec
ordinary record disc C, centered in this instance
ture, song, or other matter imparted by sound
upon a post of pin D, having a pivoted detent d
adapted to occupy a horizontal position offset
The particular object and advantage of our 50 from the post D or vertical position in line with
machine, is that it silently indicates to the oper
the post D for purposes as will appear.
from the phonograph.
ator when the picture projecting apparatus
E is an end wall of the cabinet A to which my
should be operated to exhibit a picture or ñlm,
improved attachment, now to be specially re
which entirely dispenses with the common ob
ferred to, is conveniently secured. An angle two
jection to sound indications such as gongs or 55 part bracket constitutes the support for the in
underlying the turntable E and projecting hori
zontally outwardly to near the peripheral edge
that the series may be augmented and the other
parts formed to correspond therewith as neces
sity may require.
It remains to describe how the pointer shifts
radially of the disc from one circular series of
spots to the next outer series as the phonograph
of the record C. The part G overlies the hori
zontal portion of the angle bracket F and is in
pointed out.
terñtted and interlocked therewith by having a
tongue f on the lbracket F extended upwardly
P represents the pointer referred to, arranged
to slide longitudinally of the sight opening or slot
dicating mechanism. F is one part oi the sup
port and G the other part, the part F' having a
vertical leg extending parallel to and against the
wall E of the cabinet and a horizontal portion
record is played, and such means will now be
through a lslot g in the part G and a thumb nut
N and register with a spot M therebelow as the
f’ passing through a slot f2 in the part F and hav
ing threaded engagement with the part G. This
affords means for longitudinal adjustment oi"
these two parts of the angle bracket F--G. The
upright or vertical portion of the bracket F is
ñrmly anchored to the wall E of the cabinet by
thumb screws e passing through the bracket and
disc L rotates, this pointer depending somewhat
wall E and having threaded engagement as at e’
with a metal plate H secured by screws h to the
wall E on the inner 'side thereof.
into the slot to more closely approach the disc.
The pointer is carried by, and preferably inte
gral with, a sleeve Q of oblong cross-section
adapted to surround and have sliding engage
ment with the horizontal portion n that has the
sight opening N and is moved longitudinally of
said portion n in an outward direction as the
disc L rotates to correspondingly effect registra
tion of the pointer with the successively out
The outer end of the part G, of the bracket
just described, at a point well beyond the pe~
riphery of the disc C, is bent upwardly a sub
wardly arranged series of spots or dots M as fol
stantial distance as at ¿i and has a return~bend
q, is a horizontal extension R carrying on its
portion J disposed parallel to the interengaging
under surface, and suspended above the disc L,
horizontal portions of the brackets F-»G and
also parallel to the phonograph record or disc
a series of ñns S spaced apart to provide ways
therebetween through which a shifting stud or
E and its 'support B, the part J being, however,
pin T, projecting upwardly from the disc L, may
lows. Also integral with the sleeve Q, and pref
erably offset somewhat upwardly therefrom as at
spaced a substantial distance above the disc B 3 O pass and engage the fin placed in the path of
circular passage oi" said stud. The hns S are
and its record disc C thereon. At the inner end
arranged in parallel relationship and they are
of the member or arm J is a vertically disposed
disposed at an inclination to the longitudinal
pivot K and mounted for rotary movement
axis oi“ the extension plate or member R that
thereon, upon a washer k, is my indicator' disc
carries the iin's or, stated in another way, the
L which may be made of any suitable material,
íins are arranged to intersect the circular path
conveniently cardboard, metal, or a combination
of movement of the stud or pin T so that said
of the two. It has been found in practice that
pin while permitted to enter the space between
a. durable structure comprising a metal under
a pair of dns must, however, come into Contact
lying di'sc on which there is a paper facing, is
satisfactory. On the top of this disc, and dis fi i) with the inclined ñn crossing said path of travel
of the stud whereby the movement of the stud
posed therearound at distances determined by
will, by engagement with the 1in, shove the sleeve
the appropriate times for illustrations of matter
Q and pointer carried thereby outwardly from
played on the record C, are a multitude of spots
one position, in registration with a 'series of spots
M, which spots are adapted to respectively reg
or dots M to an advanced position in registration
ister with a sight opening N in the horizontal .
With the succeeding outwardly located series of
portion n of a 'supporting bracket having a verti
said spots or dots; then as the disc L continues
cal portion n’ secured against the face of the
to rotate the pin or stud T will engage the next
upturn y', of the bracket part G. The parts
inwardly located iin S to still `.Further push the
are secured together by screws or bolts n2. The
disc L and, of course, the spots M borne thereby, Si) pointer to its outermost position.
As previously suggested, the three concentri
is rotated slowly through the medium of having
cally arranged circular series of spots or dots
its edge, entirely cii‘curnferentially thereof,
will ordinarily be sufficient to embrace the re
formed with a continuous series of ratchet teeth
quirements or the phonograph record for which
O, engaged by the detent d on the record post D,
when said detent is in a horizontal position and .~, the disc L is provided as a complement, and
without any sound or disturbance an operator
is rotated under the actuation ci the moto-r which
keeping his eye on the pointer and associated
drives the post and record turntable B. The de
sight opening will know instantly upon registra
tent d is pivoted in a slotted end of the post D and
tion of the pointer with a dot or spot that the
is frictionally held in either its horizontal or ver
picture apparatus should be operated to display
tical position, it being understood that it will be
a picture equivalent co-incidently with the de
vertically disposed when it is desired to remove
scriptive or other matter emanating from the
or place a record over the post D with reference
sound record.
to the turntable B, but that when the timing
While we have herein disclosed a practical
mechanism for indicating the actuation of the
and preferred embodiment of the invention it
picture machine is to be used the detent will, of
will be understood that various changes in the
course, be in a horizontal position.
construction and arrangement ci parts of the
It will be understood that the disc L will be
device shown may be resorted to without de
rotated very slowly with reference to the rota
parting from the spirit of the invention as em
tion of the phonograph record disc and owing to
the rapidity of travel of the reproducing needle 70 braced within the hereto appended claims. For
instance, while we have disclosed the device as
over the record disc and the relative infrequent
especially useful in connection with strikingly
illustrating or picturing required, it is found that
indicating the time for manually controlling or
by a view of the concentrically arranged spots
operating a pictorial apparatus, as a complement
M near the outer edge of the disc L will be all
that is usually required, but it will be understood 75 to a sound reproducing apparatus it will be ap
parent to persons skilled in the art that the
principle of the machine, as illustrated, may
be carried out in instances Where provision is
made for automatically actuating thel picture
record, the said disc bearing spots in line in
machine as through electrical impulses or trans
the subject matter given off lby said sound pro
ducing record, a sight opening facilitating ob
We claim:
separate series, the successive spots in each series
indicative of time for actuation of a picture
projecting machine to be in consonance with
servation of said spots as the disc rotates, an
1. The combination with a sound producing
automatically propelled pointer at said sight
apparatus having means for supporting and op
opening adapted to be adjusted therealong to
erating a sound producing record of a given 10 progressive series of spots, in combination with
subject, of an indicator to guide the showing of
means for rotating the disc comprising a toothed
complemental pictorial representations devoted
peripheral portion and a rotatable detent mount
to said subject comprising a disc mounted for
ed to be rotated axially of a rotatable sound pro
rotation with said sound producing record, said
ducing record.
disc bearing concentrically arranged series of 15
3. The combination with an apparatus of the
spots the successive spots in each series indica
character described having means for supporting
tive of time for actuation of a picture project
and operating a sound producing record and the
ing machine to visually portray matter in con
sound producing record devoted to a given sub
sonance with the subject matter given 01T by
ject, of an indicator to guide the showing of
said sound producing record, a movable pointer, 20 co‘mplemental pictorial representations devoted
and means actuated by the movement of said
to said subject, comprising a disc mounted in
disc to propel the pointer to positions to register
superposed parallel relation to the sound pro
with said spots, said last-mentioned means in
ducing record and operatively connected for ro
cluding parallel diagonally disposed fins on the
tation therewith, said disc bearing concentrical
pointer and a cooperating lug on the disc, the 25 ly arranged series of spots, the successive spots in
ñns crossing the path of movement of the pin
each series indicative of time for actuation of
With the disc whereby to be engaged by the lug
a picture projecting machine to visually portray
and pushed with the pointer in a radial direction
from an inner series of spots to an outer series
matter in consonance with the subject matter
given off by said sound producing record, a
of the same.
30 movable pointer, and means actuated by the
2. A timer for complemental pictorial repre
movement of said disc to propel the pointer to
sentation of matter given on' by a sound pro
position to register with the spots of the suc
cessive series.
ducing record, comprising supporting means for
attachment to a phonograph or the like, a disc
rotatably mounted on the support to occupy a 35
horizontal position parallel to a sound producing
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