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Nov. 5, 1946.
Filed June 21,'l945
av myéwgé.
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
’ 2,410,566
Roscoe T. Burrows, Mystic, Conn.
Application June 21, 1945, Serial No. 600,666
1 Claim.
(Cl. 76—-—82.1)
plication to the cutting edges of the blades of a
counter-seating within the said piece. The chan
nel H provides side edge ?anges l3 upon the
piece ill, so that there will be no material play
to the ?le l2 when seated therein.
About the piece ill are the adjustable bale loops
M and 15, respectively, each having a set screw
lawn mower cutter reel, so that such edges can
56, which plays through its companion elongated
The invention relates to a sharpener, and more
especially to a lawn mower blade sharpening tool.
The primary object of the invention is the pro
vision of a tool of this character, wherein a steel
?le or the like can be placed therein for its ap
slot H in the solid facing [8 to the said piece Iii
be sharpened with dispatch and without excessive
and arranged longitudinally thereof at the me
labor on the part of the user of the tool, the latter
being hand manipulated in its applied position, 10 dium thereof. Each screw It acts against the
?le l2 for clamping it ?xed with the piece ill.
and the blades of the reel will be sharpened uni
The loop M is provided with opposed tracking
formly and true.
ears 19 which have confronting rounded con
Another object of the invention is the pro
tacting edges 20, so that there will be no binding
vision of a tool of this character, wherein the
steel ?le can be removably placed therein and 15 when a cutter reel blade 2! of a lawn mower,
only a portion thereof being indicated at 22, is
reversed or adjusted for presenting an unused
placed between the ears IS), in that the reel is
surface to the blades, when the ?le becomes dull
caused to rotate when the piece is moved laterally
in previously used spots thereof, the tool being
across the cutting edge of such blade and the ?le
of novel construction and unique in its arrange
i2 through action on this edge sharpens the
same. The mower 22 is disposed in an inverted
A further object of the invention is the pro
position as best seen in Figure 5 of the drawing
vision of a tool of this character, which is simple
when the tool is applied and manipulated by
in construction, thoroughly reliable and efficient
hand for the sharpening of the blade of the reel.
in operation, strong, durable, readily and easily
The loop I5 is formed with a hanger hook 23
applied and removed to and from working posi 25
which is engaged over a cross rod 24 of the frame
tion with dispatch, possessed of few parts, requir
ing little exertion on the part of a user thereof in
the working of the same, and inexpensive to
With these and other objects in view, the in
vention consists in the features of construction,
combination and arrangement of parts as will be
25 of the mower as best seen in Figure 5 of the
drawing, so as to hold the tool in a ?xed applied
position on such mower and for the guiding of
the tool when the same is shifted back and forth
following the spiral formation of the blade being
sharpened by the ?le l2 contacting with its cut
ting edge. The end of the piece l0 remote from
hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in
the loop [4 can be depressed for better ?ling ac
the accompanying drawing, which shows the pre
ferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed 35 tion on the blade worked upon by the ?le [2.
The tool is hand operated and caused to recipro
out in the claim hereunto appended.
cate when in the position shown in Figure 5 of
In the accompanying drawing:
the drawing for the sharpening of the blade
Figure 1 is a plan view of the tool constructed
worked upon by such tool. The loops l4 and I5
in accordance with the invention;
Figure 2 is a similar view looking toward the 40 can be adjusted relative to each other according
to the disposition of the blades of the reel with
other side of the tool;
respect to the cross rod 24 of the frame 25 of the
Figure 3 is a side edge View of the tool;
mower 22 for the correct setting ‘of the tool.
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on the line
4-4 of Figure 3 looking in the direction of the
What is claimed is:
A tool of the kind described, comprising a ?at,
elongated body piece, ?anges formed at the oppo
Figure 5 is a fragmentary vertical sectional
site longitudinal marginal edges of said body in
view through a lawn mover showing the tool ap
vertical relation therewith, a ?ling element seated
plied thereto for the sharpening of the blades of
on said body Within said ?anges, loop-like bales
its cutting reel.
Similar reference characters indicate corre 50 embracing the body piece, and the ?ling element,
opposed tracking ears on one of said bales hav
sponding parts throughout the several views in
ing the confronting edges thereof rounded, a hook
the drawing.
on the other bale, longitudinal slots in said body
Referring to the drawing in detail, the tool
piece intermediate said ?anges, and means en
constructed in accordance with the invention,
comprises an elongated channeled body piece l0, 55 gageable in said slots and connected to said bales
for holding the bales in adjusted relation to each
preferably made from metal, having its channel
other on the body piece.
ll opening through one side face thereof, and
this channel is of uniform width throughout its
extent, being open at opposite ends of such piece
10 for the insertion of a steel ?le 12 therein for 60
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