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L. w. DAvns
Filed Feb. 7, 194s
2 sheets-sheet 1
NOV. 5, 1946.
Filed Feb. '7, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
_ WAV, A
Entente@ Nov. a, in
Levi Walter Davis, Marne, Mich.
Application February 7, 1945, Serial No. 576,666
4 Claims. (ci. 9_1)
This invention relates to a novel attachment
which may be applied to the sides of a boat which
may thereupon be converted into a trailer, mak
ing transportation of the boat to the place where
screws 5 passing through the plate and thread
ing into said bosses Il as best shown in Fig. 4.
It is of course evident that the plate 5 and any
.thlng connected therewith may be quickly and
it is to be used very simple and easy, and of
easily attached in place or removed whenever
course a boat when thus converted into a trailer
may be used also for normal trailer purposes.
At the outer side of the plate 5 a suitable sup-l
It is an object and purpose of the present in
porting bracket is secured, made from a length
vention to provide such attachment, one of which
of flat bar material, with an outer generally ver
may be secured at each side of and extend below 10 tical section 'I, upper and lower sections 8 turned
the boat, each having a wheel to roll upon the
again at right angles toward each other and ly
ground, each of said Wheels being supplied with
a spring to cushion shock as the converted boat
trailer is moved over the road. A further object
ing against and secured to the plate 5 by weld
ing or other suitable permanent connection. The
bar 1 lies substantially parallel to the plate 6 and
of the invention is to provide such attachments 15 in the upper and lower sections 8 circular open
and connect them detachably one to each side of
ings are made for the passage of a post of wheel
the boat, so that they may be very quickly and
carrying member of the attachment.
easily removed when the boat is to serve its nor
In the assembly of the parts, against the under
mal functions. Other objects and purposes in
side of the lower section 8 a block I Il is located
cluding novel means for effectively building and 20 of the shape best shown in Fig. 5, which has an
constructing the attachment will be understood
edge lying against the plate 5'whereby said block
and will appear from the following description
is held against turning movement. The block is
taken in connection with the accompanying
provided with two angularly disposed set screws
drawings, in which
II which reach to a centrally disposed circular
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a boat having the 25 opening so as to engage against the upper end
trailer attachment of my invention applied
portion of a tubular post I2 which passes up
wardly through the openings in said block I0 and
Fig. 2 is an enlarged elevation of said trailer
in said upper and lower sections 8 of the previ
attachment and a portion of the side of a boat
ously described bracket. A collar I3 on the post
to which it is attached.
30 comes against the underside of block I 0. The`
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary transverse section
upper end of the post has openings for the pas
through a side of the boat, the trailer attach
sage of a retaining pin I4. When thus assembled
ment being shown in front elevation.
the set screws II are tightened snugly against
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary vertical section through
the post I2 whereby the post is held against any
a side of the boat, showing the construction of 35 turning movement about its longitudinal axis.
the attachment and where and how it is secured,
'I'he lower portion of the post I2 extends below
the bottom of the boat and is disposed vertically
Fig. 5 is a substantially horizontal section on
as shown in Fig. 3, the post being bent between
the plane of line 5-5 of Fig. 4 looking in an up
its endsfthe necessary amount, dependent upon
ward direction.
40 what may be the inclination of the side I of the
Like reference characters refer to like parts in
boat away from the vertical. At the lower end
the different ñgures of the drawings.
of thepost I2 a bracket I5 is permanently se
The boat may be of any conventional struc
cured having a boss, as indicated in dotted lines
ture having generally vertical sides I, usually
in Fig. 2, extending to the lower end of the tubu
somewhat inclined outwardly and with a bottom 45 lar post. On the bracket I5 a lever is mounted
2. It is to the sides I of the boat that the at
one end of which is forked, having spaced apart
tachments of my invention are to be detachably
arms I6 and with a single arm I'I extending op
secured. Each side of the boat at the proper
positely. The lever is pivotally mounted to turn
place in the length thereof is provided with suit
about a- horizontal axis upon a‘pivot pin I8 pass
able members 3 preferably of a disk form located 50 ing through the bracket I5. A cross bar I9 ex
at the inner side of said boat side and each hav
tends between the two arms I6 of the fork and
ing a central boss 4 extending therethrough, the
the bracket I5 has a stop projection I5a at its
boss being interiorly bored and threaded. Over
rear side so that the lever is stopped in a, rota
a plurality of rows of such bosses. an outside
- tive movement in a counterclockwise direction-by
plate 5 may be detachably secured by means of 55 said bar I9 coming against the projection lia,
Y 3
asshowninthedashed linesatthelowerpartoi
Fig. 2. A wheel 2l of a conventional structure
preferably provided lwith a pneumatic tire, ß
ofthe bracket being permanentlysecured to said
Ybase plateßnd Said ends having alilied Openings
therethrough, a post extending
- mounted upon a suitable'axleY extending between
openingaadetachablepin passingthroughthe
' the outer ends of the two sides il o! the described
upper end portion 'of the post-above the upper
end o! the bracket, a block having a side bearing
' fork. A relatively heavy coiled tension spring'
2i is connected at one end to the Vi'ree end ot the
against the base plate located'belowand against
arm I1 and at its oppomte end to an ear Ilex
A the lower end of said bracket, lmeans for seeming
' tending laterally from the collar Il. Said spring.
the block to said post, said post extending down
'normally tends to move the'lever il-il in a 10 wardly,V a lever pivotally 'mounted between its
clockwise direction about the pivot Il. the weight
-oi' the boat and its contents with two of the at
tachments secured to the boat. one at each side
causing the springs 2i ofr both attachments to be '
at its lower end, said lever to'o?e side of said pivot
comprising a fork having> spaced 'apart sides, a
.wheel disposed between said sides and mounted
stretched in accordance with the weight vwhich 15 at the ends thereof to turn -abcutva horizontal
is supported thereby. For connection of 'the
axis, and a tension spring connected at one end
front end of the boat to a motor vehicle which
to the opposite end of the lever and at its other.
is to pull it over the road, the iront part of the
Vend to said post adjacent said block.
boat may be supplied with any desired or conven
tional type of hitch generally indicated at 2l in
Fig. 1.
With this construction theboat'being supplied
with the inner disks l having outwardly extend
2. A construction as dciinedin claim l. said
post below said block having acallar thereon and
an ,ear extending laterally from the collar to
which the upper end of the spring is connected.
and Vsaid post adjacent its lower end having an
‘ing bosses I, a pluralityY of them at each side of A
outwardly extending stop against which said
the boat, the attachments one for each side oi'V
_the boat may-be connected in .place by use of
lever engageson a predetermined pivotal turn
the screws l: and of course may be as quickly
and easily removed by withdrawing said screws.
When secured in place the attachments, one at
each side of the boat, support vthe boat in an
elevated position above Ythe Vground and provide
a wheel support therefor so that it may be readily
ing movementV thereof and stretching of the
3. VIn a construction as described, a boat having
spaced sides, a plurality of plates located at the
inner side of each side of the. boat, each having
a. central boss passing through the side of the
boat,"each of said bosses being interiorly bored
pulled over the road.` ’I‘he springs 2| cushion
any shocks occurring during such rolling move
f and threaded, a plate locatedl against the outer
elongation of the springs 2| and insure againstthe wheels coming against the bottom of the
Y nected with each plate and extending downwardly
side of each side of the boat, screws passing
ment. The stops at Ita prevent excessive 35 through said plate into said bosses. a post con
.boat as shown in Fig.' 2.
therefrom below the boat, a lever pivotally
The block at Il! and ' - «mounted between its ends at the lower end oi
set screws il associated therewith provide a
. novel and ready means for the proper adjustment
of the wheels with reference to each other Aand*
~ to the ground over which they are to be drawn.
'I'he construction described is very practical
and useful. It`is readily manufactured and is
particularly easy to apply or to remove. The disks Y
3 with the central outwardly extending bosses
>4 are likewise quickly and readily applied to the `
- sides of a boat, merely boring the necessary open- '
ings for the passage of the bosses l, and driving
the post to turn about a horizontal axis, a wheel
mounted to turn on a horizontal axis at one end
`of said lever, and spring means between` the op
posite‘end oi the lever and said post resisting
turning movement of the lever in one direction.
>4. In a, construction as described, a base plate '
adapted to be secured in a generally vertical posi
tion against and to the side of Ya body, a bracket
connected to and extending` outwardly from said
base plate having spaced apart upper and lower
‘Y portions with alined openings therethrough, a
post 'extending at its upperend'portion through
the screws by means of which said disks are - _ said openings and below the'plate, a lever pivotaily
secured in‘place.
The invention is deilned ' in' the appended
mounted between its ends at the lower end of the
post, >a. wheel carried at lone end of the lever to
claims and is to be consideredcomprehensive ' turn about a horizontal axis, Vspring means be
, of all Yforms of structure coming within their 55 tween the opposite ends or the lever and said
post'yieldingly resisting turning movement of the
I claim:
`lever in _one direction,'and ablock at the lower
~1. In a construction as described, an attach- i' side of _said bracket having a side >engaging
ment adapted to be secured, one toV each side of ~_ against the base plate to lock the block against
>a boat, said attachment- comprising, a base plate
turning movement, said postV passing through
adapted to be detachably secured to a side of
saidV block, and releasable securing means
' the boat, a bracket made from a length or nat
mounted on said block and engaging against the
metal having upper and'lower spaced apart ends
and an outer side connecting said ends, said ends
post to hold it in iixed relation'to the block. Y
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