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Nov. 5, 1946.
Filed July 9, 1945
2 Sheets—$heet 1
Louzs .P. Brnumi'i‘e ,
NOV. 5, 1946.
Filed July 9, 1945‘
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
:51 BT53‘?
Zouis Z? Br-unel‘te
9* a WW?’
‘ vzh‘fcmi'qy
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
Louis I’. Brunette, Farmington, Conn.
Application July 9, 1945, Serial No. 603,959
4 Claims. (01. 187—3)
This invention relates to elevator apparatus,
The base plate [0 is provided with a. side exten
sion l3 which serves tosupport a reversible mo
and more particularly to a fireplace wood eleva
tor 34, the operation of which will be described
tor which is adapted to raise cord wood from the
cellar of a house to a compartment located along
Located within the U-shaped frame 12 are four
side a ?replace aboVe the cellar.
vertical pillars l4, l5, l6, and [1 arranged at the
One object of the present invention is to pro
corners of a rectangle, and surmounted at their
vide an elevator apparatus of the above nature
tops by a horizontal rectangular housing l8 hav
in which the elevator platform is operated by
ing a rectangular aperture I 9 through which wood
means of a pair of motor-driven sprocket chains
by an elevator platform 21 is adapted to
connected to the rear of said platform, and hav
pass upwardly. The elevator shaft is adapted to
ing means for transmitting the lifting force from
be located alongside the base 2| of a brick fire
the rear to the front of said platform whereby
place 22, herein shown as located on the ?rst
said platform will be maintained in a level con
floor 20, said ?replace having a mantel shelf 23
dition at all times and with the minimum of
15 above it.
A compartment 24 is located at the left of the
A further object is to provide an apparatus of
for the storage of cord wood or any
the above nature in which the sprocket chain has
. a laterally projecting lug which is adapted to en
other articles. The storage compartment 24 is
provided with a pair of outwardly opening hinged
gage a pair of circuit-opening switches when the
doors 25 which are identical in appearance with
elevator reaches either the top or bottom of its
a similar pair of hinged doors 26 located at the
motion, respectively.
front of a similar cord wood compartment 24a po
A further object is to provide an apparatus of
sitioned above the top of the elevator shaft.
the above nature which will be relatively simple
The elevator platform 2'! has a quantity of
in construction, inexpensive to manufacture,
easy to install and manipulate, compact, orna 25 cord wood 21a resting upon it, and is supported
in an offset position spaced upwardly from an
mental in appearance, and very e?icient and
open frame 28 by means of a plurality of vertical
durable in use.
rods 29.
With these and other objects in view, there has
In order to guide the front of vthe elevator with
been illustrated on the accompanying drawings
one form in which the invention may conven 30 the minimum of friction, provision is made of a
plurality of concave rollers 30, 3| located on the
iently be embodied in practice.
front and rear of the front pillars l4, l5, re
In the drawings,
spectively. The forward rollers 30 are mounted
Fig. 1 represents a sectional view of the cellar
in horizontal brackets 32 which are rigidly con
and ?rst floor of a dwelling house, showing the
improved elevator apparatus arranged for lifting 35 nected at their rear ends to the bottom of the
open frame 28. The rollers 3| are connected to
cord wood from the cellar to a compartment ad
brackets 33 which are rigidly mounted on the
jacent a ?replace on the ?rst floor.
Fig. 2 is a. horizontal sectional view on a larger
forward vertical supporting rods 29, as clearly
shown in Fig. 4.
scale of the elevator shaft showing the relative
location of the elevator platform, the reversible 40 For the purpose of driving the elevator up and
down in the shaft within the frame [2, provi
driving motor, the operating sprockets and chains,
sion is made of a reversible electric motor 34
and the lift-equalizing cables.
having a driving shaft 35 upon which is mounted
a pinion 36 meshing with a gear 31. The gear 31
partly in section.
mounted upon a horizontal shaft 38 located
Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the same, also
within the frame I! and journaled in a pair of
shown partly in section.
upstanding bearing brackets 39, 39 resting on
Referring now to the drawings in which like
the base plate I0. Rigidly mounted on the shaft
reference numerals denote corresponding parts
are a pair of lower sprocket gears 40 having a
throughout the several views, the numeral ill in
dicates a base plate which is adapted to rest upon 50 {pair of sprocket chains 42 meshing therewith,
Fig. 3 is a front elevation of the same, shown
the cellar floor II, as clearly shown in Figs. 1, 3,
and 4. The elevator and shaft are adapted to be
‘said sprocket chains passing upwardly within the
U-shaped frame 12 and around a similar pair of
upper sprocket gears 4| mounted upon a top hori
enclosed on three sides by a U-shaped frame I!
zontal shaft 42a, journaled in bearing brackets
mounted on the base plate l0 and extending to
42b, as clearly shown in Fig. 3.
the ceiling of the cellar below the ?rst ?oor 20.
One end (33 of each chain P22 is ?xed to the
open frame 28 and said chain, after passing
around the upper and lower sprocket gears ti
and do has its free end 44 secured to an adjustable angle bracket I25 which is suspended from
When the elevator reaches the raised position
shown in Fig. l, the lug 5! will engage the switch
49 and automatically open the motor circuit, stop
ping further movement of the platform.
said frame 28 by means of an adjusting bolt 66
having a head H on its lower end, and a pair of
form to the basement, it will only be necessary
for him to throw the switch 52 in the reverse di
nuts 48 on its upper end located above said frame
In order to cause the stopping of the platform
2? when it has reached its upper or lower posi
When the operator wishes to return the plat
rection, causing the motor 34 to drive the plat
form 27 downwardly, until the lug 5! engages
the circuit-opening switch
at the lower end
of the pillar i6.
While there has been disclosed in this speci
tions within the elevator frame !2, provision is
made of a pair of stop switches 49, 55, rigidly
fication one form in which the invention may
secured in adjusted positions adjacent the upper
be embodied, it is to be understood that this
and lower ends of the vertical pillar in, said 15 form is shown for the purpose of illustration only,
switches being adapted to be engaged by a let
and that the invention is not to be limited to the
orally-extending 111g 5i adjustably secured on the
speci?c disclosure, but may be modi?ed and em
free end of the righthand chain 52, in such a po
bodied in various other forms without departing
sition that the switches 49, 59 will be actuated
from its spirit. In short the invention includes
to open the motor circuits when the wood-carry 20 all the modi?cations and embodiments coming
ing platform 2'! has reached its upper and lower
within scope of the following claims,
positions, respectively, as mentioned above.
Having thus fully described the invention, what
If desired, provision may be made of a circuit
is claimed as new, and for which it is desired to
breaker (not shown) which will be actuated
secure Letters Patent, is:
when engaged by the pile of wood 27a stacked 25
1. In an elevator apparatus, a supporting frame
upon the platform 2? to shut off the elevator
including a plurality of vertical pillars, a hori
motor in case said pile of wood is excessively
zontal elevator platform mounted to move up and
down within said frame, a reversible motor, a
Provision is also made of a manually-operated
sprocket driven by said motor, a sprocket chain
reversible motor switch 52, herein shown as con 30 operated by said sprocket and connected at both
veniently located above the cord wood compart
ends to one side of said platform, and means to
ment of the elevator.
guide the front of said platform comprising two
For the purpose of providing a lifting force at
sets of concave rollers mounted in bearings rig
the front of the elevator platform Zl equal to that
idly secured to said platform and engaging the
applied by the sprocket chains 42 to the rear of
front and rear of the pillars located at the other
the platform, and thus maintain said platform
side of said platform.
level, provision is made on both sides of the U
2. The invention as de?ned in claim 1, in which
shaped frame it’ of three pulleys 53, 54, 55, hav
ing a cable 58 running thereover-said cable hav
ing one end El adjustably connected to the angle
bracket 65, and its other fixed end 58 is con
nected to the horizontal bracket 32 extending
forwardly from the frame 28.
In operation, when it is desired to use the ele
vator, the cord wood 21a will be loaded on the
platform 2'! in the cellar, and the operator will
turn the switch 52 in such a direction as to
cause the motor to drive the elevator upwardly.
said rollers are mounted upon a downwardly
spaced frame which is rigidly connected in spaced
relation with said platform.
3. The invention as defined in claim 1, in which
provision is made of a lug carried by said chain,
and a pair of circuit-opening switches in align
ment with the path of said lug to stop said motor
when the platform has reached the end of either
of its upper or lower motions respectively.
4. The invention as de?ned in claim 1, in which
said sprocket chain is adjustable.
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