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Nov. 5, 19476.’ ‘
- Filed June 26, 1941
Patented Nov. 5, i946
srArEs rarest
2,410,‘? 53
Shigeru Shinomiya, Tokyo, Japan; vested in the
Alien Property Custodian
Application .l’une 26, 1941, Serial No. 399,917
In Japan June 29, 1940
1 Claim. (Cl. 255-19)
This invention relates to a drilling device com
prising a drive pipe, a ?exible pipe extending
therefrom and having a plurality of rings mount
ed around same at intervals, a plurality of longi
lie along the inner and outer sides of the curva
ture to be formed are all removed, leaving other
longitudinal strips 4 which lie in the opposite
side faces as shown in Fig. 3. Then, the entire
tudinal connecting strips detachably mounted be
pipe is allowed to fall freely through a shaft as
‘tween each two adjacent rings connecting the
shown in dotted lines A. At the desired depth,
latter, a cable which is attached to the free end
the cable 8 is pulled from above the ground.
of said flexible pipe and is adapted of being actu
Thus, the flexible pipe 2 is bent at the predeter
ated from outside for bending said ?exible pipe
mined point in the predetermined direction, the
where a portion of said longitudinal connect 10 remaining portions of the ?exible pipe being held
ing strips are removed, and a drilling mechanism
straight. The drilling operation is proceeded in
provided at the free end of said ?exible pipe.
any transverse direction by gradually varying the
The object of the invention is to provide a
angle of bend by pulling the cable 8. By rotat
novel drilling device which is capable of being
ing the driving pipe, the drilling may be pro
bent at predetermined point in predetermined
ceeded in different planes. Dotted lines B show
direction in a deep oil-well by merely pulling
an intermediate bent position of the ?exible pipe.
a cable from outside the ground, so that it is
According to this invention, at the desired por
possible to effect transverse drilling at a point in
of the ?exible pipe to be bent, the longitu
stratum of desired depth.
connecting strips 4 which prevent ?exing of
In the accompanying drawing in which one
the pipe are all removed, leaving the other strips
embodiment of the invention is shown by way
4 which do not prevent such ?exing.v After in
of example:
serting the entire device into the shaft, the ?ex
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the device accord
ible pipe 2 can be bent at predetermined point
ing to this invention,
Fig. 2 is a similar view with a portion broken 25 in predetermined direction by pulling the cable 8
from outside the ground, and the remaining por
Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmental view,
tion of the ?exible pipe is held straight, so that it
Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing one of the
is possible to effect transverse drilling at any de
rings used in this device, and
Fig. 5 is a perspective view showing one of the . 30
longitudinal connecting strips.
sired deep stratum.
What I claim is:
In a drilling device, the combination of a ?ex
ible pipe; a plurality of collars mounted on said
Referring to the drawing, i designates a verti
cal drive pipe having connected thereto a lower
pipe in relatively spaced relation longitudinally
extension comprising a ?exible pipe 2 which con
sists, for example, of a spirally wound steel strip. 35 of the pipe, and provided peripherally with radi
ally extending pins; rigid links mounted on said
Around said ?exible pipe 2, there are mounted at
pins to connect said collars, the collars on two
‘desired intervals a plurality of rings 3. Adjacent
non-adjacent portions of said pipe being con
two rings 3 are connected by means of a plu
nected by a plurality of links, two of which links
rality of longitudinal connecting strips 4%. Each
connecting strips ‘1 is provided at its ends with 40 are on diametrically opposite sides of said pipe,
the remaining links being disposed at points on
holes 5, and is mounted to the rings 3 by means
the circumference of said pipe intermediate said
of bolts 5 ?xed to the rings 3 and nuts ‘I. A cable
two links, the disposition of said links being such
8 is attached to the free end of the ?exible pipe
. as to render in?exible the said two portions of
2, and is extended to the outer end of the driv
ing pipe I after being passed around a guide 45 the pipe, and the collars on the portion of the
pipe intermediate said two non-adjacent portions
pulley 9. There is also provided a drilling means
being connected by only pairs of links on di
a inserted in the free end of the ?exible pipe 2,
ametrically opposite sides of the pipe respec
and a driving device (not shown) is enclosed
within the pipe.
tively thereby rendering ?exible said intermediate
The operation of the device according to this 50 portion of the pipe; means for bending said in?
invention is as follows:
termediate portion; and a drilling element mount
At any position of the ?exible pipe 2 where it is
ed at the free end of said pipe.
desired to be bent, the longitudinal strips 4 which
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