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Nov. l2, 1946.
Filed ngt. 1, 194s
Patented Nov. 122, 1946
, 2,410,903
Marion Ann Rogge, Detroit, Mich.
`Application October 1, 1943, Serial No.'504,617
1 claim. (Cl. 12S-399)
This invention relates to a pad of suitable con
struction and shape designed to follow the con
tour of the'nasal and sinus 'area immediately
with the‘nose as at 2| and that above the same
there is an outwardly-extending fullness 22
shaped to fit the nose and leave the nasal pas
sages exposed so as not to interfere with breath
ing. it being understood that the fabric parts or
below the,eyes and to be worn on the head, and
to provide in connection ’therewith a heating me
pieces around the fullness 22 at the opening 2|
diurn, have'the structure such as to leave the
are stitched or otherwise reinforced.
nasal openings exposed, and in addition, to pro
Directly below the opening 2i, I provide a
vide means on the pad beneath such opening in
pocket 23, the same being secured to the pad by
the line of insulation to hold a medicament or
the like which will be heated simultaneously with 10 stitching as at 24. This pocket is open at the
top so that absorbent cotton or other material 25
the area mentioned and inhaled by the patient
may be placed therein and saturated with any
in the course of normal breathing.
suitable medicament which will be inhaled simul
The more specific objects and advantages will
taneously with the normal breathing.
become apparent from a consideration of the de
It will be noted, too,- that the heating means i4
scription following taken in connection with ac
companying drawing illustrating an operative
extends across the fullness or nose-fitting por
tion 22.
In use, it will be realized that the pad will sup
ply heat only to those portions of the face usually
In said drawing:
Figure l is a view in perspective showing my
improvement in place on the head of a patient; 20 affected by colds, the application being direct and
the concentration being of suñicient heat volume
Figure 2 is a front elevation of the pad;
to the affected parts and such as to function for
Figure 3 is a vertical section taken on the line
correction and cure. The pocket or pouch 23 will
3-3 of Figure 2; and
be automatically heated so as to vaporize the
Figure 4 is a horizontal section taken on the
line 4-4 of Figure 2.
25 medicament with which the material 25 is sat
urated, to the end that the vapor will be inhaled
Referring speciilcally to the drawing wherein
by the patient in the course of normal breathing.
like reference characters designate like or sim
ilar parts, I0 represents a flexible body made up ~ The ease an-d simplicity of application and at
tachment of the device permits the patient to lie
of any desired number of layers or plies Il, for
‘ instance, of textile fabric, suitably stitched to 80 comfortably in bed, read or sit up and read, or
perform any activities not requiring undue
gether as at i2. The body or pad i0 may be of
any desired shape provided it covers and follows 4 changes of location, thereby encouraging sufri
cient> 1ength.of continuous heating to produce a
contour of the nasal and sinus arca below the
pleasing, comforting and highly satisfactory cor
eyes of the patient, as suggested in Figure 1.
rective result.
Such body I0, on the -inner surface has stitched
Various changes may be resorted to provided
or otherwise attached thereto a sheet of light
they fall within the spirit and scope of the in
weight flannel I3, or the equivalent, for direct
y application against the skin.
I claim as my invention:
Within the body, I imbed in any suitable man
ner, an -electrical resistance or heating coil il, 40 A structure of the class described comprising
a psd for application to the head below the eyes,
the same being of any desired shape and being
the pad consisting of a plurality of layers of flex
held in position by stitching I3 passing through
ible material and including electrical heating
the body on opposite sides oi' the coil or wire i4,
means therein, said pad having a longitudinal
to hold the latter in place as shown in Figure 2.
split above its lower edge disposable directly be
Covering strips of insulation or flannel may be
neath the nose to enable normal breathing, said
used at l. over the coil and be secured in place
pad above the split having a fullness whereby it
by the stitching Il. Suitable means may be em
will llt the nose externally. the electrical heating
ployed to secure the pad in place, for instance.
means being flexible and extending across the full
tape or other flexible element i1, eachgpassing
alone Opposite sides o! the head and being tied
together at the back thereof, ‘for example.
ness to aid in shaping the latter, a nexible cover
. 'I'he coil il is heated from any suitable source
to the fullness also aiding in shaping the latter.
and a pouch on the pad between its lower edge
and said split for the retention and confinement
of medicaments to be affected by the heat and
oi' electricity as through a cord I3 of conven
tional form having a plug il adapted for detach
able connection to a conventional wall or other
socket 20.
Particular attention is called to the fact that
the pad is longitudinally split below and in line
over the heating means interlorly of and fixed
inhaled during~ normal breathing.
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