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Nov. '12, 194@r
A. M. RocKwELl.
- 2,411,000 I
AFiled laren 3o.' 1944
lli. Rockwell,
TYPE Glastonbury,
D i assigner
to United Aircraft Corporation, East Hartford,
Conn., a corporation of Delaware
Application March 30, 1944, Serial No. 528,707 l
2 Claims.
(Cl. 74-604)
` 'I'his invention relates to vibration dampers and ‘
particularly to a combined torsional and transla
tional or axial vibration damper of >theliquid
pendulum type.
Each of the containers I2 is provided with the _
mercury pockets or receptacles it and >each may `
' be curved as shown to fit a portion ci’ the outer
periphery ofthe counterweight il against which
the containers I2 may be mounted. Each pocket
The invention is shown, in the embodiment
or receptacle I3 extends transversely through its`
selected for illustration, as applied to the crank
container i2 and each pocket is partially iilled
shaft of an aircraft engine and is housed within
with liquid It such as mercury. To enclose these
one or more of the counterbalances therefor,
there preferably being a plurality ofÍ containers
containers i2, Aa cap member i5y fitting their outer>
forming dampers in each counterbalance and 10 periphery, the sides and ends of the containers
each container having therein a plurality of small
I2 is welded thereto throughout the 'edges of the
openings forming pockets partially filled with a
cap member I5. As shown in Fig.,2, the edge of
heavy liquid such as mercury.
' the cap member I'5 Welded to 'the containers t2
An object of the invention is to provide a vibra
extends along its inner arcuate surface so that
tion damping means for crank-shafts'and the like 15 during rotation centrifugal :torce will not serveto
in which the liquid, preferably mercury, is re
bring the- liquid intov contact` with the. "weld or
tained within a container and being sealed in a
other form of joint IB. lThe inner arcuate surn '
manner to prevent the pressure of the liquid, due
faces of the containers i2 are provided with a
to centrifugal force, from being applied against
single opening I6, by means of which liquid may
>any of the solderedor welded Joints of the con 20 be admitted to the individual receptacles. After
`filling each receptacleto the desired level or with
Another object of the invention is to enclose
the required amount of liquid, this opening may
the mercury or other liquid holding containers
be closed by a plug filling the opening l5, the
within recesses within Yopposed counterweight
outer end of which may beA welded to the conu
members secured to the crankshaft on opposite
tainer _l2 to retain it in liquid tight relation
sides of the crank cheeks.
Other objects and advantages will Ibe apparent
As shown most clearly in Fig. 2, the containers
from the specification and claims, and from the I
i2 for the pockets i3 are fitted into recesses milled
drawing which illustrates what is now considered
or otherwise formed in the cap member l5, there
30 being as shown, th'ree aligned recesses in the cap
to be a preferred embodiment of the invention.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a crankshaft show
ing a preferred form of the invention, parts beingA -
shown in section on the plane of line l-l in
member i5 for these containers.
' Each of the pockets i3 for the liquid it may be
divided into compartments by separating dia=
phragms I‘l held spaced apart by being ñtted into
Fig. 2”;
milled grooves formed in the Walls of the pockets.
To permit passage of liquid from one portion to
another of the pockets i3, small openings 2l
in Fig. 1, and „
'through the diaphragms Il may be provided.
Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view taken on
Also, to permit iiuid to pass fromV one pocket to
the planes of broken line 3--3 of Fig. 1.
40 another, slight openings may be formed as indi
Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view on an en
larged scale and taken on the plane of line 2--- ,
In a preferred form the invention may includev
the following principal parts:
First, a rotating
cated at 22 between the side Walls of the con'l
tainers and the cap member.
member; second, one or more containers housing
To retain the containers l2 and the cap mem
a, plurality of small chambers or spaced recep
ber i5 in position, counterweight cheeks or clos
tacles for a liquid such as mercury; and third, 45 ing members I9 recessed to receive the containers
means retaining the container and its contents in
and .cap member may be bolted together on op
position on the crank cheek or other portion o
posite sides> of the crank cheek l I. These cheeks
a rotating member.
or closing members I9 may .be held in position
Referring more in detail to the ñgures of the
by through bolts or rivets 2li extending trans
drawing, there is shown a counterweight portion ^ versely through the opposed closingA members I9
il of an aircraft engine crankshaft it.. To this
and through a portion of the crankshaft counter
counterweight portion il are secured a group of
y ' _ \three similar containers i2 each container having
Weight II.
As shown in Fig. 1, there are three similar con
a plurality of cylindrical compartments i3 par
tainer members I2 placed end to end and ~en
tiallygìlled with a heavy liquid it such as mercury. 55 closed by a single cap member li'» so that in eñ‘ect
there is a continuous series of liquid containing
pockets I3 from one end surface of the crank
cheek to the other. The pockets il for the liquid
are arranged with their axes parallel to each
other and parallel to the axis of rotation of the
crankshaft. All of the pockets I3. therefore, form
an arcuate series concentric with the axis of
rotation of the crankshaft.
I claim:
1. A vibration damper of the liquid pendulum
type comprising, a rotatable member, a container
mounted thereon having a plurality of pockets,
aliquid partially ñlling each of said pockets,
means tot restrict `but not prevent liquid flowing
from one pocket to another, said container hav
ing a filling opening extending from the inner
surface of said container, a cap member secured
In operation fluctuations in the instantaneous
speeds of the crankshaft I0, due to intermittent 10 to and enclosing the outer and side portions of
said container for retaining said liquid within said
power impulses, will cause the fluid within each
pockets and retaining said pockets in an arcuate
pocket or receptacle I3 to move forward or back
series, said ‘container and cap member being per
ward, also axial 'or translatory vibrations of the
manently secured together along the periphery
crankshaft will cause movement of the mercury
in the direction lengthwise of the receptacles or 15 of said cap member, and means to secure said
container in fixed position to said rotatable'
pockets I3. This action of the mercury serves to
vary the inertia of the rotating mass and effects
'2. A vibration damper of the liquid pendulum
a damping of these torsional and axial vibrations.
typecomprising, a rotatable member, a container
In operation also the construction provides a
mounted thereon having a series of parallelly dis
large number of spaced pockets within which the
posed pockets, a liquid partially filling each of
liquid can ilow to uniformly tlll all pockets to an
said pockets, means to restrict but not prevent
equal degree, and as the weld between the con
liquid ilowing from one pocket to another, said
tainers and their cap member is on the inner ,
container having a ñlling opening therefor ex
radius of the cap member, centrifugal force does
not force mercury against this joint. The order 25' tending from the inner surface of said~ container, _
a plug sealing said opening, a cap member se
of 'the vibrations acting upon the crankshaft de
cured to and enclosing the outer and side por
termines the dimensions of the pockets and their
tions of said container for retaining said liquid
distance from the axis of rotation. The greater
within said pockets and retaining said pockets in
the distance from the axis of rotation, the larger
the pockets may be,- and also the greater the 30 an arcuate series, said container and cap member
being permanently secured together along the
effectiveness of the enclosed liquid willbe because
'. periphery of said cap-member, and means to se
of this greater radius.
‘ ,
cure said container in fixed position to said rotat
It is to be understood that the invention is not
able member.
limited to the specific embodiment herein illus
I trated and described, butv may be used in other 35
Ways without departure from the spirit of the
invention as deñned. by the following claims.
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