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Nav. 12, 1946.
Filed Dec. 22, 1945
mol/ARD G. run/VER
Patented Nov. 12, 1946
Richard G. |I‘urner, Worcester, Mass., assignor to
Crompton & Knowles _Loom Works, Worcester',
Mass., a corporation o'f‘Massachusetts
Application December 22, 1945, Serial No. 636,945
6 Claims. (Cl. 139--255)
This invention relates to improvements in bob
bin receivers for weft replenishing looms and it
is the general object ef the invention to provide
a receiver including a bag which is supported and
reinforced by a frame which holds it in normal
position and by which it may be inverted to empty
the bobbins in it.
It is customary to provide a bobbin collector
for bobbins which are discharged from the shut
tle during the weft replenishing operations. In l0.
an application filed on even date herewith I have
set forth a bobbin receiver having a frame which
supports a bobbin receiving bag the front part of
which is connected to vertical members of the
frame by lacing or the like. It is an important
object of my present invention to construct the
bag in such a way that it will be reinforced by
the frame, more particularly the vertical mem
bers thereof which extend alo-rig the front cor
ners of the bag.
Fig. 4 is a side elevation looking in the direc
tionof arrow 4, Fig. _3,v
Fig. 5 is an enlarged horizontal section on line
5_5, Fig. 1.
Fig. 6 is an enlarged front elevation looking in
the direction of arrow 6, Fig. 1, and
Fig. 7 is a view similar to Fig. 6 but showing
the modified form of the invention.
Referring particularly to Figs. 1 and 2, I have
shown .a loom frame ID and a lay II supporting
a shuttle box I2 which receives a shuttle S. `Dur
ing replenishing operations of the loom the ex
hausted or _depleted bobbins are discharged
downwardly from the shuttle and are guided for
wardly by a bobbin chute I3 secured to the‘lay
under the box I2. The bo‘bbins are ordinarily dis
charged when the lay is at so-called front center
or in the left `hand position thereof as viewed in
Fig. 1.. `During loom Voperation the chute I3
20 swings back and forth >along a path under the
shuttle box.
The frame has a removable pivotal connection
The receiver -R for the discharged bobbins com
with a support fixed `to the loomside and it is
prises essentially three parts, a stand I 5, a metal
another object of the invention to construct this
frame F, and a cloth bag B. The stand or support
support in such manner that the lower part of the
bag can move backwardly and forwardly between v25 I 5 is secured to the loom` frame as at I6 and pro
jects outwardly therefrom, or to the right as
parts of the support when being placed in nor
viewed in Fig. 2. The support is formed with a
mal position or being removed for the purpose of
bottom cross bar I‘I and right and left uprights
emptying the bobbins.
`I8 and I9, respectively, as viewed in Fig.. 3. Se
The side members extend upwardly from the
cured to the cross bar Il is a bearing 2i) opening
support and are then bent rearwardly to provide
upwardly and provided with a forwardly and up
arms which support the top of the bag. The lat
wardly inclined lip `2l which defines an elongated
ter has heins which surround the vertical .mem
recess ‘_22 _with bar I'I. `Side stops 23l shown more
bers but the latter should be reinforced in order
particularly in Fig. 3 extend forwardly from the
to hold the bag in proper position to receive the
arms I8 and I9 at the ends of the recess 22. Se
discharged bobbins. It is another object of my
cured to the top of each of the uprights I8 and
present invention to connect the upper ends of
I9 is a leaf spring 25 which .projects forwardly
the vertical members by a brace which can be
and is upwardly bent as at 26.
applied to the frame after the bag has been put
The `frame F is preferably made‘of a long piece
in position on the frame.
of tubing or the like vbent to the general form
With these and other objects in View which
shown in Figs. 1 and 2 so that it has right and
will appear as the description proceeds, my in
left side members 3o and 3l, respectively.. These
vention resides in the combination and arrange
side members are joined at their bottom by an
ment of parts hereinafter described and set forth.
integral horizontal member or element 32 serving
In the accompanying drawing, wherein two , '
.the general function of a journal turnable in
forms `of the invention are set forth,
recess 22 and resting on bearing 23. The upper
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a part of the loom,
end of each of the side members is bent rear
partly in section and showing the preferred form
wardly and inclined Ydownwardly to form a sup
yof my improved bobbin receiver in normal posi
porting arm 33.
Fig. 2 is a front elevation looking in the direc
tion of arrow 2, Fig. 1,
Fig. 3 is an enlarged detailed `front elevation of
the support looking >in the direction of arrow 3,
Each side member 3i] and 3l is provided near
the lower end thereof with a iitting 35 formed
with a lug or boss 36 for cooperation `with the
associated spring 25. The fittings 35 `may be
vsecured to .their »respective Vside members in any
65 `approved `manner ‘ as `by soldering before the
frame F is bent at its upper end to provide the
arms 33. The lugs or bosses 35 project outwardly
from the vertical center of the frame F and are
preferably in horizontal alignment, as are also
the springs 25.
The bag B is made of cloth and has inner and
outer side walls 31 and 38, respectively, a rear
wall 39, and a front wall 40. These walls extend
l upwardly and provide the bag with an open bob
bin receiving mouth M. Each of the inner and
outer side walls is provided with upwardly ex- .
tending straps or loops 4| through which the
arms 33 extend, as shown in Fig. 1. Each ver
tical front corner of the bag is .provided with an
contained therein. During this emptying opera
tion the side members 30 and 3l support the
forward part of the bag.
When the receiver is returned to normal posi
tion the cross bar 32 thereof is placed between
the stops 23 and slippeddown into the recess 22,
after which the receiver is pushedk rearwardly
until the lugs 36 pass under the spring clips 25.
The latter not only prevent upward movement
of the receiver until after the latter has been
moved forwardly of the path of the chute I3,
but also assist gravity in holding the receiver
' in its normal position.
During return movement
of the bag to its normal position the lower part
elongated hem 42 through which extends the as 15 thereof will pass through the space 55 and assume
the position shown in Fig. l. The hems 42 are
sociated side member 35 or 3l. These hems
sufliciently wide to be slipped over the fittings
extend downwardly a considerable distance along
45 and 5i! when the bag is 'attached to frame F.
their side members and end in the vicinity of
From the foregoing it will be seen that I have
the upper ends of the uprights I8 and I9. The
a simple form of bobbin receiver in
bottom of the bag extends rearwardly and down 20
cluding a rigid frame having side members ¿which
wardly from `the hems and is attached by proper
serve not only to sup-port the bag but also rein
stitching to the side and front 'and back walls
force it. It will also be noted thatV the uprights
of the bag.
I8 and I9 have their upper ends unconnected to
The upper ends of the side members 39 and
3| are preferably braced byV some form of cross 25 define a space 55 through which the bottom of thebag can move when the receiver is being removed
member which holds them in proper spaced rela
from and returned to the loom.
tion and also adds rigidity to the frame F. In
Having thus described my invention it will be
the preferred form of the invention each side
seen that changes and modifications may be made
member has sweated or otherwise secured thereto
near the upper end thereof a fitting 45 located 30 therein by those skilled in the art without depart
above the associated hem 42.
These fitltings
have hubs 45 facing each other and threaded to
receive the threaded ends of a cross bar or brace
41. The right and left hubs 45 are provided
with opposite hand threads and the opposite
ing from the spiritV and scope of the invention
and I do not wish to be limited to the details
herein disclosed, but what I claim is:
l. In a weft replenishing loom, a support fixed
with respect to the loom, a cloth bobbin receiving
bag having vertically extending hems, a frame
to which the bag is attached mounted on said
support, and spaced Vertical side members on said
frame extending through said hems to reinforce
ends of the cross brace 41 have opposite hand
threads cut on them to iit the corresponding
threads of the hubs. The cross bars 41 are fitted
to the hubs after the bag is in position on the
frame and then turned to establish tight holding 40 the bag.
2. In a weft replenishing loom, -a support fixed
connection with the side members 30 and 3l
with respect to the loom, a bobbin receiving bag
for the purpose of spacing the latter and strength
having vertically extending hems formed on the
ening the frame. Bar 4l is preferably bent for
front part thereof, and a frame to which the bag
wardly as shown in Fig. 5 to provide a hand hold
45 is attached removably mounted on said support,
spaced forwardly of the wall 40 of the bag.
and having spaced side members extending
In the modified form of the invention shown
through said hems, said side members reinforcing
in Fig.V '1 fittings 50 are secured to the side
the bag when the frame is removed from said
members as in the preferred form, but the hubs
support and moved to a horizontal position.
5I are soldered or otherwise secured to the ends
3. In a bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
of a cross brace 52 corresponding to the cross 50
loom, a frame having vertically extending side
bar 41. In the modified form of the invention
members, an arm on the upper end of each side
the cross bar 52 can be secured to the side mem
member extending rearwardly therefrom when
bers by an operation in which the heat is con
the receiver is in working position relatively to
trolled ,to prevent burning of the bag.
In operation, the receiver R will ordinarily 55 the loom, and a flexible bobbin receiving bag sus
pended from said arms and having vertical hems
be in the position shown in Fig. 1 with the cross
surrounding said side members enabling the latter '
member 32 resting on the bearing 20 and in the
to reinforce the bag when the latter is turned to
recess 22. The side members 35 and 3l will
a horizontal position.
extend substantially vertically upwardly and the
4. In a weft replenishing loom, a support fixed
lugs 35 will be under the springs 25 and held 60
by them against the uprights I8 and I9 which
cooperate with bearing 2B to hold frame F in nor
mal position. The upper ends of the uprights
to the loom and havingV horizontally spaced up- l
wardly extending uprights, a frame removably
mounted on said support and normally extending
along said uprights, and a bobbin receiving bag
I8 and I9 are free and define an open space 55
between them in front of the bottom of the bag. 65 mounted on said frame and extending behind
the latter and having the bottom >thereof extend
When the bag B is ñlled with depleted bobbins
Ving below the tops of said uprights and movable
as the result of replenishing operations of the
.forwardly between the latter when the frame is
rloom the attendant will grasp the cross bar 41
removed in a forwarddirection from said support.
and swing the frame and bag forwardly around
5. In a weft replenishing loom, a support fixed
the bearing :20 as a center until the lugs 36 are 70
forward ofthe front ends of the springs 25. At
this time all parts of the receiver will be in front
of the back and forth path traversed by the
chute I3, and the receiver may now be lifted from
-to the loom and `having horizontally spaced up
wardly extending uprights, a frame mounted fon
said support and movableba'ckwardly' and for
wardly thereon and having' side members>> nor
the support vI5 and inverted to empty the bobbins 75 mally extending along said uprights, and a bobbin
receiving bag supported on said frame and having
port for backward and forward movement rela
the bottom thereof extending below the tops of
tively thereto and having side members normally
said uprights and movable between said uprights
extending along and supported by said uprights,
when the frame is moved backwardly and for
and a bobbin receiving bag mounted on said frame
wardly with respect to said support.
5 and having the bottom thereof behind said space
6. In a weft replenishing loom, a support fixed
to the loom having horizontally spaced upwardly
extending uprights defining between them an
unobstructed space, a frame mounted on said sup
and movable through the latter when the frame
is moved backwardly and forwardly with respect
to said support.
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