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NOV. 12, 1946.
J_ c, cARoTHERs
Filed Dec. 2, 1945
5 Sheets-Sheet 1
Jam 6.’ 6/720 THE/2S
Nov. 12, 1946.
Filed Dec. 2, 1943
s sheets-sheet 2
By 1
Nov. 12, 1946.
Filed Dec. 2, 1943
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
I11 van tor
{ -
Patented Nov.‘ 132,,‘ 1946
Jean C. Carothers, Sidney, “Ohio
Application December 2, 1943, Serial‘No. ‘512,342
. 4 Claims.
Theipresent invention relates 'to‘new and use
ful improvements in freezing and acarbonating
machines, and-‘has for ‘its primary object to pro
vide, in a ‘manner as hereinafter 1set forth, a
‘device. ‘of this character ‘in the ‘form of a single
unit comprising a novel "construction, combina
tion and arrangement ‘for making ice cream,
sherbets, et cetera, ‘and for'carbonating water.
(01. 62-114)
gas in .the chamber '9.‘ This constitutes an im
portant and desirable ‘feature of the invention.
A flat, ‘perforated ring 12, which ‘encircles the
wall ‘8, supports the ‘freezing chamber 2 at an
intermediatepoint in “the shell I.
Mounted on a bracket I3 von the rear end .4
of the shell I is an electric motor I4. Asub
stantially dome-shaped cover I5 is provided for
‘Other objects of the invention ‘are to provide
‘a "combination freezing and carbonating ‘unit of 10 the motor I4. Thelmotor J4 drives a shaft Il6
which is journaledibetween the .rear ends 5'4 .and
the aforementioned ‘character which will‘be'com
‘6 of the shell I and the freezing chamber‘2, re
paratively simple‘ in construction, strong,~durable,
spectively. Mounted on theshaft It is an agita
highly ef?cient and ‘reliable in operation, com
tor I‘! for the water and gas ii‘nvthe carbonating
pact and which'may be‘manufactured at ‘low
chamber I'I.
All jOf‘llhe ‘foregoing and still further objects 15 A removable dasher 'I8 is operable'in‘the ‘freez
ing chamber 2. 'The ‘dashe’r I‘8 includesa longi
‘and advantages of theqinvention will-become ap
tudinal shaft I19 ‘whichis detachably connected
parent 'from ‘a study of the following speci?ca
to the shaft l6 "for a‘ctuation'th'e'reby. Project
‘tionytaken ‘in connection with the accompany
ing diagonallyifrom‘the shaft l9. atlongitudinally
ing drawings ‘wherein ‘like ‘characters of refer
ence designate corresponding parts throughout 20 spaced points ‘are ‘oppositely pitched blades 5.20.
Also ‘mounted on the shaft I9 is a ‘frame ~2I.
the several views,‘ ‘and; wherein:
Scrapers 22 are adjustably mounted-‘on! the; frame
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of an em
2| for operation on the Walls of the chamber 2.
bodiment of the device.
A suitable bearing 23 is provided on the closure
Figure 2 is a View in front elevation thereof.
Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, taken 25 5 for the forward end portion of the shaft I 9.
A water line 24 from a suitable source of supply
substantially on the line 3-3 of Figure 2.
is connected to the chamber I I, said water line
Figure 4 is a cross sectional View, taken sub
being provided with a hand valve 25. Also con
stantially on the line 4-4 of Figure 3.
nected to the chamber II is a carbonating gas
Referring now to the drawings in detail, it
line 26 which is provided with a valve 21. A dis
will be seen that the embodiment of the inven
charge faucet 28 is connected to the lower, front
tion which has been illustrated comprises a sub
portion of the chamber II
stantially cylindrical shell I of suitable dimen
the front 29 of the base B.
sions and material. The shell I is mounted hori
a suitable refrigerating machine is connected to
zontally on a base B. Mounted longitudinally
in the shell I in spaced, concentric relation to the 35 the chamber 9 through the front 3 of the shell I
below the closure 5. A control valve 3| is pro
cylindrical wall of said shell is a cylindrical freez
vided for the line 30. A return line 32 for the
ing chamber 2. The freezing chamber 2 extends
freezing gas is connected to the chamber 9
from the front 3 of the shell I to a point in spaced
through the front 3 of the shell I at a point above
relation to the rear end 4 of said shell. The front
3 of the shell I has formed therein a circular 40 the closure 5. A cover may be provided for the
freezing gas return line 32 on the front of the
opening which communicates with the chamber
shell I.
2. A closure 5 is provided for the forward end
The valves BI, 25 and 21 are operable from the
of the chamber 2. The chamber 2 further in
cludes a closed rear end 6.
front 29 of the base B. Also mounted on the
The chamber 2 also comprises spaced, concen 45 front 29 of the base B is a control switch 33 for
tric intermediate and outer walls 1 and 8, re
the electric motor I4, and a control switch 34
spectively. The chamber 2 and the wall ‘I pro
for the aforementioned refrigerating machine.
A ?ller neck 35 is provided on .the closure 5 for
vide a chamber 9 for the reception of a suitable
freezing gas. The walls 1 and 8 provide a dead
the freezing chamber 2. Also, a discharge spout
50 3B is provided on the closure 5 for the chamber 2.
air space or chamber II).
A suitable valve 31 controls the discharge spout
The space between the freezing unit and the
shell I constitutes a carbonating chamber II.
l It is thought that the operation of the unit will
The dead air space I!) prevents the water in the
carbonating chamber I I from being frozen by the 65 a e readily apparent from a consideration of the
foregoing. Brie?y, the Water and carbonating
2. A freezing and carbonating unit of the char
gas enter the chamber l I through the valve-con
acter described comprising concentric freezing
trolled lines 24 and 26. The water and gas are
and carbonating chambers, a dasher operable in
the freezing chamber, an agitator operable in the
thoroughly mixed by the rotating agitator H. A
sight glass 38 is provided for the chamber- II in
carbonating chamber, and common means for
the upper portion of the front 3 of the shell I.
actuating the dasher and the agitator.
The carbonated water which is made in the
3. A freezing and carbonating unit comprising
chamber II is dispensed therefrom through the
a cylindrical shell, a cylindrical freezing chamber
medium of the faucet 28. The ice cream mix or
mounted in the shell in spaced, concentric rela
other liquid to be frozen is poured into the cham 10 tion thereto, said freezing chamber including
ber 2 through the neck 35. With the motor 14
spaced, concentric inner, intermediate and outer
in operation, the dasher I8 is driven thereby at
walls, means including said inner and interme
the desired speed. This may be accomplished
diate walls de?ning a chamber for the reception
through the medium of a suitable gear reduction
of a, freezing medium, means including said in
unit. As herein'before stated, the dead air space
termediate and outer walls de?ning a dead air
H) prevents freezing of the water in the carbonat
between the freezing medium chamber and
ing chamber l I by the gas in the chamber 9. The
the carbonating chamber, means including said
freezing gas from a refrigerating machine enters
outer wall and shell de?ning a carbonating
the chamber 9 through the line 30 and returns
chamber, a dasher operable in the freezing cham
to said refrigerating machine through the line 32.
ber, an agitator operable in the carbonating
Access may be readily had to the freezing cham 20 chamber, and common means for actuating the
ber 2 for cleaning same or: for any other purpose
by simply opening the closure 5.
It'is believed that the many advantages of a
combination freezing and carbonating unit con
structed in accordance with the present inven
dasher and the agitator.
4. A freezing and carbonating unit comprising
a cylindrical horizontal shell, a motor mounted
25 on one end of said shell, a cylindrical freezing
tion will be readily understood, and although a
preferred embodiment of the device is as illus
chamber mounted longitudinally in the shell in
spaced, concentric relation thereto, the other end
of the shell having an opening therein commu
nicating with the freezing chamber, a closure for
changes in the details of construction and in the
the opening, one end of the freezing chamber
combination and arrangement of parts may be 30 beinglclosed and being spaced from said one end
resorted to which will fall within the scope of the
of the shell, means including said freezing cham
tratedand described,
invention as claimed.
it is to be understood that ‘
What is claimed is:
1. In combination, a freezing andv carbonating
unit Comprising a shell, a freezing chamber in the
shell'spaced from the peripheral wall thereof,
means including said shell and said freezing
chamber forming a carbonating chamber therein,
a dasher operable in the freezing chamber, an
agitator operable in the carbonating chamber,
and common means for actuating said dasher and
said agitator.
ber de?ning a carbonating chamber in the shell,
a shaft journaled at one end in the closed end
of the freezing chamber and at its other end in
said one end of the shell and operatively con
nected to the motor, an agitator mounted on said
shaft and operable in the carbonating chamber,
and a dasher operable in the freezing chamber
and operatively connected to the shaft.
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