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` N0v.'19, 1946.
l |=_ A_ KELLER
Filed Aug. 21, 1943
í BY
. Patented Nov. 19, 1946
’ UN'iTED sTATEs PATENT yor-'FlcEy
'Frederick A. Keller, East Paterson, N. J., assignor
to Bright Star Battery Company, Clifton, N. J.,
a corporation of New Jersey
Application August 2l, 1943, Serial No. 499,477
1 claim.
(cl. 13o-133) _ '
ThIs invention relates to lbatteries and
especially to flashlight batteries.
_ I1 Áof plastic material the periphery of which rests
. on the rim ofthe cup III and is sealed to the edge
- An _object of this invention -is an improved
l ilashlight battery construction.
of the shell I3. The shell I3 and disk Il may
be composed of ethyl cellulose or other suitable
A battery constructed according to the pres Ii plasticmaterial. The -cap IB is so arranged as
ent invention comprises a cup of- zinc or other
to receive the upper end of the carbon electrode
suitable‘metal containing a cartridge having a
I2 and has a portion extending beyond the outer
centrally arranged electrode of carbon or other
surface of the disk. 'I'he ñange of the cap is
suitable material. \A shell of ethyl cellulose or
embedded in the plastic material in such manner"
other suitable plastic material closed at one end
that with the electrode inserted no portion of the ._
` fits over the closed end of the cupI and a cover
cap is exposed to attack by electrolyte escaping
oi’ plastic material engages the rim of the ~cup " from the cartridge. The seal between the cover
and is Sealed to theV edge of the shell. A metal
I l and the shell I3 provides a gas-tight construc
cap is sealed in the cover with a portion 'of -the
tion. The member I5 constitutes one terminal
cap exposed and with the cap receiving the end
of the battery` while the cap I6 constitutes th
of the central electrode. 'I'he capA is embedded
other terminal.
in the cover such that no Vportion of it is exposed - -
to contact by electrolyte which may escape from
the cartridge.
In constructing the battery above described. the
cartridge and carbon electrode are assembled in
' the cup I0. The shell I3 -is produced by anin
The plasticshell _forms a gas-tight seal with 20. jection molding _operation and is of uniform in'
the plastic cover and also obviates the need of
terior diameter throughout'its entire length. The
the paper tube now used to insulate lthe curved
shank of the member I 5 is projected through the
surface of the cup. By reason of the cap being
closure aperture to seat the head I5b in the re'
embedded in the plastic material, nol washers are
cess, after which the shank is'swaged to form the
required over the top of the cartridge as hereto
head I5a. The assembled cup, cartridge and car- ’
fore to prevent contact of escaped electrolyte with , bon electrode are inserted into the shell, after
Y the cap. For this reason, the usual spacing be
tween the top of the cartridge and the sealing
~ which the cover I'I lis arranged on theLrim of the
cup I0 'with the cap I6 Vreceiving the' end of the
carbon electrode. Next, the rim of the shell is
sible to increase the length of the cartridge and 30 sealed to the cover either by heat'and pressure
_ member may be decreased thereby making it pos
thus provide additional electrolyte. without
changing the overall length of the battery. IAlso,
or by use of` a -solvent and pressure.` The _car
for the same overall length of battery a shorter
the end of the carbon electrode I2 with the inner
cup` may be used, thus conserving zinc°`>
tridge is located in the- shell by engagement of
Other objects, novel features and advantages 35
of this invention will become apparent from the
following speciiication and accompanying draw
. ing, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a flashlight battery
embodying the invention and
Fig. 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Fig. l.
In Fig. 2, I0 indicates the usual zinc cup of a
flashlight battery in which is contained the usual
cartridge II. A centrally arranged carbon elec
trode I2 is embedded in the cartridge in the usual
_ Surface of the cap I 6J
A battery comprising a metallic anode cup open
at its upper end and containing a. cartridge hav
ing a centrally arranged electrode, a shell of plas
tic material ñtting over the cup andopen at its
40 upper end and closed at the lower end by an I
integral end wall provided with a small aperture,
said shell having the edge of its open upper end
extending beyond the open upper end of the cup,
a plastic cover closing the open upper end` of
said shell and having- a gas-tight seal with the
edge of the shell, a metallic cap sealed in said
manner and projects above the rim of the cup I0.
-A shell I3 of plastic material surrounds the cup ’ cover with a portion of said cap exposed and with
Ill and is provided at one end withvan integral
the end of said electrode received in said cap, and
closure Il in which is embedded a metal member
a rivet-like metal member consisting of a shank ~
I5. A metal rivet-like member I5 extends 50 of small diameter filling the small aperture in I ‘
through an aperture in the4 closure I4 and is
the' lower end wall of the shell, 'an inner head
provided with an interior head I5a and exterior
integral with shank and located 'within the shell '
head lib seated in a recess in the outer surface
in contact with said cup and an outer head ‘ex
ofthe closure I4 ilush with .said surface. The
said shell of substantial diametenhav
interior head I5a engages-the zinc cup I0 while .55 ing itsofexposed>
surface ñush with the outer sur- ' ~
the head IIìb constitutes the bottom terminal of
face of said shell.
the battery. A metal cap I6_ is embedded in a disk
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