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Nov. 19,1946.
Filed Oct. 31. 1944
Ma 7462 zz/zzzz'ams.
Patented Nov. 19, 1946 _
' 2,411,490
Ward Williams‘, Brandon, Wis.
Application October 31, 1944, Serial No; 561,195
(01. 302-37)
3 Claims.
The invention aims to provide a simple, yet
entertaining toy with which a child may pretend
to be threshing grain,?lling> a silo, etc.
In carrying out the above end, a blower casing
is provided containing a motor-driven fan, said
casing having an‘ inlet for chaff, dry bits of grass
or paper, bran, or other loose material, and being
provided with a discharge pipe through which
the material will be‘ blown. to simulate the dis
charge from a threshing machine or that from
a‘ silo ?lling machine. ‘ As the chances are great
that the child will endeavor to insert sticks and
the like into the blower casing, a- further object
of the invention is to‘ make novel provision where
by‘ danger of injury to ‘the toy will be minimized.
Another object is to provide a‘novel feed means
including a horizontal plate or table from which
the child feeds the loose‘material into the blower
casing, with his ?ngers.
Figure 1 of the accompanying» drawing is‘a top
plan view partly broken away and in horizontal
‘ thereon. Thus, if the fan 9 crowds a stick or the
like against the side wall II, this; wall will" ‘simply
be forced off, minimizing danger of‘injuryltovthe
The casing wall I I is; formed‘ with. an inlet open
ing I‘! having a straight lower edge I81 and
straight vertical edges I9,‘ and‘ preferably a
straight upper edge 20. Opposite the‘opening I1;
at the outer side of the wall‘ II, is a- steeply1in
clined plate 2|’, the lower endlof which- is suit
ably secured at 22. tosaidwall H, at the edge I3
of said opening H. The plate 21 diverges up
wardly from the wall‘ II andv is. provided with
triangular side flanges 231 which are secured to
the wall II along the vertical edges I 9v of- the
opening H. The inner edges of these ?anges. j23
may well be ?anged at 24' to.‘ be fastened at 25' to
the wall I I, to. secure said flanges 23‘ to said wall‘.
A horizontal plate or table 26 is secured tothe
upper end of the inclined plate 21 and‘ projects
outwardly therefrom, said, plate or table 26 hav
ing upwardly diverging side flanges" 21 which
extend from‘ its outer end' to the wall I I', the inner
portions of said flanges v211 being disposed at the
and in‘ section.
Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail vertical sectional 25 upper ends of the aforesaid ?anges‘ 23‘. This
structure provides for the support of- loose mate
view on line 3—3 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 2‘ is- a side elevation partly broken‘ away
rial to be fed into the casing by the child, and he
Fig. 4 is a side elevation of a different discharge
may readily push such material from the plate
pipe section, which may be substituted for that
or table 26 into the chute formed by the plate 2I
shown in Fig. 2.
The general construction shown and described, 30 and its ?anges 23, so that the material will be
readily guided into the casing. The lower edge
may be considered as preferred, with the under
I8 of the opening H, in this regard, is prefer
standing, however, that variations may be made
ably transversely inclined as shown in Fig. 3.
within the scope of the invention as claimed.
Also to prohibit the child from inserting his ?n
Upon a suitable horizontal base 5, a blower
casing 6 and an electric motor ‘I are ?xedly 35 gers through the upper portion of the opening H,
a barrier 28 may well project downwardly from
mounted in axial alinement, the motor shaft 8
the upper edge wall 20 of said opening.
being provided with a fan 9 in said casing. One
The peripheral casing wall I2 is preferably pro
side wall In of the casing 6 is ?xedly and per
vided with a laterally projecting stud 29 receiv
manently mounted while the other side wall I I is
readily removable. This side wall II ?ts within 40 able in an opening 3!] in the rib I4 of the wall I I,
to properly position this wall and hold it against
the peripheral wall I2 of the casing 6, as shown
at I3 in Fig. 1, and is provided with a circumfer
An outlet opening 3| is formed in the casing
ential rib I4 which abuts the adjacent edge of
Wall I2 and communicates with a lower ?xed pipe
said wall I2. It will be noted that the casing of
the blower is of cylindrical shape, the peripheral 45 section 32 which is secured to said wall. An in
.clined pipe section 33 (Fig. 2), or a vertical pipe
wall I2 being a cylinder, the rear of which is
section 34 (Fig. 4), may be engaged with the sec
closed by the circular wall I9 integrally secured
tion 32. Pipe section 33 is formed with a cowl
to the wall I2. The front end of the peripheral
35 for so directing the material discharged
wall I2 is closed by the front wall I I. Two spring
arms I5 are secured to the outer side of the wall 50 through the pipe as to simulate the straw dis
charge from a threshing machine. Pipe section
I2 and are provided at their free ends with sub
34 has a cowl 3B which will downwardly direct
stantially V-shaped detents I6 which yieldably
the discharged material to simulate a silo ?lling
engage the rib l4 so as to normally hold the cas
ing wall I I in place, yet to permit removal of this
From the foregoing taken in connection with
wall II by means of outward pressure exerted 55
the accompanying drawing, it will be seen that
novel and desirable provision has been made for
carrying out the objects of the invention. Chaff
ing damage.
2. A toy comprising a substantially cylindrical
or any other loose material fed into the casing
blower casing having a peripheral wall formed
will be discharged through the delivery pipe in
force it off of said peripheral wall instead of caus
with an outlet, said casing including a ?xed side
a manner to simulate the discharge from a large
wall rigidly secured to said peripheral wall and a
machine and will be very pleasing to children.
readily removable side wall provided with an inlet
If the child endeavors to insert a stick or the like,
to one side of its center and having its peripheral
it may be struck by the fan and immediately
portion seated on one edge of said peripheral wall,
ejected, but if it should be crowded forcibly 10 a rotary fan in said casing having blades to move
against the wall II by said fan, this wall will
past and close to said inlet, and yieldable means
simply be forced off and no injury to the toy will
normally securing said removable side wall in
be caused. This wall is also readily removable
place, said yieldable means being releasable by
to permit cleaning of any accumulated matter
outward pressure on said removable side wall,
from the interior of the casing 6.
15 whereby a stick or the like inserted through said
It is preferable to provide the wall I! with air
inletand crowed by said fan against said remov
inlet openings 31 for admitting more air to the
able side wall, may force this wall o? instead of
casing than that which can enter through the
causing damage.
opening [1 which may be more or less ?lled at
3. A toy comprising a base, a blower casing
times with the material being fed into the toy.
20 mounted thereon and comprising a cylindrical
Attention is again invited tothe possibility of
making variations within the scope of the inven
tion as claimed.
wall forming the periphery of the casing and pro
vided with an outlet, an apertured rear wall se
cured to one edge of said peripheral, wall and a
I claim:
readily removable front Wall to telescope within
1. A’ toy. comprising a base, a substantially cy 25 the other edge of said peripheral wall and formed
lindrical blower casing mounted on said base and
with a circumferential rib abutting said other
comprisingan upright back wall and a peripheral
edge, said rib having an opening. a positioning
stud on said peripheral wall to enter said opening,
wall projecting therefrom and formed with an
said front wall having an inlet to one side of its
outlet, a discharge pipe extending from said out
let, a bladedlcentrifugal fan in said casing having 30 center, an inclined feeding chute secured to said
front Wall at its inlet and formed withxa hori
its axis concentric with an opening in said back
zontal feeding table at its upperfront edge, the
top of said table being positioned in a plane be
low the top of said'inlet, a downwardly projecting
having a peripheral portion to engage and seat
on the entire front edge of said peripheral wall of 35 barrier in the top of said inlet terminating adja
cent to the plane of. said table, a centrifugal fan
the casing, said front wall having an inlet posi
in said casing having its axis concentric with the
tioned to one side of the axis of rotation of said
aperture in said rear wall and provided with
fan, a feed chute secured to said front wall and
to rotate past and close to‘ said inlet,
communicating with said inlet, and yieldable
spring catches normally holding said front wall 40 means for supporting and rotating said fan, and
yieldable catch springs secured at one end to said
on said peripheral Wall, said catches being yield
peripheral wall and having their other ends
able to release said front wall by excessive out
formed with V-shaped detents to yieldably- en
wall, means for supporting and rotating said fan,
areadily removable front wall for said casing
ward pressure upon it, whereby a stick or the
gage said rib to releasably hold said front wall of
like inserted through said inlet and crowded by 45 the casing.
said fan against said removable front wall, may
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