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,NOV- 26, 1946-
Filed Feb. '16, 1945
JIRAïu rmaî?.
Í ¿
Filed Feb. 16, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Nov. 26, 1946
Í »drilutlrlzljA ’STATE-s PATENT i OFFICE
John R. Furman, Kerrville, Tex.
Application February 16, 1943, Serial No. 476,053
3 Claims.
(Cl. 2204205)
This invention relates to tobacco users _ap
pliances, especially to an improved and simpliñed
type- of smoker’s ash and stump receiver and iso
One object Vof the invention is to provide a, de
base-unit; the broken line circles showing posi
tions of two cigar-stumps passing from the lclosure
of the primary receptacle; the other brokenv lines
showing the normal lower position of the housing
5 unit.
Fig. 8 is a top plan View of the modification
vice of this kind that is capable of being formed
shown in Fig. '7.
of >`very few and simple vunits that are integrally
formed by molding or casting or pressing into
YReferring to these drawings in detail, in which,
their respective shapes with very simple dies or
similar reference numerals refer to similar parts
molds, of -one or morerelatively inexpensive and 10 inthe several views, the invention is described in
light-weight materials, for instance,_glass, porce
detail as follows:
plastic material, and which units are quickly and
The base-unit is shown at I0, Illa and Hlm in the
respective forms of the invention; while the hous
easily assembled and retained in mutual operative
ing-unit is shown respectively 'at' II, Ila and lI lb;
lain or other ceramic material», Bakelite or other
engagement and normally iixed relation to one an 15 and the closure-element is shown at I2, I2a and
I 2b, respectively.
other without the use of any extrinsic securing
means, and which are operable by merev manual
' In >`each of these forms'of the invention thereV
lifting of one of these units and by gravitation of
are only, three primarily separate elements as fol
the latter to its normal position on theV other units.
lows: YIn Figs. 1-3,` _the elements or units I0, II
` Other objects and important features are 20 and rI2 are primarily separate from one another,
pointed out or implied in the following details of
the base-unit I0 being formed with arched seats
description, in connection with the accompanying
Iáic onr opposite walls or wall-portions which are
drawings in which:
lower atntheir middle portions than are the other
Fig. 1 is a vertical central sectional view of one
oppositeA walls or wall-portions, and opposite ends
form of the invention in its normal relation of its 25 of the elongated vclosure-unit I2 normally rest on
component units, the broken line circle represent
these arched seats, being retained in this normal
ing the position of a cigar-stump-in-the primary
position (of Fig. i) by stops or lugs >I2C that are
against or very near to the wall-portions or seats
IIl‘c, and prevented from rocking by the wall-por
Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1, except the
housing-unit being in a sufficiently raised posi 30 tions> I I c that normally rest on the laterally in
tion to permit the cigar-stump to fall from the
clined longitudinal edges of the closure I2. The
wall-portions I Ic adjoin the wall-portions Ild at
closure-unit into the lower part of the Vbase-unit
a distance from the wall-portions IIe and Ilf,
or secondary receiving vessel, as indicated by the
and these wall portions I Id also normally rest on
broken line circle.
Y Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the device shown in
the‘closure l2 andfcombine therewith to form a
Figs. l` and 2, apart of the housing-unit being
broken away to disclose the interior of the housing
unit, the subjacent wall-portion of the base-unit,
primary receptacle for all such smoker’s refuse as
ash, stumps, match-stemsjetcß; but when the unit
I I is suflicie'ntly raised, as seen in Fig. 2, the pri
mary receptacle is opened to permit the refuse to
pass laterally of the closure I2 and down from the
and the adjacent end of the closure-,unit resting
on> the said wall-portion.
Fig. 4 is a'central vertical sectional view of a
modified form of the invention, the housing-unit
, being shown in its normal position inbroken
lines, and in its raised position in full lines, the
broken line circle indicating the position of a
cigar-stump about to fall from the closure-unit.
lateral sides of the closure to the bottom of the
vessel or secondary receptacle Ill; and as a cigar
stump rolls or slips to either one of the inclined
edge-portions of the closure I2 its weight causes
the closure to tilt, as seen in Fig. 2, thereby tend
ing to dump any ash that may be adhering to the
closure; but when the closure is freed fromV such
weight, it automatically rocks to and fro (later
ally), thus tending to free it from some or all of
Fig. 6 is a top plan view of the embodiment
the remaining ash on the closure. Moreover,
shown in Fig. 4.
when the unit I! is permitted to gravitate to its
Fig. 7 is a second modified form of the invention,
normal position, the wall-portions llc and Ild,
in central vertical section, the housing-unit be
upon striking the closure I2, tends to loosen any
ing shown raised, as shown in full lines, to permit
adhering ash and cause it to pass laterally in
the ash and stumps to fall from the .primary re
ceptacle into the secondary receptacle, vessel or 55 readiness to be dumped when the unit I I is again
Fig. 5 is a top plan view of the closure-unit
shown in Figs. 4 and 6.
The several purposes and functions of
in plan and horizontal section, it is quite within
the wall-portions l If are to serve as a convenient
tacle’s wall-portions properly disposed with refer
the scope of this invention to make it in other
angular shapes or in curved contour; and while
I have indicated the material as being glass,
porcelain etc., the invention is not limited to any
ence to the closure l2 and guide the wall-portions
llc and lid into proper normal position on the
specific kind or kinds of materials. The ydifferent
forms are shown with depressed portions that are
means to grasp for lifting the wall-portions of the
primary receptacle, to keep the primary recep
closure, and to prevent burning of the ñngers of
deeper at their inner ends than elsewhere, to
serve as cigar-seats or rests which serve to keep
ll) the cigars therein from sliding outward in con
cigar-stump causing a blaze in the vessel I0.
In Figs. 4, 5, 6, there is a notch 19g in each of
sequence of vibrations etc., but the invention is
the two opposite wall-portions, and the closure
not limited to this form of cigar-rests, nor lim
l2a has two end-extensions lZg normally fitting
ited to any of the specific and exact details of
loosely in these notches in the proper relation,
description 'or illustration; for the invention is
shown in Fig. 4, for supporting the major portion
susceptible of numerous changes within the scope
of the closure in the inclined position shown.
of the inventive ideas as implied and claimed
Wall-portions Il g and Hh (Fig. 4) normally rest
herein. Moreover, while `these forms and sizes of
on the closure-unit lZa and combine therewith
the invention are designed for cigar-smokers’ use,
t0 form the primary receptacle for refuse; but
each can be made smaller for use of cigarette
when the housing-unit Ha is suñiciently raised,
smokers, especially for ladies who have smaller
the refuse rolls or slides under the wall-portion
hands with which to handle and operate the
Hg and off the lower-lateral edge of the closure
and falls to the bottom of the vessel or secondary
Iclaim the following as my invention:
receptacle lla.
l. In a smoker’s receiver for ash, stumps,fetc.,
Both the closures l2 and I2a are normally 25 the combination of a vessel having an inlet
a user in case of a lighted match or an unquenched
secured in their respective closing positions, but
opening at-its top and having opposite Wall-por
are free to be lifted upward and away from their
tions, an elongated closure normally extending
normally seated positions when the housing-units
from one to the other of said wall-portions and
have been moved outl of the way, so full and free
normally located on and supported by the latter
access is then had to the interior of the vessel 30 at a considerable distance above the bottom- of
or secondary receptacle so the refuse can be easily
said vessel and in a proper position to'provide a
removed and said interior can Ábe thoroughly
The second modii'ication (Figs. 7 and 8) is
clear space thereunder and to close only a por
tion of said inlet-opening, and a housing-unit
that comprises outer Wall-portions and inner
designed for casting or molding, the element |21)
wall-portions and a roof which latter is united
integrally with the wall-portions Hij and Hllc,
with these inner and outer Wall-portions, the
lower ends of these inner wall-portions of the
also for dumping two or more cigar stumps si
multaneously, by one lift of the housing-unit I lb,
as indicated in Fig. 7 where two broken line cir
cles indicate the circumferences of two cigar
stumps leaving the primary receptacle for de
posit in the secondary receptacle or chamber 10b.
In casting or molding the parts Ici, Ick and |21)
integrally without undue expense, it is important
Ithat the lower end of this integral element be
primarily open, and subsequently closed by the
bottom element lûm which is preferably in the
shape of an inverted bowl or pan having an end
less V-shaped groove or rabbet Ißr that consti
tutes a seat for the lower edge-portions of the
elements IE7’ and llìlc which are preferably se
cured’in place permanently by means of plaster
housing having an opening between them and
being normally seated on said elongated closure
and thus combining with said closure to consti
tute a primary receptacle for ash and stumps,
said outer wall-portions ofthe housing unit'nor
mally surrounding the middle and upper parts
of said vessel and being continually in position
to be grasped by a hand of a person and raised
sufficiently to permit ash and stumps to fall from
said closure to the bottom-portion of- said vessel,
said housing unit being free to gravitate from its
raised position to its normal lowermost‘position
on said closure when released from restraint of
the hand that raised it.
2. The combination defined by claim 1, said
closure being provided with means to secure it
of Paris, Portland cement, or any other suitable
against accidental movement from its normal po
cementing material or other means. The w‘all
portions of the element Hlm provide a convenientr 55 sition on said opposite wall-portions but being
free to be lifted from said vessel when said
handle or gripping por-tion that is exposed below
housing-unit has been lifted away from said ves
the wall-portions Hw and Ilm in both the raised
sel, wherebythe user can gain free and unob
and normal lower positions of the housing-unit
structed access to the interior of said vessel for
IIb, so the whole 'device can be quickly lifted
and moved from place to place without ñrst rais 60 ridding the latter from ash and stumps etc. and
for washing and wiping said interior.
ing the housing unit from its normal position
3. The combination deñned by claim 1, said
wherein the wall-portions Hy and He' rest on
closure being mounted in proper relation to be
the closure element l2b and combine therewith
tilted in opposite lateral directions when said
to constitute the primary receptacle for refuse
65 housing-unit is raised therefrom, thereby to fa
of a smoker or smokers.
cilitate the dumping of ash‘therefrom.
Though I have shown each of these forms of
the invention substantially cubic and rectangular
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