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NOV- 26, 1946-
Filed June 22, 1944
Patented Nov. 26, 1946
v V
onAsisrnzlrli?g-nnvionf ’ h
Company," Niles,‘ Mich, a‘ corpora‘
tion of‘Michigzin
Kawneer ‘
,1 ApplicationJune-ZZ, 1944; Serial-‘No; 541,594:
4 Claims; (01. amt-56.4)‘
the spring :action and locking engagement of the‘
retaining a pane of glass withina window-open
ing or store front.
v_ 6 ‘ is > a% fragmentary.
enlarged view showing-.1
Tliepresent . invention relates - to. a1 glass hold;
. and
ing device‘ especially adapted for mounting
Referring more particularly to the drawing. and"
It'is'an important objectof-lthe present'inven
the . illustrative. embodiment “of they invention» as
thereindisclosed,l.theglass holding deviceor ase
tiori- to provide a novel‘nieans and‘ manner of
mounting a pane of glassvin which avspring clip»
islad‘apted to automatically grip and resiliently
retain. the faceimoulding of; ‘a- sash assembly in
anc‘horedi, glass holding‘relation,
(A further object. of.-the - present invention ‘is to
sembly comprises aface moulding or outersash
member 4| andiagutter-orinnen sash member}
mour'ited upon an encompassingjamb 3. Inserted.
A within the face member. laiatsuitably spaced'ine
tervalsareextruded lugs- 4 having an end-5 abut-y
provide a- novel glass holding deviceprovided-with
spaced. lugs- of' extruded. on rigid ' construction
carried :in the face moulding of’ a. sash- assembly,
and aligned resilient clips anchored 'in the gutter
and so constructed and arrangedias to receive a
projection on the lugs and automatically inter;
lock~ therewith ‘ to ?rmly. but?‘ yieldably retain - a
against ‘ the
iii-turned»v ?ange
orv lip
6 of
the r'nouldingpa leg .17 staked» within the lower orv
longitudinally.extending groove 8 tolpreventslip
15 ping .andltolholdi accurate spacing of the lug?and '
thereby interlocking .its top. and- bottom to the
face moulding»,-alrearwardly_ extending and sub
‘ stantiall'y, horizontal protrudingleg 9land a foot
member ID- adapted to- bewinsertedinto an em
pane of. glass-between- the. face moulding» and. ,.._'_, bdssedloop
H L provided in the base l2. of the
gutter. -
Another-1 object of the present invention is to
provide a-novel clip construction having: a- res'il-e
I L with. an i‘ elongated -. slot-so positioned.
ientv part
Thepurpose-ofthefoot l0 and loop Ill-is to
holdl the face. member. down into : contactv with»
i the jamb construction»,-.itibeing'understood~that
and arranged as- to receivenand automatically
jamb includes a bottom, top orhead and side
grip a- projection; carried by.‘ the . face ‘moulding 25 this
jamb sectionscompletely framing the sash as
of a sash assembly and’ lockwthisqmoulding-iin
sembly/ and the window pane l3.~ Byiprovidingr
contact with a paneof glass-held between» it and
an voiis'et in the; outer sash or face mouldingad
an inner sash member.
thejamb sections, there is provided a con
to provide a~construction~ v
Further objects-are
tinuous, encompassing recess or channel M So
ofimaximum simplicity, e?iciency, economy and
disposed that-should the outer face of the mould
ing .I and. jamb 3 be'out of'exact alignment due
easeof assembly and operation, andsuch further
object's; advantages andvcapabilitiesas will later
more-‘fully. appear and are inherently» possessed?
to 'anyvariation' in glass thickness or for other
reasons; suchnon-alignment willnot be notice»
thereby. <
The invention further resides in the construe» 35 able.’
The substantially horizontal protruding leg 9'
tion, combination-and arrangement of partsil-P
lustrated in the» accompanying’ drawing,- and
ofqeachllug 4v~extends back andv interlocks with‘
a substantially vertical curved'leg I5 of one of
while there is shown therein a preferred embodi
ment; it is to be understoodthat- the-'same-is
susceptible of modi?cation and change, and-~com-'v
prehends other details‘, arrangements of parts,
features and constructions without departing
from the spirit of the invention.
a, series of ‘similarly spacedspring clips I 6 ‘inserted
in-the loop I'l'of the gutterZ.» Eachclip‘ snaps in‘
. place-at ‘the-top as more clearly shown in Figure"
2. The top leg l8 of this clip is provided with a
notch l9 which straddles a tab 20 sheared down
from the top of the gutter in such manner that
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a fragmentary view in perspective 45 the tab locks and spaces the spring clip, and the
top leg 18 and gutter are each provided with a
of the novel glass holding device.
slot or opening for the insertion of a screw driver,
tool or other instrument for releasing the lugs
when it is desired to remove or replace the glass
Figure 3 is a top plan view of a novel ‘spring
I 3 or face moulding l.
clip for anchoring and retaining the face mould
The substantially vertical curved leg 15 of the
ing or outer sash member in assembled relation.
Figure 2 is a view in end elevation of the novel
' Figure 4 is a view in front elevation of the re
silient clip.
Figure 5 is a view in vertical cross section of the
‘clip taken on the line 5—5 of Figure 4, and Fig
spring clip is embossed at 2| to provide an elon
gated slot 22 for the reception of the leg 9 of
the lug 4. By pushing the moulding Iv carrying
the lugs 4 inwardly, the leg 9 of each lug will en
gage the spring leg l5 of its aligned spring clip
I 6, causing these resilient legs to be moved or
bent into a substantially perpendicular position
in which the legs l5 are directed to and enter
the slots 22. The spring action of the clips will
then force the legs I5 forwardly to an inclined
or angular position as shown in Figures 2, 5 and
6, resulting in these slots or openings 22 and
the ?at areas adjacent thereto returning to'an
angular position and thereby gripping the legs
9 and retaining the face moulding and its lugs
in assembled relation in which the pane of glass
i3 is ?rmly yet yieldably held between the ?ange
or lip 6 on the face moulding I and the down- .
the window opening, lugs staked in spaced rela
tion within the face moulding, spring clips
mounted in spaced relation in the gutter mem
ber and in alignment with the lugs, a rearwardly
projecting leg on each lug and a curved, resilient
part on each spring provided with a projection
normally inclined downwardly and toward the
leg and having an elongated slot adapted to re
ceive the end of the leg when the projection is
bent rearwardly as the face member and lugs
are moved into glass holding position and then
as the projection tends to return to its original
position, automatically grip and retain this face
member and lugs in that positionwhereby to ac
commodate panes of glass varying in thickness.
gutter section 2.
3. A glass holding device for a window, store
The glass is shown mounted on a setting block
front and the like, comprising an outer and an
24 having a dove-tailed groove at its top into
inner sash member with the outer member ad
which is inserted a cushion 25 for the glass to
justable with respect to the inner member, lugs
rest upon. Projecting from the back of this set 20 secured within the outer member in spaced rela
ting block is a ?ange 26 with a turned down leg
tion and similarly spaced spring clips mounted
21 which ?ts into the groove 11 of the gutter.
in the inner member, and interlocking parts on
When installed, this ?ange locates the setting
the lugs and clips including a leg on each lug and
block centrally under the glass [3 and prevents
a resilient projection on each clip normally in
it from tipping over or sliding out of position.
25 clined downwardly and toward the leg and pro
When it is desired to disassemble the face
vided with an opening for receiving the end of
moulding and lugs from the glass, all that is
the leg, said projection being compressed when
required is to insert a tool or other instrument
the end of the leg is forced and directed into the
through the notch or opening l9 and the aligned
opening and due to its resiliency, tightly grip
opening in the top of the gutter, and forcing
ping and retaining the leg, whereby when the
the leg [5 of the spring clips back into a sub
outer sash member and the lugs carried thereby
wardly or inwardly extending ?ange 23 in the
stantially perpendicular position, thereby releas
ing the face moulding and allowing it to be read
are moved into a position where the outer sash
member engages the outer face of the glass with
the desired pressure, the lugs are automatically
ily removed. The novel spring clip and lug as
sembly is so constructed and arranged as to al 35 and resiliently gripped by the clips and retained
low for a considerable variation in glass thickness
in such gripping relation.
from the usual quarter-inch plate.
Having thus disclosed my invention, I claim:
4. A glass holding device for resiliently but
?rmly mounting a pane of plate glass in a win
1. A glass holding device for a window, store
dow opening and to allow for variation in glass
front and the like, comprising an outer and an 40 thickness, comprising a gutter member mounted
inner sash member with the outer member ad
within jamb sections framing the window open
justable with respect to the inner member, lugs
ing, a face moulding removably mounted within
the jamb sections for assembly, removal or re
tion and similarly spaced spring clips mounted
placement of the glass, lugs mounted in spaced
in the inner member, a substantially horizontal 45 relation within the face moulding,,interengaging
and rearwardly projecting leg provided on each
means on the lugs and gutter for holding the face
lug and a resilient projection on each spring clip
moulding down into contact with the jamb sec
normally inclined downwardly and toward the
tions, resilient members mounted in the gutter
leg and provided with an elongated slot for re
in aligned, spaced relation with the lugs, and in
ceiving an end of the leg, the leg being so dis 50 terengaging and interlocking parts on the lugs
secured within the outer member in spaced rela
posed with respect to the slot that when pressure
is applied to the outer sash member to force it
inwardly into contact with the glass, the end of
the leg bends the resilient projection sufliciently
and resilient members including a leg on each lug
and a projection on each resilient member nor
mally inclined downwardly and toward the leg
having av slot adapted to receive an end of the
to permit the end of the leg to enter the slot, 55 leg when the face moulding and lugs are moved
but when pressure is released the resilient pro
into assembled relation,‘but due to the resiliency
jection tends to return to its normal position and
of the projections the lugs are resiliently gripped
tightly grips the leg and retains the outer sash
and retained in that relation with the face
member in assembled relation.
moulding engaging the glass and combining with
' 2. A glass holding device for a Window, store 60 the gutter member to retain the glass in anchored
front and the like, comprising an adjustable face
moulding and a gutter member secured within
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