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' 2,411,759
Patented Nov. 26, 1946
' Egg-Ego ‘ sures PATENT caries
N. Y.,
assignor to
Louis E. Seley,
Samuel Harry White, Detroit, Mich.
Drawing. Application February 4, 1944,‘
Serial No. 521,1 37
1 Claim. (ill. 44-52)
not be materially varied without sacri?cing the
valuable and necessary characteristics of the mix
This invention is directed to a gaseous fuel de
signed more particularly, but in no wise limited to
use with oxygen for welding and heating metals,
preheating of metals in cutting operations, case
hardening of metals, metal spraying, lead burn
ing, working of glass, and like purposes.
ture. A lesser proportion than stated has no ben
e?cial e?ect and a larger proportion tends to de
5 crease the effectiveness of the flame. This has
been proven through a long series of laboratory
Various mixtures have been heretofore pro
and practical tests and uses, which tests clearly
disclosed that any material variation from the
posed for such purposes, particularly the mix
critical proportions above mentioned sacri?ce
ture of propane, or butane and propane with 10 one or another of the valuable and highly impor
di-ethyl ether, and also other similar mixtures
tant results.
gases, are nevertheless wanting in an ideal mix
The tests of the new fuel show that in use,
which while effective as compared with untreated .
, the ?ame is more intense, the temperature is ma
terially increased over previous and conventional
ture tending to the most direct and effective
results combined with economy in‘ use, particu l5 mixtures, there is less gas and oxygen required
larly in the oxygen content of the ?ame, the
in the ?ame than in previous mixtures, and due
to the lower gas and oxygen pressures required
quantity of fuel gas consumed andthe necessity
for an intensej?ame temperature necessary to‘ ' for an effective ?ame, the highly objectionable
cupped tip can be discarded and a ?ush type tip
rapidly dotthe' work for which it is intended‘.
The primary object of the present invention is 20 used, since this new ?ame will not blow o? the
the production of a gasfor the designed purpose
end of the tip.
The mixture, in liquid or. gaseous form, may
which in its de?nite and essentially critical pro
be effectively used in steel containers, pipe lines,
portions produces a greater flame temperature,
and materially reduces the amount of time, oxy
or other conventional methods of application.‘
gen and gas required for any particular work‘ in 25, Ordinary commercial ethyl oxide and benzine
comparison with previous mixtures or bare un
, may be used, but the use of methyl oxide or syn
treated gases.
The compounded mixture in the ingredients
thetic oxides of either or both may be used with
either the high or low boiling point benzine.
and the range and proportions as an effective
This mixture readily lends itself,to any and
minimum are as follows: '7 lbs. of propane or a 30 all uses for which a gas of this character may or
mixture of propane and butane with not appre
ciably less than '7 ounces of ethyl oxide and ‘7
ounces‘ of benzine; and as a maximum: 9 lbs.
of propane or a mixture of propane and butane
can be used, bearing in mind always that the
de?ned proportions in the particular ranges are
critical and should not be changed if the-desired
with not appreciably more than 1 lb. of ethyl
oxide and 1 lb. of benzine. The above speci?cally 35
results are to be obtained.
What is claimedv is:
The method of generating a gaseous fuel for
use in welding and cutting of metals, heating,
stated proportions are substantially 82 to 89%
of propane, substantially 51/2 to 9% of diethyl
hardening, and for like purposes, comprising the
ether, and substantially 51/2 to 9% of benzine.
spraying of propane with the vapor of benzine.
The ethyl oxide and benzine are miscible with 40 and di-ethyl ether in the following proportions by
each other and mingle in one solution and are
weight, substantially 82 to 89% propane, sub
therefore mixed with the propane or propane and
stantially 51/2 to 9% di-ethyl ether, and substan
butane in required proportions to produce the
tially 51/2 to 9% of benzine.
‘desired results.
it is understood that the proportions given are
exact and de?nitely critical in each range, can 45
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