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; " Patented Nov. 26, 1946
Arthur H. Matthews, Lake Be'auport, ‘Quebec,
Application July 5, 1944, Serial No, 542,574
v2 Claims; ' (01.60-41)
)obiect is to provide a simple and emcient gas
turbine which may be constructed of ordinary in
respectively indicated at 5 and 8. ’
for adequate cooling with minimum loss of pow
In this drawing the rotor and the stator-cas
ing elements of my improved gas-turbine are
' expensive metals and in which provision is made
er and e?iciency.
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken substantially
along the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.
This invention relates to gas-turbines and the
‘ '
The rotor 5 is shown as a simple disk ?xed to
a shaft 1 which rotates in bearings 8 carried
The commercial develope'mentnoi cheap and \
by opposite side walls of the stator-casing't. The
e?lcient gas-turbines, especially in the smaller
sizes required for general use, has been retarded
periphery of the rotor is recessed to provide an
by reason of the fact that the best gas-turbines i0 annular channel 8. into which jets of fluid are
directed from nozzles or jet passages it, ‘ii and
- heretofore proposed must be constructed of rel
I2 formed in a removable section ta ofxthe stator
casing 6. ‘At least one side wall of the channel
tively rare and expensive heat resistant metals
or alloys in order to withstand, for any consider
able period, the destructive action of the high
9 is provided with discharge, ports M through
operating temperatures characteristic of ' such 15 which jets of the motive fluid suppliedto said ‘
turbines. Gas-turbines constructed of ordinary
metals and equipped with heat-dissipating water
jackets in accordance with previous'proposals do
not have the operating speed, e?iciency, low-cost
characteristics and other essential requisites nec 24)
essary to justify wide~scale commercial produc
tion thereof, especially in the smaller sizes suit
able for general use in various?elds in which
other types of relatively small power plants are
channel are discharged against suitable station
ary vanes or buckets i5 arrangedwaround the
upper‘ half of stator-casing t to thereby effect '
jet-reaction operation of the rotor. The motive
?uid is discharged from stator-casing 6 through
the exhaust outlet i1,
‘ Part of the motive ?uidexsupplied to the chan
nel d of rotor 5 comprises hot products .of com
bustion resulting from ignition of a combustible
fuel mixture with a combustion chamber it pro
vided in the removable cylinder section ta. The
An important feature of the gas-turbine ‘pron
‘fuel mixture is supplied to chamber 89 through
vided in accordance with my invention is '"that
9. “Tesla" valve 2!) and is ignited by a spark plug
the rotor is of simple design and is free of vanes,
2! or other suitable igniter. - The resulting prod
buckets, or other resistance-increasing projec-v
tions which, as employedin prior types of gas. 30 ucts of combustion escape from chamber i9
through vjet passage it and are directedinto the
turbines, tend to decrease both the operating
now being used.
speed and the power output.
rotor channel 9. \
Another feature of the invention consistsin the
provision of a generally improved gas-turbine in
which the use of ordinary metals is ‘made feasible
by’ the use ‘of water jets which serve both as a
cooling medium and as a motive ?uid.
A still further feature of the invention consists
Another part of the motive ?uid supplied to the
rotor consists of steam formed by vaporization ~
of Jets of water which are directed-into the rotor
channel 9 by the Jet passages ii and it. The
, cooling action of these jets of water is suf?cient to
prevent_heat-destruction of ordinary-metal used
in the construction of the turbine.- The water is .
in_ the provision of a jet-propelled or reaction
supplied to the jet passages ii and 02
' type gas-turbine in which the rotor comprises a
simple disk-shaped element provided with a pe
ripheral channel into which jets of motive ?uid
- are directed from nozzles or jets carried by a
through “Tesla" type valves indicated at 22
and 23.
‘The peripheral wall of the stator casing t is
provided with a series of expansion chambers 25
stator casing in which the rotor operates. at least
one side wall of said channel being provided with 45 into which the steam resulting from vaporization
of the water jets directed against the rotor is
discharge openings through which the motive
to'increase the momentum imparted to
?uid-is supplied to said channel in the form of
jets which impinge against stationary buckets
the rotor.
The hot products of combustion directed into
rotor channel 9 by nozzle it constitute the
Other characteristic features and advantages
main motive fluid which drives and heats the
of my invention will be- made apparent by the
or vanes carried by the stator casing.
following detailed description of the accompany- _
ing drawing, in which
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view taken substan
tially along the line i-—| of Fig. 2: and
, rotor. The water injected through the jet pas
sages I l and I2 serves primarily as a cooling me
dium but, when converted into steam as described
herein‘, also serves as a motive ?uid and enables
the turbine to be operated ef?ciently with ‘a
smaller amount of combustible fuel than would
otherwise be required.
The combustion chamber I9 is provided with
a removable cover or head 26 formed with a water'
jacket 21 which is connected, by pipe 28, to water
jet valve 22. Cooling water is supplied to jacket
21 by a suitable supply pipe (not, shown) and
I claim:
1. A gas-turbine comprising a rotor provided
with a peripheral channel having discharge ports
in one side wall thereof, a stationary casing en
closing said rotor and provided with jet-passages
through which expansible motive ?uid is directed
into said channel and stationary vanes or buckets
in said casing located opposite the ported side of
said channel and positioned to receive the im
passes from thence through pipe 28 and valve
22 to water-Jet passage II. The valve 23 of 10 pact of jets of motive ?uid discharged from said
water-jet passage l2 may be similarly connected
channel through said ports.
to water jacket 27.
Having thus described what I now conceive to
be the preferred embodiment of my invention it
, 2. A gas-turbine as set forth in claim 1, in which
said rotor comprises a simple, substantially disk
shaped member having its periphery recessed to
will be understood that various modi?cations may 15 provide said channel.
be resorted to within the scope and spirit of the
invention as de?ned by the appended claims.
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