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` 2,411,926
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
Max Linick and Edward Linick, New York, N. Y.
Application October 18, 1944, Serial No. 559,166
1 Claim.
(Cl. 2-158)
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in a mitten.
More specifically the invention proposes the
construction of a mitten which is characterized »
by the provision of external fur sections of single
solid “high” tone colors of red, blue, green, yellow,
fuschia, purple, pink or dusty rose.
liant color adding to the Igeneral appearance of
the mitten.
In the modification of the invention disclosed
in Figs. 4 and 5 the mitten is characterized by a
palm section I2’ also constructed of fur and col
ored the same brilliant color as the back of the
hand section II.
In other respects this form of the invention is
similar to that previously shown and like refer
dyed fur pieces for constructing brilliantly colored
l0 ence numerals identify like parts in each of the
fur mittens.
several views.
Still another object of the invention proposes
In the modified form of the invention disclosed
constructing a fur mitten having a fur back of
Figs. 6 and 7 the mitten 20 is characterized by
4the hand section of a brilliantly colored fur and
a leather back of the hand section 2 I and a leather
leather palm section contrastingly colored.
Another object of the invention proposes the 15 palm section 22 with a ileece lining 23 on the
inside thereof. These sections 2|, 22 and 23 have
construction of a glove having a brilliant colored
their edges secured together by means of stitches
back of the hand fur section removably mounted
Still further the invention proposes the use of
in position to be interchangeable with other back
24. A fur section 25 is provided for extending
across the back of the hand section 2 I. This fur
of the hand fur sections of other brilliant colors.
A further object of the invention proposes the 20 section 25 is dyed a brilliant color and is remov
ably mounted to be interchanged with differently
construction of a mitten which is simple and
durable and which may be manufactured and
Y colored fur sections 25.
The removable mounting of the fur section 25
is accomplished by engagement of the lace 26
For further comprehension of the invention,
and ofthe objects and advantages thereof, refer 25 through complementary openings 21 formed in
the fur section 25 and a projected edge portion
ence will be had to the following description and
of the back of the hand section 2|. After having
accompanying drawing, and to the appended
been engaged completely about the fur section
claim in which the various novel features of the
25, the ends of the lace 26 are adapted to be tied
invention are more particularly set forth.
sold at a reasonable cost.
In the accompanying drawing forming a ma
30 into a bow to retain the fur section 25 fixedly in
terial part of this disclosure:
Fig. 1 is a rear plan view of a mitten constructed
in accordance with this invention.
Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 but looking at
necessary to remove the lace 26 freeing the fur
section now in use and permitting it to be re
To interchange the fur section 25 it is merely
35 placed by another fur section.
the palm of the mitten.
While we have illustrated and described the
Fig. 3 is an enlarged partial sectional view
preferred embodiments of our invention, it is to
taken on the lin`e 3-3 of Fig. 1.
be understood that We do not limit ourselves to
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2 but illustrating
the precise constructions herein disclosed and`
a modiñcation of the invention.
Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional View taken on 40 the right is reserved to all changes and modifica
tions coming Within the scope of the invention
the line 5-5 of Fig. 4.
as defined in the appended claim.
Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig. 1 but illustrating
Having thus described our invention, what we
a still further modification of the invention.
Fig. 'I is an enlarged sectional view taken on
the line 1-1 of Fig. 6.
The mitten, according to this invention, in
cludes a flexible sheetmember simulating a con
ventional mitten I0. This mitten I0 has a fur
back of the hand section I I of a single solid “high”
tone color. The palm section I2 of the mitten I0
is constructed of leather, colored to contrast with
the color of the back of the hand section II.
A fleece lining I2 is provided for the interior of
the mitten IIJ and the adjacent edges of the sec
claim as new, and desire to secure by United
45 States Letters Patent is:
A mitten having an external fur section of a
single solid “high” tone, said external fur section
being positioned on said mitten, and means for
removably holding said fur section so that it may
50 be replaced, said means comprising a lace en
gageable through aligned openings formed in the
periphery of the back of said mitten, and said
mitten having an edge portion in the nature of
a flange which is- provided with the openings for
tions are secured together by means of a line of 55 said lace.
stitches I4,
The mitten is characterized by the fact that
the back of the hand fur section I I is dyed a bril
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