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Dec. 3, 1946.
1w. H. wAKEFlELD
Filed nec. 22, 1945
Fla-7 I' F16.'
„ 2|
‘jb 45.
. wme'nnwnxsrleza
Patented Dec. 3, l946
»RECEI‘vErt FoR'LofoMsy `
'- ' ` ' Walter ïH.'v 'Wakeñ'eldg Worcester.V Mass., assigner I '
' toi Crompton & Knowles Loom Works,"Worces-
r . rter, Mass.,-'»a._corporation of.Massachusetts
L_Àpplîcation ?eçenbef 2z,
1945'. señal No. ,636,953
isolairns. 9(01.13a-255).;` , »
This invention relates _` imbrdìlemë‘fsperit ,
bobbin receivers „for weit‘repleni's'hmg ‘looms and
it'is the generalfobjectgof the invention to’prof'
vidé a‘rèœiifer Whichiiçanbejeasìlr manipulated
Fî‘iggjijis aperspective'view ora partofvthere# `
ceiver and its support,innormalposition,- v j,
«Fig-51s @detailed verticalfsectionron lines-_5;V ’ '
' Figs. 6 to 9 areìdiagrammaticviews illustrat
lfor the-purpose of em'ptying‘thebobbinsfaccuinuf
' lated in it.
ing the manner in which my invention is oper
atedA when the loom lis running, and '
¿Weit replenishing llooms of ‘the'j _bobbin‘ ’change
Fig. 1Y0v indicates> the direction i -’which the
` iouth'of the receiver can“v beturned> when the
ing type ordinarily have >provision'fo1j1dis,chai'ging the spent Vbobbins _ downwardly from 'the
shuttle into a canvor thej'like'. Vr"In _the past‘thes'e
loomV is'fat ,restn atqback center. a. "
lReferring more particularly to> Fig. .1,¿1y have
cansl ,have beenV madeof sheet-metal v’and have -'
been heavy and diñicu‘lt'to empty, It is an
portant objectief 'my presentinvention to provide , _'
a pivotal mountingiora «bobbin receiver yso con
structed that it can be swung forwardly to a‘posi
tion inwhich'the rbobbin receiving mouthk of the '
shown a
frame I0 having a lay Il which is
reciprocated backwardly and rforwardly byA the.
usual connectors-one- of which is indicated at I2.
The lay has ‘as_huttle box I3 to receive __a shuttle
S `fromfwhich bobbins are`- Vdischarged down
wardly during weft replenishing operations;r ,The
receiver will`be either inverted or bein an ad
*descending'loobbins` -lgìassthrough alslotl I4 inthe
vantageous position tovfacilitate emptying ofthe
lay and areV then guidedlin a downwardlyv and
forwardly inclined direction by a bobbin chute' l 5
Ordinarily 'the ' bobbin receiver
j Y beheld
its normal bobbin receiving "position withmits ~ - secured to the layunderthe shuttlebox. ,Y During
loom ,operation they bobbin chute . |_5` traverses an
mouth facing upwardly and it'is Ya. furtherïobject
~ arcuate ‘_path _as the lay reciprocates and bobbin
of my inventionto provide adetachable connec
transferer‘replenishment ordinarily occurs when
‘ tion betweenthereceiver and a support therefor
the lay is‘near its front center` position.
normally'operative to hold the receiver in bobbin
?eceiving'position but releasable by a lateral shift
‘ The matter thus far described is usual in bob-‘
of-.the receiver so that'the latter can be rotated
bin changing weft replenishing looms and> ofA it
on the support to bobbin discharging position.
It is »desirable to »hold the "receiver` in ’bobbin
self_;for1ns'_no partjof _my present invention.
^ The expelled'or spent bobbins which descend
during the discharging operation without'being
frame4 2,0 defining _a bobbin receiving vmouthy M
discharging position by some ymeans which will 30 along the chute are collected in a bobbin receiverv
= designated generally at R. This receiver has a top
enableV the attendant to-manipulate the bobbins
and having front and back bars 2l and 22;'re
spectively,A and right andr left rearwardly ,and
required to hold the receiv'er.--'It_is accordingly a
still further object of my` invention to provide ¿the
downwardly inclined side bars 23 and24, respec
pivotal mounting for? the»~ receiver with a secf
tively.’ Asindicated in Fig. 1 the rear bar 22 is at
a lowerlevel than' is the- front bar'2l, and is be
ondary holding means `by which-the receiver can
be held with its mouthin position to simplify bob-v
hind >`the forward limit ofj thev pathtraversed by
bin removal. The receiverds preferably ' a cloth, _
bag suspended >fromfa metal frame or holder,` but'v -
the'invention is Vnot limited tos'uch a receiver.; " 40 ' Thebobbin holding part of the receiver is pref
With thesevand other objectsï'in view whichïwill ' ' erably'a cloth'bag designated at‘25 ythe upper>
edges ofwhich-are formed as indicatedlin‘Fig. 5
tofit' around the frame 2l);v The bag hangs by
appear as the descriptionlproceeds.‘my inventionv
resides inthe 'combination andV arrangement of
parts hereinafter-described and. set forth.
In’ the accompanying' drawingfwherein la con-‘
its own weightßïmore orless inthe form shown» in
45 Fig. 1, and the discharged bobbins B collect in the
Ä bottom;of_.the rbag and require emptying'from
venient* embodiment of my invention is set forth,
` Fig'. 1 is a side elevationv of theforwardjpart Y ,
ofV a loom, partly in'section; showing my improved l
bobbin receiver in normal» positl'ong‘ ’ »
> Y In». order jthatthe receivervmay be .manipulated <
during _the bobbinlemptying operation-1_ provide
the loomk frame I`0fwith a support -30 secured to
59 Atheiîralne
as at 3l and having a hubor bearing ,
rection of arrow 2, :Figi 1f, î
Fig, 3 is anemarged:front'eievatiozi iooking‘in: t 32" through which the left end of- >thefront bar
Fig. 2 is a detailed'plan- view'looking' in
Zlvpas'ses. Bar 2l hasl its left nend bentupwardly
to provide an yarm 33 .which cooperates with
the' direction of arrow *3.'Fig.i1. indicating the
manner in which-the receivercan beîntïvedlatg
eaux-warfare@ to its support
primaryV and se'condarystopsß-‘l and 35, respec
tively. These stops are ñxed with respect to
manner the bag will be as shown in Fig. 10 prior
the support 30 and may if desired have threaded
'ends 33 tapped into the support as indicated in
Fig. 3. The stop 34 at the upper part of the
support 3e has a forwardly facing notch 49 into
to lifting to the position of Fig. 9.
which the arm 33 can ñt, and a similar notch 4|
is providedin the bottom stop 35 to receiverarm
The bar24 of the frame 20 is capable òf
sliding and turning movements in the bearing
From the foregoing it will be seen that I have
provided a simple mounting for a spent bobbin
Areceiver of a weft replenishing loom, the re
ceiver being rotatable about an axis which as
shown herein-r is horizontal and substantially
parallelA to the length -of the .lay as seen in Fig.
2 so that the mouth of the receiver can be swung
32, hence the support 3d provides a sliding and j JU to a forward inverted position to facilitate
pivotal mounting for the receiver.v
4_emptying of- the> bobbins. It Will also be seen
Under normal conditions arm 33 isU in notch f‘ Y Vthat the lmounting 30I provides a sliding and
di! and the receiver R will be held in normal po
pivotal j-support 4for the receiver, and that slight
sition due to the fact that itsweight >is, behind ;
the axis oi bearing 32 and arm 33 extends 'upf
wardly and is held in notch liti against the pri
mary stop 34. When it is desired to empty the "
receiver the attendant will lift the rear end_,oi-
l,lateral movements of the receiver affect disen
gagement of it with respect Yto the holding or
Lsupporting stops 34 and 35, thereby enabling the
frame 20'jto be turned as described.
During loom '
operation the chute traverses a path the for
the frame 23 slightly to“disengage armk33 from
notch-„49, after which he will movey the. receiver
ward part of which extends over the rear part
laterally tol, the _left a sufilcient distance to move
o thearm 33 beyond or to the leftv of thestops 34
ditions the frame '2"0 _.shouldfbe turned in the
and 35, thereby disengaging the receiverfrom
stop 33. The attendant will then rotate 'frame
2_8 in a clockwise direction fin the direction of
however, and the chute is 'in rearward non-inter
o_§_.„the receiver mouth M, and under these con~
directionindicated .by arrows a and b in Figs.
Gand 7„re'spectively. ' When the loomris at rest,
fering position the frame 2B can be turned in a
arrow a, Fig. 6, the rear bar 22 -moving vdown
counter-clockwise direction».indica~ted in Fig. l0
wardly away vfrom the Vpath of chute I5. When
without »sliding the receiver laterally relatively
the loom is runningit is necessary to swing the
to Imounting 30. ' „
frame 2i? in the direction indicated in Fig. 6 due
fHavingsthus described my invention it will be
to the fact that the ,rear part of the bobbin rre 30 seen `that changes and `modifications may be
ceiving mouth -M extends behind the path trav
made vtherein by those. skilled in the artwithout
ersed by the bobbin chute and it would not be
departing from the spirit and scopevof the inven
safe to- swing lframe 2li upwardly.
l ,
tion and I do not wish to belimited to the details
Due to the fact `that the bobbin holding part
herein disclosed, ibut What'I claim is:k
ofthe receiver >is a flexible bag thevlatter will 35
l. ‘Inaweft replenishingloom having allay and
take the position indicated in Fig. 6, and as the
bobbin chute; thereon Ywhich moves Valong a given
attendant 'continues toturn frame` 20 in a clock
path as the -lay reciprocates, ka spent bobbin re
Wise movement as indicated by arrow b, Fig. '7,
ceiver having a mouth through which bobbins
the back'bar 3.12v will engage the front Wall 45.
pass _from thechute to the receiver, andvmounting
Continued movement of the frame 29 will eventu 40 means for-thereceiver including a pivotal sup~
ally> bring vit to the position shown in Fig. 8 with
port -torrthe mouth having »an axis parallel to the
the bag depending from back bar 22 which now
lay to enable said ymouth to be moved-downwardly
is in front of the bar 2l and extendsinto the
from-said path» and then forwardly to ang'inverted '
aisle in front of the loom. The mouth of the
to facilitate emptying of the receiver.v
receiver fis now'in'verted and faces downwardly.
2. In a weft replenishing loom having a lay'and»
'.I'heï'arm V33 is now -in the dotted line position
bobbin chute thereon which movesV along a given
indicated 'in Fig.'3, and by a slight sliding move#
path as the lay reciprocates, a spent bobbin re
ment ofthe receiver to the ‘right ’said arm will
ceiver having a-mouth ‘through which bobbins
move in front of the secondary stop 35 and then
pass from the chute vto vthe receiver, and means
int'o notch 4l. The frame 2!! is now supported 50 constituting »a substantially horizontal pivotal
in the inverted position shown in Fig. 8 and the
support for the -mouth having an axis substan-A
attendant canlift thej bag by means of a tab
tially parallel to the lay and so constructed that48 secured to it to empty .the bobbins‘into a car
said vmouth can be swung downwardly from said
riage C or the like which is portable and isrmoved , path and forwardly relatively tothe lay to an
from loom to loom. This carriageis in the Yaisle i inverted position to facilitate emptyingv of the
in front of the loom and the inverted mouth of
the receiver will be over the >carriage when the
Y 3. In aweftreplenishing loom «having'a lay'and
parts are in the position shown in Fig. 9.
bobbin` chute thereon lwhich Ymoves jalong a given
The bag 25 is then allowed yto return to the
, path as `the `lay reciprpcates, a spent bobbin re
position shown in Fig. 8, after which the opera
ceiver including» a flexible Ybag- and having a
tions described are reversed, that is, arm 33 is
mouth extending undersaid'path and through
detached >from notch ’M and the frame 20 slid
which bobbins pass from Ythe chute to the bag,
laterally to the left asgviewed in Fig. 3 so that
and means supported bythe 'loom providing a`
arm 33 can swing :upwardly clear of both the
~_ pivotal mounting -for the receiver, lthe axis of said
secondary'and primary stops, after whicha-slight
lateral movement to the right will reestablish
the receiver in its normal pesitionlwith- theî arm
mounting. beingl substantially horizontal rand par
allelîto theY lay, and the mouth-'being lrotatable
aboutsaid axis vin a 'direction downwardly fromv
said path and theniforwardlyrto an inverted po-,
The loperation just described applies whenv ,~ sition to facilitatefemptyingof the bag.
the'ioorm is runningjbut if--it _is arrest with'. 70
chute I5 in rearward position,l it -isobvious that`
frame Ztl can be turned'in `a counter-clockwise
direction without sliding kbar 21' in vbearing 32'.,
4. In a weft replenishing lo'omrhaving a lay and
bobbin-chute thereon, ar spent 'bobbin receiver
having abobbinreceiving mouth; a pivotal sup- >
port` for 4the receiverhaving an axis substantially,
see arrow ‘c, Fig. l0. 'When operated in 'this `75 .parallel to the lay,fsaid»-receiver «being slidable
on said support in a given direction parallel to
-said'èaxisîiand means: normally :engaging ‘saldi re,- '
ceiver fand supporting ,the latterifw-ith. the, :mouth .
the latterfwith said mouth ,facing upwardly and
extending ëunderi», said fpa'th,> saidï* receiver when
moved slidably vin said Vdirection- out ofr ...engage
ment with said `stop'means being rotatableina
Y ing relatively' to saidßpivotal:supportin said given - ,f
'direction downwardlylfrom rsaid .path and then
direction becoming‘disengaged froxnlfsaid means
forwardly V-t'o a: dischargeposition in which said
and-beingf-.thereafter rotatable v'around l saidvn axis
mouthzis inverted, and secondary- stop means en
in :afdire‘ction forwardly from-saidl path :to fan; in
with said yreceiver whenthe latterisin
vertedêl'position`v to> `facilitate mptyingjof the y ` gageable
dischargeîposition and Lis moved in a` direction
receiver.,- iriv‘îciV
j g‘r'if. ."îì: ivi-ria'
thereof-j facing upwardly, said'lre‘ceiver.V when slid;
r- -..5‘.;Ina-:weft replenishing loom,` having a lay an'd 10 oppositejto saidígiven direction; tonholdsaid re;-L
' ceiverïwith »the mouth thereofinverted."
bobbin . chute f thereon, Aa spent» bobbinv »receiver
9. In a weft replenishing loom having‘aflay
having a bobbin receiving mouthç‘apivotalsup- v
port-furthe receiver having ‘an axis substantially
parallel tov the lay», »said receiver ¿being slidable: on
saidf supportv in a >gi'vendirectionl parallel to `said
axis;-4 means' normallyl engaging said~ receiver >and.
supporting' the .'latterwith‘v the mouth thereof fac;
ing upwardly, said receiver. whenfslidingè relatively
providedzwith a bobbinv chute,»a receiver for spent
bobbinsrprojectedf downwardly.. along saidslchute,
and :pivotal-support means for thereceiverîhav
ing a vhorizontal axis'fparallel to'ithevlay» around
which the receiverlc'anbeA` swungforwardly yfrom
said chute to an invertedïposition'.
._ v,i
Inl a weit replenishingnloom'having. a lay
to said pivotalL support Ain said given"‘direction"fbe-
with'a bobbin-chute which swings back'
coming; disengaged îfrom saidl means „andi being 20 provided
wardly and'forw'ardly alongl aigiven pathga _re
thereafterzmotatable:around said e-axis 5in" a direc
tion forwardly fromrsaid path to;` anlinvertedpo'-A
sitiony to facilitate-emptying of. Vthe receiver, vand
ceiverrior spent bobbins projected downwardly
along- said chuteextending undersaid path, ’and
pivotal support‘fmeans for the receiver having!V a
horizontalv axis parallelto the lay around which
whenthe lattersli'des relatively .fto -said pivotal 25 the'receiver-canïbe
swung downwardly from said
support lin- a_ direction opposite ~ to ,-sai'd "given ^ di
> additional .means :fengageablei zwith .'Ís'aid receiver
rectionfwhile said ' mouth is - inverted .to y engage
path and then forwardly to an inverted position;
andrhold thereceivemwith said mouthinverted.
¿11. f Ina weft replenishing loom having aírecip
rockating'lay providedzwith- a bobbin'chute down
a. weft replenishing-¿loom havingï'a lay :and
bobbin chute thereon whichfmoves along za givenV 30 which, exhausted bobbins travel incident to' re
plenishingoperations ofthe loom, said Vchute‘»_as;fthe*lay'reciprocates,- a spent bobbin re
swinging along a given path as the lay recipro
ceiver having a bobbin receiving mouth, a pivotal
cates, a bobbin receiver having a mouth extend
support for thereceiver having an axis substan
ing under saidppath to receive said bobbins and
tially parallel to the lay and with respect to which
the receiver is slidable in a given direction paral 35 including a flexible bag to hold said bobbins, and
means normally holding said receiver with the
lel to said axis, primary stop means engaging said
mouth thereof opening upwardly in position to
receiver and normally supporting the latter with
receive said bobbins from the chute, said means
said mouth facing upwardly and extending under
including a pivotal support for the receiver hav- f
said path, said receiver when moved slidably in
said given direction moving out of engagement .40 ing an axis so disposed that the mouth of the re
ceiver can be swung downwardly from said path
with said primary stop means and being there
and then forwardly and upwardly to cause said
after rotatable in a direction downwardly from
to face downwardly to facilitate emptying
said path and then forwardly to a position in `
the bobbins from said bag.
which the mouth is inverted, and a secondary
if „ 6.
stop means to engage said receiver when the lat
ter is thereafter moved slidably in a direction
opposite to said given direction and hold said re
ceiver with said mouth inverted.
7. In a weft replenishing loom having alay an
12. In a weft replenishing loom from which
spent bobbins are discharged during weft replen
ishing operations, a receiver having a normally
upwardly facing mouth through which the bob
bins pass into said receiver, and a pivotal support
bobbin chute thereon which moves along a given 50 for‘said receiver having a horizontal axis around
which the receiver can be swung to move said
path as the lay reciprocates, a spent bobbin re
mouth to an inverted position.
ceiver including a ñexible bag and having a
13. In a weft replenishing loom from which
mouth through which bobbins pass from the
spent bobbins are discharged downwardly, a re
chute to the bag, a pivotal support for the receiver
having an axis parallel to the lay and with re 55 ceiver including a rigid frame at the upper part
thereof formed lto deñne a normally upwardly
spect to which the receiver is slidable in a given
facing mouth, and a pivotal support for said
direction parallel to said axis, and stop means en
frame having a substantially horizontal axis lo
y gaging said receiver and normally supporting the
cated at a level above that part of the receiver
latter with said mouth facing upwardly and ex
tending under said path, said receiver when 60 which holds the bobbinsv and around which said
frame can be turned from the normal position
moved slidably in said direction out of engage
Athereof to a position in which the mouth faces in
ment withV said stop means >being rotatable in a
a direction to facilitate kemptying of the bobbins
downward direction away from said‘path and
from the receiver.
then forwardly to a position in which said mouth
14. In a weft replenishing loom from which
is inverted.
spent bobbins are discharged downwardly, a re
8. In a weft replenishing loom having a lay and
_ceiver including a ñexible bag and a normally up
bobbin chute thereon which moves along a given
wardly facing mouth through which said bobbins '
path as the lay reciprocates, a spent bobbin re
ceiver including a flexible ybag and having a
mouth through which ’ bobbins pass from the
chute to the bag, a pivotal support for the re
ceiver having an axis parallel to the lay and with
respect to which the receiver is slidable in a given
direction parallel to said axis, primary stop means
engaJging said receiver and normally supporting 75
pass` into said bag, and means mounting said
mouth for movement about a horizontal axis near
the forwardpart of the frame forwardly from the
normal position thereof to a position in which the
bobbins will fall through said mouth when the
bottom of said bag is raised above said mouth.
15. In a weft replenishing loom from which
spent bobbins are dischargeddownwardly, azre
otalïmorvement. around a fixed axis parallel .to .the
ceiver for said bobbins including va rig-id frame :at
lay,l the frame being rotatable aroundithe .axis
the upper part thereof,v a ñexible bag depending
forwardly from the .lay andthe normal position
from said frame;> the latter deiîning a mouth
thereof tor-an inverted position and providing a
through which said bobbins move downwardly 5 bobbin receiving mouthhaving front and back
into the bag, and means mounting said frame 'for
members, .and 'a *.bobbin" receiving .bag attached yto
movement about `a .horizontal aXis near .the ~forward part of the frame vforwardly from .the nor
mal position thereof ‘to ka position in which said
_bag when raised above said frame will effect emp
tying of thek bobbins in the bag 'through said
16. In a weft replenishing loom from which
spent bobbins are discharged downwardly, aspent
bobbinreceiverincluding arigid frame at the up
per part thereof, a flexibleI bobbin bag suspended
freely from saidi’rame,` the latter formed to pro
vide a mouth through'which the downwardly dis
charged bobbins pass into the bag, >a bearing on
said vframe -and `depending from said members
when îthe iframe is in normal position; said íframe
when moving pivotally to the inverted position
thereof causing part aofthejbag `to `extend :across
‘the'rmouth yand causing -the `bag 'to fdepend .from
one‘fo’fssairl members.
>jl8. ïIn a weft repienishing loom havingva lay
from which depleted bobbins are discharged
downwardly, a frame formed ‘to deñne a bobbin
receiving mouth and Vhaving front and vback'm'em
bers, ¿means on ; the rloom -supporting.V the forward
part `of:` the viframe and mounting'îthe latter for
pivotal `movement downwardly and `forwardly
the loom having a horizontal aXis near the upper 20 from the lay and the normal position thereof-to
forward part of .the receiver and receiving a part
an linvert-ed `position and around an axis parallel
of the frame which is rotatable in the bearing',
said frame being swingable downwardly and for
wardly around said axis toa position such that
when the;bag >is elevated >to a level above said
frame'the ‘bobbíns in said bag will be discharged
downwardly through said' mouth.
17. In >a weft replenishing loom having a lay
from which depleted bobbins are discharged
downwardly., an open frame, means on the loom
mounting the forward part of the Vfra-me for piv-v 30
toithe lay, and av bobbin vreceiving bag supported
by andidepending from said members ?when vthe
frameois in the normal position thereof,` said bag
having front and back walls depending from said
frontan‘d .back members, respectively, and `said
front ywall extending across and closing said
mouth andiboth oissaid front and back walls de
pendingfromthe back member when the `frame
is vin `inverted position.
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