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D“; 3,41946-
J. L. §MYERs
Filed Dec. 6, 1943
Patented Dec. 3, 1946
" '"
John L. Smycrs; Fort Wayne,_1nd“.,>.a_‘s_s_igno_r to
Ajax Industrial ,Supplies, -In_c',, ‘Fort Wayne,
Ind., a corporation of Indiana
Application December 6, 1943, Serial No. 513,201
4 Claims. (o1. 1-25-,-3o_)
This invention relates to improvements in ma
chines for piercing wire drawing dies of that type
wherein a refractory die body, such as a diamond,
is established within a surrounding metallic en
casement and subsequently bored to provide a
ing, in . which:
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a machine in
die opening through the axis thereof tor the
which the invention is incorporated, parts being
passage of wire'as in the usual wire-drawing op
Other objects and advantages of the invention
appear in the following description.
The above objects are accomplished by the
construction shown in the accompanying draw
in section; and
Fig. 2 is a top plan View of the arbor-support
In the usual practice, a die unit, constituted of
a die body and its encasement, is disposed upon 10 ing ?nger and a vibrator associated therewith,
forming part of the machine.
a spindle, and an arbor provided with a needle
The illustrative embodiment of the invention
or nib is arranged in axial alinement with the
consists of a machine having a frame ,3 provided
unit and spindle, there being provided mechanism
for rotating the spindle and arbor in opposie di
rections and for concurrently imparting axial re
ciprocating movement to the arbor. Generally,
in such arrangements there is occasioned an im
pact between the nib and die body upon comple
tion of each down stroke of the arbor whereupon
the full weight of the arbor is suddenly imposed 20
upon the nib causing it to buckle or spring out
of true alinement with the common axis of the
with alined bearings 4—-5 in which is mounted an
arbor .6 having rotary and axial movement
therein and which is provided withmeans for
rotation thereof, preferably consisting of a pulley
1 driven by a belt 8 actuated by any suitable
means (not shown). The lower end of the arbor
has in connection therewith a chuck 9 provided
with .aneedle or nib ,lil thatrotates with the ar
bor upon a common axis.
In the base I l of the framers mounted a spindle
i2 provided on its upper end with a face plate
to cause enlargement of the bore as it is made 25 l3, and at its bottom with a pulley l4 actuated by
a belt ,_|5 connected with a suitable source of
in the die body and is detrimental especially
powerlnot shown). The spindle and the arbor
when the bore required is of exceedingly small
are axially alined and preferably are rotated in
diameter and the nib necessarily slender. Such
opposite directions.
tendencies are aggravated as violence of the im
revolving parts.
Such unintended lateral play of the nib tends
pacts increase which frequently cause inaccurate 30 On the frameare provided brackets [,6 in which
issupported a horizontalrshaft I1 thataffords
performance or fracture of the nib.
pivotal, support for a lever or ?nger I8 the ‘for
An object of the present invention is to ‘afford
ward end of which is bifurcated and extends ,
in connection with a die-piercing machine having
a-stridethe arbor 6 and ‘upon which the pulley
a revolving and axially movable spindle provid
ed with a nib, and a ‘die supporting spindle ax
ially alined with said arbor, a support for said
arbor to yieldingly limit the stroke thereof, and
‘I bears and resists downward movement thereof.
On theframe 3 is mounted a guide IS in which
is slidably mounted for vertical movement there
in a carriage 2B the upper end of which has
means to create axial tremor of the arbor where
mounted therein a threaded post 2! provided with
fore to lengthen the normal limited stroke of
said arbor, thus to soften and increase the fre 40 a lockenuty? by which the post is secured in
adjusted positions relative to the carriage. The
quency of impacts between the nib and a die body
upper end of the post has thereon a cushion 23,
disposed on said spindle.
preferably made of rubber and which has contact
Another object of the invention is to provide a
‘with and yieldingly supports the ?nger 18 in a
die piercing machine by which to facilitate mak
ing of die openings through die bodies in such 45 selected position according to adjustment of the
manner as to more accurately pierce the die body
and materially reduce the time ordinarily re
quired to penetrate it.
And a further object of the invention is to pro
vide in a wire die piercing machine means where
by the impacts between the penetrating nib and
the die body are softened and increased in fre~
quency as compared with the common practice,
wherefore .to attain accuracy and speed in per
forming the boring operation.
post. The lower end of the carriage has a foot
24 thatrestsupon a cam 25 located on a cam
shait 26 that is suitablysmounted in bearings 21
on_-the~,frame 3. The cam shaft has a pulley 28
50 actuated by a belt 29 that is connected with a
suitable source of power (not shown). Upon rota
tion oithe cam the carriage is vertically recipro
catedand the ?nger. accordingly is actuated. By
this ‘means, vthroughlthe ,medium. of the finger,
55 thearbor 6 is vertically reciprocated.
Upon the ?nger I8 is mounted a vibrator of
the shaft 26 so the cam 25 is in its lowermost
any suitable construction, preferably consisting
position. The spindle 6 is then adjusted vertically
to a selected position by turning the post 2| to
move the ?nger so the nib closely approaches
contact with the die body. Thus, when the vibra
tor is energized vertical tremors of the spindle
created through the medium of the? ?nger are
of an electric magnetic base 30 provided with an
electrical coil 3| that is energized by alternating
current supplied from any suitable source (not
shown) through conductors 32-33. The base 30
has a core 34 that extends upwardly through the
coil 3|, ‘and disposed over the upper end of the
core, suitably spaced therefrom, is a reed 35 sup
ported at one end by a block 36 that has pivotal
support as indicated by 31 upon the base 30. The
block is provided with an adjusting screw 38 the
inner end of which bears against the base, the
more or less softened especially in the downward
action of the spindle, by yielding of the cushion
23. Piercing of the die body by the nib‘ is
progressed as the post 21 is adjusted downwardly
by the operator. The downward urge of the
arbor is induced by the tremors of high frequency
which are accompanied by correspondingly
arrangement being such that, by adjustably turn
ing of the screw, the space between the reed 35
numerous impacts between the nib and the die
body resulting in rapid penetrative effect as com
pared with the usual practice in which a longer
and much slower stroke of the arbor is employed.
In the present invention the actual penetrat
and the core 34 is varied. When the coil is ener
gized the reed is magnetically attracted, thus im-.
parting to the ?nger more or less vertical vibra
tory movement which in turn causes vertical
tremors of the arbor apart or in addition to the 20 ing’ effect of the nib through the die body is acnormal axial. movement thereof occasioned . by
complished by the. lengthened portion of the
action of the carriage or adjustment of the post.
down stroke of the arbor occasioned by the
The tremors'thus imparted cause elongation in
tremors thereof while the weight of the arbor is
the range of the normal stroke of the arbor per
for the most part born by the ?nger while sup
mitted by yielding action of the cushion 23 with 25 ported yieldingly on the cushion. In this manner
respect to the ?nger.
the nib, upon each impact with the die body, is
relieved of the weight of the arbor, which is a
valuable feature of the invention.
In utilizing the invention the die unit‘to be
Variations from the particular construction
pierced generally consists of a die body 39 pro
above disclosed may be resorted to by the exercise
vided with a reinforcing encasement 40, there
of skill in the art, without departure from the
being ‘made in the unit axial cavities 4| in its top
oi the invention, and the following claims
and bottom that extend through the encasement
are intended to be inclusive of such variations.
and partially into the die body made preliminary
What I claim is:
to the piercing operation. The unit is centered 35
1. In a machine for piercing wire drawing die
on the face-plate and secured thereon in axial
units, an arbor mounted for rotation‘ and axial
alinement with the spindle and arbor by any suit
movement provided with a nib, a spindle mounted
able means, such as wax applied in the usual
for rotation axially alined with said arbor
manner. The arbor is then lowered by adjust
adapted to support a die unit to be pierced by
ment of the post 2| while the carriage 20 is in
said nib, a ?nger mounted for up and down move-'
its lowermost position, so the nib l0 closely ap
ment connectedly related with said arbor, a re
proaches contact with the die body. Rotary mo
ciprocating carriage having an adjustable post
tion is then imparted to the arbor and spindle,
thereon provided with a cushion engaging said
and the carriage is reciprocated vertically by the
mechanisms therefor provided so that while the 4. ?nger to yieldingly limit the down stroke of said
?nger, a high frequency vibrator in connection
unit is revolved in one direction the nib is rotated
with the ?nger wherefore to impart vertical
in the'opposite direction and simultaneously is
tremors to the arbor thus to lengthen its axial
axially reciprocated through the medium of the
movement, and means for actuating said car
carriage and the ?nger. When current is sup
plied through the conductors 32-33 the vibrator 50 riage, arbor, spindle and the vibrator.
2. In a wire drawing die body piercing ap
is energized causing the ?nger to tremble thereby
paratus, a frame, a support‘ on the frame for a
creating vertical tremors of the arbor which re
ceives support on the ?nger. The cushion 23 on
the post yields more or less to the trembling ac
tion of the ?nger so that the downward stroke
-of the arbor is correspondingly lengthened thus
permitting the nib to have actual contact with
the die body with penetrating effect. AS in the
usual practice the operation is e?ected by use of
a ?ne abrasive dust accumulated in the region
of the point of impact between the nib and die
As the tremors of the arbor are of high fre
die body to be pierced, an arbor mounted in said
frame for rotation and axial reciprocating move
ment, having a nib to engage said body and pro
vided with means to rotate said arbor, a pivoted
?nger having supporting relation with saidarbor
provided with cushioned means to axially re
ciprocate said arbor, and a high frequency vibra
tor operatively associated with said ?nger by
which high frequency tremors are concurrently
superimposed upon the axial reciprocating
movement of the arbor during engagement of
the said body by the nib.
quency the resultant impacts between the nib and
die body cause corresponding rapid penetration of 65
3. A piercing apparatus for wire drawing dies
consisting of a die-body support mounted for
the nib through the body, its downward progress
being controlled by manipulation of the post.
rotation, an arbor provided with a nib, mounted
In making dies of small bore, such as are re—
for axial and angular movement and‘ axially )
quired for drawing very ?ne wire, it is essential
alined with said die-body support, a ?nger
that the thrust of the nib be gentle as the point 70 mounted for pivotal movement, having a yield
'of its impact with the die body is‘approached
ing support and connected relation with said
in order to circumvent buckling or blunting of
' arbor adapted to restrain downstroke thereoL'a
the: nib. In such instances reciprocation of
high frequency vibratory member in connection
the carriageimay- be dispensed with by removal
with said ?nger to cause axial tremor of said
of the belt 29‘from the pulley 28 and turning 75 arbor concurrently with pivotal movement of said
?nger, and activating means for said die-body
support, arbor and vibratory member.
4. A piercing apparatus for wire drawing dies
consisting of a die-body support mounted for
rotation, an arbor provided with a nib mounted
for axial and angular movement and axially
alined with said die-body support, a finger
mounted for pivotal movement having support
ing connection with said arbor, an adjustable
yielding support for said ?nger adapted to re
strain the down-stroke of said ?nger and the
arbor supported thereby, a high frequency vibra
tor on said ?nger adapted to cause tremor there
of concurrently with its pivotal movement dur
ing engagement of said nib with a die body placed
on said support, and means to activate said die
body support, arbor and vibrator.
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