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Filed July 16, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Nz'ïrolaz' ¿572225
Dec. 3, 1946.
Filed July 16, '1945
2 Sheets-sheet 2
Nikolai nin, New York, N. Y.
, Application July 16, 1945, Serial No. 605,249
1 Claim.
(C1. 15--150)
usage to which it may be put during a working
mote from the arms 3 is provided- with an open
ing 6 through which is directed the intermediate
portion a of a substantially U-shaped holding clip
'I. ’The legs b of this holding clip 'I extend
through the transversely spaced openings 8 pro
vided in the intermediate portion 9 of the jaw B
at one extremity thereof.
This invention relates to a mop holder and it
is an object of the invention to provide a device
of this kind which will effectively hold or clamp
the mop and in a manner whereby the mop will
be held against release irrespective of any rough
It is also an object of the invention to prov-ide
This jaw B,.as‘herein disclosed, is U-shaped in
a holder of this kind which can `be applied with ‘ cross section from end to end and is'of Va length
equall facility with mops of varying sizes and 10 substantially ‘co-extensive in> length withr the »jaw
A. The legs 8 of the clip 'I extend a desired dis
wherein the construction of the holder is such
as to substantially eliminate bending of the frame » tance beyond the intermediate portion 9 of the
jaw B and have their free extremities outwardly
and more particularly when a relatively heavy
flared, as at I0, to provide abutments for the ex
mop is applied to the holder.
The invention consists in the details of con 15 pansible member II, herein disclosed as a coil
spring of requisite tension surrounding the legs
struction and in the combination and arrange
b of the holding clip 'I and interposed between
ment of the several parts of my improved mop
the adjacent end portion of the jaw B and the
holder whereby certain important advantages are
attained, as will be hereinafter more fully set
abutments I0.
The clip ‘I provides means whereby the jaw A
is pivotally connected with the jaw B and the
In order that my invention may be better un
expansible member or spring II allows an out
derstood, I will now proceed to describe the same
ward movement of the jaw A with respect to the
with reference to the accompanying drawings,
jaw B within certain limitations whereby the
Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of a mop 25 holder may be employed with mops or heads of
varying sizes and the particular cross sectional
holder constructed in accordance with an em
configuration of the jaws A and B is such to pre
bodiment of the invention;
vent bending of the same.
Figure 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of
Figure 1;
Figure 3 is a view partly in side elevation and
partly in section of the device as illustrated in
Figure 1;
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken substantially
on the line 4-4 of Figure 3;
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken substantially
on the line 5-5 of Figure 1; and
Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view taken
substantially on the line 6--6 of Figure 4.
In the embodiment of the invention as dis
As is clearly illustrated in the accompanying
drawings, the side flanges I2 of the jaw B are
outwardly disposed or in a direction toward the
jaw A with the flange I of the jaw A substan
tially midway of the side ñanges l2. This fur
ther assures an effective clamping of the mop or
head between the jaws.
The intermediate portion 9 of the .iaw'B at
its free end or at the extremity thereof remote
from its pivotal mounting is provided with an
open recess or notch I4 of a size to accommodate
closed in the accompanying drawings, the im 40 the arms 3 so that the jaw A may have unob
structed swinging movement toward or from the
proved holder comprises two jaws A and B. The
jaW B.
jaw A is of T-formation from one end to the
The lever L at a point immediately adjacent to
other with the intermediate flange I thereof up
its pivotal connection with the arms 3 is provided
wardly and inwardly directed.
with the laterally directed lip I5 having its outer
The flange I at one end portion thereof has
edge rounded and which lip I5 has direct con
riveted, as at 2, or otherwise rigidly secured
`;act with the adjacent extremity of the interme
thereto the relatively short spaced arms 3 which
diate portion 9 of the jaw B to draw the jaw A
are disposed substantially at right angles to the
toward the jaw B to effect a tight holding of the
jaw A which is straight from end to end.
The spaced arms 3 provide therebetween a kerf 50 V:mop or head as the lever L is swung in a direc
tion inwardly or toward the jaw B.
4 in which extends an end portion of a lever L,
Rigidly secured, as at I6, to .the portion 9 of the
said lever L being pivotally held within said kerf
jaw B midway thereof is 4the extremity of a flat
4 at the outer end portions of the arms 3 by the
tang I'I of desired length and which is disposed
pivot member 5.
'I’he end portion of the flange I of the jaw A re 55 transversely of the jaw B so that the fiat faces
thereof will be toward the ends of the jaw B.
The outer extremity of this tang I1 is rigidly se
cured in any preferred manner with an extermity
of a handle member H which may be of such
length and material desired.
The lever L is formed of ñat material and has
ward or effective swinging movement of the plate
From the foregoing description it is thought
to be obvious that a mop holder constructed in
accordance with my invention is particularly well
adapted for use by reason of the convenience and
facility with which it may be .assembled and op
its outer or free portion twisted on such curva
tures as to allow said free portion of the lever L
.to readily pass the tang I'l and with the upper
I claim:
margin of said free portion of ‘the lever L dis 10
A .mop holder comprising two jaws, vone of said
posed on an inward and upward incline lin order
jaws being substantially iU-shaped in cross section
to readily engage selectively either of the out
from end to end and the other jaw being sub
standing spaced holding lugs I8 carried ‘by a mar
~ stantially T-shaped in cross section from end to
ginal portion of a ñat locking plate I9 overlying
` end, the intermediate ñange of the second jaw be
the side face of the tang I'I facing the end of _the .15 ingdisposed toward the iirst jaw and between the
jaw B with which the jaw A is pivotally engaged.
This plate I9 has its upper portion Apivotally
held, as at 20, to the tang I'l ata‘point above the
lever L and said plate I9 above its pivot 20 is pro
vided with an outstanding lug 2| to provide means
to facilitate its swinging movement into locking
or holding vposition with respect to the lever L or
into -a retracted or released position.
The outward vor effective swinging movement
of the plate |19 is llimited‘by vcontact of aninward
ly directed lip 2'2 ywith `the edge of the tang Il
side y‘flanges of the ñrst jaw, means for pivotally
connecting one end portion of the second jaw to
the .adjacent end portion of the first jaw, a lever
operatively engaged with the opposite end portion
of the second jaw and having rolling contact with
the first jaw for swinging the second jaw toward
the nrst kjaw to effectiveiy -clamp a mop‘head `be
tween the jaws, a «handle member operatively en
gaged with the central portion of ,the ‘first jaw, a
plate pivotally mounted upon the >handle member,
a marginal portion yof the plate being provided
with spaced >lugs for selective engagement with
.remote from the lever L. This lip 22 is carried
by the outer end of an arm 2'3 »extending outward
the lever when .the plate is swung in one direc
ly and laterally from the lower end portion of the
tion, and means for -limiting‘the swinging move
locking plate I9. The kspace between the lip 22 30 ment ofthe lockìngplate in such direction.
and -the 4plate kI9 deter-mines the extent of out
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