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Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed Jan. 29, 1944
ii/?/lém A Johnston
Patented Dec.'l0, 1946
’ 2,412,270
William A. Johnston, Mans?eld, Ohio, assignor
to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East
Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application January 29, 1944, Serial No. 520,148
2 Claims. (Cl. 68-13)
My invention relates to clothes washing appa
ratus and has for an object to provide improved
apparatus of this kind.
A further object of the invention is to provide,
in a domestic clothes washer having a shelf struc
open at its front for the ingress and egress of the
fabrics to be treated and the open end of the tub
being treated approximate the rated capacity of
the machine. The washing operation is ine?l
now be had.
The switch structure 2| includes a casing 22
is closed by a suitable, gasketed, hinged door H.
The tub I0 is enclosed within a casing structure
l2 having a front wall, the upper portion 13 of
ture upon which the fabrics to be treated are col
which is inclined and provided with an opening
lected prior to depositing the fabrics in the ma
M in registry with the door ll. When the wash
chine, an indication to the operator when the
ing machine is not in use, the opening I4 is closed
weight of the bundle of fabrics upon the shelf ap
by hinged door or cover IS. The latter is sup
proximates the capacity of the machine.
ported by a pair of brackets l6 which extend
These and other objects are effected by my in
through slots lBa in the wall [3 and are pivoted
vention as will be apparent from the following
or hinged, as shown at ll, to the casing l2. Dur
description and claims taken in connection with
ing periods when the machine is in operation, the
the accompanying drawing, forming a part of
door I5 is disposed in a substantially horizontal
this application, in which:
15 position for de?ning a shelf at the front of the
Fig. l is a perspective view of one form of
washer upon which the fabrics to be treated are
washing machine constructed and arranged in
placed before being deposited in the machine.
accordance with my invention;
In accordance with my invention, a signaling
Fig. 2 is a side view of the machine shown in
device, such as, for example, an indicating lamp
Fig. 1 with portions thereof shown in section; and 20 I 8 is disposed on the front side of the machine,
Fig. 3 is a sectional view through a switch
which device is energized when the weight of the
structure shown in Fig_ 2.
dry fabrics placed on the shelf [5 approximates
In the operation of domestic clothes washers
the capacity of the machine. The lamp I8 is con
and particularly washing and centrifuging ma
nected in an electrical circuit I9 controlled by a
chines which are automatically cycled through 25 switch structure, generally indicated at 2| and
predetermined steps in a washing program, it is
actuated by the door IS. A sectional view of the
desirable that the weight of the load of fabrics
switch is shown in Fig. 3, to which reference will
ciently effected if the load is less than the capac
which encloses stationary and movable switch
ity of the machine and, if the load exceeds the
contacts 23 and 24 which are connected to suit
capacity of the machine, the fabrics may be poor
able binding posts, as shown. The movable con
ly washed and centrifuged. The operator, as a
tact 24 is carried by a resilient support 24a which
general rule, loads the machine until, in his or
biases the contact 24 away from the contact 23 at
her opinion, the load is proper and this guess
all times, One end of the casing 22 slidably sup
work usually results in an improper load. In ac
ports a plunger 25, the inner end of which en
cordance with my invention, the door of the ma
gages a seat 26 for a compression spring 21. The
chine is employed as a shelf for receiving the load
opposite end of the spring bears against a seat
of dry fabrics and an indicator is energized when
28 which is supported by an adjusting screw 29.
the proper weight of fabrics is upon the shelf. 40 The latter may be adjusted for properly biasing
Preferably, a light is carried by the tub casing
the spring 21. A screw driver insertable through
and controlled by a switch actuated by the shelf.
an opening 29a in the casing i2 is preferably em
The switch is biased to its open position and is
ployed for this operation. A shoulder 31! limits
closed by the shelf when the weight of fabrics
outward movement of the plunger 25, Engage
thereon approximates the rated capacity of the
ment of the contact 24 with the contact 23 is ef
fected by a ?nger 30 carried by the seat 26 and
Reference will now be had to the drawing
movable into engagement with the resilient sup
wherein I have shown my invention applied to a
port 24a when the finger 3D is moved to the left
domestic washing machine of the type disclosed
as described hereinafter.
in the patent of William J. Russell, No. 2,296,265, 50
As shown in Fig. 2, the switch structure 2| is
which is assigned to the assignee of the present
disposed so that the plunger 25 is engaged by an
invention. This machine includes a tub, gener—
arm 32 formed on one of the brackets I6 when
ally shown at l0, for enclosing a body of washing
the door [5 is moved to its horizontal position.
water and the means (not shown) for washing
The bias of the spring 21 is such that the Weight
the fabrics in the body of water. The tub I0 is 55 of the door is. insufficient to compress the spring
21 and effect the closing of the contacts 23 and
24. However, when a predetermined weight of
fabrics, for example, 9 pounds is deposited upon
the door I5, the weight of the fabrics and the
'door will compress the spring 21 and move the
?nger 30 su?iciently to close the contacts 23 and
the combination 01' a tub for receiving the fab,
rics to be cleaned, a wall arranged at the front
of the tub and having an. access opening there
in for the ingress of the fabrics to the tub, a
hinged door for closing the opening and movable
to an open, generally horizontal position for de
24, whereupon the indicating light I8 is energized.
?ning a shelf for the reception of the dry fab
This indication will notify the operator that the
rics prior to their admission to the tub, an indi
weight of the bundle approximates the capacity
cator to be rendered active when the weight of
of the machine. The inner door I I is then opened 10 the dry fabrics on the door approximates a pre-_
and the bundle of fabrics is deposited in the tub
determined value, and means responsive to said
structure I 0 for washing.
predetermined weight of fabrics upon the door
It will be apparent from the foregoing descrip
for energizing said indicator.
tion that I have provided an inexpensive and
2. In apparatus for cleaning fabrics or the\
positive signaling mechanism for use with a, 15 ‘like, the combination of a tub for receiving the
clothes washing machine which will notify the
fabrics to be cleaned, a wall arranged at the front
. operator when the weight of fabrics to be loaded
of the tub and having an access opening therein
in the machine is optimum for e?icient treat
for the ingress of the fabrics to the tub, a hinged
ment of the fabrics. The advantages of wash
door for closing the access opening and movable
ing and centrifuging the proper weight of fabrics 20 to an open, generally horizontal position for de
have been set forth heretofore.
?ning a shelf for the reception of the dry fab
While I have shown my invention in but one
rics prior to their admission to the tub, a member
form, it will be obvious to those skilled in the
movable with the door, an indicating lamp, 2;,
art that it is not so limited, but is susceptible
switch for controlling energization of'the lamp,
of various changes and modi?cations without de 25 said switch being engaged by said member in
parting from the spirit thereof, and I desire,
the open position of the door and actuated to its
therefore, that only such limitations shall be
closed position by said member in response to a
placed thereupon as are speci?cally set forth in
predetermined weight of fabrics upon the door
the appended claims.
and a spring biasing the switch to its open po
What I claim is:
30 sition.
i. In apparatus for cleaning fabrics or the like,
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