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- Deé. 10, 1946.
Filed June 30, 1943
V231 ‘
_ w/w
025’, ‘
DMZ ?f/VPhZl/Ws
15/ Ailhis ?iéomey
Patented Dec. 109 _1 946
“ UNITED ‘ism-res PATENT / OFFICE .1] ~
' " Dwight M. PhillipSfFullerton,‘ Calif., a'ssignor to
Chiksan‘ Tool Company, Brea, CaliL,‘ a corpora
% j tiontof California‘
" ;’ {Application June 30, 1943; Serial i'vd'isziss'i
13 Claims;
(Cl. 285-973) '
This invention relates to spools or reels and
I‘! may be of uniform external diameter. It'will
be observed that the main section IU of the assem
relates more particularly ‘to hose reels. ‘A general
object of the invention is to provide a simple,
bly is a simple, one-piece part.
practical and very ,effective‘ hub structure fora
In accordance with'the invention the section
it) is ported or provided with passages for‘carry-v
' ‘Another object'of‘this
" is to provide a
ing the ?uid to the hoses. A central/longitudinal I
hub assembly orunitlfor a hose reel handling'a
passagezlS enters the ‘section [0 from the outer
end of its pilot l5 and extends a substantial dis
tance through the body of the section. The pas
multiplicity of hoses.
.Another object ofthis invention is to provide
a. hosereel hub embodying relatively rotatable
elements and means i011conductingr'?uidsof-dif-j
sage I9 has a lateral branch 20 extending to the
exterior‘of‘the' section In. The branch 20 com?’
municates with the inner end portion'iof- the pas
sage l9 and is prepared for the reception of a‘
ferent characters or grades to a plurality of hoses
adapted to bevwound on the reel. ' 4
Another objectv of this invention is to provide
a hose reel hub of the character referredto in
which the several ?uids are' kept entirelyseparate
hose, ?tting, or‘vthe like.- In the‘ case illustrated
15 the lateral branch 20 has a thread 2| and is ‘en
1 larged at‘ its mouth portion.
A second central
port or passage 22 enters the outer end of’ the
mingled; _
stem [8 and extends longitudinally therethrough.
The passage _22 continues some'distance into the
' A iurther object of this invention is to provide
a‘hub for hose reels and the like that embodies 20 body-oi the section l0 and a lateral branch pas‘
sage or opening 23 joins the inner portion of the
anti-friction‘ means for connecting the" ?uid con
and distinct s'o'thatvthey cannot become com
ducting hub'parts for ‘free relative rotation and
further embodies‘se‘aling- ‘means’fo-r preventing
the leakage of ?uid from between the sections and
from one ?uid duct to another. ‘ _’
Thelvarious objects and features v‘of my inven
tion will be fully understood from the following
detaileddescrip'tion-of a typical» preferred form
_ opening 22 and extends to the exterior of the sec
tion Ill. ‘ The'mouthfo‘f the branch 23 may been-‘
larged in diameter and provided with a thread 24
25 to-facilitate the connection of the hose,_?ttin_g,'-or
the like; with the‘ section I0. The branch 24' is‘
spaced a short distance from the branch 2]’ and
may lie in the same‘l'cngitudinal plane; A third»
duct or passage‘ 25 enters the end- of the section
and application of ‘the inventionygthroughout
30 ID 'at or adjacent the base of the pilot I B‘a'ndex- \
which description reference - is made to the‘ ac
tends longitudinally through the section‘ in spaced‘
Fig. lis a drawing,in
‘horizontal which?
‘detailed sectional
v ' View of
adjacent ‘relation to the passage [9. ' A lateral
the reelhub assemblygof the invention. Fig. 2
branch 26' communicates with the inner end of
the passage 25 and extends radially to the peel
is an'enlarged horizontal detailed sectional view
of'one end-portion of thejassembly,‘ and Fig. 3
is an end‘ elevation of the assembly.
‘ ‘ -
The‘ hose reel hub assembly of
maybe said to'comprise; generally, a body or in
riphery of the section Ill. The wall of the'branchi
26 may carry ‘a thread to facilitate the connection
of the related-hose or ?tting with the section III.
In the“ particular construction ~ illustrated the
mouths of the three lateral branch passages 20,
and means; l3 and I 4 for rot‘atably’connecting 40 23 and 26 are in alignment and occupy a common
termediate section- l-ll, end sections lil 'an'dfll2,
longitudinal planeand are of the same diameter.
H and 12,; respectively, with the sec
The intermediate section I!) may be considered
The'isectionv Il may be considered ayrelativelyv
stationary part of the hubassembly. The section
II is in the‘nature of a cylindrical‘ block and is
section I0» is 1 an’ elongate cylindrical vblock-like 45 in co-taxial relation with the section Ill. The‘
end section I I is in the form of 'a cap or cup-have"
part and is‘ graduated or stepped‘ at one'end to
ing a central socket 21 in its inner end which 're-‘
have‘ a small pilot l5 and" an axiallylfacing shoulé
ceives 'the end portion'of the section 10 with
der ii of substantial area. "A second shoulder 11
clearance. The‘ parts are proportioned-‘and re-'
or less extent isspaced' a considerable distance
inwardlyl’ffr'om- the shoulder‘ ‘l6; '‘ The other end 50 latedso that the inner end surface ofgthe‘ section
of the section/l0 has'a pilot‘ or stem l8'ofisub- w l. II is adjacent and‘slightly inward: of the shoul-‘
der. IL The section‘! I isconsiderably'larger in
staritial lengthand o'f relativély-l‘small!diameter.
The pilotJ 5 and the stem 1 8 are'coeaxialwith the
7 diameter than the main section In and continues
body" of; the section? Ill; 1The:maj0r portion of the
a substantial distance beyondthe‘ end of the sec
section III betWeemthestem l8 =and'the shoulder 55 tion. ill. :The section II is ported to deliver sepa
the ‘rotating element 'o'f-t'he hub assembly.v The
seen howlthe sealing‘ ring 35 is actuated'byr the
rate fluids to the-passages I9 and 25. 'A central
longitudinal opening 28 extends through the sec
tion I Iv from its outer end to register with the end
‘?uid'pressure handled by the groove 32 and the "
passage 25 and how it prevents the escape'of V
?uid from between the sections lliand'il I.
of the passage I9. The ‘outer end portion of the
opening'28 is threaded or otherwise prepared to
facilitate the connection of ‘a- hose, pipe, or ?tting
. with the section‘ I Lto deliver the-fluid under prose
sure to the opening 28 and passage I9.
The means‘ I3 for connecting the sections Ill
and I I is in'thenature of an anti-friction means
connecting-the sectionsieforifree "relative rotation. i’
This means includes one .or morerpairs' of reg- »
istering annular'grooves formed in the exterior of
Means is provided for sealing between the sec~r
tions In and II to prevent the leakage ‘of ?uid‘
.Lithe section I0 and'the Wall of the socket‘ 21; In illustrated there are‘two pairs ,
from the opening 28 and the passage. I9. 7 A socket .
"of‘these grooves. "The registering grooves have
or annular groove'29 is provided'in the section‘
races :
. ' concave wall_s_,;andV are shaped to form .ball
II at the inner end of the opening.” tooppose.
:36; *fI’hButWOfh?H-I?Ci-ZS 36 are spaced apart ax
rim 30 is provided on the end of the pilot I5 and 15 iallyofith'e assembly and are spaced between the
the end of the pilot I5. A narrow-annular .lip.or..
mouth and qthebottom of the socket 21. Aradial
enters the socket 29 with substantialclearance. .A
sealing ring 3I is provided in the‘ socket 29 and is
in spaced surrounding relation to the rini 311. The
ends of the sealing ring (H bear and seal against
the-bettemwall of; the socket. is and the end of
the. :pilot 1,5. The ring 3' is formed of synthetic.
" opening" 31 is“ provided in the wall of thesection 1
I hand interrupts the two outer grooves of the ball.
races 36 to provide for the insertion of series of ' ‘
balls v38 intothe races 36. The balls 38 cooperate
ing ‘with the spaced raceways' 36 . .depejndably .~.and
positively connect the sections IIland I I gforiree "
relative rotation. The balls'38 transmit. radial.
rubber, rubber compositiond or .thelike. jTheine
teiyiorof the sealing ring ‘3 I ,isgrooved or relieved
thrusts and axial thrusts in both ~directions'."-Thd
so that the ?uid Pressure- may - expand. the ring
axially .tehetter-seal with the end of thepilet .15.
and-the wall oi the socket .29... ; In this connection
itwill he observed that theextreinity- oithe rim
partsare proportioned so. thatlthe .balls'33iriding _
in the races 35 maintainthesurfaces ofthe sec
tion Ii) spaced from the wallsof 'thefsocket‘TI. " w,
_A removable ‘plug as closesthe opening and '
3.9 is spaced ‘from I the bottom wall iorfijthe- socket
prevent the loss of the balls 38. T11e.p1ug39_ is
291th allow the?uid pressuregirom the opening 28
to act 'ontheinterior of the. sealing ring 34'- ' 30 removably threaded ,in.'.the opening 31.50 thatlitl
may be removed when it isdesired wiremove
- .flheensl. section I l .is-further Provided. with a
the balls 38. A cotter key III) isarrangedfthrough
eortj or passage sysiemioreenduetihe ?uid to the
an‘ axial opening in the inner ‘end; of the .sec
hasieaee? of $1.39 section. .18.. This system in?
elildes an annular groove .132 extending into the
section, iglvrfroin the bottom of the socket 271. The
ghee-v6. 3.2 is in. spacedsurroundine relation to the
socket, .2“ and, extends inwardly 11.0 the pilot; W at
tion I! and cooperates with a notch‘ or opening .
inr'the. plug 39 toi'retain the‘plug. in the ‘correct, >
position. The inner endwOfQthe plug ._,39Qis ‘re-Q
cessed'and is 'su?iciently large in diameter so}
that the balls 38. may ridefover it. A: grease?t-'
ting 42' may be threaded into an openinginvthe
> the mouth-bf thesqeket-jlilhe ihher'end or mouthi
oi‘lthevgroove .32 is in communication With-the
outerendrof the passage 25. The srooveilbeihg
annular remains in. eQmmunieaiie-h with‘ the-nae .
eagle .25 even during. relative.IQtatiQh-betvveen the
seCtionsfjIIiand-IL' Alateralo ,n' g??extetlds: ‘
radially. into the section‘. I . ! ;-.fro.n its, Periphery ~ >
and Joins-the inner portion-of. iheiannularsroove '
32 . Thee nine 33
bethreadedtq receivea
plug 39 to; permitl the lubrication oithe anti;
frictioneineans ‘17.1.37.’ ‘Means .is provided ‘for. pre_4
venting ‘the loss ,hoithe lubricant rrem the means
I3. An annular{groovesv v:51"is-provided infthe.
'wall of the Socket 2], to, .be .inifronté'oi the-$110111?
denl‘l. A sealingringM oiielt; or;-is
' th, a
shoulder III to prevent thelescape “.
provided inmthe-jgroove _43Land seals
50 secured to the outer 5p
iphery 0f the .abovedescribed;
5Q°ti9¥1 1211s... a rela
‘on'ofthep -_
ely amen eyhri' .
ance :(seeiFigt.
v ' Anopeningjll
' Joutf-Iv ' V
midi theapiletfle. enthuses-dweller 5,5 wardly from t;.e sQQket 45a
registers with
p ease it.
et{2.9. It; ill beseenhow thefsealingl-ring
31. ,hrevehtstemml, line ‘of the ?uids handled by
parate port vsystems 18-! 9:20 and 13:2?‘
.' Theabove described shoulder formed;
gene Portion’ of the section I ll leaves .or
pro ides
annular‘s'pace in the inner corner of
ha‘sa. lateral extension Orr-bra. hi4
1_ branch
tends to4__-'I__is
the ‘17:
periphery-or theseotion
V 7
dad. or Otherwise nrebaed-téi.
the oeket 2.1. Aseal-in-g ringassemblyislpmvided
receive a hose, gripe-0r .?ttine for ‘delivering; the
?uid underrpressure to the opening 46 and
/ V
sage. .22.
p Meansis. provided ansauegjtawétiiftagset:. '
in’ is space topreventthe leakage of ?uid from
tion “and the stern’ I8 to‘preventthe leakage.
'. the’vgroove
.?jandwopening?. The sealingring
‘muses-ah outer ring. ~01‘ hacking-ring. 13.4.
r_ the like, hearing against. the-side Wall
having a socket-'95.. .11.“ "its inner ~~end whic.
ceives the end portion 10f; the: stein; with {clear
e; iiihel?i is ere‘evejd, so that '?uidrnes .
irom the_-;._eroove 32 that may reach theseal :s
rin expands it axially to more‘ effectively --se_a_;l
Wit .
~ .The section-~12 eefg- eiasse'mblve
".r'eieh'tihethe"leakaae >
.. ,pcket. .21, A sealingring 359i ‘synthetic
mhber. .i‘uhher composition, or they like, is are.
ranged.- within :thelbackingring. 34.; The sealing- . '
ring¢35 zbears.v and seals. againstthe :bottom wall ' v
of the
the. stem
fluid pressure
1 this Spaced;
the sectioniirie
'..hQtt0hi .6. jeh‘
; ‘socket. ' ,45 rand av ‘narrow’ trim’ iIII! ge'xt .. as them
endof the
2.2- ‘Sf/Q-
dingy elati n to the
of. the ~‘socketx21 and the .shoulder.—. Mix: "The in;
terior oft-he. sealing'ring 35 is. relievedmrgrooved .
sdzthat-the ring isv expandedaxiallyibythe ?uid ' '
pressures? ltogbett‘er . seal-with'the ‘bottom wall'goii :. i
socket;45.qLTheinteriorl'of'thersealing ringc?i'iis
V .
the socket 21' and. the shoulder I 6. It will be 76 relieved or grooved so that the ring is expand- '5 ’
municatingfwith one of said passages fat the end
ed axially by the ?uid pressure to more effec
tively seal with the-end of the stem I8 and the
bottomiwall-of the socket 45.‘
. '
4. Ina reel-hub assembly,..a.
l .
.. elon
gated body sectionh'aving a plurality 01', ‘separate
' The meansM for connecting the sections In
passages leading from its-periphery intermediate
and I2 for free’relative rotation is. similar to the
itsends'to one end where one opens atlthe center
above described means l3. Axially spaced pairs
of thebodyand ‘another is, open at thexend of the
of, registeringannular grooves are provided in
bodyand is-removed from thecenter ofthe body,
the stem and Wall of ‘the socket 45 and are shaped
an end section atsaid end. of the bodysection,
to ‘form ball races..59.. .Series of=balls :51 are
provided in the races :50 to connect the sections 10 means. for connecting the. sectionsfor relative
rotation, they end section having a centr'alu?uid
10 and I2 forfree relative turning. It will be
opening extending into it from its outer end:and
seen that the series of balls 5| engaged in-the
which-communicates with the first mentioned.
spaced races 50 dependably.andpositively‘con
passage of the, ‘body section. and having ansan-v
meet the sections Ill and I'2.for free relative ro
tationv and maintain the sections in the co-axial 15 nular chamber communicating with they other
passage of the body, the end section having. a
relation. A radial opening 52 is provided in the
laterally disposed‘ ?uid opening extendinginto
Wall of the section 12 to permit the ready‘ inser
it. from vone .side and communicating with the
tionof the balls 5| .into the races 50. The open
chamber, and means sealing between the sections
ing 52 is normally closed by a removable thread
ed plug 53. The-inner end of the plug53 is 20 to prevent the leakage of fluid from one .set of
communicating passage and opening to the other.
socketed or recessed so that the balls 5| may roll
5. A reel hub including a rotatable body :sec
over it. The invention includes means for look
tion having a reduced stem extending from one
ing the plug 53 in the correct rotative position
end, the body section. having separate passages
and for preventing unthreading. of l the plug.
leading from its periphery to its other end and
This means includes a lock wire 54 engaged in an
having a separate passage extending from .its
annular groove in the periphery of the vsection
periphery to the end of its stem, a first end
l2 .and cooperating with a'transverse groove or
notch. 55 in the outer end-of the plug 53. ‘
section having separate openings communicating
with the ?rst named passages. of the body section
2 It ‘is believed that the utility of the hose reel
hub ‘assembly will be readily understood from the 30 to‘deliver ?uid'thereto, means ,for rotatably .con
necting the ?rst end section and .the body sec‘
foregoing detailed description. The. assembly
tion for relative rotation, a second end section,
provides for the separate ‘delivery of the differ
and vmeans for rotatably connecting the. stem
ent kinds or grades of fluid to the individual hoses
andthesecond end section for relative rotation,
and. the sealing means of the assembly positively
‘prevents . commingling of thewdiiferent ?uids. 35 said second end section having anopening com
lmunicating with said separate passageto deliver
The means I3. and ‘I4. connects the three sec
tions for free relative rotation and maintains
. 6. A reel hub including a rotatable body sec
the sections in true co-axial relation.v ‘The as
tion having a reduced stem extending from one
sembly provides ' for the delivery of separate
?uids to a multiplicity of independent hoses and 40 end,‘ the body section having separate‘ passages
leading from its periphery to‘ its other end andv
yet embodies a minimum number of simple parts.
having a. separate. passage, extending fromfits
Having described only atypical preferred form
periphery to the end of its stem, a ?rst end sec
and application of my invention, I do not wish
tion, means for connecting the body section and
to be limited or restricted to the speci?c details
?rst end section forprelative rotation, the ?rst
herein set forth, but wish to reserve to myself
end section having openings which remain in
any variations or modi?cations that may appear
communication with said separate passages to
to those skilled in the art or fall Within the scope
deliver ?uid thereto, a second end section, and
of the following claims:
means for connecting the stem and said second
Having described my invention, I claim:
1. A hub assembly including an elongate in 50 end section for free relative rotation, said second
end section having an opening» remaining in com
termediate section, two end sections, and means
munication with said separate passage to con
for connecting the intermediate section with the
duct ?uid thereto.
end sections for free rotation, the intermediate
'7. A reel hub including a rotatable body sec
section having separate passages therein each in
tion having a reduced stem extending from one
cluding a lateral portion, leading from its periph
end, the body section having separate passages
cry and a longitudinal portion extending from
leading from its periphery to its other end and
the lateral portion to one of the end sections, the
having a separate passage extending from its
end sections having openings communicating
periphery to the end of its stem, a ?rst end
with the longitudinal portions of the passages.
2. A reel hub assembly including an elongate 60 section, means for connecting the body section
and first end section for relative rotation, the
body section having separate ?uid passages lead
?rst end section having openings which remain
ing from its periphery intermediate its ends to
in communication with said separate passages to
its opposite ends, end sections having openings
deliver ?uid thereto, a second end section, and
individually communicating with the passages of
the body section at the ends of the body, and 65 means for connecting the stem and said second
end section for free relative rotation,.said second
means for rotatably connecting the sections so
2end section having an opening remaining in
that the body section may rotate relative to the
communication with said separate passage to
end sections.
3. In a reel hub assembly, a rotatable elon
conduct ?uid thereto, each of said means com
gated body section having a plurality of separate 70 prising walls on the sections de?ning ball races,
and series of balls in said races.
passages leading from its periphery intermediate
its ends to one end of the body, an end section
at said end of the body section, and means for _
8. In combination, an elongate body having ‘
separate ?uid passages entering it intermediate
its ends and extending to its opposite end por
connecting the sections for relative rotation, the
end section having separate openings each com 76 tions, and end sections rotatably supported by
the opposite'end portions of the body to‘ be
spaced apart and from where the passages enter
to prevent the leakage-‘of ‘?uid \f'roni one-set {of
communicating passage. and opening tothe‘ other,
the .body and: having openings‘, in. communication
one of the openings ofv the-end section extending
withithe passages. of the: body.
combination,‘ an ‘elongate body‘ having
to the ‘outer end‘ of that'sectionianditheother
separate ?uid; passages entering: it. intermediate
its: end’s and.vv extending. to‘ its opposite end per
12. In a reel hub assembly, a rotatable ‘elong,
gate body-section having a<plurality of separate‘ v
‘passages leading from its periphery intermediate
its ends to'one end where one-is at the? center of
extending‘ to one side of‘ that: section.
tionsi,v and: end sections. rotatably supported by
theopposite end portions of‘ the body’ to be
spaced‘tapart and? from where the passages enter 10 the body and another is removed from the center
the‘ body‘ and having. op enings in. communication
of the body, an‘ end section at said‘ end For .the'
withfthezpassages?of the body,v one‘ of. the‘end
section's being mounted on. its supporting end
body. section, means for connecting. the sections
for relative; rotation, the: end section: havingsem
arate‘ ?uid openings each of which com'munii
- '16; In combination, ‘anelongate body having
cates with but one‘ of. the? passages-wot the. body
section, and means sealing between the sections
to- prevent the leakage of ?uid from one‘ set of
communicating passage and‘ opening tothel other;
portion of the‘ body to. surround it;
separate“ ?uid? passages: entering it intermediate
its' endsiand. extending. to its opposite‘: end'. por
tions;. end sections at. opposite" end portions of
the‘bodycspaced. apart and, from where the pas
sagesienter the bod'y‘and having socketsreceiving
the-Jenni;v portions" of the: body, bearing means
carried: in the sockets of. the. end sections» and
engaging the-exterior of the b‘ody'rotatably conf
nectingthe' endsectionsandbodythe end sec
time; having. ?uid handling ports? communicat
mg with the; inner portions of. the sockets: at
points removed from the bearing means, and
packing. means in. the sockets between the: end
sections" and body located between the ports and
bearing: means to prevent ?uid. being handled by 30
onevv of the openings in the: end section including ‘
an annular chamber registering with the passage 7
of. the body which is removed’ from they center.
of the‘ body. ’
I3'.~In a reel hub assemblysa rotatable elon-i
gate body section having a plurality of separate
passages‘v leading~ from its periphery intermediate’
its ends to one end where one is at the'center ofv
the body and another is removed from’ the‘ center
of the body, anend section surroundingsaid
end- of they body section" means ‘for connecting
the sectionsfor relative rotatiom the? em section
having separate ?uid vopeningsveach of. which
communicates with but one of the passages-10f;
the body sectiongand; means sealingbetween
the. sections to prevent the: leakage of??uidE from
its". endstoone: end where'one is at; the center of 35 one set of» communicating passage; ‘and opening
the: body and: another is" removed. from» the cen
to the other,v one ofthe openings in. the end sec”
theripassaigesi from; reaching the bearing means».
lit-1n a'reel hub assembly; a: rotatable elon
gateibody section‘ having; a plurality of separate
passages. leading. fromz its: periphery intermediatev
ter of’v the body, an end section at said end of
the: bodyisect‘ion, means.‘ for" connecting the sec
tion being centrallyllocated to? register with/the
passage at. thejc'enter‘ orthe body-and the other
having an annular“ chamber registering. with: the;
tions iorrelativarotation, the: end-section having
separate ?uid‘ openings eachzof. which‘ communi 4.0 passage whichis: removed from the centeroif.
catess’with but one: of: the passages of the body
section,. and meanssealingibetween. the sections
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