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Dec. 1o, 1946.
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_ Filed sept. 26, 1945
` 2 sheets-sheet 2
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Martin Fox, Chicago, Ill., assignor to The Seng
Company, a corporation of Illinois
Application September 26,1945, Serial No. 618,715
4 Claims.
This invention relates to convertible lounges
adapted to be used as a bed or a couch.
The primary object of the invention is to pro
vide an extremely simple convertible bed which,
when changed to a couch, will automatically
incline the seat portion backwardly and down
wardly so as to be more comfortable. When
converted to a bed, the bed spring is brought y
to horizontal position and the pillow supporting
the back bar is swung forwardly out of the way.
A further object of the invention is to provide
a strong and durable mounting for the pivotal
legs which are operated automatically by a con
nection with the back bar.
The invention is illustrated in a preferred
embodiment in the accompanying drawings, in
Figure 1 is a plan view of the bed frame and
mechanism with the box spring and mattress
removed; Fig. 2, an end elevational view of the
device in bed position; and Fig. 3, an end eleva
tiona1 view showing the device converted into a
(Cl. 5-5-9)
It Will be understood that in sitting position
the bar is turned up to the position indicated
in Fig. 3, and will support pillows, indicated
at 22, when the device is used as a seat.
In this
position the back bar rests against the stops' I6
and the legs I I are swung back so as to lower the
rear portion of the bed frame.
The plate 'I
restrains the legs against longitudinal movement
with respect to the bed frame, and rearward
movement of the legs is limited by the slots '9
and the stops IB. To transform the couch to a
bed, it is merely necessary to swing the bar I'I
forwardly to the floor, as indicated in Fig. 2.
The foregoing detailed description is given for
clearness of understanding only, and no unneces
sary limitations should be understood therefrom,
for some modifications will be obvious to those
skilled in the art.
l. A convertible lounge comprising: a bed
frame provided with a pair of front legs and a
pair of rear legs, one pair of said legs bein-g
pivotally mounted on said frame for forward '
and rearward movement to raise or lower one
In the embodiment illustrated, a bed frame 4
is formed of the usual metal angle bar members .«. side of the bed frame; a U-shaped back bar
having its ends pivotally connected to the ends
and has its front side supported by stationary
of said frame near its center portion; and a pair
legs 6. Each end of the frame is provided with
of links connecting said pivotal legs to said Iback
a ñxed depending supporting plate l, which is
bar so that the legs will support the bed frame
secured in position by rivets 8. The plates are
provided with arcuate slots 9 through which 30 in horizontal position when the bar is swung to
its foremost position and will incline said bed
pivot members I0 extend. Rear legs II are
frame downwardly and rearwardly when the bar
pivotally mounted on the frame, as indicated
is raised upwardly to a position where it will
at I2 and may be provided at the lower end with
form a back support for pillows in upright
a roller or caster I3.
The frame is also provided at each end with ' position.
2. A lounge as specified in claim 1, in which
a plate I4 which is riveted t0 the bed frame, as
guide plates are mounted on the bed frame ad
indicated at I5, and has its top portion turned
jacent to pivotal legs to restrain endwise move
inwardly to form a stop I6. A pillow-supporting
ment, said plates having arcuate slots to receive
back rest is formed from a tubular bar I'I whose
end portions are turned downwardly and are 40 pivot pins connecting said legs to the links and
limit the oscillation of the legs.
pivotally supported on the plate I4, as indicated
'3. A lounge as specified in claim 1, in which
at I 8. Preferably, the ends of the bar have a
the rear legs are pivotally mounted and the front
slightly bent portion which forms a rigid elbow,
legs are stationary.
as indicated at I9. A pitman 20 is provided at
4. A lounge as speciñed in claim 1, in which
each end of the bed and makes a pivotal con 45
supporting plates are provided on the ends of
nection at the lower end of the back bar, as
the bed frame to afford pivots for the back bar,
indicated at 2|, and the other end is connected
and said supporting plates are each provided
to an intermediate portion of the leg II by the
with an integrally formed stop to limit the rear
pivot I I), which extends through the arcuate»
slot 9, said leg and said pitman being on opposite 50 ward travel of said back bar.
sides of the plate 1.
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