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Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed March 24, 1944_
Fag/Wand A k/d/Mm
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Raymond L. Wiiliams, Arcadia, Calif.
Application March 24, 1944, Serial No. 527,875
2 Claims. (01. 200——S3)
This invention relates to certain new and use-1
ful improvements in balanced pressure switches
and has for its principal object the provision of
boss l3 having a threaded opening it formed
therein to which is connected a conduit leading
from a welding cylinder (not shown)_ for the
an improved construction of the character here
admission of air therefrom into a chamber A
inafter described, which will be highly efficient
hereinafter described.
This threaded opening
in use and economical in manufacture.
14, at its inner end portion, terminates in a
counterbore 15 which in turn communicates
The present
where isit designed
is desirable
for for
use ef~
with the chamber A. This chamber A is provided
fective operation of the system that the pressure
by the end wall ii and a diaphragm I5 formed
be completely stabilized throughout the system. 10 of suitable material, such for example as stain
The balanced pressure switch constituting the
less steel. Mounted in the counterbore between
subject matter of my invention has been espe
the boss i3 and the diaphragm I8 is a compres
cially designed for use in connection with pneu
sion spring M. This end wall H and the dia
matic welding machines and is to take the place
phragm I 6 are connected to the intermediate
of the pressure gauge usually employed in such 15 portion Hi’ through the medium of bolts [3
machines, which gauges are manually set to
threaded into openings l9.
maintain a stabilized pressure in the system.
Adjustably carried by the diaphragm i6 is \a
Many attempts have been made to provide a
threaded stud 2i! having a disc-shaped head 21!
means, for this purpose, which is automatic in its
formed on one end portion thereof. This stud
operation but prior to the advent of my balanced 20 2D is threaded through nuts 22, and the end 23
pressure switch these various means have proven
thereof has a screwdriver slot 24 formed therein
unsatisfactory, unreliable, and costly in manu
whereby when the lock nut 25 is loosened the
facture. It therefore was one of the principal
stud 20 may be adjusted relative to the mounting
objects of this invention to provide a pressure
nuts 22.
switch which would be automatic in its opera 25 The wall 12 carries a plug housing 26 into
tion; one which would become effective for its
which an ordinary standard electric plug (not
intended purpose only upon a stabilized pressure
shown) is adapted to be mounted for connection
in the pneumatic system whereby the pressure
with terminal posts 21 carried by the end wall
switch of my device, when operated by a bal
as shown. These terminal posts 2‘! are connected
anced pressure, would be positive in its opera 30 to an electric switch 28 through the medium of
tion to set into circuit such of the mechanism
conductor wires 29. This switch 28 is carried
as required for effective operation of the pneu
in any suitable manner by the wall l2, such for
matic system; and a balanced pressure switch
example by means of screws 30. This switch 28
which would be reliable and yet economical in
constitutes no part of the present invention and
is preferably of a structure substantially similar
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
to that shown in U. S. Patent No. 2,289,108
The invention consists in the novel combina
granted July '7, 1942, to one Eaton. As shown
tion and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter
in the drawing accompanying this application,
described and claimed.
this switch comprises a sleeve 3! through which
The invention will be best understood by ref
a push rod 32 operates, the push rod 32 serving
erence to the accompanying drawing showing
to operate the switch elements (not shown) illus
the preferred form of construction, and in which:
trated in the patent hereinbefore referred to.
Fig. 1 is a sectional detail View of the balanced
This push rod 32 is disposed in the path of move
pressure switch embodied in my invention; and
ment of the stud 20 when the stud 20 is moved
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional detail View taken
longitudinally in a manner hereinafter described.
substantially on line 2—2 of Fig. 1.
This end wall i2 is connected to the intermediate
When the balanced pressure switch, herein
housing portion l6’ through the medium of bolts
after described, is used in a pneumatically oper~
33 threaded into the openings l9.
ated resistance welding machine of a construc
To complete the invention, I provide on the
tion and type well-known in the art, it will serve 50 intermediate portion ill’, mounting lugs 34 which
to assure that the pressure on the electrodes is
completely stabilized. This pressure switch com
facilitate mounting the pressure-operated switch
on a, ?xed object.
In the intermediate portion
prises a housing [9 having a cylindrical inter
H)’ of the housing [0 there is provided an open
mediate portion I 0’, and end walls H and I2.
ing 35 in which is mounted a conduit leading
The end wall ll comprises a centrally located 55 from a pressure check valve (not shown) which
in turn communicates with a pressure generating
device of a standard equipment used in connec
spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish
tion with pneumatically operated resistance weld
ing machines.
My improved balanced pressure switch operates
as follows:
The proper pressure to effectively operate a
to be limited to the precise details of construc
tion set forth, but desire to avail myself of such
variations and modi?cations as come within the
scope of the appended claims.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Pat
pneumatically operated resistance welding ma
ent is:
1. A pressure balanced switch comprising a
chine is admitted into the chamber B through
the Opening by a pressure check valve (not 10 housing, a diaphragm in the housing dividing the
same into opposed non-communicating cham
shown) functioning to assure the admission of
the proper degree of pressure into this chamber.
When the pressure in the chamber B reaches
the proper degree, the diaphragm will be caused
bers, a switch in one of said members and com
prising a, push rod, means carried by the dia
phragm and adapted to engage the push rod for
to ?ex outwardly therefrom, This ?exing of the 15 moving the same in a direction to close said
diaphragm I6 will permit the switch 28 to open.
switch when the air pressure in one of saidcham
hers is greater than the air pressure in the other
The operator or” the welding machine admits air
of said chambers, means for admitting air under
into the welding cylinder (not shown) and when
pressure to each of said chambers, and means
the pressure of this air has been built up in this
welding cylinder to a point for proper welding 20 carried by said housing and engaging said dia
phragm for maintaining said diaphragm in an
operation, which is greater than the pressure
un?exed position when the air pressure in each
of the air in chamber B, the air pressure in
of said chambers is equal.
chamber A from this welding cylinderwill ?ex
2. A pressure balanced switch comprising a
the diaphragm l6 in an opposite direction, clos
housing, a diaphragm in the housing dividing the
ing the switch 28. So long as this proper air
same into opposed non-communicating cham
pressure is maintained in chamber .A, the switch
28 will remain closed and the welding machine
bers, a switch in one of said chambers and com
prising a push rod, means carried by the dia
properly operated by a stabilized air pressure
through its pneumatic system. The spring I?
phragm and adapted to engage the push rod for
functions to return the diaphragm IE to its nor 30 moving the same in a direction to close said
mal unflexed position when the air pressure is
switch when the air pressure in one of said
chambers is greater than the air pressure in the
equal in both chambers A and B. As previously
pointed out, with a balanced pressure switch con
other of said chambers, means for admitting air
under pressure to each of said chambers, and’
structed in the manner hereinbefore described,
the pneumatic system of a pneumatically oper- ; means carried by said housing and engaging said
diaphragm for maintaining said diaphragm in
'ated resistance welding machine will be stabi
lized during its operative period to assure proper \
an un?exed position when the air pressure in
:and effective welding operation.
each of said chambers is equal, said last-named
While I have illustrated and described the pre
ferred form of construction for carrying my in
vention into e?ect, this is capable of variation
means comprising a spring arranged between a
:and modi?cation without departing from the
wall of said housing and said diaphragm.
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