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10, 1946.
Filed Jan. 1,1945
5 Sheets-Sheet 1
Anne D. Hanna
Dec. 10, 1946.
'Filéd Jan.‘ ‘1;’ ‘1945.
s SheeiS-Shegt 2
Anne 0. Hdttlld
Dec. 10, ,1946.
Filed Jan. 1, 1945 '
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
~ ;
Anne 17. Hanna,
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Anne’D. Hanna, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application January 1, 1945, Serial No. 570,967
13 Claims.
This invention relates to supporting devices,
and particularly to a supporting device of the
clothesline type, which is quickly attachable and
detachable to walls: posts, or any reasonably
smooth surface.
(Cl. 242-—-100)
. ’
"The'use of vacuum cups for attaching clothes
hooks‘ or other supporting members to smooth
surfaces is wel1 known, as evidenced by U. S.
Patents No. 1,714,422 of May 21. 1929,_.and No.
2,225,681 of December 24., 1940. ‘The present in
Fig. 1 is a View showing the device set up for
Fig. 2 is an end view of one of the embodiments
of the reel mechanism of the invention;
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view of the embodi
ment show in Fig. 2.
Fig. 4 is a detail view of the' embodiment of
Figs. '2 and 3, showing the reel in locked posi
Fig. 5 is a perspective View of a second embodi
l 1.)
ment of the invention.
vention is of this general‘ type, but one which ,
Fig. 6-is a cross sectional View of the reel
carries a portable drying line for wet clothes or
shown in Fig. 5.
other‘articles to be hung up for temporary periods '
vFig. 7 is a detail view of the hub for the reel
and which is particularly suitable for traveling.»
In addition to the vacuum cup attachment, an :. of Fig. 5.‘
important feature of the invention is the method
Fig. 8 is a perspective view of a third embodi
of and means for retaining the cord or line which
is suspended between two vacuum cups or be
ment of the invention.
tween one vacuum .cup and another support. . The
cord. or ‘line is wound on a reel or sheave which
shown in Fig. 8, and
not only serves as .a keeper spool for the line,
but also is so constructed as to provide a lock for
the reel to ?xedly hold any length of line being
vFig. 9 is a cross sectional view of the reel
Fig. 10 is a perspective view of the attachment
for the end of the line of any of the above em
bodiments. v
The vacuum cups, reel, and line are so
‘Since the primary purpose of the invention is
to provide a quickly attachable and detachable
constructed that all elements may be conven
iently carried in a traveling bagor ladies’ purse
' drying line, Fig. 1 shows a reel carrying vacuum
cup -5 attached to a wall 6., and a vacuum cup ‘l
and quickly attached and detached to the walls
of dressing rooms, sleeping compartments or
berths of trains, or to the walls or other smoothv
with a hook 28 (see Fig. 10) attached to wall 8
with a line l0 extending between the two cups for
the purpose of supporting wet clothes and the
The reel cup 5 is larger than cup 1, since
‘it carries the reel, but the size of both cups will
depend upon the weight of the material to be
surfaces of bathrooms or kitchens in the home. 30 like.
As will be explained in detail hereinafter, the
device may be readily put in use and the line
quickly wound back on the reel attached to one
of the vacuum cups.
supported by the line.
Referring now to Figs. 2, 3, and 4 wherein one
The principal object of the invention, therefore, C),‘ (‘It embodiment of the invention is illustrated, it will '
be noted that vacuum cup 5 is“ of the well-known
is to provide an improved portable drying line for
circular type with ?exible outer edges, a tip 13
clothes or similararticles.
being provided for the purpose of breaking the
Another object of the invention is to provide
vacuum when the cup 5 is to be detached. Mold
an improved drying .line and supporting reel and
40 ed in the hub l5 of the cup 5 are the split and
lock therefor.
flared ends l8 of a reel hub or axle H, the outer
A further object of the invention is to provide
portion being a serrated disc with inwardly ex
an improved drying line support, one which is
tending‘ locking projections 26.
easily attachable and detachable, with the length
The line supporting reel is composed of a plu
of line readily adjustable to variouslengths.
rality of radial ribs or spokes 23 with a solid cen
A. still further object of the invention is to pro
ter disc section, as shown by the dotted lines IS
vide an improved reel device which is self-lock
in Fig. 2, the inner edge'lZ of the disc being
expanded at right angles to form a. bearing por
Although the novel features which’are believed
tion for the reel. The edge of bearing l2 abuts
to be characteristic of this invention will be
a washer 2| positioned on the hub H. and against
pointed out with particularity in the appended
the cup hub 15. The cord or line H! is’wound in
claims, the manner of its organization and the.
the channel formed by bending the radial mem
mode of its operation will be better understood by
bars 23 downwardly and upwardly with ?at/p01‘
referring to the following description read in
tions 2-5. The ends of the members may. be
conjunction with the accompanying drawings
55 sharply bent to accommodate a disc 21 to stiffen
forming a part hereof in which:
the reel. The disc 21 may be eliminated if the
spokes 23 are of heavy gage material.
To unreel the line ID, the reel is simply ro
tated when in the position shown in Fig. 3 to al
low the line It to ‘be unwound, extended, and
fastened to the hook 28 of the cup 1. The end
permitting the embossed point 58 to enter one of
the perforations or holes 54, which, since the ex
tension 51 is stationary, will .keep . the reel .52
from rotating.
Thus, all the above embodiments function in
the same manner, that is, the end of the line may
be attached to either a-vacuum cup carrying hook
or any other point of support, the line being ex
of the line H] may have a ring 30 attached there
to, as shown in Fig. 2, the ring, cf.course, being '.
attachable to any other supporting means as well
' tended from‘ the reel tothe desired length with
as the cup‘ ‘I.
When the line is drawn fairly 10 the tension of the line locking the reel from fur
taut, the tension on the line moves the reel ra
ther rotatiorr. In Figs. 8' and 9, the line is
dially along the hub I‘! so that the extensions 25
' ilooped around locking arm 51; in Figs. 5, 6, and 7, r '
may enter betewen the spokes v23 of the reel, as
the line is inserted in notch 46; while in Figs. 2, 3,
shown. in Fig. 4. Since the hub i7 is ?xedly
and 4, the tension of the line slides the reel into‘
mounted, the reel will be locked in position, and 15 locking engagement with the hub extensions 26.
no further length of line can be unwound. ' ' Thus,
When the line has served its purpose, or it is
an automatic lock is provided between the reel
desired topack it, the end of the line is simply
supporting hub or axle and the reel itself, which
detached and the line wound on the reels, as. ex
is adjustable within an angle of sixty degrees
plained above. The second vacuum cup used for
when six spokes are employed. It will be noted 20 the attachment of the other end of the line may
that the ends or edges of the projections 26 are
saw-toothed so that a ratchet action is obtained
vto move the reel to rotating position when it is
desired to rewind or tighten the line.
be attached to the inner ?at portion of the~reel
carrying 'cup 5, as shown in Fig. 3, for carrying
purposes. ' All of ‘the cups may have projections, f
such as shown at l3 in Fig. 3, for facilitating the,
releasing thereof from the surfaces to which they
are attached. It'is also understood thatdisc 121.
Referring now to Figs. 5,6, and 7. in which a
second reel construction is illustrated, the ‘reel
carrying vacuum cup 5 is provided with a; hub or
of Fig. 3 may have a radial slot therein, as shown‘
axle member 25 which is cylindrical with split
and ?ared ends 5! imbedded in the hub 15 of the
cup 5. i'. The hub 29 has‘ its outer end split into
four portions 32 which are bent at right angles to
in Figs. 5 and 6, togbring .the pull of ‘the 111719, .
the axis of the hub and in which holes.“ are
made. The hub 29 is internally threaded to ac—
uum cup, a hub member extending from said cup, :
a line, a reel member rotatable on said hubj'nemej
commodate‘a stud 55 on which is ?xedly mounted '
' a knob 4| having an annular groove 42 around its
her and on which ' said liner. is adapted" tolfbe‘
wound, ' and means for interlocking said reel
member and said hub member when said line is '
innersurface and a radial groove 46.
closer to the axis of the reel and-hub.
l' ‘I claim as my invention
l. A line and reel thereforjcomprising;atvac
All the
elements just described are fixed with respect to
tensioned and a component of said tension is
the cup 5. '
along the axis of said hub and reel.
Rotationally mounted on the hub 29 is a reel
comprising a U-shaped annular element 35 with
a, back side ?ange 35 and a front side ?ange 35,
the latter having an annular rim projection 37,
which normally occupies only a portion of the
groove 42 in the knob 5|. On the face of the
front Side ?ange 36 are detent projections 45
adapted to enter holes 44 when‘the reel 34 is
moved axially to the right to lock the reel in non
rotational position. The line H] is adapted to‘ be .
wound on the ?at section of the member 34.‘ ,
2. A lineandreeltherefor in accordance with
claim 1, in which said reel member'is formed of a
plurality of radial spokes having U-shaped' axial
extensions for supporting saidline, and said hub'
member has projections extending between said
spokes when said hub member and reel are inter
3. A line and reel therefor in accordance with
claim 1, in which said reel member is slidable axe
ially along ‘said hub member, said reel member
having projections thereon extending into open;
ings in saidhub member for interlocking said hub
This reel construction operates in a similar 50
and reel members.
manner to that of the embodiment shown in Figs.
2, 3, and 4. It is only necessary, after the re
4. A line and reel therefor in accordance with‘
quired length of line is unwound from the reel, to
claim 1, in which said hub member has a ?exible
place the cord It? in the slot 45, the tension on the
radial arm extending therefrom, said arm having
cord l5 sliding the reel 34 axially along the hub ,, a projection therefrom extending‘ into an open
29 until the projections'li5 of the reel enter the
ing in said reel member when said reel member
?rst adjacent holes 44. Since‘the knob is sta‘_
and sa1d hub member are in interlocking position.
tionary, the reel will stay in locked position by
5. A quickly attachable and detachable drying '
the tension on the line [5.
line and reel comprising a vacuum cup, a ‘reel
' Referring now to the third embodiment of the 60 member, an axle member for supporting said reel
invention shown in Figs. 8 and 9, the vacuum cup
5 has. a cylindrical, portion 55 imbedded in the
hub l5 of the cup 5, the hub 50 being internally
threaded to accommodate the axle 51' on which is
mounted a rotatable reel 52 composed of an in
ner side ?ange 53 with annular openings 54 ad:
jacent its periphery and an outer side ?ange 55.
The imbedded portion 55has a ?at, ?exible, ra-.
dially extending arm 5'! which has an embossed
projection 58 and a hooked end portion 59. In
this embodiment, the cord or: line I 0 is wound
onthe reel 52, and when the cord 15 is extended
the proper distance, it is looped around the ex-,
tension 51 as shown in/Fig, 8. This extension,
being ?exible, will bend toward the side ?ange 53,
member, a portion of said axle memberfbeing
imbedded in said vacuum cup, and means on said
axle member having a projection thereon for en
a perforation on said reel member
for lock}
> ing said reel member to said axle member.
6. A line and reel combination comprising ,a
hub member; ~supporting means for said hub
member, one end ofsaid hub being imbedded in
said supporting means and the other end of said
hub'having radially extending ?anges thereon,
said ?anges having openings therein, ,a line reel
mounted for rotation on said hub member, and
projections extending from one end‘of said reel
and adjacent-said radially extending ?anges, said
reel member being sliclable.v axially on said, hub
in said cup, a knob on the other end of said axle, '
member so said projections may enter said open
ings to lock said reel member to said hub mem
'7. A line and reel combination in accordance
with claim 6 in which said supporting means for
said knob having a, larger diameter than said
axle and a reel rotatably mounted on said axle,
said reel having a line wound thereon and slid
able axially on said axle, said knob having a sub
stantially radial slot therein for the insertion of
said hub member is a vacuum cup.
said line.
11. A line and reel combination comprising a
hub member, supporting means for said hub
and the other end having radial ?anges extend 10 member, one end of said hub member being at
tached to said supporting means, a line, a, reel
ing therefrom, a plurality of spokes having an
member rotatable on said hub member and on
integral center section mounted on said hub mem
Which said line is adapted to be wound, and
ber, and U-shaped outer ends adapted to have
means for interlocking said reel member and said
a line wound thereon, said spokes being, mov
able axially on said hub member, and a plural 15 hub member when said line is tensioned and a
component of said tension is along the axis of
ity of extensions on said hub ?anges parallel to
said hub and reel.
the axis of said hub member and adapted to be
12. A line and reel combination in accordance
interposed between said spokes when said spokes
with claim 11, in which said supporting means
are moved toward said ?anges.
9. A line and reel combination in accordance 20 for said hub member is a vacuum cup.
13. A line and reel combination in‘, accordance
with claim 8 in which said extensions have a
with claim 11, in which said reel member is slid
diagonal edge to permit said reel to be rotated
able axially on said hub member to interlock said
in one direction only when said line is under
10. A line and reel combination comprising a
8. A line and reel combination comprising a
vacuum cup, a cylindrical hub member having
one end thereof imbedded in said vacuum cup
vacuum cup, an axle having one end imbedded
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