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Dec. 10, 1946.
Filed Dec. 12, 1942
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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Semen ha»
Dec. 10, 1946.
_1_ J, MUELLER -
Filed Dec. 12, 1942
2 sheets-sheet 2
I /V
Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Joseph J. Mueller, St. Joseph, Mich., assignor to
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company,
St. Joseph, Mich., a corporation oi' Michigan
Application December 12, 1942, Serial No. 468,768
3 Claims. (Cl. 254-93)
This invention relates to hydraulic jacks.
Among the objects of the present invention are
to provide an hydraulic jack constructed so that
the oil reservoir is cast integrally with the base
will be apparent from a perusal of the following
specification when taken in connection with the
accompanying drawings, wherein:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved
of the jack thereby promoting simplicity and
type of hydraulic jack.
economy in manufacture and operation; to pro
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on
vide an hydraulic jack wherein the oil reservoir
the line 2-2 of Figure 1.
is cast integrally with the base of the jack and
Figure 3 is a, detailed sectional view taken on
likewise forms a mounting for not only the high
the line 3--3 of Figure 2.
pressure pump cylinder, but also for the actuating 10
Figure 4 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
on the line 4-4 of Figure 3.
mechanism which serves to operate the piston
reciprocating in the high pressure pump cylinder;
Figure 5 is a view showing the jack in horizon
tal position.
to provide an hydraulic jack wherein the oil
reservoir is cast integrally with the base and
Referring now to the drawings in detail, the
wherein the pump cylinder is formed within and 15 improved jack embodies a basal casting 2 which
cast integrally with the oil reservoir whereby if
is provided centrally with an upstanding wall 4
there be any flaws in the metal castings of the
providing a central well. The circular inner faces
of the upstanding wall 4 are threaded as at 6,
Dump cylinder the oil leaking therethrough will
into which screws a stationary ram 8 having a
pass directly back into the oil reservoir and will
not escape to the exterior walls of the jack; to 20 central longitudinally disposed liquid passageway
provide an hydraulic jack wherein the pump cyl
I0. An elongated hollow shiftable ram cylinder
inder is disposed vertically downwardly through
I2 formed of malleable iron encloses the ram 8.
This ram cylinder I2 is provided with an inwardly
the oil reservoir, being preferably cast integral
extending shoulder I4 at its top, and the upper
therewith, and wherein the oil relief or by-pass
valve mechanism is disposed directly in the oil 25 surface of the ram cylinder is suitably knurled
reservoir whereby when the oil is released it passes
or fashioned, as at I6, to grip the load to be
lifted. The top of the ram cylinder I2 ls provided
directly into the reservoir and not through a
with a screw threaded opening I8 into which is
series of tortuous restricted passages; to provide
threaded the plug 20. This plug is provided with
an hydraulic jack with a base provided with a
cast hollowed out portion extending substantially 30 a head 22 on its inner end and with a hexagonal
one third of the way through the base whereby
in the iinish of the jack the necessity of drilling
a substantial part of the base to form a passage
recess 24 in its outer or top end. The arrange
ment is such that the fluid pressure within the
ram cylinder I2 tends to force the plug tightly
to its seat to prevent leakage. At its outer
for the ball valves is eliminated; to provide an
hydraulic jack wherein the oil reservoir is cast 35 end the stationary ram 8 is cut away as at 26 to
integrally with the base which thereby gives
receive a packing 28 between it and the inner
wall of the ram cylinder I2. Likewise at the
added weight at the bottom of the jack, whereby
bottom, the ram cylinder is suitably threaded as
to stabilize the same; to provide an hydraulic
at 30 to receive a packing 32 which lies betwee
jack wherein the top of the outside malleable iron
casting is provided with a, plug inserted in a 40 the bottom of the ram cylinder and the
proper. At its outer bottom end the shift
threaded fashion from the inside so that the in
cylinder I2 is provided with a foot lift
step 34
ternal pressure of the jack tends to seal and
which provides a second load receivi g surface.
tighten this plug; to provide an hydraulic jack
The bottom of the ram 8 is recessed a at 36 a
wherein the basal portion of the jack, including
the liquid passages and the pump cylinder, are 45 joins the internal passageway I0.
Cast integrally with the upstanding wall 4 of
formed as an integral metal casting in a manner
to eliminate the necessity of substantial machin
the base is an oil reservoir 38. This reservoir is
lng of the parts; to provide an hydraulic jack
preferably cylindrically shaped and is disposed
with an oil reservoir and an internal passage
laterally of the central axis or passageway I0 of
50 the upstanding ram 8. The cylindrical reservoir
leading therefrom to the ram, wherein the ar
rangement is such that when the jack is placed
extends substantially from one side of the base
to the other, as indicated in Figures 1 and 3, and
this reservoir is provided with a threaded open
zontal position, the liquid will be drawn from the
ing at each end, such as 40 and 42, to receive
lowermost part of the reservoir to the ram; to
provide these and other objects of invention, as 55 threaded plugs 44 and 46 whereby to facilitate
so as to be in operation with the ram in a hori
It will be noted that passage |02 is closed at
its outer end by a suitable threaded plug |03, and
it will be likewise noted that the passage 90 is
outer ends in a hexagonal manner to permit the
closed by another threaded plug |24, and in order
to give access to this plug the bottom portion of
removal and insertion of the same.
A high pressure pump cylinder is cast integral
the casting is hollowed out arcuately as at |26.The front wall of the reservoir 38 is provided
ly with the oil reservoir. As shown in Figures 2
with spaced outstanding ears |28 to which are
and 3, the walls 48 are internally formed central
pivoted the opposite ends of a handle |30 for lift
ly of the reservoir, extending vertically down
wardly as indicated in the above mentioned iig 10 ing the jack at its base.
At the top the pump cylinder cast
It will be noticed from Figures 3 and 5 that the
passageway 90 within the oil reservoir is arranged
ing 48 is shouldered as at 50 to receive a threaded
the casting of the reservoir as well as to permit
the ñlling of the same with suitable liquid, pref
erably oil. The plugs 44 are countersunk at their
packing plug or ring 52 which serves to hold suit
so that the end 9| of this passageway terminates
able packing 54 in position to prevent leakage out
relatively close to the vertical end wall 93 of the
wardly around the Dump piston. A pump piston 15 oil reservoir, by which arrangement when the
jack is operated in the manner shown in Figure
56 is adapted to be reciprocatingly mounted with
5, that is to push horizontally, the end 9| is po
in this cylinder 48 and to this end the pump pis
sitioned relatively close to the Wall 93 which now
ton is provided at its outer end with a cross bore
becomes the bottom of the oil reservoir whereby
58 in which a pin 60 is disposed, and the pump
piston having at its inner or opposite end a 20 oil is drawn from the bottommost part of the res
ervoir irrespective of whether the jack is oper
threaded shank to which is attached a nut 51
ated from a vertical position or from a horizon
which supports a collar 59 being surrounded by
tal position.
a leather pump washer 6|, as shown in Figure 3.
Obviously the invention is not limited to the
The opposite ends of the pin 60 lie in registering
apertures 62 and 64 of ears 86 and 68 of an actu 25 specific forms disclosed herein but is capable of
other modifications and changes without depart
ator 10 pivoted as at 12 to the outer end of the
ing from the spirit and scope of the claims ap
links 14 which are in turn pivo-ted by means of
pended hereto.
the pin 16 to the ears 82 integrally cast on the top
Having thus described the invention, what I
surface of the reservoir 38. The actuator 'l0 is
provided with a socket 86 in which an operating 30 claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
handle 88 may be inserted whereby upon recipro
1. In an hydraulic jack in combination with a
cation of the handle in a vertical plane the high
basal casting having ram receiving walls` a ram
pressure pump will be actuated in a manner well
mounted in fluid-tight manner with respect to
known in the hydraulic jack art to draw liquid
from within the interior of the reservoir 38 30 a portion of said casting walls, a ram cylinder
through the cast passageway 90 past the ball Valve
92. This ball valve, as shown, is normally held by
surrounding said ram and shiftable relatively
thereto, said ram cylinder forming a load sup
porting member, said basal casting having inte
means of a spring 94 on its seat 96. The liquid
gral walls laterally of said ram forming a hollow
will be drawn inwardly by an upward movement
of the piston 56 into the high pressure cylinder 40 reservoir to contain liquid, an intermediate por
tion of said reservoir having internal walls pro
39 and then upon downward movement of the pis
jecting downwardly through the reservoir and
ton 56 the ball 92 will be pressed against the seat
providing a high pressure pump cylinder` a pis
and the liquid will thence be transferred past the
ton in said cylinder and an actuator for said pis
larger ball 98, thence through the transversely
' ton, a wall of one of said cylinders being formed
extending cast opening |00, thence through chan
with a bored portion forming a sleeve, the inner
nel |02-|04 into the recess 36 of the stationary
end of said bored portion terminating within the
ram 8, thence up the longitudinal passageway |0
reservoir and the outer end of said bored portion
of the ram to cause the upward projection of the
terminating outside of said reservoir, an elon
shiftable ram cylinder |2. The ball valve 98 is
normally pressed to its seat by means of the 50 gated adjusting means adjustably mounted in
said bored portion, packing means about the outer
spring 99.
end of said rod between it and the walls of the
A diagonally disposed passageway |06 connects
reservoir, the inner end of said rod being formed
the passageway |02 in the base of the jack with
as a valve, said basal casting having passages
the reservoir and the upper portion of this cross
passage |06 is provided with a valve seat |08 55 formed therein interconnecting the high pres
sure cylinder and the space between the ram and
which is normally closed by means of a valve
the ram cylinder, and likewise connecting With
formed on the inner end of a plunger ||0 which
the reservoir, said valve on said rod controlling
by means of the threads | |2 engages correspond
said last mentioned passage.
ing threads on a sleeve ||4 cast integrally with
the inner walls ||6 of the reservoir. Suitable 60 2. An hydraulic jack comprising a, base having
substantially central upstanding walls forming a
packing | I8 held in position by means of a
threaded thimble |20 prevents leakage past this
well, a ram anc a ram cylinder upstanding from
said base concertrically of the central axis of said
plunger ||0. Rotation of the outer end of the
well, said base' laterally of said well having hol
handle |22 of this plunger opens communication
between the reservoir and the passageway |02 so 65 low upstanding walls forming an elongated liquid
reservoir the central horizontal axis of which lies
as to permit the passage of liquid directly from
transversely of the vertical axis of said ram and
the ram cylinder |2 back into the reservoir where
ram cylinder, and the central part of said hori
by to release the pressure in the cylinder to per
zontally disposed reservoir being opposite the cen
mit the descent or downward inward movement
of the ram cylinder relative to the ram 8 and the 70 tral axis of said ram cylinder, said reservoir at its
central part having internal hollow integral walls
base 2. It will be noted that by this arrangement
forming a pump cylinder, a piston reciprocable in
and by forming the passageway |06 directly with
said cylinder, one of the wall portions of said
in the inner wall of the oil reservoir, leakage is
precluded since the oil in escaping must pass di
rectly into the oil reservoir.
pump cylinder having a hollow. enlargement
75 forming a sleeve having its outer end open to the
exterior of said base and its inner end opening
being provided with an elongated liquid conduit
extending parallel to the base, the substantially
into said reservoir, a valve rod adjustably engag
ing within said sleeve and having a valve ad
jacent its inner end, the wall of said base within
central portion of said reservoir opposite the
longitudinal vertical axis of said ram cylinder
being provided with integral Walls forming a
hollow sleeve the upper portion of which opens
liquid passages connecting said reservoir with
onto the outer portion of said reservoir and the
said ram cylinder and with said pump cylinder
inner portion of which sleeve connects with said
and with said seat, one of said basal passages be
elongated passageway, a piston reciprocating in
ing formed in the base and lying substantially ll) said hollow sleeve, said hollow sleeve forming a
parallel with the bottom of the base with one end
high pressure pump cylinder, one of the wall
of said passage opening exteriorly of the base and
portions of said hollow sleeve being enlarged and
the opposite end opening to said reservoir, said
being formed as a second elongated hollow sleeve
passage connecting with said ram cylinder there
the longitudinal axis of which extends angularly
above, said passage having an additional conduit
to the longitudinal axis of the pump sleeve, the
connecting therewith and with said pump cylin
inner wall of said second sleeve having a thread
der, said passage having spaced Valve seats dis
ed portion, the outer end of said second sleeve
posed on opposite sides of said conduit, and spring
opening onto the outer end of said reservoir and
actuated valves disposed in said passage to close
the inner end of said second sleeve opening with
upon said spaced seats.
in said reservoir, the wall of said base opposite
3. An hydraulic jack comprising a, base having
and spaced from said second sleeve being formed
a central Well, a concentrically disposed and rel
as a. valve seat, said base below said reservoir
atively shiftable ram and ram cylinder means
having a second elongated passage connecting
mounted on said base and associated with said
with said ñrst mentioned elongated passage, said
Well, said base having a relatively flat bottom 25 second mentioned elongated passage connecting
and said base having a substantially cylindrical
with the ram cylinder and with said Valve seat
elongated reservoir the walls of which are inte
in the reservoir, a threaded rod threading into
gral with said base, an end of said reservoir be
said second mentioned sleeve, the inner end of
ing flat and normal to the base and being dis
said rod closing upon said valve seat, said first
posed substantially adjacent the end wall of said 30 mentioned elongated passage having two spaced
base whereby said jack may be tipped so as to
seats disposed on opposite sides of the conduit
rest upon said flat end wall, the longitudinal axis
connecting said passage with the pump cylinder,
of said reservoir extending transversely to the
spring actuated ball valves normally mounted on
longitudinal vertical axis of said ram cylinder,
said seats, the inner terminus of said iirst men
the Wall of said base beneath one end of said 35 tioned elongated passage connecting with the
reservoir being hollow and opening outwardly
bottom of the reservoir adjacent the ñat end of
and said opening being flush with the end of
said reservoir.
said base, that portion of the base which forms a
continuation of said hollow portion of said base
said reservoir being formed as a valve seat on
which the valve normally seats, said base having
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