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Dec. 10, 1946.
E. F. cARL'sTRoM
Filed April 25, 1945
l2 '
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. 1,‘; "’
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Patented Dec. 10, 1946
Elis Fedor Carlstrom, Lancaster Township, Lan
caster County, Pa., assigncr to Hamilton Watch
Company, Lancaster, Pa.
Application April 23, 1945, Serial No. 589,864
1 Claim.
(01. 58-68)
This invention relates to a timepiece setting
mechanism and is designed so that through the
upper section projecting across the stem l I which
is connected to the crown I2, and the lower sec
use‘ of a single part the operations now accom
plished through two or more parts are com
tion projecting across the clutch I3 which mov
ing longitudinally on the square portion I4 of
stem II serves to connect the crown with either
In previous construction it has been found
necessary to use two or more parts for moving the
the winding or the setting mechanism of the
clutch member from winding to setting position.
Referring to Fig. 3 of the drawing the watch is
These parts are such that the pillar plate must
shown in winding position with the spring lever
be machined to give the parts operating room. It
shown holding the clutch member I3 in engage
is necessary to bore and thread holes for the
ment with the clutch engaging teeth I5 of the
screws for each of these parts.
sleeve member I6. The sleeve member I5 is in
With the grouping of these parts into a single
tegral with or attached to the winding pinion I‘!
spring lever several operations in the assembling
which connects through a gear to the barrel ar
of the watch are dispensed with.
15 bor. It will thus be seen that the member I
It is, therefore, the purpose of the present in
through its inherent spring action constantly
vention to provide a single one piece spring lever
urges the clutch I3 into engagement with the
to serve in shifting the clutch of a timepiece
clutch engaging teeth I5 of the winding pinion
mechanism from winding to setting position.
I‘! and so maintains the mechanism in winding
It is a still further object of the present inven 20 position.
tion to provide a spring lever serving to operate
Referring to Fig. 2 it will be seen that when the
the clutch of a timepiece mechanism and a
stem I l is pulled outward by means of the crown
notched post engaging one end of the spring lever
I2 the pin 6 riding in the groove I8 of the stem
which will maintain this lever in one position,
II moves the spring lever about the pivot screw
the inherent spring of said lever maintaining it 25 5’ forcing the pin 1 and lower section 4 of the
in the other position.
spring lever downward, disengaging the clutch
With the foregoing and other objects in view,
I3 from the clutch engaging teeth I 5 of the wind
the invention resides in the novel arrangement
ing pinion I1. This movement downward is ar
and combination of parts and in the details of
rested by the engagement of the lower teeth I9
construction hereinafter described and claimed,
of the clutch I3 with the setting wheel 23 of the
it being understood that changes in the precise
watch. The movement of the spring lever I about
embodiment of the invention herein described
its pivot screw 5' moves the end 8 of the lever
may be made within the scope of what is claimed
downward and to the left bringing the point 9
into engagement with the notch 2i of the pin 22
1without departing from the spirit of the inven
which notch is machined accurately to receive
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
and hold the point 9 and lower section of the
ing drawing in which:
spring lever I in setting position unless a move
Fig. 1 is a plan View of the one piece spring
ment of the spring lever through movement of
the stern I I releases the point 9 from engagement
Fig. 2 is a partial view of the pillar plate shov - 40 with the notch 2| allowing the inherent spring
ing the mechanism in setting position;
action to return the lever to winding position.
Fig. 3 is a similar View showing the mechanism
The pin 22 is frictionally held in any manually
in winding position.
adjusted position desired.
Referring more particularly to the drawing the
This provides a single spring lever which serves
invention consists of a spring lever I formed of . to hold the clutch in engagement with the teeth
an upper section 2, a spring section 3 and a lower
I5 under normal conditions but which, when
section 4.
moved to extreme position through the action of
The upper section 2 is provided with a threaded
the stem II, permits engagement of the point 9
hole 5 and a stem engaging pin 6 while the lower
with the notch 2| and holds the clutch in en
section is provided with a clutch engaging pin 1. 50 gagement with the wheel 20 until positive move
The lower section 4 is formed with an accurately
ment of the stem returns the spring lever to
machined face 8 and a projecting point 9.
original position.
The spring lever I pivotally mounted on the
What is claimed is:
usual setting lever screw 5’ threaded into hole 5
In a timepiece, a pillar plate, a manually oper
is supported by the pillar plate In and has the 55 able winding and setting stem rotatably and slid
ably mounted in said pillar plate, said stem be
ing formed with an annular groove, a mainspring
winding pinion carried by said stem, a setting
gear mounted on said pillar plate, a clutch slid
ably mounted on said stem and rotatable there
with, said clutch being adapted to selectively
engage eitherrsaid mainspring windingpinion or
section engaging the annular groove in said
clutch, a notched manually adjustable post
mounted in said pillar plate and in the path of
the lower section of said spring lever, said spring
lever being formed with an accurately milled
end and a point adapted to engage the notch of
said post, whereby movement of said stem along
a longitudinal direction will swing said spring
lever about its pivot, forcing the point of the
an annular groove therein, a single one-piece
spring lever pivotally mounted on said pillar 10 lower section into engagement with the notch
‘post simultaneous with the engagement of the
plate, said lever being formed with an upper
clutch with the setting lever.
section, a central section and ‘a lower ‘section,
a pin in said upper section engaging the annular
groove in said stem, a second pin in ‘said "lower
said setting gear, said elutehibe‘ing ‘formedwith
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