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Dec. 17, 1946..‘
Filed Sept. '12, 1942
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Dec. 17, 1946.
Filed Sept. 12, 1942
2 Sheets-Shee’t 2
_ Josef/1 // 61am A’
A T T'V5
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
Joseph N. Blank, Newport, Ky., assignor to The
Wadsworth Electric Manufacturing Company,
Covington, .Ky., acorporation of Kentucky
Application September 12, 1942, Serial No. ‘458,160
10 Claims.
(01. 175—224)
The presentiinvention relates to electric ‘meter
installations and has for an object the provision
‘stallation of several sizes of electric meters by
vof a universal installation ?xture adapted to re
ceive in substantially tamper-proof condition the
various makes of electric meters of the several
well-‘known types.
the means 'of the invention.
Fig. 7 is a fragmentalsectional view showing a
modi?ed form of theidevice of the invention.
There are numerous makes of electric meters
variously used throughout the country by differ
Another object of the invention is to provide a
ent power companies. There are also several
meter installation ?xture with an apertured clo
general types of meters commonly known as base
sure member adapted to have the clock-work of
type or type A meters and socket type or S type
any meter project ‘therethrough, and a meter 10 meters, and the meter ?xtures for the several
trim member apertured to accommodate a speci?c
kinds and types of meters have heretofore ‘been
meter and mounted on the closure member, the
unsuited to accommodatemore than one make or
outermost of the said members sealably secured
type ofmeter. The expense of ‘carrying stocks of
for retaining such meter and all ‘mechanical and
“meter ?xtures ‘for the various meters, and the
electrical connections vwithin the ?xture con
irregularities and di?iculties encountered have
cealed ‘and inaccessible.
frequently been met by crudely cobbled ?xtures
A further object of the invention is to provide
from the tin shop of the utility company or else
for a wide variety of meters and effective for use
The present invention seeks to eliminate the
as an individual meter box or, in conjunction 20 necessity for individualized ?xtures for electric
with other ?xtures, as a trough unit for them
meters and to reduce the problem now encoun
stallation of more than one meter of similar or
tered ‘by the utility companies to a minimum.
dissimilar types or makes.
Fixtures embodying the invention may be used
A still further object of the invention is to
singly with end wall pieces for the installation of
provide a meter installation .?xture comprising
a single meter box, or if required, ‘they may be
removable end walls which are ‘interchangeable
arranged for gangin‘g'in multiple and easily ‘and
‘and reversible, whereby to accommodate individ
‘inexpensively adapted for the installation of a
ual and banked meter installations as ‘required
number of ‘meters of similar or dissimilarimakes
and without need for a large number of special
and/or types. It will be vappreciated that by
means of the invention it is possible for the 'ln
A further object of the invention is to provide
stalling contractor to purchase and furnish the
meter installation ?xtures that are readily as
cabinet or ‘trough element with its principal
:semblable on the job in accordance with the
closure member without regard to the type or
requirements thereof, the assembly connections
particular make of meter that may subsequently
being rendered inaccessible upon the ?nal mount- :7’ be installed therein by‘the utility company, while
an electric meter installation ?xture adaptable
ing and sealing of one of a pair of superposed
closure members.
These and other objects are attained by the
means described herein and disclosed in the ac
companying drawings, in which:
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of a meter
box comprised of ‘the installation ?xture of the
invention and including'the meter trim in opera~
tive position.
Fig. 2 is ‘a cross-sectional view taken on line
2—2 of Fig. 1.
and interchangeably mounted ‘end walls [2. The
trough I0 is formed of a metal sheet and com
' prises a rear wall I3 with a top wall l4 and a
bottom wall 15 projecting forwardly therefrom
Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken on line
3—3 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmental ‘View taken on
line 4—4 of Fig. 3.
the latter company will need to carry in stock
only the meter trims or cooperating closure mem
bers that are suited to the meters which it uses.
Referring now to the drawings, and particu
larly to Fig. 2, the ?xture of the invention com
prises a unit consisting of a trough or cabinet
forming member it with a removable cover H
Fig. 5 is a fragmentalperspective View showing
a trough member of the invention with means for
connecting another similar trough member'to the
end thereof.
Fig. 6 is a front elevational view of va. ‘gang in- r:
and adapted to receive the cover H at the free
edges. Cover H has a top ?ange l6 and bottom
?ange 5'1 and is devoid of side ?anges. Cover II
has a large aperture [8, circular in shape and
adapted to have the cylindrical body of the meter
to be mounted to pass therethrough. Removably
secured over aperture [8 and the surrounding
face of cover H is ‘a meter‘trim 19 in the form of
a ring which may be ?at,~concave or convex; de
pending upon the depth of the trough or the depth
fully enclosed meter is properly mounted and
sealed. In a corresponding fashion the longitu
dinal ?ange portions 42 are provided with holes
for receiving screws 48 which match with tapped
holes 41 in rear wall [3. From the foregoing it
sizes in order to accommodate a variety of me
will be noted that an end wall I2 may be mounted
ters. The trims I 9 will in each instance be an
on either the righthand or lefthand end of trough
annular ring with at least a marginal ?at portion
20 which is of‘greater' diameter than ‘the open
II) with either the knock-out 43} or 4| at the top,
thus accommodating the ?xture to any desired
ing I8 in the removable cover ll. Rim 2!; has
holes 2| to accommodate suitable screws 22 which 10 size and location of wiring conduits.
engage in tapped holes in corresponding portions In the event a plurality of the trough members
in cover ll so that the aperture in trim I9 is
Ill are to be mounted in end to end relation, for
concentric with the aperture IS in the cover. Ad
the reception of a plurality of meters, the inter
jacent the periphery of the rim 25 the metal is
mediate end walls I2 are omitted, and in lieu
thereof a U-shaped member 48 approximately
slit and turned up to make an open‘inverted V
shaped portion 23 which permits a sealing wire W
twice as wide as a ?ange 42 of an end wall is em
to be passed therethrough and thence through a
ployed. The member 48 has a double row of holes
bore 24 in the adjacent scalable screw 22. In the
49 for the reception of screws such as M and 46
for rigidly connecting a pair of troughs I9 in edge
embodiment shown in Figs. 1 to 3, the trim IIl
constitutes the ?nal element to be attached in a 20 to edge communicating relation.
The mounting of the trough units I0 upon a
meter installation and the attachment and seal
ing thereof renders all other mechanical and elec
wall surface may be effected by passing securing
trical connections within the ?xture inaccessible
means such as screws, nails and the like (not
and concealed. In practice many of the different
shown), through holes 50 spaced inwardly from
meter trims I9 will differ only in the diameter of 25 the four corners of the rear Wall I3. The rear
the center aperture 25 which is in each instance
wall I3 is also provided with suitable knock-outs
made of such size as to permit the cylindrical
5! below the level of foot 3|. Both the top and
clock-work casing 26 of a given meter 2‘! to pass
bottom walls l4--I 5 are provided with knock-outs
through it while the usual shoulder 28 of the me
such as 52, and these knock-outs may also bear
ter is engaged by the inside face or trim l9 imme 30 a relatively different position if desired.
of the meter employed as will hereinafter be more
fully understood. The trim I!) will constitute the
only part which need be carried in a variety of
diately surrounding the aperture 25, (see dotted
line showing in Fig. 3).
The depth of the trough and the depth of the
The speci?c mounting of a meter socket or the
base of the so-called A type meters on the meter
support will vary with different meters, and such
meter up to the shoulder will govern the neces
sary location of the plane of the aperture in the ~'
trim I9. That is to say, under certain conditions
of the depth of the trough and a particular me
ter, the trim may be entirely ?at or it may be
means form no part of the present invention.
In practical use, a proposed meter installation
is effected by securing one or more of the trough
members I!) as required in the desired position.
If a plurality of the troughs are to form a con
tinuous, interiorly communicating cabinet or
In Figs. 2 and 3 a meter support member 29 is 40 trough unit as shown in Fig. 6, members 48 are
concave instead of convex, as shown.
provided and suitably mounted in spaced relation
applied interiorly to overlap the edge butting
to the rear wall l3 of trough ID as by forming an
integral leg 30 with a foot or ?ange 3| spot-welded
to said wall I3. A meter support bracket 32 has a
joints of the several troughs in a manner that
foot or ?ange 33 secured to the top wall I4 as by
spot-welding, while the opposite end is offset to
. pass along the rear face of meter support 29, and
is suitablysecured as by spot-welding at 313. The
; bracket 32 has a number of tapped holes 35 to
selectively receive screw 36 in mounting the me
ter base. On opposite sides of the meter support
29 are stirrup-shaped cover supports, 31 which
form small ?at seats with tapped holes therein
for receiving screws 38 which pass through holes
or slots 39 on diametrically disposed sides of the .
aperture I8 of cover II and whereby the cover is
When trim member I9 is
. secured to the seats.
mounted in superposed relation on the cover and
the mounting screws 22 therefor are secured and
sealed, the screws 38 are inaccessible and con
The end walls I2 are provided near opposite
> ends with knock-outs ill and M which are pref
erably of different sizes. The end wall l2 has a
continuous ?ange 42 extending from one face
thereof and this ?ange has in its narrow ends a
pairof perforations 43 uniformly spaced center~
ward from the longer ?ange portions. The end
' walls l2 are interchangeable and in mounting and
securing the same to the top and bottom walls It
and I5 of the trough, a screw 34 is passed through
. one of said pair of holes 43 into a matching tapped
hole 45 in said walls It and I5. The screws M are
entered from the inside of the trough, and the
structure is thereby made tamper-proof when the
will be readily understood from an inspection of
Fig. 5. The end walls I2 are provided at the ex
treme ends of such trough or troughs, whereupon
the available or speci?ed meter or meters, such
as 21, 270 and 2100, of one or more makes and/or
types are mounted in position and the cover
members II ‘are fastened down over the respec
tive units. Thereafter the meter trim closure
elements I9, HM and I 92 are selected to accom
modate the outside diameters of the projecting,
encased clock-work mechanisms 2t‘ of each of
the said meters, and are set in place to seat
over the shoulders 28 of the several meters,
whereupon they are fastened in superposed rela
tion on the covers by screws 22 which may be
suitably sealed, as shown for example in Fig. 4,
after the installation is inspected and tested.
In the modi?cation shown in Fig. 7 the meter
support and meter support bracket of Fig. 2' are
omitted and the meter base or socket may be
supported by the back wall I32 of the trough or
cabinet element IOIJ. A screw 360 threaded into
said wall serves to ?x the meter base or socket
in place. In this embodiment the cover support
‘element 370, corresponding to element 37 of Fig.
2, is suitably attached to wall I38 as by spot weld
ing. I have also arranged to have the meter trim
ring I 93 seat on the cover support 316 and the
cover III superposed on top of it and sealing
screws 380 passing through‘both of these aper
tured closure members III and I30 and ‘thread
edly engaging in the cover support 310.‘ In this
manner two of the screws of the'device of Fig. 2
are' omitted, while the .remaining two screws
ing' over the open front of the trough element and
serve the - double > duty in‘ securing. the: ?nal meter
adapted adjacent the periphery of the aperture
installation. The sealing ofthe screws to the
[outermost-of the superposed apertured closure
therein for-the reception of fastening means
whereby the cover is removably securable to the
‘members ‘may in all cases be afforded by such "
cover support means, an apertured meter trim
ring member superposed on the cover over the
meansas-are disclosed for example in Fig. 4.
‘Single or multiple meter installations may be
'e?ected easily and rapidly ‘with-the ?xtures of
the invention, and the resulting installation is
location of the cover securing means and scalable
‘fasteningmeans for securing the trim member in
'position'and' rendering the cover securing means
neat and uniform in appearance and is strong, 10 inaccessible,
serviceable and tamper-proof. The invention
6. In a universal meter installation ?xture, a
herein is not to be considered as limited to the
cabinet forming element having an open side,
speci?c construction shown since the same may
means to support a meter within said element, an
be readily varied in various respects within the
apertured cover for said element with its aper
spirit of the invention and the scope of the ap
ture so located that a meter in the cabinet form
pended claims.
What is claimed is:
ing element may project through said aperture,
means adjacent the edge of the aperture for
securing the cover over the open side of the ele
ment and permitting a meter therein to project
pair of separable superposed, concentrically ap
through the aperture, an apertured trim member
adapted for slidable mounting over the project
ertured substantially ?at closure members for the
ing end of such a meter and having a ?at rim
open side of said element, securing means for
one of said closure members adjacent the edge of
for abutment on the cover, and means for seal
ably securing the trim member in position on the
its aperture, said securing means being inac
cessible and concealed beneath the other of said 25 cover and rendering the cover-securing means
inaccessible and concealed.
closure members in the operative position there
7. A universal protective electric meter instal
of, and securing means extending through the
lation comprising an open sided trough element,
last mentioned closure member and into the ?rst
an electric meter removably mounted therein,
mentioned closure member.
2. In a universal meter installation ?xture, a e said meter being shouldered intermediate the
front and rear thereof and having its forward
trough element having an open side, a meter
1. In a universal meter installation ?xture, a
cabinet forming element having an open side, a
support therein and accessible through said open
portion projecting outwardly of the open side of
side, a closure for said open side comprising an
apertured cover and an apertured meter trim
ring member. superposed on the cover and par
tially closing the aperture in said cover, secur
said trough element, an apertured cover remov
the aperture, an apertured trim member super
posed on the cover member and snugly embracing
ing means passing through the exterior of said
the projecting portion of the meter adjacent the
cover adjacent the edge of its aperture, and se
curing means passing through said trim mem
shoulder of the meter, and sealable means for
securing the trim member on the cover member
and rendering the cover securing means inac
ber into said cover.
3. In a universal meter installation ?xture, a
ably connected with the trough element adjacent
8. A universal protective electric meter instal
trough element having an open side, means to
lation comprising the combination of an open
support a meter in the trough, an apertured
sided and open end trough element adapted at its
cover for the open side of the trough, cover sup—
port means ?xed within the trough, securing 45 open ends for the selective reception of end wall
members, and connectors for the relatively oppo
means adjacent the periphery of the aperture in
site end of similar trough elements, an electric
said cover for entry into said cover support
meter removably mounted within said trough ele
means and an apertured meter trim ring mem»
ment, an apertured closure member adapted to
ber superposed on and sea-lably secured to said
apertured cover with the peripheral portion of 50 loosely embrace the mounted meter, a trim mem
ber adapted to snugly embrace the mounted me
its aperture partially closing the aperture in the
ter in spaced relation to the cover member, means
cover, said trim member snugly engageable about
adjacent the edge of the aperture in the cover
a meter
the trough and rendering the cover
member for removably securing the cover in posi
securing means inaccessible and concealed.
4i. In a universal meter installation ?xture, a 55 tion on the trough and concealed by the trim
member, and scalable fastening means for secur
trough element having an open side and an open
ing the trim member to the cover member.
end, said end arranged and adapted for selec
9. A universal protective electric meter instal
tively receiving an end wall and a gauging mem
ber, a meter support including cover support
lation comprising in combination, an open sided
members at opposite sides thereof in the trough, 60 and open ended cabinet element, said element
an apertured cover for the open side of the
adapted at its open end for the selective con
trough and adapted to be removably secured to
nection with a similar cabinet element and an end
the cover support members adjacent the edge of
Wall, a selected electric meter removably mount
the aperture, securing means extending through
ed in the cabinet element, an apertured cover
the cover from the exterior face thereof into said
member for the open side of a cabinet member
cover support members, and an apertured trim
with the forward portion of the meter projecting
ring member superposed on the cover over the
freely through the aperture thereof, means adja
aperture therein, said trim member concealing
cent the aperture for removably securing the
the covering securing means,
cover member in position, a trim member aper
In a universal meter installation ?xture, the
tured for snugly embracing the protruding por
combination of a trough element having an open
tion of the meter, and means for sealably secur
side, means to support a meter in the trough
ing said trim member in superposed relation to
element, cover support means ?xed within said
the cover for completely closing the aperture in
trough substantially ?ush with the front opening
the cover and rendering the cover securing means
of the trough element, an apertured cover seat
10. A universal protective gang installation of
electric meters comprising a plurality of open
ended and open sided cabinet forming elements
having adjacent ends connected to form a con
tinuous trough, means in each of said elements
for interchangeably mounting therein various
ing element, interchangeable apertured closure
cover members on each element loosely embrac
ing the respective protruding meter clockworks,
meter trim members snugly ?tting the said meter
clockworks respectively and superposed on the
closure cover members, and scalable means to in
types and makes of electric meters, selected me
dependently secure each closure cover member
ters mounted by said means in the respective ele
and its associated meter trim member to a cabi
ments with the clockwork portion of each meter
net forming element.
protruding through the open side of its contain- 10
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