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? Dec. 17, 1946.
Filed July '21, 1945
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{2/1/1414 61941115103,
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
Kenneth G. Phillips, Los Angeles, Calif. .
Application July 21, 1945, Serial No. 606,450
1 Claim. (Cl. 15-104.!)1)
My invention relates to tools adapted for use
in connection with the servicing of combustion
engines and has particular reference to a hand
operated device by means of which carbon can be
cleaned from the ring grooves of a piston and the
groove refaced preparatory to the replacement of
tained, as hereinafter more fully set forth,
pointed out in my claim and illustrated in the ac
companying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a side elevational View of the opera
tive part of the device with the piston partly
broken away.
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary longitudinal sectional
view of the device shown in Fig. 1.
In providing a suitable tool for cleaning ring
grooves in pistons, several circumstances must
Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken on the
be? taken carefully into account. In the ?rst 10 line
III-III of Fig. 2.
place, ring sizes vary in width so that the too-1,
In the automotive and combustion engine re
to be useful under all circumstances, must be
pair trade there have been devised a great many
versatile and capable of being so adjusted as to
diiierent kinds of tools directed to the purpose of
fit any one of a number of sizes of grooves. An
cleaning the carbon from ring grooves and pis
other imp-ortant requirement is in having a tool
tons and also for scraping and re?nishing the
which can be easily manipulated so that when
walls of the grooves so that new piston rings can
the pistons are in relatively inaccessible places
be inserted therein either of the same size as the
the mechanic can apply and manipulate the tool
original ring or of some larger size if the groove
with one hand, if need be.
has had to be reamed out in order to remedy pit
With these needs in view it is among the ob 20 ting or other defects. Because it is desirable to
jects of my invention to provide a new and im
do this work in many cases without entirely re
proved ring groove cleaner for engine cylinders
moving the pistons, a tool to be successful must
which is particularly easy to apply and operate
be rather small and capable of being operated in
with one hand, if need be, and which, during its
a limited space. Due also to the fact that the
operation, performs an efficient job of cleaning 25 mechanic
when using the tool cannot conven
the ring groove to its full depth.
iently use both hands to manipulate it in many
Another object of my invention is to provide
cases, a tool which can be worked with one hand
7 a new and improved ring groove cleaner for pis
tons which is suf?ciently versatile so that it can
be used upon pistons of a wide variety of differ
is of decided advantage.
In order that the cutter which cleans out the
groove may progress properly as the cleaning
operation continues, the tool should further be
ent diameters and likewise for the cleaning of
grooves of different widths while maintaining its
so designed that a carriage for the cutter can be
e?lciency of operation equally well for all sizes.
advanced whenever necessary in order to bring
Still another object of my invention is to pro
the cutter into close contact with the groove and
vide a ring groove cleaner for pistons the parts 35 must
also provide an automatic feed so that the
of which when applied to the piston in cutting
cutter will continue to advance at a satisfac
relation become automatically engaged and upon
tory rate as the mechanic swings the tool about
completion of the cleaning operation can be
the piston during the cleaning operation.
quickly and e?iciently released by a single
After the groove has been thoroughly cleaned
squeezing action.
out, it is equally necessary that the mechanic be
A further object still of my invention is to pro
able to release it ?from engagement with the pis
vide a ring groove cleaner wherein a carriage for
ton with equal facility, which means that the
the cutting tool can be automatically maintained
tool capable of release with one hand is of a de
under pressure during operation, thereby assur
ing a steady pressure upon the cutter and which 45 cided advantage over tools requiring that they be
gripped and manipulated with two hands: when.
is further provided with a device for locking the
a job is ?nished. The tool, of course, must be
carriage in place so positioned that an operator
positive in its adjustment and ?rmly made so that
can manipulate the tension on both the carriage
the groove may be, ?nished straight and clean.
and the locking device with one hand whenever it
is desired for the operator either to apply the tool 50 In an embodiment chosen to illustrate my in
vention wherein a piston it provided with a ring
to or release the tool from a cylinder.
groove 52 is to be cleaned, there is shown a rod
With these and other objects in view, my in
is or substantially rectangular shape in cross sec
vention consists in the construction, arrangement
tion, bent into a wide V having one short leg l4
and combination of the various parts of my de
and one long leg � The thickness of the rod
vice whereby the objects contemplated are at 55 is
kept to such a dimension that it will be smaller
than a groove of narrowest width which is to be
worked upon. The wide V-shaped bend in the rod
is to permit it to be applied to pistons of differ
ent diameters. The outside edge of the leg I5 is
push against the thumb bracket 25 and edge the
carriage up a few more notches.
tending throughout a substantial portion of its
After the car
riage has thus been applied, the operator, using
his same hand, can rotate the tool about the
Mounted upon the long leg I5 is a carriage ll?
provided ?with a portion l8, encircling the long
To anchor 10
leg and adapted to slide along the leg.
the carriage in selected position along the leg
there is provided a ratchet comprising a handle 19 ' ?
pivoted at 26 to a bracket 124. A hooked end
22 is adapted to extend into an aperture or cut
away portion of the carirage 23 so ?that it can en
gage the teeth l?. The handle isbiasedoutward
1y by means of a coiled spring 2!; so ?that hooked
end 22 ?is normally urged inwardly into engaging
relationship with the teeth. For convenience in
applying the device with one hand there is pro
vided 1a thumb bracket 25 which may be located
at the outer end? of the carriage.
necessary to slide it a short distance further, it is
necessary only for the mechanic to grasp the out
side end of the leg l5 with his ?ngers and then
here shown provided with a series of teeth l6 ex
after the carriage is ?rst pushed into position, it is
piston. During rotation, the cutter 35 in the
present instance will progress gradually from the
outside edge of the groove toward the bottom,
being forced through a? feeding movement by
pressure of the spring tllwwhen the cleaning
and ?nishing of the groove has been ?nished, the
carriage and cutter can be quickly and readily
released by the mechanic using only one hand
?by-encircling both handles l8 and 33 with his
hand, pressing the handles inwardly toward each
other and then pulling the carriage outwardly
along the leg 55. The cutter is thereby released
from the groove simultaneously with release of the
carriage from its fixed position upon the rod 13.
As soon as the carriage has been withdrawn far
Cleaning of the groove is accomplished by a
enough so that on. release of the handle 33 the
groove-cutter hereshown as comprising a wheel
like element St which is carried upon a mounting 25 cutter will not be tilted into position ?within the
groove, the mechanic releases the handle �to
3i pivotally secured by a pin 32 to the carriage.
gether with the handle 33, the cutter again be
The mounting'isprovided with a handle 33 spring
comes automatically ?xed in position upon the rod
biased outwardly by means of a coiled spring '33
and the entire tool can be removed and tossed
which operates between the carriage and the
into the tool box, if ned be, without. danger of
handle. It should be noted that the handle 33
the carriage falling from the rod and without the
andihandle 18 are directly opposite each other and I
necessity of making any other manual adjust
are spring pressed in substantially the same
ment to prevent the parts from becoming sepa
,. plane outwardly from each other.?
The?cutter element is here. shown provided with
By the expedient of providing, in effect, an
?four separate cutters v35, 36, 31 and $8 and is in 35
automatic lock between the carriage and the rod
theiformofa whee1 rotatably mounted by means
ofa screw?i39 within the mounting 3!. The cut
by means .of which it is attached to a piston, 'a
ters, although of substantially the same length,
simple and efficient tool has?been provided which
is capable of efficient manipulation under vir
are .of different widths so that they may ?t with
40 tually all circumstances and which is capable of
in ?the grooves. of different ?breadths.
In order to secure one or another of the cut
making a satisfactory, straight, clean cut into
ters-?in proper cutting position, there is provided
the ring groove of a piston? so that a thorough
alblock 46. The block has a width permitting it
to be wedged intothe space between an adjacent
.pair of- cutters so that the cutter element may be
anchored'non-rotatably, with a desired cutter
cleaning and ?nishing job can be accomplished
extending in cutting relationship. The block
may .besecured by means of a thumb screw 42, the
.shank of which extends through a slot '43 in the
"side of the mounting and threa?dedly engages the
'block'lll. 'The?block can be slid into place against
thecutter element and there locked while one
?of the'cutte'rs is in cutting position ?and when ?it
?is desired ?to?rotate'the cutter element so that a
'cutter'of different size can be used the thumb
screw'llz is released and'the shank of the'screw
?42 ?slid ?along the'slot '43 until?the block is out
of engagement with the cutter element,?as shown
in a very short length of time.
I claim:
A reconditioner for piston ring grooves com-7
prising: ?a piston-engaging member having a pair
of legs at an acute'angle to each other, said legs
\ having opposing inner faces for contact with pis
tons of various diameters; an extension carried
by one of said legs, the outer face of said extension
being provided with a series of forwardly inclined
ratchet teeth; a carriage slidably mounted on said
extensionand over said ratchet teeth; -a bracket
carried by one side of the carriage; a rearwardly
?extending handle pivotally mounted on? the
?bracket, said-handle including a hooked forward
element; apart-in the carriage; spring means co
. in Fig. 2. The cutter element can then be rotated ,
operating with the handle to engage the hooked
until'the?desired' cutter is in cutting position.
60 element with saidratchet teeth through said port
fIn operation the ?carriage is ?rst released by
to prevent rearward motion of the carriage; a
sliding-it? to the outer end of the long leg 15 of the
mounting pivotally connected to the for
?rod 13., ?The rod is then applied arounda?piston
so that the sides of the legs adjacent the apex ?of
the V fall into a groove in a piston. The carriage
I] is?then pushed alongthe long leg until cutter
5-35,,?for'example, engages the groove and thenis
forced-somewhat further so that the mounting
-' 3| and'handle 33 are pivoted against the force
'{of' spring 34 causing it to collapse. This is the
?spring which feeds the cutter as the cleaning
*operation progresses. Since the handle i8 is
normally spring pressed outwardly by the spring
i2�?1the hook~22 ?will engage the?teeth of the long
"Tlleg1and-1anchorlthe carriage? inf-place at its Tfully
extended position, wherever that may be. If,
ward portion of the other side of the carriage; a
rearwardly extending handle carried by the
mounting and in a plane common to the car
riage,� said extension, and ?rst-mentioned handle;
spring means biasing the second mentioned
handle forwardly; a cutter whee1 pivotally carried
in ?the 'hollow mounting; and ?a manually. ad
justable wedge within the hollow mounting to lock
vthe cutter ?wheel, the'two handles beingwithin a
'1 single hand-hold distance of each otherwhereby
the carriage and cutter ? wheel mounting - may be
5 simultaneouslyreleased.
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