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Dec. 17, Y1946.
Filed Feb. 1o, 1944
. r-_
andó'?ar/es Kerr; Jl'.
Patented Dec. 17, 1946
2,412,866N _ ,
I 2,412,866
Winston A. Brecht, Wilkins'burg, and Charles
Kerr, Jr., Edgewood, Pa., assignors to Westing
, house Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh,
Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application February 10, 1944, Serial No. 521,792
I 5 Claims.
(Cl. 105-38)
to provide a locomotive which shall be simple and ,
tion. If desired, the tender‘unit II may be of the
efficient in operation and which Amay be »eco
nomically manufactured and installed.
factorily at relatively high speeds in either direcà
Our invention relates, generally, to locomotive
and, mûre Particularly, to turbine-driven locomo
Anobiect of our invention, generally stated, is
truck-type instead of the rigid frame type.
As' illustrated, the'power unit III may be pro- l
vided with‘six driving axles I8 which are pro-'1
pelled by a turbine I9. Since each axle has two
wheels, the power unit ,is provided with twelve
driving wheels 2li. The turbine I9 may be con-` ,
A more specific object of our invention is to
nected to the axles I8 through a reduction gear~
ing 2 I, a reverse gear 22, a longitudinally disposed
drive shaft 23 and additional reductionvgear units
' 24 disposed between the shaft 23 and the axles,
provide a locomotive capable of operating at rela
tively high speeds in either direction.
Another object of our invention is to provide
a locomotive having relatively high horsepower
capacity and relatively light axle loadings.
as more fully described in our copending 4ap'plica- _
a power unit and a tender unit which have a sub
place of reversing gears.
tion Serial No. 521,793, iiled February 10, A1944.
‘ A further object of our invention is to provide
It will be understood that driving arrangements.
a locomotive and tender of a substantially sym 15
types may be utilized if desired. Thus,
metrical outline.
wheels may be propelled by a separate- Other objects of our invention will be explained
I turbine, geared to each axle, or lby a turbine
fully hereinafter or will be apparent to those
,geared to each of two axles. Furthermore, the
skilled in the art.
In accordance with one embodiment of our in .2o number of driving axles may be varied. Also, a
reverse turbine, or turbines, may be utilized in
vention, a locomotive is comprised of two units,
In order to increase the total adhesive weight
the driving wheels, particularly for freight
is located on the power unit near the middle of
the locomotive, but the design of both units is 25 service, driving axles 25 may be provided _for the
'tender unit II‘. The axles l25 may belpropelled
such as to provide clear vision in each direction
by a turbine 26 which may be connected to the
from the operating- cab. Driving wheels may be
axles 25 through a réduction gearing 21, a reverse
provided on both the power and the tender umts
gear 28, a drive shaft 29 and reduction gear units
and propelled by turbines, preferably of the steam ^ 30.
As shown, the tender unit is provided with
stantially symmetrical outline. An operating cab
„eight driving wheels 3|, however, as explainedl ,
For a fuller understanding of the nature and
hereinbefore, driving arrangements of other types .
objects of lour invention, reference may be had to
may be utilized >for the tender unit as well as for
the following detailed description, taken in con
junction >with the accompanying drawing, in
which the single ngure is a diagrammatic view of
a locomotive embodying ourinvention.
"the power unit.
,35 .
Referring to the drawing, the locomotive shown
therein is composed of a power unit III and a
tender unit II which have a substantially sym
From the foregoing description, itis apparent
that we have provided a double-end locomotive
which hasnumerous advantages over prior struc
tures. The use of a turbine drive permits small
4driving wheels to be utilized, Vthereby making it
to provide as many as six‘driving axles
metrical outline and are disposed back-to-back. 40 possibleI
in a rigid wheel base and permitting rigid steamx
An operating cab 'I2 is disposed at the rear'of »
the power unit l0, substantially at the middle of
connections to the turbine or turbines.
The provision of at least six axles in a rigid
the locomotive. The design of both units is such
frame makes possible a ' locomotive having a‘
as to provide clear vision in each direction through _45 horsepower
capacity considerably greater than_windows 9 provided in the cab I2.
locomotives of the same lwheel base.
As shown, the locomotive is of the rigid frame
This also permits relatively light> axledoadings, `
type. However, a locomotive of the truck' type
may be utilized if‘desired. The power unit I0
' >as compared with previous loadings.
-.The use of,> small wheels'permlts the installa
and the tender unit II are coupled togetherrat I3
between the-two units. Guiding trucks I4 and I5 50 tion of a Alarger diameter boiler within permis'
are provided at the front and the rear ends, re
spectively, of the power unit I0. Likewise, guid
ing trucks I6 and Il may be provided at the front
and the rear ends, respectively, of the tender unit
sible height restrictions. » The provision of a run
ning gear for the tender unit similarto that of
-the locomotive permits its. operation in either
direction vat high speed with excellent tracking
Il. Therefore, the locomotive will operate satis- 55 characteristics.
Since numerous changes may be made in the
at each end'thereof and driving axles between
above-described construction, and different em
the guiding trucks, and turbine means disposed
bodiments of the -invention may be made _without
departing from the spirit and scope thereof, it
is intended that-all matter contained in the
foregoing description or shown in the accom
panying drawing shall be interpreted as illus
between wheels oi' the guiding trucks for pro
vpelling said driving axles at’relatively high speeds
in either direction, said turbine. means being
directly connected
We claim as our invention:
to said axles through revers- ‘
ing and‘reduction gears and drive shafts dis
posed longitudinally of the locomotive.
trative and not in a limiting sense.
4. A _ double-end
- 1. A double-end locomotivecomprising, a power
power unit and atender unit having a sub
unit and atender unit having a substantially t
symmetrical outline, an operating cab 'disposed _
' substantially at themidme of the locomotive to -
afford clear vision in _either direction-said power
unit having- a
truck disposed at each end
thereof and a' plurality of driving axles disposed
between' the guiding trucks, said tender unit
`stantially symmetrical outline and. disposed in
back-to-back relation, an operating cab’ disposed
at the rear of the power unit and substantially.
at the middlev of the locomotive, said power unit
having a yguiding truck disposed at each end
thereof and driving axles> vdisposed >between thc
guiding trucks,_said tender unit having a guid
having av guiding truck at each end thereof and
a plurality of driving axles _between the guiding ' ‘ ing truck'at each end thereof and driving axles between the guiding trucks; turbine means dis
trucks', and turbine means- disposed between 20 posed
between wheels of one of the guiding trucks
p wheels of the guiding trucks for propelling said
on _the power unit for propelling ythe driving
-driving axles 'at relativelyhigh speeds in either
axles on the power unit, and turbine means dis->
direction, said turbine means beinggdirectly con
posed between wheels of ’one I:__oi' the. guiding
nected to said axles through reversing andere
duction gears and drive shafts disposed longi
tudinally of the locomotive.
`trucks on ,the tender unit for propelling .the
driving“ axles on the tenderunit, said turbine
means being directlyv connected _to said axles
2.'AA double-end locomotive, comprising,- a
through reversing _and reduction gears and drive -‘
' A.power unit __and a tender unit _having a'substan
>shafts disposed longitudinally of the` locomotive,
tially symmetrical outline, an operating cab dig
posed substantially lat* the middle of' the loco
motive to alïord clear vision in either direction,:
\ said power unit having a guiding truck. disposed
_ at each end thereof and a plurality of driving
whereby said locomotive is capable of operating -f
at relatively high speeds-in' either direction. v.
5. A two-unit locomotive having two frame
coupled together,
a power unit >having
a boiler disposed on one frame section, va tenders@
axles disposed between the guidingvtrucks, said
unit disposed on the> other frame vsection,iï*'a'r`i
tender unit having a. guiding truck @at each end 35 operating
cab disposed inïthe powerj-unitr` and"-`
thereofI and a plurality of driving axles between
substantially at the middle of theï locomotive,
the guiding trucks, turbine means dispœed be-V
a guiding. truck disposed at each end of'ëth‘epower
tween wheels of .one of its guiding _trucks for`
unit, a plurality of driving. axles'disposed be
propelling the driving axles on thepogver> unit,v
and additional turbine means disposed between
wheels of one of its- guiding trucks for propelling ‘
tween said guiding truckspa guiding-truck“ dis
posed at each end ofthe vtenderhunitya*plu-V .
`ralityr of driving axles disposedl between said
the driving axles on the tender unit_„said turbine
trucks, ¿turbine j means .disposed under'
means being directly connected to Vsaid axles l _guiding
neath the boiler and between` wheels on one of
through reversing and reductiongears and drive .f theV
guiding trucks on the power unit for pro-i»
shafts disposed longitudinally of the locomotive, 45 peiling
the driving axles on the 'power unit, and
whereby said locomotive is capable of 'operating
means disposed between' wheelsof one.
at relatively high speeds- in either direction.
of the guiding trucks on the tender unit for pro
3. A double-end locomotive comprising, a' pelling
the driving axles on >the tender unit, said
power-unit and a tender 4unit having a lsubstan
4means being directly connected to said
tially symmetrical outline and disposed in back-> 50 axles through
reversing andreduction gears and
to-back relation, an operating cab disposed at the
drive shafts disposed longitudinallyof the' loco
rear of the power unit and substantially at-the
motive, whereby said locomotive is _capable `of
middle of the locomotive, said power unit having
operating at relatively `h.ig_h'¿_speeds in either,
a guiding truck disposed at each end _thereof
Ä and driving-axles disposed between the’guidlng 55
trucks, said tender unit having a guiding truck
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