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Dec. 17, 1946.
4,1. MAYER
-Filed Dec. 23., 1945 `
Freu! y
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, /7
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`¿3 /7
Patented Dec. 17, V1946
Julius .'Mayer, ForestîHills,`N."`-Y.
` l
. Application December 21„1¿9.45,-.'Serial No. '63,1418
4 Claims.
pressing 'inwardly :on the waist engaging .form
This Iinvention relates Ltonew anduseful im
,provements ,in garment `display .forms and more
members to momentarily press -them -towards
particularly to a "formjfor 4displaying waist band
each other while he is adjusting the waistof the
garment »around 4them after which he merely-lets
„garments .such as trousers, slacks, andskirts in
simulation of .their position when worn `bya user. 5 go of them and the springs will force themdnto
.engaging position.
One of the main features of the inventionre
sidesin ,a trousers display form for use in dis
4Other features will appear `from a consideration
of thefollowing detailed specification and'in the
Qpl'ayingtrousersin show windows and stores ina
manner-to impart a .natural hang .to thetrousers
appended claims which set .forth my invention.
so displayed.
-The present preferred .form .which the inven
Anotherfeature of .ltheinvention is to provide a
tion may assume is illustrated in the drawing, .of
display .form which is more readily adjustable to
Figure `1 isa perspective view of .an adjustable
the .trousers and will vautomatically engage the
trouser display form constructed .in .accordance
waist portion therefor when-in position.
.Another object is to provide Aa form which can 15 with theinvention, apair ofitrousers `beingillus
`be'much more quickly applied .to and removed
<trated in dotted lines.
from the vdisplayed garment.
` A further object is to provide a simple, efficient,
‘ Figure 2 is a topplan view.
l’Figure 3 is an .enlarged vertical sectional View
durable, inexpensive display form which is com
.taken substantially on lthe'líne 3-.3 of `Figure 2.
;pose'd of relatively few jparts, which can be ad .20 Figure 4«is anenlarged .detailed vertical sec
justed Ito the trousers with ease of yadjustment
tional view on .th’elline ‘4-‘4 of Figure 1. .
and yet Whichcan be .knocked down and stowed
Referring to the drawing by reference char
away quickly ina very small compass~
acters, >the numeral 'IB denotes my adjustable
Further and more 'specific objects,lfeatures and
ltrouser „display »form 'in .its entirety which in
advantages will more clearly appear ‘from `a con .25 cludes astand embodyinga pair of »spaced apart
sideration of the specification hereinafter espe
vertical ïlegs "I`I. These .legs „are ofdìfîerent
lengths dependingupon the length of the trou
Acially when taken‘in connection with the accom
4 panying drawing which forms part of `the speci~
sers or .other lgarment which-they are tosupport.
ñcation and which illustrates "a, .present preferred
`Connected to the lower end of each -leg v.II 'is a
'form which the invention may assume.
Generally and‘briefly‘the invention includes >a
Ydisplay `form frame comprising spaced upright
legs‘withfeet‘at the bottom and a crossconnecting
member 'at‘the top forming 4a substantially rigid
30 foot I2 -whichmay be intheform of >a flat bar or
Ai'.i'1bular inshape. "The lower endof each .leg 4II '
has. areduced-threaded end 1.3 which .screws .into
.a rthreaded -'hole I4 .ofits .relatedfoot lI2. The
"feet I2`---'I,2 .mayfbe definitely .spaced by means
generally rectangular 'frame‘which will stand on 35 of .a pair of connecting .cross bars ‘1.5. .The_feet
'I2 extend >forwardly _and rearwardly a distance
the floor or a Íshow window and support a gar
`Itoprovide-a supporting base for the legs I I. The
ment, such as a 'pair of trousers, thereon. Atthe
ends of the cross connecting member are disposed
legs II andthe feet I2 form leg units whichare
waist engaging form membersmovably -disposed
.substantially 4.inverted T-shape `and which `are
thereon and means associated Abetweenthe cross 40 sufficiently rigid to :support the loadto which „it
connecting member and the’waist engaging form
‘is subjected when. in use.
members to automatically at all times press the
'The upperend o‘f each ,leg His fitted .into .a
waist `engaging ‘.form `members outwardly to
forcibly ‘engage the waist `portion of the garment.
socket vIIS of .a collar membeixl'l which is fastened
rigidly 'in any Asuitable .manner near theends «.of` a
Preferably the Jcross connecting member ‘is a tube 45 tubular `element ’.ILS, o'f predetermined length de
of ‘definitelength‘for any 4particular display .form
and within its open endsproject .members dis
posed ‘telescopically therein. ¿Springs 'inthe Vcross
pending upon thesizepf the ~formbeingusecl.
The upper end of .each Íleg is held >mits 4socket
bymeans of a isetscrew ._I 9. Telescopinglyñtting
connecting member press outwardly on the tele
into _ thev ends _of . the tubular» element -. I Bgare rods
scopic members to tend to move them outwardly 5.0 por "hollow .tubes 2.0 :the .open ends „of »which .face
at all .times,and...the waist engaging form mem
each other. 'Theftübular ,element-.lßhas atpinli
bers >are disposed on the outer ends of the tele
‘ across it near .the center thereof 'and this pin
scopic members.
This provides a construction which -permits the
operator to ñt the device, at the waist, merely by
acts as a bearing member for the inner ends of
springs 22 which separately extend from the pin
2| to the outer closed ends of the hollow tubes 20
thus tending at all times to push these tubes out
for the horizontal tubular member I8 since the
expansion and contraction possible to the waist
form members'25 and 26 will adapt the upper
of the tubular element I8. An air hole 23 is
provided in the tubular element I8 to permit free
movement 4therein of the Itelescopingly disposed
tubes 20.
portion to use with almost any range of garment
waist band size.
For packing and shipping and for storage pur
It will therefore be seen that the _feet I2, the
legs II, the collars I1 and the tubular element I8
form a firm substantially rigid strong frame for
poses, the form can easily be knocked down as
will readily be seen. The legs I I can be unscrewed
from the feet I2 and disconnected from the co1
supportingÍ the trousers to bev-«suspended there
Tosuitfdifîererit sizes of trousers, the 10 >`lars I‘l `by releasing the set screws I9', thus ena
tubular elements I8 can be of different lengths
bling the several parts to be stowed away in very
and the collars I'I may be disposed at different „
l small compass.
distances from the ends thereof.
While the invention has been described in de
»tail and with respect to a present preferred form
whichv the invention may assume, it is not to be
The adjustable waist form member 24 includes
a pair of arcuate-shaped form sections 25. and 26
with convex outer faces fixedly secured at their
mid-portions to the outer ends of the telescoping
hollow tubes or elements 20 respectively. Thus
it can be seen that these waist form sections will
limited to suchdetails andV forms since many
changes and modifications may be made in the
invention without departing from the spirit and
scope of the invention in- its broadest aspects.
at all times be urged outwardly by the springs 20 Hence it is intended to~ cover any `andA all forms
22 to press against the inner portions of the Waist
and modifications of the invention which may
of the supported garment. These form‘sections
come within'the language or scope of anyone or
more of the appended claims.
25 and 26 are arranged with their concave sides
in spaced confronting relation as best illustrated
in Figure 2.
Having thus describedV the invention, what I
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
Means are provided for limiting the sliding
movement of the tubes 20 relative to the tubular
1. A trousers form display device comprising a
element I8. Each of such means comprises a
stand having spaced apart legs over which the
pin 28 carried by a tube 20 which extends into
legs of trousers are adapted to be loosely fitted,
'a slot 29 in an adjacent portion of the tubular so a horizontal member connecting the upper ends
element I8.
of the legs, waist engaging form members with
The legs of the trousers T hang down from the
. waist engaging form 24, with the legs II enclosed
convex outer faces movvably disposed on the ends
of the cross connecting member, and spring
therein. In order t0 `Ílïlpart a naturalV fullness ._ means associated with the cross connecting mem
'to the lower portions of the trouser legs, I may . ber and the waist form members to press’the
mount leg form members 27 upon the lower leg
waist form members outwardly at all times.
portions il.
These may be of any shape and
2. A trousers form display device comprising‘a
stand having spaced apart legs `over whichthe
legs of trousers are adapted to be loosely fitted,
construction but are preferably of the construc
tion shown in`my co-pending application Serial
No. 617,837,` filed September 21, 1945.
collars into which the upper ends'of the legs are
To support a pair of trousers upon the form
removably inserted, a fixed horizontaltubular
member'on which the collarsare. dislïlosed;y ele,
ments inserted into the ends of the tubularcross
Iii, the leg sections‘are separated from the collars
`I'I lby releasing the set screws I9 whereupon the
upper portionv of the formcan be removed from
member, resilient means in said member to press
the legsections. The legs of the trousers are 45 outwardly at all times on the elementsfandwaist
then slipped down upon each leg II and past the
form members having convex outer faces disposed
form sections V2‘I which have been previously ad
on the outer ends of said elements.
f " '
justed to the proper dimensions for the trousers
‘l 3. A trousers form display device comprising- a '
being displayed.’
pair o-f arcuate-shaped waist form members with
The upper unit is then placed’in‘position on 50 their concave sides facing `each other, ‘ hollow
Y the legs I I by'inserting the upper ends of the legs
tubes connected to the inner mid-fpo‘rtions of said
I I into their respective sockets and tightening up
waistiorm members, a tubular cross connecting
the ,set screws I9. However while this is being
member into the ends of which said hollow tubes
done the hands of the operator must pressA in
extend, apin extending across the tubular cross
wardly on the _waist form members 25 and 2B so 55 connecting member near its mid-portion, springs
as to push them in against the outward' thrust
within the tubular cross connecting member and
of the springs 22 to a contracted position. This
with their inner ends bearing against they pin, the
-will dispose the form members 25 and 26 well
outer ends of said springs `bearing against >the
within the outline of the waist of the trousers
hollow tubes to force the waist form members
until the upper portion of the form is in place, so outwardly at all times, collars on the ends ofthe
whereupon the waist form members 25 and 26
tubular cross connecting member, upright Vleg
can be released and allowed to expand or move
outwardly, under the action of springs 22, to press
against the ~waist Vof the trousers and automati
cally keep- them in proper position and shape.
`The relation betweenthe length of the trouser
legs and'jthe height of the display form can be
members removably inserted into sockets on said
collars, and feet members at the bottom ot .the
adjusted to suit by providing a series of sets of
legs lI of different length which can be readily
substituted the one for the other as the case may
require. It will rarely be necessary to substitute
leg members and threadably engaged.
él. A trousers form display device as set forth
in. claim 3 including means between the hollow
tubes and the connecting member for limiting the
sliding movement of the tubes in opposite direc:
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