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Dec. 24, 1,946.
E_ M_ _?oNEs ET A?_
Filed June 11, 1945
Patented Dec. 24,' 1946
Edwin M. Jones and Frederíck W. Stein,
Atchison, Kans.
Application June 11, 1945, Serial No. 598,870
3 Claims. (CI. 128-339)
ing in phantom a. hemostat in position, upon ac
tuation to release the stop,
Fig. 6 is a diagrammat'?c perspective view of a
wound sutured according to this invention show
ing the hemostat jaws in position to secure a stop
-to one of the needles,
Fig. 'I is an enlarged side elevation of e, modi
This invention relates to improvements in
suturing asse'mblies and methods and refers more
particularly to an assembly for and method of
suturing wounds wherein a surgical needle or
the' like is used to pin or hold the edges of a
Wound in healing relationship in place of the
customary stitches or clamps.
The appliance and method may be used in
treating surface wounds of varying character,
ñed suturing instrument,
Fig. 8 is an enlarged side elevation of another
for example, those incident to surgical opera 10 modi?cation employing a curved needle, and
Fig. 9 is an enlarged side elevation showing
tions, wounds accidentally sustained or those
the application of the invention to still another
incurred in warfare. The novelty resides pri
type of curved needle.
marily in using a needle with adjustable stops
Referring to the drawing the suturing assembly
for holding the edges of a wound in healing rela
15 comprises a needle ?o shown as a conventional
The edges of wounds of a relatively severe
character are conventionally held together by
stitches or by clamps. In both .conventional
methods the proper adjustment of the edges of
the wound is diñicult to obtain. Also both the 20
stitches and clamps pass over the wound inter
fering with subsequent treatment. In addition
When clamps are used the clamping pressure
against the ?esh often bruises or injures the
When stitches are used proper knotting .
of the strands is dif?cult andtedious. Further
more, the thin strands have a tendency to cut
the ?esh and in this respect are not entirely sat
surgical needle except for the spherical head lila
formed at what is customarily the blunt or eye
let `end of the needle. A stop including a sleeve
I l of resilient material, such as rubber, synthetie
rubber or the like, -has a peripheral bead formed
at one end and is mountable on the needle.
Will be noted, by reference to Fig. 4, that the
axial hole in the sleeve is of somewhat greater
diameter than is the diameter of the needle
shank on Which›the sleeve is to :be mounted.
'I'hus, the sleeve is readíly moved axially of the
needle into a ,selected position on the needle
shank. The length of the sleeve depends on its
proposed use, it being preferable in some in
One object of this invention is to provide an 30 stances to cover the point of the needle in which
case the sleeve has su?icient length to accomplish
To ?x the stop in the selected position a metal
Another object is to provide a suturing assem
assembly and method for quickly suturing
?bly and method which facilitates'the adjustmcnt
of the wound edges in healing relationship.
ring or band l2 is provided encircling the sleeve
preferably adjacent the bead. This ring maybe
A further object is to provide a suturing as
made of ,any suitable material capable of retain
sembly and method wherein the outer surface
of the sutured Wound is unobstructed.
Other and further objects of this invention
will appear from the following description.
ing a new shape when distorted so as to main
bly embodying the invention,
tains the resilient material under compression
tain the resilient material under compression as
explained below. When the stop has been in
serted on the needle and adjusted to its selected
position the ring l2 is gripped between the clamp
In the accompanying drawing which forms a
ing jaws of a conventional surgeon's hemostat
part of the instant speci?cation and is to be read
!3, as shown in Fig. 6, and pressu?'e is applied
in conjunction therewith and in which like refer
to compress the resilient sleeve and distort the
ence numerals are used to indicate like parts in
45 metal ring. On removal of the hemostat the
the various views,
metal ring retains its distorted shape and main
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a suturing assem
causing the portion of the resilient sleeve en
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the assembly shown
ci?'cling the distorted band to snugly grip› the nee
in Fig. 1 with the stop secured to the needle,
Fig. 3 is a top plan View of the assembly shown 50 dle shank anchoring the stop thereon.
If the stop is to be released to remove the nee
in Fig. 2,
dle or to correct an improper adjustment, the
Fig. 4 is an enlarged view taken along the line
extremities of the distorted band are gripped
4--4 in Fig. 2 in the direction of the arrows,
between the jaws of the hemostat, as shown in
Fig. 5 is an enlarged View taken along the line
5--5 in Fig. 4 in the direction of the arrows show 55 Fig. 5, and su?icient pressure is applied to restore
the band to substantially its ring shape, which
tion have been accomplished. There has been
releases the compression of the resilient sleeve.
provided a method and instrument for quick
ly suturing a' wound. The arrangement is
In operation the needle lo, free of the sleeve,
is inserted transversely through the wound, the
point piercing the sound ?esh on one side of the
wound, passing transversely through the wound
and emerging from the sound ?esh on the other
side of the wound. The needle is then adjusted
so the head portion !oa abuts the ?esh on one
such that no knots are required and the su
tured wound has no obstructions over its outer
surface. The Construction provides an inexpen
sive device .that facilitates treatment of wounds
under both hospital and improvised conditions.
The devicc is such that it is readily withdrawn
side of the wound limiting further movement of 10 'from a wound that has substantially healed or
the needle therethrough. The stop is next ?t
whenever removal of the needles is desired.
upon the needle point with its beaded end ad-'
.From the foregoing it will be seen that this
jacent the ?esh. The stop is adjusted on the
invention is one well adapted to attain all of the
needle to draw the edges of the wound into proper
end's and objects hereinabove set forth together
healing relationship and is Secured or ,anchored
, with other advantages which are obvious and
in its selected position fby distorting the band !Z .
which are inherent to the structure and method.
and sleeve ll with the hemostat. This. com
i It will be understood that certain features and
presses the web of resilient material encircled
subcombinations are of utility and may be em_
by the band and distorts the band. The distorted
ployed without reference to other features and
band holds the encircled portion of the sleeve
subcombinations. This is contemplated by and is
under compression when the hemostat is removed
within the scope of the claims.
causing the compressed portion of the sleeve to
As many possible embodiments may be made
?rmly grip the needle shank anchoring the stop
of the invention without departing from the
thereon. When required by the character of the
scope thereof it is to be understood that all mat
wound a plurality of needles may be inserted in
ter herein set forth or shown in the accompany
like manner spaced along the wound as shown›
ing drawng is to be interpreted as illustrative and
in Fig. 6.
not in a limiting sense.
When the wound has healed suf?ciently, the
Having thus described our invention, we claim:
l. A suturing assembly comp?'isíng a needle, an
needles are readily withdrawr?.` To accomplish
this the hemostat is again employed to distort 30 enlargement attached to one end of the needle,
and an adjustable stop adapted to be mounted
the` metal band !2. This time the band is distort
ed into substantíal-ly its original shape so as to
upon the shank of the needle, said stop compris
release the compression ofthe resilient material.
ing a sleeve of resilient material and a band of
The stop is then withdrawn from the needle and
stiff material encircling the sleeve, said band
having suf?cient inherent sti?ness to be capable
the needle is withdrawn from the ?esh.
of retaining a new shape when distorted.
In the modi?cation shown in Fig'. 7 the sleeve
II a of the stop is Shortened and does not cover
2. A sutiu'ing assembly comprising a needle, an
the point of the needle when in its selected op
enlargement attached to one end of the needle,
erative position.
t is contemplated that in
and an adjustable stop adapted to be mounted
some instances it will be desirable to?clip off the 40 upon the shank of the needle, said stop compris
portion of the needle extending free of the sleeve
ing a sleeve of resilient material of a length to
with the cutting element of the hemostat as will
cover the point of the needle when it is mounted
be fully understood by those skilled in the art. It
thereon and a band of st?f? material encircling
is to be noted that in this modi?cation a sec
the sleeve, said band having suf?cient inherent
ond Shortened stop is substituted at the blunt or
sti?nessv to be capable of retaining a new shape
when distorted.
eyelet end of a conventional surgical needle for
the ?xed head lüa.
3. A suturing assembly comprising a needle,
In Figs. 8 and 9 the application of the inven
an enlargement attached to one end of the needle.
tion to different types of surgical needles is
and an adjustable stop adapted to be mounted
shown. Also it is to be noted that in _the embodi
upon the shank of the needle, said stop com
ments of the invention shown in these figures the
prising a sleeve of resilient material having a
sleeve does not have the peripheral bead formed
periphera] bead at one end and a band of sti?
at one end, however, usually the sleeves with the
material encircling said sleeve, said band having
beads are preferred as the bead provides 'an en
suf?cient inherent. stiffness to be capable of re
larged and cushioning surface for engagement
tainíng a new shape when distorted.
With the flesh.
It will be seen that the objects of this inven
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