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Dec. 24, 1946.
Filed April 24, 1945
*1ro .3
Patented Dec. 24,1946
Teoíil L. Bonkowski, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application April 24, 1945, Serial No. 590,025
2 Claims.
(Cl. 51-194)
This invention relates to rotating shaft
mounted drums or wheels for the sanding of
wooden, plastic, metal and other articles whose
spective said shields in said edge-protecting
surfaces have narrowly recessed sections more or
shield and certain shield-retaining means, as seen
less inaccessible to ordinary sanding means, the
drum containing a plurality of flexible sanding or
abrasive strips of cloth, paper or otherwise, the
free or working ends of the strips protruding out
in the plane 4_4 in Figure 1.
Referring to Figures 1 and 2, the respective
sanding drum is indicated by I ll. The main body
thereof is constituted of a base plate II, secured
to a rotating shaft, not shown, by a hub I2, and
integral with a peripheral Wall I3, which may be
of circular cross-sectional form or of any other
symmetrical form. The axis of symmetry of the
drum, which is also the aXis of rotation thereof, is
indicated by S-S. A detachable cover for the
15 drum is indicated by I4,
side of the peripheral wall of the drum or wheel
and respectively thru a corresponding plurality of
slots, each of said free ends being generally stili"
ened or backed by a thereto respective, adjacent
one of a corresponding plurality of stiffening
means, generally small brushes.
Sanding strips are coated only on one side with
Figure 4 is an enlarged sectional View of said
thereto bonded grains of abrasive material. The
coated side therefore of the working end exercises
an abrading effect on the coated-side-confronting
edge of the respective slot. Since a longer life
successively spaced around the drum in periph
eral wall I3, is a plurality of strip-slots or open
ings or, simply, slots, I5, I6, Il, I8, I9, 2U, 2| and
22. Corresponding to them respectively are the
of the drum or wheel is a desideratum and since 20 shields, 23, 24 25, 26, 21, 28, 29 and 30, which are
the body of the drum or wheel is preferably of a
soft metal or plastic to permit ease and economy
conceivably of spring steel and which are adapted
to embrace and ’be retained by the coated-side
of fabricating it, this invention concerns itself
particularly with special protecting means for
confronting edges respectively of said slots in the
abrading of said coated-side-confronting edge
cated by 3I, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 31'and 38.
order given. The free or working ends of the
eliminating the otherwise more or less serious 25 thereto respective said sanding strips are indi
and the thereupon consequent premature con
In. Figure 3, the disposition of the abrasive- or
sumption of the drum. No means for this purpose
coated-side-confronting edge of the respective
have ever been employed before on sanding
said strip slot is indicated by the plane G-G.
drums. The combination therefore of a drum 30
Referring to Figure 4, one of saidshields, 23, is
with such means constitutes the basic object and
shown embracing and being retained by the re
advantage of this invention, in which a certain
' spective said co-ated-side-confronting edge I5A of
replaceable shield constitutes one of the elements
slot I5, which edge is provided with a therein
molded or cast bead I5B, which permits one, when
A subsidiary object and advantage is quick and
the cover I4 is removed for the purpose, to slip
facile replaceability of said shield.
the shield 23 axially parallelwise onto said edge
A further object and advantage is a guarantee
IEA and, yet, because of the locking disposition
against the accidental dislodgement of said shield
of bead IEB within the arced section 23A of the
while the drum is in use.
shield, bead I5B restrains any appreciable move
Although there are many arrangements of 40 ment of shield 23 toward the opposed, other edge
of slot I5, with the thereupon ensuing obstruction
edge-protecting means based on the principles of
of the slot. AXially parallel displacement of shield
23 is prevented by cover I 4. The described rela
tionship between the bead or shield-retaining
means, I5B, and the arced section 23A constitutes
said previously mentioned guarantee against the
this invention that will be conceived by persons
skilled in the art, I prefer to select a simple and
typical one of them as illustrative of said princi
ples and constituting therefore the subject of this
speciñcation and of the herewith accompanying
drawing, in which
accident-al dislodgment of said shield.`
Figure 1 is a plan view of a drum embodying
said selected arrangement of edge-protecting
tively provided wlth the two mutually coacting
parts, namely, bead IEB and arced section 23A,
Said slot I 5 and the shield are therefore respec
which are adapted to permit the drum-axially
parallel removal and installation of the shield
from the side thereof that is opposed to the shaft
from and in said drum and to restrain ‘displace
mounted side.
ment of the shield toward the other ofthe two
Figure 3 is an enlarged view of one of the re 55 edges of the slot. The above applies of course to
Figure 2 is an elevation view of the same as seen
each combination of slot and shield among said
slots and shields. In Figure 4, the arced section
23A is schematically represented as being larger
than the bead by a greater amount than is ac
tually the case in practice. The space defined by
the arced section, in which the bead is received,
is in practice somewhat smaller.
I claim:
1. In a sanding drum, the combination of a
drum having a peripheral Wall formed with a 10
plurality of spaced slots, one long edge of said
slots being formed with a bead therealong and a
shield removably ñtted over each said long edge
and bead, and said shield having an enlarged por
tion to receive the beaded edge of the drum, and
parallel leg sections embracing the peripheral
Wall beyond the bead.
2. In a sanding drum, the combination of a
drum having a peripheral wall formed with a plu
rality of slots spaced therearound through which
abrasive strips are extended, a peripheral wall
along one long edge of each slot being beaded, and
removable wear clips passed over the peripheral
Wall and over beaded edges thereof and being held
to the peripheral Wall behind said beads.
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