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Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed July 21, 1945
. 2 Sheets-Sheet l
?mI/zd ?o/fklarz
Dec. 31,- 1946. ‘
Filed July 21, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
?me/z'a (id/fan
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
2,413.3 9
Amelia Gol?eri, New York, N. Y.
Application July 21, 1945, Serial No. 606,352
3 Claims.
(c1. 2—19s)
My invention relates generally to wearing ap
parel, and in particular it relates to an article of
For fullest protection for ears, throat and neck
in cold or wet weather, or while indulging in
winter sports, etc., the larger loop end of my de
vice is ?rst drawn over the head as acapuchin
and then the body of the device and the smaller
apparel which is usable as a scarf and as a capu
chin; that is, a hooded head-covering. The pres
ent application is a continuation-in-part of my
application Serial No. 587,580, heretofore ?led
on April 10, 1945. The main object of the present '
invention is the provision of an article of apparel,
as a neck and shoulder-encircling scarf, which
loop end are Wound tightly about the neck and
knotted, which will draw the material of the
capuchin as close to the face, forehead and neck
as desired.
Another object of my invention is the provision
may simply, easily and quickly be converted into 10
of a scarf-capuchin which comprises an elon
a capuchin by merely drawing one looped end of
gated endless loop of material, the opposite sides
my article through the loop at the other end of
of which loop are secured together only along a
the article, and then opening the threaded loop
portion of the loop spaced from the ends thereof,
and placing same over the head of the wearer.
The capuchin then remains closed without re
15 closer to one end than to the other, said other
end of the original elongated endless loop being
quiring buttons, zippers, clasp buttons or similar
My new article of wearing apparel comprises,
wider at that end and longer on one side than on
the other.
These and other objects and advantages of my
desired length) which is stitched together along 20 invention will become more fully known as the
description thereof proceeds, and will then be
portions of the longitudinal edges to close the
more speci?cally de?ned in the appended claims.
loop in from the ends thereof to herebyform two
in essence, an elongated loop of material (of any
loops one at each end of the article, with the ter
minal edge of one of said loops being curved to
make positive the formation of the capuchin.
In the accompanying drawings forming a ma
terial part of this disclosure:
The construction of my scarf-capuchin is an ex
ceedingly simple operation and can be made as
inexpensive as desired according to the materials
device constructed according to and embodying
my invention;
employed, yet durable and highly e?cient for
as a scarf;
versatile uses.
If my novel article of apparel is to be used as a
Figure 1 is a perspective View of one form of
Fig. 2 is a view showing my device in use merely
Fig. 3 is a view showing ‘my device formed into
a hood head covering, or capuchin; and
knotting the same about the neck to produce any
Figs. 4 and 5 are views illustrating other modes
of using my device for covering or partially cov
ering the head of the wearer.
desired effect commonly associated with scarfs.
The capuchin scarf may be made from any
elongated strip of material ID for forming the
scarf, the same is formed by drawing the longer
loop end through the other and shorter loop, and
As illustrated in Fig. 1 of the drawings, the
combination scarf and capuchin of my invention
may be cut on the bias as at I l, and sewed to
gether to form an elongated endless loop of ma
material such as silk or rayon celanese for sum
mer or evening wear, .or of ?annel, heavy cotton 40 terial, the longer sides 40, 50 of which are stitched
together, as at 42, 52 respectively to de?ne .two
or wool, for use in colder weather, and for winter
loops l2 and H3 at opposite ends of the elongated
member having their edge sections closed as at
Another, very important feature of the inven
I4, IS (the terminal edge 66 of one of said loops
tion is that the article can be made in waterproof
silk, etc., or any other materials which are water 45 I5 being curved). The reason for the curved
terminal edge 60 of loop l3 will be given herein
proofed or lend themselves to waterproo?ng.
Thus, for instance, in doubtful Weather a wom
When my combination scarf-capuchin is to be
an can go out wearing the article as a scarf of
used as a scarf, as illustrated in Figure 2, the
waterproofed material and in case of rain can
longer loop 13 is drawn through the shorter loop
throw it over her head as a protecting capuchin
I2, which is then drawn up along the central por
for head or hat.
tion of the elongated member as close to the neck
This scarf, on account of its entirely new shape
of the wearer as desired, all as indicated at It.
and design is particularly Well adapted for con
When my new article of apparel is to be used
version into many and most becoming forms of
55 as a scarf-capuchin; that is, as a neck-encircling
turbans and head gear.
kind of material in all colors or if so desired, in
contrasting colors, it may be made from light
device and as a head covering, the shorter loop
I2 is ?ared and distended and the longer loop l3
may be used in a wide variety of ways, serves
many purposes, is easy and simple to make and
threaded therethrough, into the position shown
in Fig. 2. Thereafter, the longer loop I3 is ?ared
and distended and passed over the head of the
wearer, with the wider and longer portion 44 of
claim as new is:
this irregularly shaped loop l3 in front.
prises an elongated endless loop of material, the
Having thus described my invention, what I
1. An article of Wearing apparel, which com
opposite sides of which loop are secured together
rear 43 of loop I3 is shorter than the front 44
only along a portion of the loop spaced from the
thereof, to more or less accommodate this loop
to the contours of the head and to provide more 10 ends thereof and nearer to one end than the
space to frame the face of the wearer. As seen
in Figs. 1 and 2, the terminal end I5 of my device
2. An article of wearing apparel which com~
is wider than the width of the rest of the end
prises an elongated endless loop of material, the
opposite sides of which loop are secured together
less member.
Figs. 4 and 5 illustrate other methods of using
only along a portion of the lop spaced from the
my novel article of apparel; Fig. 4 illustrates its
ends thereof, and nearer to one end than the
other de?ning separate openings through the loop
use as a head covering for inclement Weather,
while Fig. 5 illustrates its use as a turban.
in the same plane, one of which openings is
I have described and illustrated my article of
apparel as comprising an elongated endless 1001:)
member having its opposite sides secured together
only along a portion of its length, spaced. from
greater than the other.
3. An article of wearing apparel as in claim 2,
in which the securement is by parallel lines of
stitching along the opposite sides of the endless
the ends thereof and nearer to one end, the
other end being wider than the width of the re
loop, and the greater of the openings is longer on
mainder of the elongated endless member and
longer on one side than at the other. My device
one side than on the other side.
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