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Patented Dec. 31, 1946
Herbert A. Huisberg, Riverside, lill., assigner to
Universal @il Products Company, Chicago, Ill.,
a corpcraticn or Delaware
Application March 3u, 11.944, Serial No. 528,688
6 Claims. (m. ‘7S-205)
This invention relates to a flow meter for meas
uring ñuids both liquid and gaseous.
The present invention provides a ñow meter
which is very easily and economically con
Briefly theM apparatus comprises a curved tube
of substantially uniform diameter confining a
freely movable sphere therein. The tube is bent
connected by means oi adapter il) and packing
nut II to outlet conduit I2. Adapter III and pack
ing gland nut I I are similar to adapter 4 and nut
5 and function to provide a substantial seal be
tween tube I and conduit i2.
A limit stop I3 is also provided at the outlet
end of tube I. This stop being secured and sup
ported Within adapter l0 in a manner similar to
in the form of a curve disposed so that the angle
formed between a tangent to the curve and a hori l() that by which limit stop 8 is secured to and sup
ported by adapter 4.
zontal plane increases from one end of the tube
In operation as material is introduced by means
to the other. For example, the tube may be bent
of conduit 'l and withdrawn by means of conduit
in the form of a quadrant of a circle with the in
let end horizontal and the outlet end in the ver
tical plane. Although when the tube is formed
in the shape of a quadrant of a circle very satis
I2, the forceof the ñowing material will be de
pendent upon the velocity thereof. This force f2
will act upon sphere 2 and displace it toward the
-outlet end of the measuring tube until the force
factory results may be obtained, it is not intended
f1 equals force f2. Force f1 when tube I is bent ~
that the invention be limited to this specific form
in the form of a quadrant of' a circle is equal to
of apparatus because various other shapes may
be found advantageous in different situations.
20 G sin 0. Force f1 will increase as angle 0 increases
and decrease as angle 0 decreases.
Other shapes to which the tube may be bent
When force f1 equals force f2 sphere 2 will re
include parabolas and logarithmic curves. Also
main substantially stationary In the tube and by
the tube may be made of transparent material for
direct visual observation» or of a non-magnetic
In order to make the features and advantages
referring to scale 3 a measurement of the ilow can
be readily ascertained. It is of course necessary
to calibrate the instrument for the various types
of material to be measured.
vof this invention more apparent and clearly un
I claim as my invention:
derstood reference is made to the accompanying
drawing which is an elevational view, partly in
l. A flow measuring~ device which comprises in
section, of a preferred form of flow meter consti 30 combination a transparent conduit of substan
tuting the invention.
tially uniform cross section, a spherical memberv
freely movable within the conduit and of sub
Referring to the drawing, the main element of
stantially smaller diameter than >the internal
the Iiow meter in this modification is a bent trans
parent tube designated by the numeral I. This
diameter of the conduit whereby to permit the
flow of ñuid between said member and the Wall of
tube may be composed of any suitable material,
such as ordinary glass, Pyrex glass, quartz, etc., 35 the conduit, said conduit being formed in the
the selection being dependent upon the operating
shape of a curve having a constantly increasing
conditions of the instrument. Within the tube is
slope with respect to a horizontal plane, means
confined a spherical shaped member 2, the size
for directing fluid to be measured through said
and weight of this member being dependent upon 40 conduit in the direction of increasing slope, and a
the viscosity and density of the material to be
graduated scale' disposed parallel and adjacent to
measured- Extending parallel with the trans
said conduit, said spherical -member indicating
parent tube is a graduated scale 3 which is sup
the rate of flow on said scale.
ported from the tube by suitable clamp rings 3'
2. The measuring device defined in claim 1 fur
and bolts as shown. The inlet end of the meter 45 ther characterized in that the axis of the inlet
is connected to inlet conduit ‘I by »means of
end of said conduit is disposed substantially hori
adapter 4. Adapter 4 receives one end of the
zontal and the axis of the discharge end of said
transparent tubing which is held and sealed in
conduit is disposed substantially vertical.
place by means of the packing gland nut 5 and
3. The measuring device deiined in claim 1 fur-`
suitable packing 6.
characterized in that said conduit is formed
Adapter 4 also is provided with a limit stop 8
in the shape of an arc of a circle.
which limits the movement of sphere 2 in tube I
4. The measuring device defined in claim 1
as indicated by the dotted lines. Limit stop 8 is
further characterized in that said conduit is
supported in adapter 4 by suitable web-like mem«
bers 9. The outlet end ofthe measuring tube is 55 formed in the shape of a parabola.
5. The measuring device deñned in claim l fur
' @massa
ther characterized in that said conduit is formed
in the shape of a logarithmic curva»
6. A ñow measuring device which comprises in
combination a length of transparent conduit 'of
uniform diameter and shaped in the form lof a
quadrant of a circle, a' spherical member freely
, movable within the conduit and of substantially
thereof beine-,tement to a vertical line. means
‘ comprising an inlet conduit for directing the
stream to be measured into that end of said con
duit which is tangent to a horizontal line, means
comprising an outlet conduit for removing said
stream from the other end of said transparent
` conduit, and a graduated scale disposed parallel
and adjacent to said transparent conduit, said
smaller diameter than the internal diameter of
spherical member indicating the rate of ñow on
the conduit whereby to permit the ñow of fluid
between said member and the wall of the con 10 said scale.
duit, one end of said transparent conduit being
tangent to a. horizontal line and the other end.
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