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Dec., 3l, 1946.
Filed June 15, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet l
Dec. 31, 1946.
- Filed June l5, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Mtl/Afl HMM/6 -
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
William P. Morris, Lovington, N. Mex.
Application June 15, 1945, Serial No, 599,735
5 Claims. (Cl. .B1-13)
This present invention relates to a sheave block
attached to a hook 8 whereby the structure now
to be described may also be suspended.
for cleaning and oiling a measuring line after
The eye and hook are parts of a swivel 9 in
the ’same has been used for sounding the depth
cluding a cylindrical ilange I 0 which is rotatably
of wells containing oil or similar liquids or for
5 connected to a block or housing II consisting of
other purposes.
two substantially identical parts or halves I2, I3.
'I'he primary object of the invention is the de
Each part has an outwardly enlarged and there
sign of a device answering the above purpose by
by reinforced socket head I4. The socket I5
formed in this head is semi-cylindrical and wid
same on a drum, and also including means for 10 ened centrally at I6 and open at the top. One
half of the swivel is received in this socket, one
wiping the mud off the line and other means for
half of the ñange I Il occupying the space I 6.
oiling the line.
including, therein means through which a meas~
uring line may be threaded prior to spooling the
It is another object of the invention to con
struct a device of the class described which is
When the two halves are united by a plurality of
screw bolts I1, the swivel cannot be extracted
inexpensive, simple and sturdy and in which the 15
operation of cleaning precedes that of oiling and
from its socket.
both are incident to the spooling of the line o-n
half are formed concentric bosses B and b. y
On the outer and wider sides of each housing
The inner or confronting sides of the two
halves have each a central substantially cylin
will become apparent as the invention is under 20 drical depression I8 the end walls I9 of which
are conical and extend slightly inwardly. The
stood, the same resides in the combination and
space formed by the two depressions is partially
arrangement of parts as hereinafter set forth
occupied by oil o for a purpose which will be
and illustrated in the accompanying drawings
come apparent as the description proceeds. Cen
and claimed in the appended claims, it being un
derstood that changes in the precise embodiment 25 trally of the conical end wall surfaces are formed
bearing sockets 20 having widened intermediate
of the invention may be made within the scope
portions occupied by bearing rings 2|. The lat
of what is claimed without departing from the
ter serveas journals for a pair of trunnions 22
spirit of the invention.
each extending from the center of the conical
In the drawings:
30 and concave sides of a sheave 23 with a V-groove
Fig. 1 is a front elevation of the preferred em
24 at the periphery. The sheave is immersed in
bodiment of my invention, supported above an
the housing section I2 which is provided with an
oil well casing;
oil hole closed by an oil plug 25.
Fig. 2 is a side View of the casing;
In order to connect the two halves in a liquid
Fig. 3 is a central vertical section on line 3-3
tight manner a pair of gaskets 26 is clamped be
of Fig. 2;
tween their opposing surfaces. Each gasket has a
Fig, 4 is a horizontal section on line 4_4 of
central hole 21 which registers with the sheave
Fig. 3;
chamber described and is iiat and of uniform
Fig. 5 is an axial vertical section on line 5_5
thickness except as otherwise described. On the
of Fig. 1;
40 side of each gasket facing a housing section and
Fig. 6 is a view of the inner side of one half of
surrounding the hole 21 is an annular rib or
the casing without the gasket;
ilange 28 which is seated in a corresponding an
Figs. '7 and 9 are views of opposite sides of one
nular depression in the housing half. Each gas
of the gaskets;
ket has a hole 29 registering with a bolt hole in
Fig. 8 is an edge view of one of the gaskets;
the housing. The gasket portion 30 above the
Fig. 10 is a. perspective view of the split tube.
horizontal diameter through the hole 21 is thicker
In the drawings in which like reference char~
than the lower portion on the side facing the
acters designate like or 'similar parts, numeral
housing part (Fig. 8). In this portion is provided
2 denotes an oil well casing the upper end of
a curved groove 3| on the side facing the other
which is clamped by a pair of clamps 3. These 50 gasket. In assembled condition these two grooves
clamps also surround a rod 4 and clamp the
are widened and the material forming them is
same against the casing. The upper end por
stretched by the insertion of a curved threading
tion 5 of the rod is bent to extend horizontally
tube 32 of copper, steel, fiber, plastic or other suit
and terminates in an eye 6 which is interlinked
able material. This tube has on its concave side a
with an eye 1. The latter is integral with or 55 longitudinal slot 33 through which the measuring
the drum.
With the above and other objects in view as '
line after having been threaded through the tube,
can be pulled between the contacting gasket sur
passage from the threading member and in the
plane of contact.
3. A device for cleaning and oiling a measuring
line, comprising a housing consisting of a pair of
faces to clean the mud therefrom. The insertion
of the tube in the grooves of the gaskets causes
the material on the outer side facing the half CI substantially duplicate halves bolted together,
means cooperating with the housing for supportof the housing to bulge as shown at 34 and fill a
ing the same in any one of a plurality of angular
groove 35 formed in the housing part.
positions above an oil Well casing, a pair of gas
Fig. 3 shows in dotted lines the measuring line
kets between the halves of the housing, a tubular
extending through the threading tube to be
threading member open atitsfends andslotted on
spooled ¢upon a drum (not shown) . The «pull of
this drum'causes ‘the >line ‘to slip'down thro'ughthe
longitudinal slot in the tube and between the con
fronting ñat surfaces of the gasket until the
cleaned line is seated on the sheave which is there
by rotated and oils the line.
It is to be understood that various arrangements
and modifications other than that described above
and illustrated in the accompanying 'drawings
may be devised, and yet come within the` spirit
of this invention. Accordingly, it is the intention
that the appended claims be construed broadly
to‘cover suchv alternative arrangements and modi
its lower side between the gaskets, means adapted
to be rotated by the measuring line after the same
:has left the threading tube and passed between
the gaskets and an oil bath for the last named
means to oil the line rotating such means.
4. A device for cleaning and oiling a, measuring
line comprising a housing consisting of a pair of
halves ' substantially duplicates of one another,
each half being centrally recessed and circum
ferentially apertured, bolts in the apertures, an
oiling sheave rotatably mounted in the space de
lined by the recesses and containing oil, a pair of
gaskets having apertures registering with -the re
cesses and linterposed in contacting relation be
1. -A ydevice for cleaning and oiling a measuring 25 tween the housing halves, threading means slotted
in a direction facing the sheave clamped between
line, housing, a threading member slotted on its
the gaskets.
lower side in the housing, a pair of gaskets in the
AWhat is claimed as new and useful is:
housing and surrounding the threading member
5. 'A device for cleaning and o‘iling‘a measuring
line comprising a housing consisting of halves
and having cleaning surfaces extending in the
path of theline when emerging from the member 30 substantially duplicates of one another, each half
having exterior centrally disposed ‘bosses and an
through the slot, an oiling sheave rotatably
interior recess concentric therewith and circum
mounted in the housing and receiving the line
ferentially spaced bolt holes, the recesses deñning
after passage -between the cleaning surfaces, and
a space partially ñlled with oil," an oil sheave im
an óil bath for immersing the sheave.
2. A device for cleaning and oiling a. measuring 35 mersed in the oil and rotatably mounted in the
recess space, a pair of 'gaskets each having a'cen
line, comprising a housing consisting of duplicate
tral aperture registering with the recesses and
sections a threading member open at both ends
in contacting arrangement clamped between the
and slotted on its lower side in the housing, a pair
halves, threading means for threading theïline
of sealing members connecting the sections and
enclosingv the threading member and contacting 40 having a slot in the plane of the contact surfaces
of the gaskets, and bolts inserted in the bolt holes.
one another on a plane containing the’slot of the
threading member, and oiling means operated by
the measuring line vfor oiling the latter after its
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