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Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed may 2, 1945
_ 2 Sheets-Sheet 1’
-v\ N 4
bee-'31, 1946-
Filed May 2, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
v"l l 5m
Z /0
‘j- \
By - @Mm
' WWW 19mm
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
Robert W. Askin, Ismay, Mont.
Application May 2, 1945, Serial No. 591,613
1 Claim. (01. 54-7’)
The present invention relates to a new and
useful improvement in hackamore bits for use in
threaded portion || outwardly of the lever, the
nut I 5 being formed with an inwardly projecting
annular collar I6 forming a bearing for the
smooth portion l2 of the mouth piece and on
trol the movements of the horse.
An important object of the present invention Ci which the lever is mounted for pivotal move
is to provide means for exerting pressure on a
ment. The inner end of the collar I6 abuts the
nose strap and jaw strap simultaneously by a
outer end of the threaded portion It to prevent
binding of the lever on the collar I6.
pulling force exerted on the reins.
The cheek plate l3v is formed with an opening
More speci?cally, the invention embodies the
l1 adjacent its upper portion on the inner side
provision of interengaging gear segments oper
ated by a pulling force exerted on the reins to
of which a screw I8 is countersunk, the screw
having a ?anged nut l9 threaded on its outer
increase the pressure on the nose and jaw straps.
end and also provided with an inwardly pro
A further object of invention is to provide
jecting collar 20 on which a gear segment 2| is
a device of this character of simple and practical
rotatably mounted, the gear segment 2| being
construction, which is strong and durable, neat
driving horses and designed to effectively con
and attractive in appearance, e?icient and re
engaged with a gear segment 22 formed on the
upper end of the adjacent lever.
Each of the levers 5 and 6 are operatively en
gaged with one of the gear segments 2| pivotally
details of construction and operation as more 2 (J mounted on a cheek plate |3 at the opposite sides
of the head of the horse.
fully hereinafter described and claimed, refer
ence being had to the accompanying drawings
An extension 23 projects rearwardly from the
upper portions of each of the levers and is pro
forming part hereof, wherein like numerals refer
to like parts throughout, and in which
vided with an opening 24 for attaching a jaw strap
Figure 1 is a perspective view.
25 thereto for extending transversely under the
jaw 26 of the horse.
Figure 2 is a side elevational view.
liable in use, and otherwise well adapted for the
purposes for which the same is intended.
Other objects and advantages reside in the
Figure 3 is a rear elevational view.
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view taken sub
stantially on a line 4—4' of Figure 2.
Figure 5 is a perspective view of one of the
?anged retaining nuts and
Figure 6 is a side elevational View showing
the device in use.
Referring now to the drawings in detail where
in for the purpose of illustration I have dis
closed a preferred embodiment of invention.
The numerals 5 and 6 designate a pair of rein
levers which are curved rearwardly at their
lower ends and provided with eyes 1 by means
of which the reins 8 may be attached thereto.
The upper portion of the levers are connected
by a mouthpiece 9 in the form of a smooth bar
adapted for insertion in the mouth of a horse,
each end of the mouth being formed with an
inner threaded portion l0, an outer threaded 45
portion II, and an intermediate smooth portion
[2, all of successively reduced diameter as in
dicated in Figure 4 of the drawings.
A cheek plate I3 is threaded at its lower por
An extension 21 projects forwardly from the
gear segment 2| and is formed with a slot 28 for
attaching a nose strap 29 thereto adapted for
extending transversely over the nose 3|] of the
The upper end of the cheek plate I3 is also
formed with a slot 3| for attaching a head strap
32 thereto.
Accordingly, in the operation of the device
and with the levers 5 and 6 positioned at opposite
sides of the head of the horse and each opera
tively connected at theirv upper ends with a gear
segment 2| pivoted on a cheek plate l3 and with
a jaw'strap 25, nose strap 29 and head strap
32 attached in the manner as indicated in Figure 6
of the drawings a pulling force exerted on the
reins 8 will cause a rotation of the levers 5 and 6
on the collars l6 carried at the smooth portion I2
of the mouth piece 9 whereby to rotate-the gear
segments 2| and cause the nose strap 29 to be
tightened over the nose of the horse as vwell as
to cause the jaw strap 25 to be tightened under
the jaw of the horse and thus serve to bring
tion on the inner threaded section ID of the 50 the horse under control when desired.
mouthpiece 9 and extends upwardly therefrom,
In view of the foregoing description taken in
the inner side of the cheek plate abutting the
conjunction with the accompanying drawings it
shoulder l4 formed at the inner end of the
is believed that a clear understanding ofv the con
threaded portion ID.
struction, operation and advantages of the device
A ?anged nut I5 is threaded on the outer 55 will be quite apparent to those skilled in the art.
‘ ;
A more detailed description is accordingly deemed
thereto, extensions projecting rearwardly from
the levers, a jaw strap connected to said ex
tensions, said levers having gear segments
It is to be understood, however, that even
though there is herein shown and described a
preferred embodiment of the invention the same
formed at their upper edges, gear segments ro
tatably mounted on the cheek plates and opera
tively engaged with the gear segments ?rst men
tioned, extensions projecting forwardly of the
hended by the spirit of the invention as herein
gear segments, and a nose strap connected to
described and claimed.
said last named extensions, said jaw and nose
I claim:
A hackamore bit comprising a pair of check 10 straps being compressed respectively under the
jaw and over the nose of an animal upon a pulling
plates, a mouth bar rigidly connecting the cheek
is susceptible to certain changes fully compre
plates, head straps extending upwardly from the
cheek plates, a pair of levers pivoted on the mouth '
bar and adapted for attaching a pair of reins
force exerted on the reins.
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