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Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed Dec. 18, 1944
5 Y3
é'aZrZeZ/f H4 Z0086’.
min/may 3M55”:
We De- #1, 1946
I Gabriel H. W. Doose, New Orleans, La.
' Application December 18, 1944, Serial No. 568,698
3 Claims. (Cl. 222-539)
nozzle or spout is disposed at an angle or slanted
This invention relates 'to a container for ship
ping and dispensing oil and other liquids, and
has more particular reference to improvements in
containers of the kind having ‘a reversible nozzle
so mounted on the body of the container. that
it will be within the body for shipping purposes
and may be reversed to extended position for dispensing purposes.
The primary object of the present invention
is to provide a container of the above kind including a body having a threaded neck, a nozzle,
and improved means for reversibly mounting the
- relative to the axis of the cap 8.
' '
The invention further includes a tubular
adapter having a smaller threaded end portion
5v 8 of a size to screw onto the neck- 6 and a larger
end portion‘ ill of a size to have the cap 8 threaded
" therein. The portions 8 and [0 of the adapter
are connected by an offset l I which forms an in
ternal annular shoulder on which is seated a re
10 movable closure disc l2. The disc l2 has its mar
gin clamped between the shoulder formed by the
o?’set II and the margin of the ?at circular
nozzle on the neck and for closing the nozzle when , v . wall of the cap 8, and it acts to close the adjacent
the latter is disposed within the body for shipping
larger end of the nozzle or spout ‘I when the lat
l5 ter is disposed to extend into the body 5, as shown
Another object of the invention is- to provide
in Figures 1 and 2, with the cap 8 threaded onto
a container of the above kind having a nozzle
the neck 6. By threading the cap 8 oil of the
which is slanted to facilitate accurate dispensing
neck 6, the nozzle 1 may be withdrawn from the‘
of the contents at the desired point, and provided
container 5, and when the'nozzle and parts car
with an air inlet near its base and at the side 20 ried thereby are inverted, the smaller portion 9
which is uppermost when dispensing the contents
of the adapter may be threaded onto the neck
of the body, so as to- facilitate entrance of air
6 so as to position the nozzle 1 in an extended
into the body and the nozzle and thereby facilitate
position outside of the body for dispensing pur
?ow of the contents from the body.
_poses. When this is done, the larger end of the
The exact nature of the present invention will 25 nozzle may be Opened by removing the closure
be clearly apparent from the following descripdisc I2. In order to permit re-use of the closure
tion when considered in connection with the acdisc l2, it must be removed when the nozzle is
companying drawing, and the invention consists
inverted to the position of Figure 3, and the cap
in the novel form, combination and arrangement
8 is removable from the adapter portion 18 for
of parts hereinafter more fully described, shown 30 this purpose.
in the drawing and claimed.
In the drawing, wherein like reference 'char- ‘
-It will be apparent that when the body 5 is
substantially horizontally positioned, the nozzle
acters indicate corresponding parts throughout
‘I will slant downwardly to the point at which the »
the several views:
contents are being dispensed, and will not be in
Figure l is aview, partly in elevation and partly 35 the line of vision, thus permitting ‘accurate dis
charge of the contents at the point desired. The
broken away and in section, of a shipping and
nozzle ‘I is provided at its larger or base end with
dispensing container embodying the present in
an air inlet opening I3 that is located in the side
vention, the spout or nozzle being. positioned with
of the nozzle which is uppermost during the dis
in the body of the container for shipping.
Figure 2 is a fragmentary view of the upper 40 pensing operation. This opening facilitates entry
of air into the nozzle at its inner end and into
portion of the container shown in Figure 1, sub
the upper portion of the body 5 so as to facilitate
stantially in central vertical section.
vthe ?ow of the contents from said body 5 and
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 2 with the
through said nozzle ‘I. The length of the nozzle
nozzle reversed so as to be in extended position
45 1 and the degree of slant given to the same are
for dispensing purposes.
only restricted by the depth of the body and the
‘ Referring in detai1 to the drawing, the present
' container comprises a suitable body 5 having a
diameter thereof, respectively.
From the foregoing description, it is believed
threaded neck 6. The device further includes a
that the construction and operation, as well as
tapered spout or nozzle 1 having its larger or
base end ?tted and secured in a central opening 50 the advantages of the present invention, will be
readily understood and appreciated by those
provided in the circular ?at wall of a threaded
skilled in the art. It will be apparent that the de
cap 8 which is of a size to detachably screw onto
vice may be conveniently and economically manu
the neck 6 of the body 5. The cap 8 is arranged
factured and assembled and is convenient to use
‘so that its threaded rim or skirt surrounds the
adjacent end of the spout or nozzle 1, and the 55 and highly efficient in use.
What I claim is:
l. A shipping and dispensing container com
prising a body having a projecting threaded neck,
opening 0! the cap and the larger end or the
nozzle, the adapter being removable from the cap
to permit removal of the closure disc, the nozzle
a tapered nozzle, a, threaded cap having a cen
being positionable in an extended position out
tral opening and removably threaded onto said 5 side the body when the cap is threaded into the
neck with the nozzle projecting into the body,
larger threaded end portion of the adapter and
' said nozzle having its larger end rigidly attached
the smaller end portion of the adapter is threaded
to the cap in communication with said opening
and arranged so that the skirt portion of the
onto the neck.
2. The construction defined in claim 1, wherein
cap surrounds the larger end portion of the noz~ 10 the nozzle is slanted relative to the cap and ex
zle, a tubular adapter having a threaded smaller _
tends adjacent a side and near the bottom of the
end portion adapted to removably screw onto said
neck, a larger threaded end portion removably
3. The construction de?ned in claim 1, wherein
threaded onto the cap and adapted to have the
the nozzle is slanted relative to the cap and ex
cap removably threaded therein when the 15 tends adjacent a side and near the bottom of the
threaded smaller end portion is threaded onto the
body. and wherein the nozzle is provided at its
neck, and an o?set portion connecting said
larger end and adj acent the cap with a transverse
threaded portions and de?ning an internal an
air inlet opening through the side thereof which
nular shoulder, and a closure disc seated at its
is disposed uppermost when the container is used
margin upon said shoulder and clamped between 20 for dispensing purposes.
the latter and the cap for closing the central
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