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Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed Jan. 10, 1945
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
Julius Freelander, Kansas City, Mo.
Application January 10, 1945, Serial No. 572,142
1 Claim. (01. 292-218)
My invention relates to improvements in window screen catches.
One of the objects of my invention is to provide a novel window screen catch, which may be
gaged releasably successively and lockingly by
said arm, when said latch member 4 is swung
downwardly between the portions It to the lock
ing position, as shown in the drawing.
easily and quickly applied to any ordinary win- 5 ratchet member 9 is provided with means adapt
dow screen, which will ?rmly hold the screen in
ed to securely hold it in the operative position,
its proper closed position, which is simple, cheap
above described, which, as shown, comprises an
to make and install in its operative position,
angular baseyportion [2, adapted to be fastened,
which is durable, and is e?icient in its operation.
as shown, to the upper side of the sill l, between
The novel features of my invention are here- 10 the screen frame 2 and the sash 3 by two screws
inafter fully described and claimed.
In the accompanying drawing, which illustrates the preferred embodiment of my invention,
In operation, the screen frame 2 is pulled in
wardly by the operator holding the hooked end
Fig. 1 is a side view of my improved screen
of thelatch member 4, until the lower end of the
catch shown in operative locking position between 15 frame 2 strikes the slanting upper side of the
a window screen frame and the sash, parts being
sill l. The latch member 4 is then swung down
shown in elevation, parts in vertical section, and
wardly between the upstanding portions in of
Parts broken aWaYthe ratchet member 9. In such downward move
Fig. 2 is a top view of part of what is shown in
ment, the detent arms 8 will respectively engage
Fig- 120 the ratchet teeth ll of the two rows successively
Fig- 3 is an inside elevation of What is Shown in
until the detent arms are lockingly engaged with ‘
Fig. 2.
two of the teeth respectively. To release the
Similar characters of reference designate simscreen frame 2, the upper end portions of the
ila-l‘ Parts in the di?el‘ent VieWSportions l0 are forced outwardly, releasing the
I designates an ordinary window sill, 2 a win- 25 detent arms 8, after which the latch member 4
dow screen'frame above the window sill, and 3
is swung upwardly from its engaging position
the lowerrwindow sash at the inner side of the
with the ratchet member,
Screen frame and Spaced therefromMany modi?cations of my invention, within the,
4 designates a latch member, which in the form
scope of the appended claim, may he made with
shown comprises a cylindrical rod having a hand so out departing from the spirit of my invention.
engaging hook 5 at its inner end. Means are
WhatI claimis;
provided for PiVO'GiIIg the Outer end of the latch
In a window screen catch, in combination with
member to the inner side of the screen frame 2,
a latch member having a, lateral arm, of means
which means’ as Shown’ comprises 9' screw eye 6
adapted to pivot said latch member on a hori
mounted in the inner side of the frame 2 and 35 zontal axis to the inner side of a window screen
frame, a ratchet member comprising a resilient
having its eye pivotally engaged with an eye ‘I
plate having an upstanding portion with a plu
on the outer end of the latch member 4.
rality of ratchet teeth, one above the other, and
The latch member 4- has extending horizontally
means adapted to attach the lower portion of said
through it a transverse pin having projecting
mediate of the hand hook 5 and the eye -I_
ratchet member to the upper side of the window
A ratchet member is provided for releasably
lockingly engaging the arms a of the latch mem_
her 4, forh'oldmg the, latter in the locking posh
‘sill spaced from and at the inner side of the screen
frame, and in a'position in which said ratchet
,teeth w1ll extend inwardly and Will be successively
tion, holdingthe lower end of the screen frame 45 §tm°k aim pressed outwardly, with Said upstand
2 against the upper side of the slanting portion
of the Window 5111 |_
Such ratchet member in the form shown com-
mg Pcrtlon, ‘by Sam arm’ hen Said latch mem
her is swung downwardly with said arm at the
inner Side of said upstanding portion, said up
prises afpreferably resilient metal plate 9 havStanding Dori/i011 being Sprung forwardly manu
ing two spaced apart upstanding portions In, each 50 ally when it is desired to free said latch memberv
having on its inner side, one above the other, a
and permit its upward swinging t0 a release
plurality of ratchet teeth I I adapted to be in the
path of one of the detent arms 8 and to be 811*
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