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Dec. 31, 1946. I
I c. E, oJLARKlN
2,413,456 _
Filed June 19, 1945
" *4‘
[9'5" CZIQLarz¥in
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
Cordelia E. O. Larkin, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Application June 19, 1945, Serial No. 600,325
1 Claim. (01. 2-48)
This invention relates to shampoo aprons and
more particularly to a guard or shield carried by
the apron for protecting the face of the wearer
during the shampoo operation.
An object of this invention is to provide a re
silient or elastic band which is secured to the
neck of the apron so as to form a loop which
in applied position so that the inner concave
edge M will snugly engage about the forehead
and portions of the neck of the wearer in order
to prevent liquids from flowing over the fore
head and to provide for the ?owing of the liq
uids downwardly to the back of the wearer. The
upper or outer edge l5 of the band I l is adapted
to be disposed in outstanding position with re
may be raised upwardly to engage over the fore
spect to the head of the wearer, so as to catch
head and engage behind the ears, the loop being
so constructed and arranged that it will stand 10 or collect the liquids during the shampooing op
eration and provide for the draining of these
out from the head and form a trough for catch
liquids to the back and into the basin.
ing liquids for draining to the back and keeping
In the use of this device the cupped band II
the liquid from running down the face.
is vulcanized or otherwise ?rmly secured to the
Another object of this invention is to provide
an elastic band for attachment to the neck of 15 upper portion of the apron Ill and is adapted to
extend from’ the neck opening l3. When the
a shampoo apron which is molded or otherwise
drain band is not in use it may be folded or ex
formed in loop form and which whennot in use
tended downwardly in front of the apron. When
may be positioned on the front side of the apron,
it is desired to prevent any liquids from ?owing
the band being extendable over the head for
snug engagement with the head to prevent liq 20 over the forehead and face including the neck
of the person receiving the shampoo, the band
uids from running over the face and forward
I! is raised and stretched so as to tension the
portion of the neck.
band and extended about the forehead and be
To‘ the foregoing objects, and others which
hind the ears. In this manner the draining band
may hereinafter appear, the invention consists
of the novel construction, combination and ar 25 will snugly engage the head of the user and will
prevent any liquids from ?owing over the face
rangement of parts, as will be more speci?cally
during the shampooing operation and will pro
referred to and illustrated in the accompanying
vide for the draining of the fluids to the back.
drawing, but it is to be understood that changes,
During normal shampooing operations the wearer
variations, and modi?cations may be resorted to
of this device will be in a rearwardly inclined po
which fall within the scope of the invention as
sition with the back of the head over a wash
basin or the like, so that the liquids which might
In the drawing:
flow over the face will come into contact with
Figure 1 is a detail side elevation of a sham
the tightly engaged drain band and will be di
poo apron having a drain means secured thereto
according to an embodiment of this invention, 35 rected by this band into the basin.
The exact con?guration illustrated is regard
the apron and drain means being shown in ap
ed as the optimum, but some of the desirable re
plied position,
sults inherent in this disclosure may be obtained
Figure 2 is a fragmentary plan view of the
by various slight modi?cations including some de
apron and drain means, and
Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view 40 parture from the exact con?guration shown, and
it is therefore requested that the scope of the in
through the draining band.
vention should be regarded as limited only by the
Referring to the drawing, the numeral [0 des
terms of the claim.
ignates generally a shampoo apron which is
What I claim is:
formed with a neck opening IS. The apron [0
A device as described consisting of a fabric
has secured to the upper portion thereof an elas 45
apron cut away centrally at one end so as to
tic or resilient drain band generally designated
provide shoulder engaging portions for the apron ,
as I I. The band H is preferably formed of rub
and a slot through which the neck of the wearer
ber or other yieldable material and is molded or
extends, and an integral rubber annular strip
otherwise formed in looped form, so that the free
having oppositely arranged arms joined to the
ends of the band ll may be ?rmly secured to the
apron at the uppermost end of the apron, in a
upper portion of the apron ill.
plane with the shoulder engaging portions
Preferably the band II is formed of an arcu
ate visor portion i6 which may be made of ma
thereof, this annular strip forming a peripheral
terial which has a degree of ?exibility and
trough and extended over around the forehead
enough rigidity to maintain its trough-like shape. 55 of the wearer so as to girdle the latter with its
arcuate outer portion, and so as to depend from
The remaining portions ll of the band may be
the forehead girdling portion with its opposing
formed of elastic material for holding the visor
arms on the side of the head and neck of the
portion It in position. The visor it, as shown in
Figure 3, is of transversely arcuate con?guration
with the concave side l2 thereof innermost when 60
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