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Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed Feb. 26, 1942
//////// 2M
?fe/MM E ?u {is
WW2???‘ '
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
991v? nessnrheieir
521M114; "of an
ards (‘the reargien‘d?of
,aeééinblx of the r001
8' ‘9i holding @the :sn?nss; in
‘ I vnliprm ~ spring action
The piuslt'on ‘wall is provided
sls?nz 9f. 41 be"?! Q.
$11115 hé'ndlé ll
piece ‘member Of
t mayvbe; ‘made
from bne Of the stronger breesgur
33 respectlyely.‘ ,In
terialz-d'i's cast.:>;»..rIt
holce 01¢ materials
oJ ,elargezdegreé ? and
oldedijplastic ‘Ia-material‘
my; ot;.-g_a-ndifsspeedr~xot1
0f the barrel ilnwardlyijltowards the rear of cylin
drical portion l0 and it communicates with the
inside of the bronze bearing liner forming an
piece ll of the trigger and convert such pressure I
into a downward movement of. rod-?'whichfun- '
work. By an lnitiallyglight. pressureeoi'j the entire
seats ball valve 35: against theeresistance oi‘lv its
device; while'iholding the triggersplece'? in, the
spring to ‘admitv ?uid: pressure-from ausuitable
user'may proceedtopositionethe tool=without de
source‘ (not shown) by way'of' thernipple: 31E”
' liveringany- impact-‘whatever. When. the'tool is
Fromv the foregoing itpwill be‘apparent. that-the‘ 1. properly positioned: the user: merely- pushes' the
conveniently'shaped and balanced-tool is subject'
device f‘urther‘towardftheinowl steadily positioned
to easy control by‘ the ‘hand’ otthe" user'who
tooliil‘iuntili‘thearapidlyéreciprocatinm piston de
manipulates the -tool.- The operati'on‘of ‘the struc
livers : the .- desiredfimpact; The: tool ' and." the de
ture thus far'd'escribed is‘as iollow'si" Assuming.‘
vice are easily iollowedithrough.toform a perfect
the trigger piece 4|‘ to be~depressed and; the ball
driven headf‘onra'i'rivet. A“ sense of ' control of the
valve 35-unseated; allowingith‘e- ?owfof pressure:
deviceeisr. quickly; acquiredby: an; inexperienced
userr'by ‘holding.- the ‘device :in the hand? and. press-.
will initially enter'annular groove-23' becauserz‘the;
springs ll’tend. to position piston ll’fso‘that said,
inathe ‘end ot'aninser'ted itool" such as'il‘againstz
a'solid objectv several times. The'user willquickly
groove is in at least partialregistry with theport 15" note thatith'evtool may-‘bei?rmiylocated >- on the
holes 3| into‘the hollow'interi'orNiof‘thepiston
and therear end of .the cylinder/bore constituted
by part of they liner [2* and? thewell 131'. This
work whileathe; piston‘. is -.reciprocating without‘
delivering’;anyfimpacttto:the3lwork, and that the
tool: is ; thus properly located'l‘without' actual or
mental i hazardl}, Thereaftenzthe impact blows‘ are
pressure rapidly. urges- pistonr?’ll forwardly 'andr' 201' delivered'iati an." amazingly; high. rate by merely
in‘ doing’ so exerts increasing tension?onvv the
springs 21; Air" in the" cylinder‘ ahead? of‘ the
pressing; the‘ ‘ entire devicerr a; little; more‘v heavihr
toward “the work- againstv the; resistance " of the
piston‘ is precluded‘from' compression by ' the- pro
spring: 53‘; Little"v e?o'rtiis-i required‘ to hold- the
vision of such vents as 2i‘ and“? “When the"
the. desired position
forward wall 26.01‘ the annular’ groove reaches- 1 on thework-i'because:thererisineltherzviolent vi-
exhaust ports 20,“ the ?uid-“pressure; whichv has
‘built up behind the" piston, is“ exhaustedfwith‘
great rapidity" ‘and ~ at‘ the same" times: the‘skirtl
portion‘of the piston, has closedio? the ln-let'lport'“ _
‘bration norIkick-back' on-the» canine. In riveting‘
operations 1 the . user proceeds {with - con?dence and
ease'due to'the fact that‘ byravsli'ght withdrawal
movement ofthedevice or by1~the=reiease oi ?nger
ll; The exhaust‘of the built‘ up 'pressure'through 30' piece‘li', or both; the- delivery-zofi'impact blows to
exhaust ports 20 isfvery-"iast and, I~-have~iound,‘
on' prolonged continuous‘ operation :.of‘ the tool,
that the barrel remains substantially cold‘id'espite
an almost incredible speediof reciprocation: This;
the tool‘ "lceases instantly; Over+driving of‘
‘rivets "and; damage 'to‘ the work? areavoided ' easily
' because of? this" double 2 control“ which ' does '- not
entail ‘removal or the- tool? from. its; critical posi
is apparently due to ‘the'expansi'on of the rapidly» ' ‘ ftion on'thework; It is‘practica-lly» impossible to
' stall the‘raction'lot' the-device-accidentallyjor oth
unloaded~ pressures which'are ‘built-‘211p in: thextool;
functioning" in accordancewith' Well kn0wn"prin-cipies of refrigeration.
‘ ;
The device‘: is desirably" operated " on" a constant
fluid‘; pressure source :oir‘from ?fty to one,‘ hundred
The piston 24'» has agroove ll-li'n which an- 011-?
less ring (not shown) may optionally ,be used“ 40' pounds. It is economical of. Dowerbecause oi'its
remarkably‘ rapid delivery oir'blows = of'resulated
At its‘ forward end" the plstonav has an; integral
degrees; oi" impact fonthetooli The? speed-of re
impact boss“ which'm'oves'irom. the position
ciprocation; of the’ piston; may" be ‘ conservatively
shown in Fig; 1' to about theiront end 4610i“ the‘
stated ‘to exceed therate-"o? alternation of com
barrellli on the power stroke'of‘the piston.
mercially available*»'A‘f,=. CI. electric current supply.
On the i'ront'of' the ban-e11 Ilia sleeve l‘T'is-rew
In- the design‘ 01' the; device; it : mayrl be"v noted’
movably~ secured; as by screws II: The- sleeve‘
that‘. within‘ limits thev increase-of» the" sum total
41 has an internal‘annul‘ar shoulder l9, thGzCGIlQ
area‘ of exhaust‘ports "increases the power of
ter bore 500! which slidably receives the reduced
maximum‘ attainable impact: deliverable by'the
end ii of a'tool'holder E21. A=-~"coili spring. Misun-v
rounds the end'Si‘v of the t'ool‘hold'er'andvthe ends < piston and also enablesthe useaot' weakersprings .
I-Tforthe piston.
of the springabut thevshoulder ?‘of ‘the: sleeve
Various modi?cations of ‘structure and design
and shoulder 54' of the tool- holder respectively,v
are‘. included within- the spirit ‘of the’ invention
thus yielclably- urging‘the' end'of» the reduced'f'por
tion ll‘ out of the'range-of’the impact boss‘ "ii
during reciprocation of. the-piston.
What is claimed‘isii
A screw-stud Iii-insleeve? has its endi'ext'endw
ins- into‘ a: longitudina1».,slot "*‘in‘ toolv holder-152""
and permitsgthe tool- holder‘ to. be. shiitedi bacitf:v
in the sleeve as the‘ user'pushes thedevice toward:
the work againstlthe resistance. 01'. springllé. The;
device is thus‘. capable of‘v positioningjthe endioiPE
portion 51 at an: optimum position to-receive». the.
most eilfective impactirrom'the piston. The-hold
er 52 has a socket 51 in which atool such asa
riveting itool 58-is removably‘r'etained; Ailsprin'ga
pressed ball in holder [3i enters a- groove Slain
the tool to effect a, simple and.' effective removable
In use’ as a riveting~ gurr" (as. illustratedi the‘
In al‘seltl-cooiing;iand'nonelubricated ‘pneumatic
hammer the combination‘: oisi atcasing having a
cylindricallbor'e; and inlet:v andrexh'aust ports re
spectively" communicating?» with. the: bore in the
_ periphery‘ thereoig'i a? loosely. fitting: hollow-v piston
open . at. itsrear- reciprocabl'yfc- mounted inv said‘
bore -- in.v the- casing-and? provided? with‘aan' annu
larly‘; groovedwportion providedal with‘lport‘s - com
municatingr-with the» hollow-P interior. and‘ alter-‘
natel'yv communicating: with: said‘ inlet" and. ex
haust; ports ‘as ‘the ' piston :reciprocates; means ' ex
erting: .a. yieldable axial: retracting" pressure on.
said “ piston and means for’ controlling "air?bw' oi'
motive pressureai'r to "said'ainietlport', said, pistonv
adaptedior reciprocation in vnon-contacting: and
hollow heading cup Iii-in the inserted toolmay-b'ea 70. pressure. air - lubricatedv relation to" said‘cylindrical
positioned over the-end-tof a rivet to be headedup
and is then yieldably held in ac'entralized “posi
tion as the userv presses the device toward?" the
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