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I Dec. 31, 1946.-
Filed May 10, 1944
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Dec. 31, 1946-
. 2,413,503
Filed May 10, 1944
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@Zred C C?rz'qz’enscn
Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed May 10, 1944
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' ?ed G C?rz'slensen
‘Dec. 31, 1946.
Filed May 10, 1944
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‘ ?é/red C’. Christensen
Patented Dec. 31, 1946
Alfred C. Christensen, Chicago, Ill., assignor to
Herbert S. Simpson, Evanston, Ill.
Application May 10, 1944, Serial No. 534,912
(Cl. 259-40)
15 Claims.
This invention relates to a material mixing
machine_and concerns itself more particularly
with a portable type of small mixing and mulling
machine, such as one four feet in diameter or
smaller. The invention further relates toad
justable plow means and novel shaped mulling
means mounted and positioned to prevent pack
ing of'material such as sand around the central
unit of the machine. The machine furthermore
having replaceable means coac'ting with and vary
ing the pressure of the mulling means on the
material without necessitating the replacement
of the mulling means for varying the effective
pressure exerted thereby.
It is an object of this invention to provide a
small portable size material treating machine of
improved, simpli?ed and effective construction
adapted to effect a desired treatment for a maxi
machine so that practically all of the material
of a load is subjected to the required treatment.
It is furthermore an object of the invention to
provide a portable type of mixer and muller of
substantially small diameter wherein the mullers
are canted and beveled to permit the same to op
erate in a path of maximum diameter to obvi
ate jamming and piling up of the material be-.
tween the mullers and the turret to which the load
of the mulling mechanisms is transferred through
suitable roller bearing means.
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion of a portable type of mixer and muller of
relatively small diameter wherein the mullers are
adjustably weighted and are of a standard size
and so shaped and mounted that they can travel
in a treating area'as near as possible to the wall
of the container for the purpose of treating the
material as it is moved into the path of oper-v
mum load by a novel shaping and positioning of
standard mulling means, the effective pressure of 20 ation of the mullers by plow and mixer mecha
nisms adjustably mounted for are adjustment to
which may be suitably varied.
ward and away from the mullers as required.
It is also an obiect of this invention to provide
It is an important object of the invention to
an improved portable and small ‘size mixer where
provide a portable type of mixing and mulling
in a maximum load treatment may be effected by
the novel shaping and positioning of the mullers. 25 machine'of substantially small diameter wherein
the plows and scrapers may either be carried on
It is furthermore an object of the invention to
plow beams rigid on the propulsion head or by
provide a small sized material mixer and muller
‘a a support rotatably adjustable on the muller pro
including replaceable weights for varying the ef
pulsion head to permit the plows and scrapers to
fective pressure exerted by standard beveled
30 be moved toward and away from the respective
mullers to increase the e?iciency of operation of.
Still another object of the invention is to pro
the machine to meet varying conditions.
vide a simple and effective mixing and mulling
It'isa further object of the invention to pro
machine embodying canted beveled mullers, the
supports for which are designed to carry replace-‘
vide a portable type of mixer and muller of sub
terial without necessitating replacement of the
area traversed by standard sized mullers by ver
tically positioning one of the mullers while the
other is beveled and canted to permit the same
to operate through an area of greater diameter
than the diameter of the area traversed by the
able weight members permitting the mullers to 35 stantially small diameter in which the e?'iciency
of operation is increased by widening the tread
exert different pressures on different kinds of ma
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion of a small portable mixing and mulling ma
chine wherein the overall clearance beneath the
machine is permitted to be decreased by the utié
lization of 'a horizontally operable slide door
mechanism for effecting emptying of the machine
and by providing the machine with a rotatable
cover having a side port to facilitate loading from
any side of the machine while in operation.
Still another object of the invention is to ‘pro
vide a mulling machine including canted beveled
mullers adapted to be e?ectively ‘positioned to
move in a treating area and obviating the jam
ming and piling up of the material in the center
of the treating area, thereby effecting an arrange
vertically positioned muller.
It is an important object of this invention to
provide a portable type of mixing and mulling
machine of substantially small diameter and of
high operating efficiency occasioned by the novel
shaping, arrangement'and mounting of the treat
ing mechanism within the restricted area of a
small container for which the overall clearance of
the bottom is decreased by’ the adoption of a dis
charge door having a horizontal swinging action
in the plane of the bottom of the container and
by the adoption of a rotatable cover having a side
.port permitting ‘side loading from a low level
ment for increasing the eiiiciency _ofythe ‘small 5.5 whenthe machine is in operation without endan
gering the person depositing material in the ma
An additional object of the present invention
is to provide a substantially small diameter mix
ing and mulling machine adapted for small
foundries and the like which will be continuous
and efficient in its operation, simple and inex
pensive to make, easy to use, positive in action,
and a general improvement in the art.
For the attainment of the foregoing and other
objects and advantages, the invention preferably
consists in the details of construction and the
arrangement and combination of parts to be here
inafter more fully described and claimed, and
illustrated in the accompanying drawings.
On the drawings:
Figure 1 is a top plan View of a'foundry mixer
machine turret to the inside of the mullers
is adapted to be subjected in its entirety to
action of the mixers and mullers to permit
machine to maintain its maximum load.
The machine is also designed and constructed
with an improved discharge mechanism operat
ing on a horizontal slide arrangement 50 that the
overall clearance between the bottom of the ma
chine crib or pan and the floor maybe decreased
to provide a low machine which may be conven
iently loaded manually from the side by an at
tendant standing on the floor.
To facilitate the movement of the material
comprising a maximum batch load for the ma
chine so that it is all subjected to the required
mixing and ‘mulling treatments, the machine is
and muller with the cover removed and embody
provided with a novel arrangement for mounting
the plows and scrapers to rotatably swing on the
ing the principles of this invention;
rotating muller supporting head thereby permit
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on 20 ting the plows and scrapers to be moved toward
line 11-11 of Figure 1 with the pedestal or base
and'away from the muller mechanisms carried
and other parts shown in elevation; said View also
showing in dotted lines a modi?ed-form covering
vertical positioning of one of the mullers leaving
the other canted;
Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary horizontal
by the head to facilitate the proper shifting of
the material into the ‘path of travel of the muller
The machine is also designed and constructed
to include beveled mullers supported on inclined
shafts in suitable adjustable supports whereby
detailed sectional view taken on line III-III of
Figure 2 and including a fragmentary portion of
the mullers are canted to permit the same to be
the muller weight control;
positionednearer the walls of the crib or pan
Figure 4 is a fragmentary sectional view taken 30 than would be possible if they were vertically
on line IV—IV of Figure 3;
positioned. The arrangement also affords a
Figure 5 is an enlarged horizontal sectional
means of using standard mullers of a given size
view taken on line V—V ‘of Figure 2 illustrating
and weight, the effective weight of which is adapt
the plow and scraper mechanisms and the rotat
ed to be varied by means of a combination shield
able adjustable mounting therefor with respect
and weight device replaceably mounted on the
to the rotatab‘e muller carrying propulsion
muller supports to increase the e-?ective exerted
head of the machine whereby both the plow and
pressure thereof without interfering with the de
scraper mechanisms may be swung toward and
sired vertical movement of the mullers during a
away from the respective mullers of the machine;
Figure 6 is a ‘fragmentary sectional view simi 40
More speci?cally the improved portable sub
lar to that of Figure 5 but covering a modi?ed
stantially small sized foundry mixer :and muller
form for rotatable adjustment of the plow mech
of this invention comprises a base housing or
anism only on the muller carrying head with the
pedestal I provided with a door or removable
scraper mechanism either omitted or rigidly sup
panel 2 to afford access to a gear housing or case
ported on the rotatable muller carrying propul
3 supported on the inner side of the top wall of
sion head of the machine;
the base housing I. The gear housing -3 contains
Figure 7 is a top plan view 'of the foundry mixer
any standard gear driving mechanism adapted to
and muller, with the cover omitted and illustrat
be operated from "the driving shaft of a driving
ing a vmodi?ed form of combination weight and
motor 4 supported on the base housing side wall
shield removably supported on the pins of the -' and projecting into the base housing as clearly
muller carrying brackets;
illustrated .in ‘Figure 2.
Figure 8 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical
Rigidly mounted upon the top of the base hous
sectional ‘view ‘with parts 'in'elevation and show
ing I is ‘a foundry sand treating .unit consisting
ing the propulsion head and its roller bearing
of a container or crib in which the material op
support through which ‘the load carried by said ~" erating mechanism are engaged. The container
head is transferred to the machine turret to re
or crib comprises va bottom or ?oor 5 preferably
lieve the driving shaft; and
of circular shape and provided with a peripheral
Figure 9 is a perspective elevational view of
?ange or rim 6. Seated upon the top face of the
the small size portable mixing and ‘mulling ma
crib bottom ‘5 is wear ‘plate 1. Supported upon
chine, showing the exterior of the crib and "the
the crib bottom 5 and fastened to the inner side
cover supported on a modi?ed form ‘of pedestal.
of the top portion of the bottom ?ange 6 is a cir
As shown on the drawings:
cular or cylindrical crib Wall v8.‘
The foundry mixer and muller of the type here- I
in described and claimed, .is one ‘adapted ‘for use
in small foundries or in other establishments re
quiring a small sized mixer and muller which
may be conveniently handled and moved around.
The improved machine is designed and construct
ed to produce ‘an increased ‘eihciency for a small
type of machine of substantially four feet or less "
in diameter in which the mulling mechanisms
may be mounted and positioned to operate sub
stantially close ‘to the walls of the ‘machine crib
As clearly illustrated in Figure 2, the crib bot
tom 5 and the wear plate“! supported thereon are
both provided with an arc-shaped or elliptic dis
charge ‘opening in a marginal portion of the crib
bottom to the inside of the side wall '8 and to the
outside of ‘the base housing I to facilitate the
easy discharge of a batch of material downwardly
through the crib bottom after the material has
been treated in the crib or container. The arc
shaped door opening extends through the ?ange
or pan in such a manner that the material being
‘6 of the bottom to communicate ‘with a horizontal
slot provided in an arc-‘shaped door bracket 9.
treated is not permitted to jam and pile up around
The elliptic door opening is indicated by the ref-j
muller or wheelis canted permitting the beveled
erence numeral I0 and is shaped to receive a
or’ conical tread surface or periphery ,Of the
pivotally supported horizontally positioned "dis
muller H or wheel to track on the‘ wear plate 7
charge door I l which is fan or sector shaped con
forming part of the bottom of the material con
taining crib or container.
sisting of the main'door portion‘ provided with an
arc-shaped edge to coact with the arc-shaped
edge of the discharge opening in the crib bottom.
' The canted positions of the two opposite mullers
or wheels 2'! permits the mullers to have the
The door II is provided with a tapered section
lower pressure exerting portions thereof posi
I 2, a portion of which is rigidly secured by means
tioned substantially close to the crib wall 8, there
of bolts 13 to a ?ange of a door operating han
dle l4. The pivoted end of the handle I4 is en~ 10' by allowing more space between the lower por
tion of the mullers and the turret H to obviate
gaged in the bracket 9 between suitable upper and
any tendency of the material being treated to
lower ?anges which are apertured to receive the
and pile up around the turret.‘ With the
ends of a door pivot pin l5 which projects through‘
mullers canted, the jamming and piling of mate
one endof the handle and is rigidly secured there
15 rial around the pedestal is done away with so
in by means of a set screw Hi.
that'the small capacity machine is adapted to
In a small capacity mixer and muller in which
‘subject all the material of a batch or load to mix
a crib ‘or pan of four feet or less in diameter is
ing and mulling treatments so that the improved
required, it is desirable to have the overall clear
machine is adapted. to maintain its maximum
ance between the bottom of the crib and the bot
load efficiency.
tom of the crib supporting base or pedestal re 20
One of the features of this small type machine
duced as much as possible so that in the improved
is the adoption and use of a ‘pair of beveled
small capacity machine herein disclosed the ordi
nary trap or drop variety of door with its com
. mullers or wheels 21 which are of a. standard se
plicated operating mechanisms has been replaced‘
by the horizontally swinging sector shaped door
II. The improved door is operable by means of
the handle M to swing the door fromvthe closed
full line position of Figure 1 into the open dotted
line position when it is desired to discharge the
contents of the crib after a mixing and mulling ‘
treatment of the sand or material is completed.
Integrally formed on or rigidly secured to the
central portion of thecrib bottom 5 is an up-v
wardly projecting bearing support or turret 11.
A driven gear in the gear housing 3 is secured
on the lower end of a driving shaft is. The shaft
l8 projects up through the turret I‘! and is jour
naled therein by means of a roller vbearing unit.
Keyed or otherwise rigidly secured on the upper
projecting end of the driving shaft I8 is ,aspider
or propulsion head 20 which includes a pair of
oppositely projecting arms 2!. Each of the arms
2| has rigidly secured in an opening therein one
end of a stub shaft or axle 22 on the projecting
end of which a muller supporting bracket or
rocker arm 23 is pivotally supported.
The roller bearing unit comprises conical bear
ing rollers l9 positioned between-an inner race
56 and an outer race 51. By this arrangement the
load of the propulsion head ldand the parts.’
attached thereto is not carried by the vertical
shaft but said load is transferred directly to the
turret IT. A turret sealring 58 is engaged be
tween the turret l1 and the shaft I8.’ A propul- ;_
sion head seal ring 59 is engaged around a re
duced upper part of the turret I71 (as shown in
Figure 8) and projects upwardly into a groove
in the lower end of the propulsion head 20. This
affords an arrangement permitting replacement 60
of the seals when they become worn, thereby
obviating replacement of any major parts.
Integrally formed on the' bottom of each of
lected size and weight suitable for the size of the
It is intended to use the standard size and
weight mullers to obviate the necessity of using
replaceable mullers of different sizes' ‘and
weights. This feature is accomplished by pro
vidinga means for varying the effective pressure
exerted by the cant‘ed mullers by means of a spe
cial and effective interchangeable weight ar
The effective weight of the'standard mullersZl
is adapted to be increased by means of a replace
able weight 2y8ywhich may be of a selected weight
and shape such as ‘shown in Figures ‘1 and 2,
wherein the weight is hemispherical in shape and
is provided with an opening 29 in the top middle
While ' a ‘ hemispherical
rounded type of weight 28 is illustrated; it is to
be understood that the weight may be of pyramie
dal or conical shape or of any other selected
shape desired. The Weight 28 has formed dia
metrically on the interior thereof a pair'of down;
wardly opening boxes 30 in each of which a ?ex
ible packing or cushion 3| is engaged. Each of
the packingsor cushions 3| is constructed of solid
rubber or other suitable flexible material and is
held/in place by‘umeans of a retaining plate 32_
provided I with a suitable opening to permitpa
weightis'uppor’tin‘g pin 33 to project into a suite
' able opening in the packing or cushion.
_-The pins ‘33 are diametrically positioned, as
clearly‘illustrated in Figures 1 and 3, and pro
ject upwardly from the tops of the free ends of
the‘muller supporting brackets or rocker arms 23
so that the weight 28 rests on the supporting pins
33 on the brackets or rocker arms 23 to increase
the effective or operating weight of the standard
mullers 21.
The central opening 29 in the weight 28 is pro:
vided to permit universal movement of the weight
28, as the mullers are rotated and rise and fall
the muller supporting brackets 23 is a down
within the crib as they pass over the material
wardly projecting ‘bracket extension 24 (Figure
4) having integrally formed thereon a bearing
sleeve 25 which, as clearly illustrated in Figure 2,
is inclined upwardly and outwardly. Journaled
which is beingmulled.
' ‘The opening 29‘ in the weight 28 is also pro-v
vided to permit the threaded end of an eyebolt 34
in the inclined sleeve 25 is a muller supporting
stub shaft 26 which is inclined upwardly at a
to be projected downwardly through the weight
after the weight is placedin position. If desired
the opening 29 may be large enough to permitthe
suitable angle and has supported on the outer
weight to be engaged over the head of the eyebolt I
projecting end thereof a conical or beveled muller
or wheel 21, which, due to the inclination of the
stub shaft 26, positions the muller or wheel in
a plane slightly‘off perpendicular so that the
34, when the eyebolt is permanently secured in
The eyebolt 34 is used as a meansfor
moving the mixing and mulling machine by en
gaging a crane'hook in thehead of the eyebolt
to elevate the machine to permit movement
thereof into any desired place needed. The
lower end of the eyebolt is rigidly threaded into
propulsion head 20 when the driving shaft I8 is
In Figure 5, an efficient mulling and scraping
a cap 35 which is rigidly secured on the top of the
unit is disclosed within the machine crib or pan
and said mechanism is rotatably adjustable on
per end of the driven shaft It as illustrated in
the propulsion‘head 24]. The mixing and plow
Figure 2.
ing unit consists of a mounting collar or ring
_ By referring to Figure 4, attention is‘ calledto
39 which is adapted to be locked in a set position
the weight supporting pin 33 supported on one of
of adjustment on the'head 20 by means of set
the brackets or rocker arms 23 and which pro 10 screws 48, or other suitable securing means, so
jects upwardly into a suitable recess provided in
that the ring 39 isgadapted to' be rotated by the
the rubber cushion 3| within the box 30 of the
propulsion head it. Integrally formed radially
Weight member 28. This arrangement of having
on one side of the collar 39 is a long plow beam
weight supporting. pinsprojecting into the cush
or arm 4i having a plow supporting auxiliary
ioning material carried in the weight boxes per 15 bracket 42 provided with vertical slots to permit
mits relative movement of the weight 28 with re
the same to be vertically adjusted With respect
spect to the brackets 23 caused by the irregular
to the arm 4! by means of the screw bolts 43.
movement of the mullers over the material being
Bolted or otherwise‘ secured to the auxiliary
treated in the crib. It will thus be noted that the '
bracket ‘i2 is a combination scraper and plow
rubber cushions 31 not only protect the weight 2.0 blade 44 the lower edge of which is adapted to be
supporting pins but also permit a substantially
positioned to move 'over the crib .wear plate ,7
free movement of the weight with respect to the
while one outer edge of the blade 44 is positioned
muller carrying brackets or rocker arms 23 when
to move around over the inner face of the crib
the machine is in operation. While a hemispher
wall 8 to scrape the material therefrom and to
ical Weight 28 is illustrated in Figures 1, 2 and 3 25 move the material inwardly away from the Wall
as being supported on the bracket arm pins 33, it
into the path of travel of the mullers.
is to beunderstood that any desired modi?cation
Also integrally formed or rigidly secured on the
in the shape of the weights may be used and
collar or ring 38 in a position substantially dia
the thickness of the material, of the selected
metricallyvopposite to that of the arm ‘El is a
shaped weight may be such as‘ to provide the de 30 short bracket arm 45 which is slotted to receive
sired weight which is to be applied to the muller
a vertically adjustable. auxiliary bracket plate
propulsion head Hi.
The cap 35 encloses the up
brackets 23 for transmittal to the mullerstoin
crease the eifective mulling pressure thereof.
In Figure '7 a modi?ed vform of weight 36 is
illustrated. The modi?ed weight 36is of pyrami
dal shape having slanting walls to provide alsub
ll?‘provided with vertical slots to permit the plate
‘to move upwardly. and downwardly when retain
ing screw bolts 41' engaged therethrough, are
loosened. The ‘ auxiliary bracket plate 46 has
removably secured thereto, by means of bolts or
stantially oblongor rectangular base portion po- ‘
other suitable means, an'arc-shaped inner plow
blade ‘l8. The plow blade 48 is positioned nearer
the turret of the machine than the combination
the axes of the muller stub shafts 26 so that oper 40 scraper and plow blade 54, so that the material
ating mechanisms of the machine are vprotected
around the middle portion of the vcrib is adapted
from any sand which might be deposited from
to be plowed and moved outwardly in the crib
above into the crib. Any sandor material strik
into the path of travel of the mullers 2'1‘.
ing the'inclined side walls of the weight 35 isv de
When only aninner plow mechanism is re~
?ected outwardly towards the outer'areas of the
quired in the machine the double plow units sup~
crib thereby preventing the material from getting
ported on the collar 39 and illustrated in Figure
into the working parts. The modi?ed form of
5 may be omitted and replaced by a plow unit
weight 36 is also provided with two oppositely
consisting of a rotatably adjustable collar or ring
positioned auxiliary shields or gables 31 which
as which is adapted to be secured in a set
extend outwardly over the muller bearing sleeves 50 position of adjustment on the propulsion head
sitioned to extend diametrically in the crib at
right angles to a vertical plane passing through
25 to shield or protect the same from material
entering from above or whichmight be thrown
upwardly by the action of the treating mecha-‘
26 by means of set screws 58 ‘or the like.
collar'or ring 159 is provided with acomparatively
short bracket arm 5! which is grooved to receive
nisms. The pyramid shaped weight '36 has
a vertically adjustable auxiliary bracket plate
formed on the interior thereof two diagonally 55 52 having slots therein to permit vertical adjust
opposite boxes 30 including resilient cushions. 3|
ment thereof by the proper adjustment of screw
similar to the arrangement shown in Figure 4v to
bolts 53. Bolted or otherwise removably secured
permit the pins 33 to engage ‘in the cushions 3|
to the auxiliary bracket plate 52 is a curved plow
when the modi?ed form of weight 35 is engaged
blade 54.
in position as illustrated in Figure 7. The apex 60
In a similar manner if the inner plow blade £8
or upper portion of the weight 36 isprovided
with a circular opening 38 to permit the threaded
end of the eyebolt 34 to be projected downwardly
through the weight to be secured to the cap 35
is not required and it is only desired to have an
outer combination scraper and plow blade iii!
the short plow blade bracket mechanism may be
to permit the eyebolt 34 to be used as a means for
elevating the machine so that it may be conven
engaged on the propulsion head 20, and said
collar may be equipped only'with a long plow
blade, carrying beam or arm M supporting the
auxiliary plow blade mechanism 44 on the end
omitted. A plow collar may then be rotatably
iently moved into di?erent locations as required.
The improved portable small size machine, of
this invention, in addition to being equipped with
the canted beveled mullers for subjecting" the 70
Particular attention is called to the novel
material in the crib to mulling treatments is also
advantages which are obtained by the use of pro
equipped with mechanisms for mixing and plow
viding plow blades on bracket arms which are
ing the material and for moving the material into
supported on a collar or ring which is rotatably
the path of travel of the rotating canted mullers
adjustable on the ‘propulsion head 26 of the ma
as; they are propelled‘ by means of the rotatable 76 Chine so that by loosening the set screw mecha
nisms associated with the collar or ring the plow
blades may be moved toward and away from the
respective mullers in .the machine by the rotat- I
able adjustment of the plow carrying arms with
respect to the bearing sleeves or arms 25 of the
muller mechanisms. It will thus be noted that
the plow and scraper blades of the machine may
be adjusted vertically and that they may also be
rotatably moved into different positions on the
propulsion head 29 toward and away from the
respective mullers 21 as required.
If desired the machine may be provided with
a modi?ed form of base or pedestal 69 in place
of the pedestal l. The base 69 is of a cylin
drical type having an opening "it to a?ord access
to the gear housing and other parts enclosed
in the base.
For conveniently starting and stopping the
machine, an electric switch box H is mounted
on the rim 6 of the machine and is provided
with the necessary start and .stop buttons for
controlling the operation of the machine.
The operation is as follows:
In case a machine is required wherein the ro
With the parts assembled and described as
tatable adjustment of the scraper and plow blades
shown in Figures 1 and 2, the machine is started
with respect to the mullers is not required, the
plow blade carrying brackets or arms 4| and 65 15 by pushing the starting button of the control
switch 1 I. Foundry sand or other material which
may be integrally formed on the propulsion head
is to be mixed and mulled is manually shoveled
arms 2! in which case the plow blades may be
into the cover chute 66 and passes through the
adjusted vertically only but are permanently
loading port 6'! into the crib 8. If desired, the
located with respect to the distance from the
respective mullers 21.
20 material may be directed into the receiving chute
66 of the cover 62, from a feed pipe leading from
By referring to Figure 2, it will be noted that
a supply hopper or the like. The cover 62 may
the two canted beveled mullers 21 are adapted to
be turned by means of the handles 65 to position
travel over substantially the same path within
the material receiving chute 68 on any side of
the mixing and mulling crib and substantially
the machine desired. When the material is de
close to the inner face of the crib wall 8. In order
posited in the crib the horizontally slidable or
to provide an arrangement whereby a wider path
pivotally swinging door II is in its closed posi
of mulling treatment may be provided in a small
tion so that the material is retained in the crib.
portable type of mixing and mulling machine a
Any other ingredients which are to be mixed with
mulling arrangement may be provided to include
only one canted beveled muller 21 and a second 30 the sand or material may be deposited in the crib
through the loading port 6'! to be thoroughly
vertical muller or wheel 55 on which the periph
mixed and mulled with the sand, to properly treat
eral surface is at right angles to the sides of the
the same and. condition the sand for use.
muller. The muller 55 may be positioned verti
The mixing and mulling mechanisms are ac
cally within the crib on a bracket arm which is
through the medium of the driving
formed at right angles to a muller supporting
bracket or rocker arm 23 instead of vat an inclined
4 motor 4 which is adapted to be started, by means
of the control switch ‘H, to cause operation of
the driving gears within the gear housing 3 and
rotation of the vertical shaft l8 and the propul
wheel 55 will travel over a path which is to the .
inside of and slightly overlapping the path trav 40 sion head 20 supported thereon. The rotation of
the propulsion head 20 simultaneously carries the
ersed by the canted beveled muller wheel 21 so
scraping blade 44, the plow blade 48 and the
that a wider mulling path is provided in the crib;
canted mullers 21 therewith, said mullers revolv
It has been found that with the adoption of
‘ing on their respective axes around over a pre
the small types of mixing and mulling machines,
that loading from above by shoveling into the 45 determined circular path in the crib. The inner
plow blade 43 causes the material to turn over
open top of the container or crib is not only dif
and move outwardly while the outer scraper blade
cult but is also dangerous due to the fact that '
44 acts to turn over the material and scrape
the mullers when in operation tend to kick the
the same from the crib walls causing the mate
material out. Top loading by shoveling is also
to be thrown or moved inwardly into the
dangerous to the attendant since there is a pos 50
paths of the mullers. The plows thus act to turn
sibility that the shovel may contact the mullers
and move the sand mixture alternately outwardly
and accidentally drag the attendant into the
and inwardly into the paths of the beveled canted
mullers 21, thereby causing the sand and the
To obviate these dangers, the container or
crib 8 is of comparatively low height and has 55 ingredients in the crib to be thoroughly mixed,
squeezed, kneaded and mulled by the weighted
the top rim 69 thereof provided with a circular
angle with respect thereto. By referring to Fig
ure 2 it will thus be noted that the vertical ‘muller
The crib 8 is closed by means of a
removable hood or cover 62 having a bottom rim
- groove 6 I.
63 adapted to seat in the crib groove 6| per
mullers to change the mixture from a friable
and loose condition into a strong, tough and
plastic mass without breaking or crushing the
grains of. the sand or material and therefore
mitting an external bead 64 to seat upon the top 60
maintaining the original porosity and openness
rim 60 of the crib 8. The cover is provided with
of the mixture.
handles 65 to facilitate rotation of the cover on
When the mixture has been suf?ciently mulled
the crib to permit a loading chute 66 and a side
and kneaded an attendant has only to swing the
loading port 61 to be positioned to permit loading
of the machine from any side thereof by an 65 door handle M, from the full line position of
Figure 1 into the dotted line position, thereby
attendant. The material may thus be shoveled
causing the horizontally positioned door H to
into the chute 66 to be directed into the crib
move outwardly in a horizontal plane out of
8, without danger of the shovel contacting the
the crib bottom opening into the dotted line open
mullers or operating parts of the machine. The
cover also prevents the material from being kicked 70 position, thereby opening the bottom of'the crib
to permit the treated material to be discharged
out of the machine crib when the machine is
from the machine.
loaded while in operation. The cover 62 is pro
When selected kinds of materials are to be
vided with a top opening 68 to permit the eye
treated, and require certain pressures to be ex
bolt 34 to project ‘therethrough when the cover
62' is put in place or removed.
75 erted by the mullers, a weight 28 of selected
ported on said brackets and in canted relation
shipnwith respect to one another, pins supported
on said brackets, a weight member removably
supported on said pins for varying the weight
weight may be substituted for a weight inthe
machine. The selected weight may thus be trans
ferredrthrough the pins 33 to the mullers.‘ It
will thus be seen that different sized weights may
be conveniently used to meet requirements.‘
It‘is to be understood that, in case the cover
62 is not required it may be removed, in which
of the beveled canted mullers, cushioning means
positioned “between said pins and the weight
member, andmeans connected with the propul
case the material may be deposited into the top
of the crib 8, with the weight 28 serving as a
shield to direct the material into the crib and
sion head and engageable to permit convenient
moving of the machine to different locations.
at the same time prevent the entering material
from getting into ‘the working joints and parts
material container, a driving shaft journalled
therein, means for operating the driving shaft, a
5. In a mixer of the class described including a
propulsion head on the driving shaft, a bracket
pivotally supported on the propulsion head, a
higher side walls may be used.
15 beveled muller rotatably mounted on the bracket
in a canted position, a second bracket pivotally
By: mounting the plow blades on a plow beam
mounted on the propulsion head, a muller rotat
and bracket arm carried on the mounting ring
of ‘the ‘treating mechanisms of the imachine.
When the cover 52 is omitted, a crib having
ably supported thereon, pins ‘on said brackets,
39, said blades may be movedrtoward or away from
the respective mullers 21 when conditions re
quire such adjustments. When no adjustment of
the plow blades is required the ring 39 may be
emitted, in which‘ case the plow beam 41 and
the bracket arm £35 may be integrally formed
and a weight removably supported on said pins
for increasing the effective operating weight of
the mullers.
6. In a mixer of the class described including
a material container, a cover thereon, loading
means in the side of the cover, a driving shaft
on the propulsion head 251., _
I It isto be understood that various details of 25 journalled in the container, means for operating
the driving shaft, a propulsion head on the driv
construction may be varied through a wide range
ing shaft, a bracket pivotally supported on the
without departing from the principles of this in
propulsion head, a beveled muller rotatably
vention, and it is, therefore, not the purposeto
mounted on the bracket in a canted position, a
limitthe patent granted hereon otherwise than
second bracket pivotally mounted on the propul
sion head, a muller rotatably supported thereon,
necessitated by the scope of the appended claims.
I claim as my invention;
pins on said brackets, a weight removably sup
1. A mixing and mulling machine comprising a
container, a shaft journaled in, said container,
means for driving said shaft, av propulsion head
secured upon said shaft within the container,
muller brackets pivotally supported‘onsaid head,
beveled mullers, means for rotatably mounting
ported on said pins for increasing the effective
operating weight of the mullers, and resilient
cushioning means between said weight and said
pins to permit movement of the weight member
as a result of the movement of the mullers over
the material in the container.
the beveled mullers on said, brackets in canted
positions, and‘ means supported on said brackets
orrvarying the effective operating weights of the
7. In a mixer of the class described including
a container for holding material to be treated,
a propulsion head rotatably mounted therein,
beveled canted mullers.
muller mechanisms pivotally and rotatably sup
2. A mixing and mulling mechanism compris
ported 0n the propulsion head within the con
ing a container, a driving mechanism in said con
tainer, a removable weight means for increasing
tainer, bracket members pivotally supported
thereon, beveled mullers rotatably mounted on 45 the effective operating weight of the muller mech
anisms, and cushioning means between the mull
said brackets to position the mullers in canted
relationship with respect to one another and with
‘er mechanisms and the weight means.
respect to the 'containen'a weight member remov
ably supported on said brackets for increasing
the veffective operating weight of the beveled
canted mullers, scraping and plow members, a
support for said scraping and plow members ro
tatably mounted on said driving mechanism, and
'means for vertically adjusting the scraping and
I 8. In a material treating machine of the class
described including a container, a driving unit
rotatably mounted therein, a pair of mullers in
said container, and bracket means pivotally car
ried by the driving unit for supporting the mull
ers rotatably with one of said mullers being'bev
"eled'and'rotatablein an‘ihclined plane while the
other of said mullers is rotatable in a vertical
3. A mulling machine comprising ‘a container, 55 plane, said mullerstraveling inoverlapping paths
in the container to provide 'a widened mulling
a driving shaft jounalled therein, means for oper
ating the driving shaft, 9, propulsion head on the
"area within the container.
:9. In a materialtreating machine'of the class
driving shaft within the container, brackets piv
o'tally supported on the propulsion head, beveled
vdescribed including a revolving muller‘mecha
plowing members.
"mullers rotatably supported on said brackets with
the mullers canted with respect tonne "another,
'pins on said brackets, a weight member remov
, ably supported on said pins ‘for varying the effec
tive operating weight of the beveled canted mull
l ersjand cushioning means between‘sa‘id pins-and
the weight member.
ll. A portable substantially small diameter ma
Bill 'nism, and'ja cc'g'm'bination ‘material?- deflecting hood
"and'iweight removably meunted thereon for vary
- ing the effective pressure exerted "b'yithel'muller
l0.'In a ‘small --portable mulling machine, a
65 f'eontainer, mulling means therein, vweightimeans
fre'movably supported on the mulling‘rnea'ns for
:varyingthe effective v'veightz thereof, a‘cover for
terialrmixer and muller comprising a container
*the container, enema-n5 connected with the
:r'nulling' means ' and'vp’ro'ject‘ing through the‘weight
including a bottom having a discharge opening
therein, a door mounted in said bottom,_‘means 70' meansand through ‘said cover ‘for permitting lift
‘mg of the ‘machine for ‘movement into di?erent
for operating the door, a driving shaftproject
ing into the container, means'for driving the driv
'11. A small portable 'materialmul-ling'and mix
' ingtshaft, a propulsion head secured on the‘driv
ing machine comprisingea crib, a horizontally op
ing shaft, brackets pivotally supported on vthe
erating discharge door therein, a base secured to
propulsion head, beveled mullers rotatably sup
and supporting said crib, driving means in said
base, a turret formed in said crib, a shaft oper
ated by the driving means and projecting through
the turret, a propulsion head on said shaft and
driven thereby, roller bearing means between
said shaft and turret for transferring the load
carried by the propulsion head to the turret, plow
muller roll area and arranged to be supported
spaced from the floor, canted muller rolls in said
area above said space, said wall at its bottom hav
ing an opening through which material may be
discharged from the area de?ned by the wall
downwardly into said space, and a hoist attach
ment extending above the wall by means of which
the muller rolls and wall may be bodily moved
away from said space.
means carried by the propulsion head for opera
tion thereby, muller mechanisms adjustably sup14. In a portable muller, a wall de?ning a
ported on the propulsion head and operable 10
muller roll area and arranged to be supported
thereby, a cap rigidly secured on the propulsion
spaced from the ?oor, canted muller rolls in said
head, a lifting member secured to the cap to per
area above said space, said wall at its bottom hav
mit lifting and movement of the machine into
ing an opening through which material may be
different locations, an apertured weight member
removably supported on the muller mechanisms 15 discharged from the area de?ned by the wall
vdownwardly into said space, and a hoist link ex
for varying the effective weight thereof, cushion
tending above the wall directly over the muller
ing means between said weight member and said
rolls by means of which the muller rolls and wall
mulling mechanisms, and a cover removably and
may be bodily moved away from said space, said
rotatably supported on the crib to enclose the
propulsion head and the mechanisms and parts 20 space being de?ned by a bottom support between
said area and the floor and being substantially
supported thereon, said cover having an opening
therein to permit the lifting member to project
upwardly out of the cover.
12. In a portable muller assembly, a wall de
?ning a mulling area, a. power driven rotary mull
ing unit in the center of the mulling area includ
ing opposed mulling rolls which are each canted
within the con?nes of the support.
15. A mulling machine comprising a container,
a driving shaft journalled therein, means for op~
25 crating the driving shaft, a propulsion head on
the driving shaft within the container, muller
supports pivotally supported on the propulsion
head, beveled mullers rotatably supported on said
muller supports with the mullers canted with re
spect to one another, support members on said
muller supports, a weight member removably po
lowered bodily together with respect to the ?oor
sitioned on said support members for varying the
of the foundry and the like, and a hoist connec
effective operating weight of the beveled canted
tion attached to the said unit and by means of
mullers, and cushioning means between said sup
which the portable muller assembly may be con
35 port members and the weight member.
nected to a hoist.
13. In a portable muller, a wall de?ning a
at such an angle as to converge adjacent the top
of the wall and to diverge at the bottom, said wall
and unit being connected so as to be elevated and
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