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Patented Dec. 31, 1946 '
' Loox 'rop- coN'rAmEa
~ Frank J. O’Brien, Pelham Manor, N. Y., assigner
to Continental Can Company, Inc., New York,
N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application December 28, 1944, Serial No. 570,185 I
2 Claims. (Cl. 220-73)
The present invention relates to improvements
in metal containers, and more particularly to a
metal container having a lock top closure there
An impor-tant object of the invention, is to pro
and comprises a body portion 6 to which a bottom
end -I is secured in the usual manner. The body
portion 6 is preferably cylindrical and its upper
end 8 is left open and is adapted to be closed by
means of the lock top or cover generally desig
vide the upper end of the container with a
nated by .the reference character A. .
smooth even surface -to facilitate sealing when
The upper end 8 of the body portion is offset
inwardly to form a shoulder 9 and an annular
, the closure is positionedV thereon.
Another object of the inventionv is to provide the
rim IIJ.
The rim I0, during the fabrication of
upper end' of a container with a double seamed 10 the container, is formed with a flange I I extend
collar or ring for the purpose of producing a rela
tively wide smooth and even sealing surface for a
compound lined cover or top.
ing at right angles thereto, adapted to be .bent
downwardly during the' seaming operation. A
drawn metal ring l2. is positioned within the
A further object of the invention is yto provide
upper end of the -body portion 6 being confined
a container of the above type wherein the collar 15 by the annular rim I0 thereof, which ring is
or ring ñts within the upper end of the container
formed with a flange I3 extending at right anglesl
and is double seamed thereon to form .a rigid,
to the container and substantially parallel with
smooth surface around the top edge of the con
tainer to facilitate sealing when the -closure is
applied thereto.
tioning the ring within the container a spinning
20 operation is performed in order to cause the
The above and other objects of the invention
will in part be obvious and will in part be here
inafter more fully pointed out.
In the drawing:
the flange Il, as shown in lFigure 2. After posi- "
lower end I4' to follow the shape and contour of
the shoulder 9 and at the ‘same time be brought
into tight bearing engagement with the.entire
upper end of the body pcrtion.-
Figure 1 is a side elevational View, partly in 25 The container 6 with the ring I2 firmly `held
section, of a container embodying the features
therein is then subjected to a double seaming
of the present invention.
operation to provide the construction shown in '
Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary detail sec
Figure 3. By this double seaming operation .the
tional view illustrating the position of the ring
flangeJI is bent downwardly to a position sub
relative to the container prior to the double seam 30 stantially parallel with the rim III and the ñange
ing operation. ’
I3 is bent downwardly and upwardly so that the
Figure 3 is a similar view after .the double
‘ end I 4 thereof is positioned between the down
seaming operation has been performed.
.turned flange II and rim II) as clearly shown in
Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary detail sec
Figure 3. This double seaming of the ring I2 on
tional view with the cover locked on the‘con
the upper end of the container provides a more
rigid construction and at the same time produces
In the manufacture of containers,f it is essen
a relatively Wide, smooth and even surface I5 for
tial that closure means be provided which will
the closure A to be sealed thereon. In other
tightly- seal the open end of -the container. In
lwords, there are no stepped or uneven surfaces
vmetal containers, such as cans,»it is conventional 40 which would tend to produce a faulty seal when
to employ a side seam extending longitudinally
a lock top closure is applied to the upper edge of
through the length of the can and including a
the container.'
i ’
lapped portion at least _at the upper end portion
The type of closure used with the new and
of the seam, and when the upper edge of the can
improved container is well known in the art and
is rolled to form a seat for a closure, this double 45‘genera1ly comprises a body IISv that is depressed
thickness lap seam creates an open space or
centrally to form a central body portion I'I and
uneven surface through which leakage is liable to
a heel I8 which fits within the ring I2 and co
occur. In order to obviate this possibility, -the
operates with the skirt portion I9 in forming an
present container is provided with a seamless
annular channel 20. The skirt I9 is dimensioned
ring which- isv rolled on the top edge of the con 50 .to ñt’closely about the body wall of the con
tainer to form a smooth even surface for a corn-_
tainer, and the end thereof is bent outwardly
pound lined cover. '
and'inwardly at right angles to form an annular
Referring .to the drawing for a more detailed
stiifener hem‘ 2I. The annular channel 20 car
description thereof, the improved container is
ries a sealing compound B for sealing the con
generally designated by the reference numeral 5 55 tents of the container when the cover- is locked
2,41 3,646
through the medium of the spaced thread por
tions 22 formed on the body just below the offset
a central depression surrounded by a cylindrical
y wall and a depending skirt spaced outwardly from
9 and which are engaged by complementary
.thread portions 23 formed on the cover. A slight
rotation of the covex` will cause the thread por
tions 23 to engage the thread portions 22 forlock
ing the cover in position on the upper end of the
metal ring forming 4at the upper end of the seam
a continuous unbroken rounded sealing surface,
a closure for -said container, said closure having
The cover is locked on the container
said cylindrical wall and joined thereto by a
curved portion conforming to the curvature ofi.
the sealing surface on the drawn ring, a sealing
gasket disposed in said closure and engaging' the
With the cover in locked position, the sealing 10 sealing surface on the ring, and means for me
chanically securing the skirt of the closure mem
ber to the body of the container for holding said
closure member in sealing' contact with the body.
effectively sealing the contents of the container.
2. A metal container comprising a body having ‘5
The upper end of the-container is reinforced by
reason of the double seamed ring thus withstand .15 an open upper end, said open end portion being
oiîset inwardly forming in said body a shoulder,
-ingeconsiderable pressure in the application of
a drawn metal ring fitting within the open end
the closure` without any appreciable distortion.
'of the body and closely contacting said shoulder,
The surface I5 is suiliciently wide and smooth to
compound I9 will follow the contour of the sur
face I5, which surface is smooth and rigid, for
.said Imetal ring being ‘extended outwardly overr
accommodate the sealing compound held within
the'channel 20 so that the contents of the con
tainer will be eñectively sealed.
20 the- -body wall and rolled into a double seam with
the body wall, said drawn metal ring forming at
While a preferred embodiment of the invention
has been shown and described, it is to be under- .
stood that the, invention is not limited to the ,
the upper end of the seam a continuous unbroken
rounded sealing surface, a closure for said con
illustrated embodiment -but may be variously
tainer, said closure having a central depression
surrounded by a cylindrical wall and _a depending
modified without departing from the spirit and ,_
_ skirt spaced outwardly from said cylindrical wall
and joined thereto by a‘curved portion conform;
4scope of the invention as defined in the appended
What I claim is:
1‘. A metal container comprising a body having
an open upper end, a drawn metal ring fitting
ing tothe curvature of the _sealing- surface on the
drawn ring, a sealing gasket disposed in said
closure and engaging 'the sealing surfaceon the
ring, said depending skirt being extended below
within the open end of said body and extending
.the lshoulder in the body wall and having a
outwardly over the body wall- and rolled into a
threaded connection with said body wall.
double seam withthe body wall, said drawn
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