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Patented Dec. 3l, 1946
2,413,652 A
Martin s’. Pollock, East chester, N. Y.
v_application september 17, 1943,’ser'i’a1nc. 502,753
l solaires.
(cm1-54.4) t
~ This invention relates to moistening devices
ing device embodyingthe DICSentinVenti-on; and
and has particular reference to a device for mois
- -Fig. 2 is-a top plan View thereof.
tening gumcoated articles.
In' said drawing, represented in broken'lines
»Objects of the-invention include the vprovision
in a fluid receptacle I0, on the top edgevof which
of a moistener ofthi's type which `is'- eiiicient and y
a marginalñange IIA of'a plate I2 of sheetv'ma
terial finds a seat. The'plate i2, whichhas a
reliable in practice, ec-onomical of construction,
-central depression I3, is-p'rovidedlwith'anfannu
consisting of few easily fabricated ).Oarts;` and a
moistenerwhich will withstand Vordinary usage,
even when- the latter is vof large' proportions, for
--lar- line of »apertures I4, only two' yof which- arel
shown, these apertures 1 providing a'.-l communica
long periods of time without becoming impaired. 10 tion means between thelinteriorof thejcontainer
I0, and absorbent material I5, soméï'of which is
Connected with the foregoing, another object
of this invention is, therefore', to provide a mois
tener which, particularly, when in use in offices,
disposed above said plate."
‘ "
The depression I3 includes a lower-most flange
I6, and on this’flange an annular fiange I1 Vof a
mercantile houses, banks, post oñices and the
like, willV overcome disadvantages which >have 15 tube 20 is seated. The tube vr2IJ, which is herein
of glass, having therein material 2I 'continuous
heretofore existedin articles used for 'approxi
with the material I5, is open at the top, and also >
mately the same purpose, and which moistener
is, moreover, of a sanitary nature, the amount of
at the lower end 22, which is in communication
with fluid, having an upper level, as at 23, in
manipulationl called for, in using the moistener,
being negligible.
the container IB.
Metallic parts may be used herein, andas rep
resented, are of rust proof type, andthe sheet
rounded or convex top surface, which, in a man
material of an uppermost foraminate sheathv or
ner hereinafter more specifically set forth, is
cover 25, exerting a certain pressure against the
adapted to substantially >remain in moistened
condition, this surface being in effect the moisture 25 material I5, is extremely thin and may be of
a plastic material, rubber or thin metal. For
applicator, and said surface being surrounded by
this reason, since apertures 26 of the cover 25
an annular rib or elevation, said rib being higher
are of selected dimensions, particles of the ab
than part of the applicator surface, butv below
sorbent material tend to project through said
the apex thereof.
Absorbent material is herein used, in and with 30 apertures, and moisture is carried and delivered
to a gummed surface, when placed against said
a supply receptacle for moistening iiuid or water,
cover. As stated, the materials 2l and I5 are
and yet other features of advantage of this in
identical as to function.
vention are found in the provision of an expan
A union ring 30 of sheet material, as aforesaid,
sive distribution of said material at the delivery
area, although that part of said material which 35 may have resilient properties. The ring 30 has
a lowermost curled ñange 3|, which is movable
connects with or reaches into the fluid is rela
over a bead 32 of the container I0, where part-s
tively small.
are shown in exaggerated condition in the draw
The applicator surface is in eifect, in accord
ing, for clarity.
ance with still another object as herein involved,
The union ring 30 has a substantially flat top
a compound surface, since over and engaging the 40
ñange 33, which is formed with an elevated in
expanded absorbent material is a foraminate
tegral rib 34, andv below the flange 33 is tightly
sheath, and therefore as a gumrned face of an
lA feature of the inventionis-a -particularly
gripped, with the aforesaid fiange II, on rim of
the container I0, an imperforate flange or outer
ingvband is placed on said sheath, portions of
the material project substantially through the 45 margin 36 ofv >the perforated sheath 25. The
gripping action of the Iiange 33 cooperates with
, perforations of the sheath, therebyto sufficiently _
the holding function of the ñange 3 I .
moisten the gum.
When once in the container I0 a certain quan
With the above indicated objects and advan
tity of fluid 23 is placed, the device being momen
tages in view, as well as others, which wil1 here
article, stamp, envelope flap or gummed attach
inafter appear, the invention resides in certain 50 tarily inverted, if and when necessary, to cause
increased fluid action, functioning as herein de
novel constructions and arrangements of parts,
the essential features of which are herein clearly
scribed in detail is substantially automatic, and
it is seen that at least some of the-apertures 26,
such as those identified at 2'I, are quite near to and
drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is vertical centra-1 sections of a moisten- 55 lower than the level of the top of the annular rib ^
described, andillustrated in the accompanying
34. In this way an annular well or auxiliary
»holder 40 is formed.
terior of said container absorbent material dis"-'
posed in the hollow of said tube, beneath said
For extremely rapid operation, the device may
foraminated sheath and in the receptacle, a union
be inverted to apply the surface 25 to articles to
band having a flange held below said bead, and
be moistened, but ordinarily this is not necessary,
and articles placed on said surface, and especially
if merelymoved thereon slightly will be su?ñ
another flange of said band tightly embracing
said mating ñanges, said last named flange hav
ing an elevated rib the top of which is above
ciently moistened.
' '
certain of the perforations of said sheath.
Any excess ñuid which passes through aper~
2. In a moistening device forgummed surfaces,
tures 26, .nearA the apex of _the sheath 25; tends 10 a liquid container comprising'a mouth including
to move downwardly towards the well 40. Then
a seat and vhaving a bead- thereat, a plate includ
such excess fluid tends to- trickle back, again to
ing a depressed center with an opening and hav
marginal parts of the material l5, through the
ing a ñat flange on said seat, a medially upwardly
apertures 21, and in this way a circulatory system,
curved flexible> foraminate sheath providing an
is established.
15 extended receptacle above said plate, said sheath
Fluid action through the material. 2t 'inthe '
having` a;v flange mating withthe' iiat flange, a
tube 2n is a part of this system., The apertures
hollow tube `having one end held in the opening
I4 are mostly for heavy duty operation, and’some-A f
of said center, the tube having its opposite end
times moistening ñuid may be added tothe sys~ ,
within» theL container, absorbent material dis
tern by and through the, well 40.
20 posed in the hollow of said tube, and in the re
As disclosed, ñuid action,v in one aspect of op
ceptacle», ar union bandha-.ving a ñangeheld be
eration, is> upwardly by capillary attraction,
lew said bead, and another flange of said band
through the tube 2| and .medial apertures A25.
tightly embracing said mating. ñanges; said last
If and when ther devicel is inverted, `fluidy move
named flangeV having an; elevatedî rib,` the, .top of
ment throughtheapertures I4 isin the same di 25 which is above certain of‘ the perforations of
rection»l asf through said tube, but as» ñuid seeps
said sheath.`
from the auxiliary container 40. through the aper
3. In a moistening devicefor gummedsurfaces,
tures 21V,v then> such- fluidA tends to drip back to
a1 container having at, its mouth an outer bead,
the container` i0, through thefapertures I4.
a plate having a marginal flange on said' mouth
Variations may be resorted to within the scope 3.0 at the bead, said platevhaving` a depressed :center
of the invention and partsy of >the improvements
with anpopening, an upwardly curved. perforated
may be used without others.
flexible sheath having a flange matinghwith said
marginal ñange, av hollow tube depending from
l. In a moistening device for gummed surfaces,
the opening. of said center: intothe:` container ab.
a container comprising a mouth including a seat 35 sorbent'material4 disposed' in'the'hollow of said
and having a bead thereat, a plate including> a
tube, beneath said sheath and' in'. the receptacle,
depressed center with an opening and having a
a ’union band having a flanger engaged' below
flat iiange lon said seat, a flexible foraminate
saidibead, a second flange onsaid bandfembracing
sheath p-roviding an extended receptacleV above
said` mating: flanges, and. an elevated” rib onv said
said plate, said sheath having añange; mating 40 second flange, said rib having itstop part above
with said flat flange, a hollow tube having/its
the: level` of certairrperforations oilsaid'V sheath.
upper endheldin saiddepressed center, the lower
end of _said tubein communication withthe in
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