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Dec. 31, 1,946.
Filed May 6, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
De@ 31, 1.946-
>Filed-May> 6, 1944
5 sheets-sheet 2
Dec. 311i 1946.
Filed May 6. 1944
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
__ __
Patented Dec. 31,r 1946
William P. Schenkelberg, Carroll, Iowa
Application May 6, 1944, Serial No. 534,449
5 Claims. (Cl. 97-5)
Figure 7 is a vertical section taken on the line
The presentl invention relates to improvements
in harrow attachments for tractors and the prin
cipal object of the invention is to provide an
l-l in Figure 6.
improved draft and lifting means for a conven
8-8 also in Figure 6.
tional type harrow which will act to draw the
narrow along at the side of the tractor and also
act to lift and lower the tractor from and to soil
engaging position.
Figure 8 is a similar view taken on the line
Referring more particularly to the drawings
a Ford o-r other tractor is indicated inYdo-tted
lines at II) with the usual trailing plows I I which
are adapted to tbe lifted and lowered by the
power lift mechanism which isv a part of the
In the drawings, which illustrate only one me
equipment of conventional tractors.
chanical embodiment of which the invention is
The plow lift is indicated generally at I2. vThis
susceptible, the invention is illustrated as applied
plow lift connects with the horizontal arm I3
to a Ford type of tractor but it will be under
pivoted at I4 on the tractor frame.
stood that it is equally useful in connection with
In accordance with the invention a clip device,
other makes of tractors.
Another object of the invention is to provide 15 shown more particularly in Figures 4 and 5 is
constructed so as to be sprung or fitted over the
an improved device for utilizing the power lift
horizontal arm I3. Such clip device preferably
of a convenient tractor for lifting and lowering
consists of a lever arm I5 positioned to fulcrum
the harrow drag frame automatically with the
raising and lowering of therplows at the back of
the tractor.
A further object of the invention is to provide
equipment of simple construction involving a
about the pivot M; The lever arm I5 is secured
in place by a substantially U-shaped clip I6 of
spring metal or other desired material which is
adapted to ñt over the horizontal lift arm I3.
draft attachment to receive a conventional form
of harrow, which draft attachment is so con
In a similar manner a similar lever arm I'l
promote high efficiency in operation, to reduce
the strains incident to operational movements
and in- general to improve equipment of this char
necting bar I9 and perforated for receiving the
carries a clip I 8 having an open mouth at its
structed and larranged as to be mounted upon 25 lowerV portion and adapted to be sprung over the
horizontal arm I3. The lever arms I5 and Il
the side of conventional tractors in a quick' man
are connectedv` together by a bar I9, welded,
ner with an operable connection adapted to be
brazed or otherwise secured to the lower portions
clipped onto'a movable part of the plow ele
of the two lever arms I5 and Il. The lever arm
vating mechanism to thereby join the harrow
I5 which is the work arm preferably is longer
carrier for concurrent lifting and raising oper
than the arm Il which acts as a brace arm to
ations _from the power lift of the' tractor.
gether with the bar I9, the lower end of lever
Other objects of the invention are to gener
work arm I5 preferably extending below con
ally simplify and strengthen the construction,
With the foregoing and' other objects in view,
the invention will be more fully described herein
after, and will be more particularlyv pointed out
in the claims appended hereto.
In the drawings, wherein like symbols refer
to like or corresponding parts throughout the
several views,
Figure l is a top plan view of a tractor, shown
in. dotted lines and of the improved harrow at
tachment shown in a lowered position.
vFigure 2 is a side elevation of the same.
Figure 3 is e. front elevation of the same.
Figure 4 is a perspective view of the clip con
nection- to the power lift.
Figure 5l a vertical section taken on the line
in. Figure i.
Figure 6 is a top plan view of' theV motion r
translating device.
hooked end of a rod 2li. This rod 2l! runs for
ward and diagonally upward and is hooked or
otherwise connected with a perforated or other
arm 2l of a lever plate or transmitting lever 22.
Such plate 22 is generally in the form of a T
with the perforated arms 2! and 23 in substan
tial alignment and at the opposite end from the
fulcrum point 24. of the lever plate 2.2.
This lever plate and its mounting are shown
more particularly in Figures 6, '7 and 8 in
which the lever plate 22 is shown as assuming a
diagonal position at the upper end of a tubular
or other standard 25, the upper end of which is
closed' by a bearing plate 26 having an extension
21 at its lower side serving the purpose of re
ceiving therethrough the fulcrum bolt 2liY .as morev
particularly illustrated in Figurev 8.
The supporting" standard 25 is intended to be
held with its axis substantially> vertical and rigidly
in place. For this purpose a hooked rod 28 may
Well serve the purpose, the hook of the rod ex
tending about the tractor brace 29.
Arm 23 of the bell crank lever 22 connects by
means of a rod 30 or by other connection to an
adjusting bar 3| which attaches to the frame
work of the lift.
The lower end of the standard 25 may be con
lift the plows Il, the arm I3 will be accordingly
angularly raised about its pivot point I4. This
will cause lever arm l5 to be also rotated in a
clockwise direction thereby exerting a rearward
pull upon rod 20 and rotating the machine or bell
crank lever 22 about its fulcrum 24. This action
will exert a pull upon the rod 30 thus elevating
veniently carried upon a sleeve 32 (Figures 6, '7
the frame work and attached harrow in a rotary
and 8). The inside diameter of this sleeve is
manner because of the connection of these parts
sufficiently large to permit it to slide over a shaft 10 to the shaft I0. It will be noted that the actu
33. The sleeve 32 is kept from axial sliding move~
ating lever 22 has an inclination both rearwardly
ment on the shaft 33 by two burrs 34, 35 or other
and laterally outwards. In other words it is set
suitable means. This permits the shaft 33 to ro
at such an angle that the stresses in rods 2|) and
tate freely within the sleeve 32.
3B and in the plate lever 22 itself all act approxi
The shaft 33 may be a hollow type of metal 15 mately in one plane.
or other appropriate material set approximately
When the power lift mechanism of the tractor
parallel with the longitudinal axis of the tractor
is reversed to lower the plows, the action of lever
and having trunnions 36 and 31 mounted respec
arm I5 will be reversed, that is it will have moved
tively in bearings 38 and 39, The shaft 33 has
counter-clockwise or forwardly thus lowering the
free rotational movement in these bearings about 20 frameworkand attached harrow to an operative
a substantially horizontal axis. The bearing 39
position with respect to the soil.
may be attached to the tractor by the same bolts
It is obvious that various changes and modi
40 which hold the guard 4| in place. The bear
fications may be made in the details of con
ing plate 38 may be attached to the tractor brace . struction and design of the above speciñcally de
29 by means of a U-bolt 42 or other appropriate 25 scribed embodiment of this invention without
The adjusting piece or bar 3| is preferably of
ñat strap iron cut with notches 43 (Figure 3)
departing from the spirit thereof, such changes
and modifications being restricted only by the
scope of the following claims.
What is claimed is:
slotted detent plate 44 which is rigidly aiiixed to 30
l. The combination with a tractor, a rotary
the frame work of the lift.
shaft carried at the side of said tractor, a harrow
This frame Work in its preferred form consists
attachment frame work comprising spaced longi
of two longitudinal members 45 and 46 (Figure
tudinal bars secured at one end to said shaft,
1), two transverse members 41 and 48 and one
transverse bars connecting the intermediate and
sway brace 49 which extends diagonally across
outer portions of said longitudinal bars, a diag
the rectangular frame and in fact lies outside the
onal sway brace coupled between both said lon~
rectangular frame where it extends over to the
gitudinal and transverse bars and extending out
front end portion of the rotary shaft 33 to which
side the rectangle formed by said frame Work and
it may be afûxed as by welding or the like.
having an end affixed to said shaft, and a truss
This frame work is trussed or has a bridge
structure for said frame work.
effect which consists of two upright members or
2. The combination with a tractor having a
posts 5| and two rods 52 and 53. The two rods
power lift, a rotary shaft, means detachably con
extend beyond the joint at whichn they are at
nected to said tractor for supporting said shaft
tached to the outer end of the frame work and
for rotary movement at one side of said tractor,
are curved upwardly to form two hooks 54 and 55.
a harrow attachment aflixed to said shaft, a
The frame work is rigidly amxed ,to the tubular
transmitting lever supported from said tractor
shaft 33 by welding or other suitable method of
and having a plurality of arms, a connection from
which are designed and adapted to catch into a
one arm to said power lift, a connection from the
other arm to an intermediate point on said har
zontal adjusting bar 51 over the hooks 54 and 55 50 row attachment, a standard supporting said
(Figure 3). The freedom of movement of the
transmitting lever, a sleeve on which said stand
The harrow 56 is attached -by hooking its hori
shaft 33 .about .its horizontal axis permits the
frame work to rotate to approximately a ver
ard is erected, said sleeve' ñtting non-rotatively
about said shaft, means for preventing axial
tical position and thus be within the overall Width
movement of said sleeve on said shaft, and means
of the tractor.
55 coupled between said standard and tractor for
While the device may be made in any dimen
holding the >standard and sleeve against angular
sions, for a standard Ford tractor, the following
dimensions have given excellent results in prac
3. The combination with a tractor having a
power lift, a rotary shaft, means detachably con
Inches 60 nected to said tractor for supporting said shaft
Frame work
20 x 56
for rotary movement at one side of said trac
Angle irons in frame work ___________ __
, 1%
tor, a harrow attachment affixed to said shaft,
Sway brace strap ___________________ __
a transmitting lever' supported from said tractor
Rods 20 and 30 ______________________ __
65 and having a plurality of arms, a connection
Tubular shaft 33 made of 2” pipe.
Tubular shaft, length ________________ N
from one arm to said power lift, a connection
from the other arm to an intermediate point on
said harrow attachment, an adjusting piece in the
The device is manufactured and sold separate
ly from the tractor if desired and may be mount
ed thereon in a very simple manner by putting
in place the bearing plates 31 and 38, at the same
time mounting the shaft 33 therein’and then clip
ping the clip device over the horizontal lift arm
- connection between said harrow attachment and
transmitting lever, said adjusting piece compris
ing anotched bar, and a spring plate on the har
row attachment having a slot to receive said .bar
and a wall of the slot to receive the notches of
In use, Whenever the power lift is actuated to
< said bar.
4. In combination with a tra'cmrnaving a
cured to move therewith and comprising a work
means on the tractor coupled to said lever work
arm and to said barrow.
5. The combination claimed in claim 4 char
acterized by the fact that each lever arm has a
spring clip and the work lever arm extends down
lever arm, a brace lever arm and connecting
means between said arms, a barrow movably at
it is coupled to the harrow lift means.
power lift, a plow, and a plow beam pivoted to
the tractor for vertically swinging movement, a
connection between the power lift and plow beam
a clip device mounted over said beam and se
tached to the side of said tractor, and harrow lift
below said connecting means at its free end where
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