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Jan. 7, 1947.
Original Filed April 30, 1938
Fig‘ 1
Bl/Wrd J Kerr,
Patented Jan. 7, 1947
\- '
Howard J. Kerr, Westileld, N. J., assignor to The
Babcock & Wilcox Company, Jersey City, N. J .,
a corporation’ of New Jersey
Original application April 30, 1938, Serial No.
205,229. ~Divided and this application July 11,
1942, Serial No. 450,546
2 Claims.
((1122-7459) _
This invention relates to improvements in
steam generators, and more particularly to methods and means for the production of high qual-_
ity steam in a steam generator. The invention
involves the washing of generated steam, and the
utilization of feed water at high velocity to effect
I I88 and upwardly through the steam oil’take
tubes I98 to a superheater or a point of use.
Water is discharged tangentially outwardly of
the combined separators
and washers
through the outlets I92 and into the drum I18.
From an inspection of Figs. 1 to 4, inclusive, it .
will be noted that the inlet opening of each noz
zle 184 is disposed in the upper part of the steam
and water after the washing of the steam.
space of the drum I10 and that it opens down
The invention provides apparatus including a
centrifugally acting steam and water separator 10 wardly toward the water space .of the drum.
With this arrangement the steam ?ow entering
in which the separation of steam and water is
the nozzle I84 takes place, to a considerable ex
acceleratedby the introduction of feed water to
or accelerate the positive separation of steam _
'tent, upwardly past an outlet I82. The latter is
the whirl chamber of the separator in a substan.-'
formed as a nozzle with a ?attened outlet end
tially tangential direction, and in such a way as
to induce a higher velocity of tangential steam 15 as clearly indicated in Fig. 3. Thus, water of less
concentration separated from the steam in the
flow into the whirl chamber.
whirl chamber I86 is directed in ‘a ?at Wide
Other objects of the invention will‘iappear as
stream in intersecting relation to the ?ow of
the following description proceeds.
steam into 'a nozzle I84. In addition to this
The invention will be described with reference
to the accompanying- drawing in which a .pre 20 washing effect, the position of the feed water
nozzle I82 centrally of the inlet I84 (as clearly
ferred embodiment is illustrated.
indicated in Fig. 2 of the drawing) not only
~ In the drawing:
causes. an increase in velocity 'of the whirling
Fig. 1 is a vertical section through a steam and
?uid within the whirl chamber I86, but it also
water drum equipped with a centrifugal steam
25 acts to cause considerable mixing of the feed
separator and-steam washer;
water and steam in the inlet I84 before the whirl
Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of the centrifugal
chamber is reached. _Thus, in eifect, each com
separator andsteam washer used in the drum
bined steam washer and whirl chamber I86 ef
shown in Fig. 1;
‘fects two stages of steam washing.
Fig. 3 is an elevation of the Fig. 1 centrifugal
separator and steam washer taken at right-an 30 I claim:
1. In a steam generator, a steam and water
gles to the elevation shown in Fig. 2;
drum having a water level therein, means where
Fig. 4 is a plan of the Fig. 3 centrifugal sepa
by a steam and water mixture enters the drum,
rator and steam washer, looking upwardly as in
means forming the whirl chamber of a combined
dicated by the arrow at the bottom of Fig. 3.
Fig. 1 of the drawing shows the steam and 35 steam washer and steam and'water separator dis
posed in the steam space of the drum, means
water drum which is intended to be the steam
' forming a steam oiftake leading from the drum,
o?take drum of the steam generator. It is in
the whirl, chamber having a separated steam
tended to occupy a position similar to that of the
outlet directly connected to said o?take, means
drum I2 in Fig.1 of applicant's Patent 2,289,969
which issued on July 14; 1942, upon the parent 40 forming a primary‘whirl chamber steam ‘and
water inlet tangentially arranged with reference
application, Serial Number 205,229, ?led April
.30, 1938, of which this application is a division. . to the whirl chamber and receiving steam flow
from the drum steam space, a feed water nozzle
This drum is connected by steam circulators I12
directly communicating with a source of rela
to a forwardly disposed drum, and it is connected
to a submerged drum by the water tubes I14. 45 tively pure feed water and directing the feed ~
water to the whirl chamber through the primary
Feedwater is supplied to the drum I10 through
inlet, and nozzle means forming a restricted whirl
the tubular member I18 which is connected with
a plurality of upwardly extending tubes I80 hav
chamber outlet for separated water, said nozzle
ing nozzles I82 discharging into the tangential
means having its outlet part directed transverse
inlets I84 of the combined steam separators and 50 ly .to thedirection of steam ?ow into the pri
‘steam washers I86. These inlets are in commu
nication with the steam space of the drum I10 so
that steam and water mixtures enter the wash
ers I86 tangentially at high velocity. The sepa
rated steam is discharged axially of the washers
mary inlet so as to direct the separated water
from the whirl chamber into intersecting rela
tion to the flow of steam. into the whirl chamber
2. vIn a"steam generatona steam and water‘
drum having a water level therein, means forming
a steam o?take for said drum, means whereby
directed tangentially into the whirl chamber
along" with the stem, the steam entering the
steam and water mixtures enter the drum, means -
whirl chamber mixing with the feed water as the
latter enters the whirl chamber, and a nozzle
forming a restricted whirl chamber outlet for
forming the whirl chamber of a centrifugal steam
and water separator disposed within the steam
space of the drum, means forming a whirl cham
separated water, said nozzle being disposed trans
ber steam inlet open to the steam space of the
drum and directing the incoming ?uid substan
tially tangentially into the whirl chamber, means
versely of the ?ow into the whirl chamber steam
inlet so as to direct the separated water across
the flow of steam into the whirl chamber steam
whereby relatively pure feed water is discharged l0 inlet.
in a let within the said whirl chamber inlet and
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